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Feb 28 2012

1% Tipper Revealed as Hoax

When it was reported that a banker left a 1% tip and even wrote a message to the waiter to “get a real job,” media libs eagerly seized on the opportunity to assist Obama in his class war efforts. Like most stories that cause the moonbats at Huffington Post and CNN to flap their leathery wings in excitement, it is fake:

On tips from Shawn and TrickleUpPolitics. Hat tip: Hot Air.

19 Responses to “1% Tipper Revealed as Hoax”

  1. Jay B. says:

    Why not? There isn’t a single liberal talking point that’s not made out of lies. Why don’t you help me here Lao? Show me one of your talking points based on actual facts please.

  2. A Veugle says:

    Michael Moore is not a hoaxer he is a real person. He may be a liar a pig a communist but he is not a porn star.

  3. Judge Smales says:

    How unbelievably typical of liberals. Will they ever learn? Have they already forgotten the ridiculous farce Dan Rather tried to pass off? For liberals there is no history, only the present.

  4. Wilberforce says:

    Get ready for the “fake but accurate” drivel from the trolls.

  5. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    The Judge that dismissed assault charges against a Muslim who choked a guy dressed as a zombie Mohammed said he was a Muslim….now denies it. Here’s the recording of the proceedings. BTW, the Judge is furious that the victim recorded it and published it to the public and is threatening to put the victim in jail for contempt.

  6. akrob says:

    It is a shame that the manager did not tell the name of the person who started this hoax. It would be fun to see how they would deal with being outed.

  7. Jay B. says:

    TrickleUpPolitics says:
    Just a momentarily lapse in judgement from the judge. Muslims are expected to lie to infidels.

  8. Michelle says:

    Let’s see….

    Rathergate: forged documents meant to harm Bush ( LIED )

    Reciptgate: Phoney reciept and comments ( LIED )

    Assaultgate: Odumbo supporter fakes injuries ( LIED )

    Justice brothers: Decades of Tawana gate ( LIED )

    Taxcheat timmy: Endles list of democrats ( CHEATING )

    Monicagate: Ho Hum.. another sex scandal ( LIED )

    Odumbo: Ho Hum… non stop lies & blame ( LIED )

    Golly…. a few decades of dishonesty right there!

  9. Dan 'the Bitch' Rather says:

    But it could have happened – especially in my fantasy utopia – I was just reporting how it could be because conservatives are so backwards and mean and hateful. I HATE them! Hate! HATE! Hate!

  10. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    Michelle, those pesky facts. Shame on you! /s

  11. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    The manager wondered why someone would do this.
    Welcome to the ends justify the means

  12. Piker says:

    ok…who among us are surprized to discover this was a fake?

  13. lao says:

    Jay B. displays his ignorance by saying: Why don’t you help me here Lao? Show me one of your talking points based on actual facts please.

    For starters Jay, if it’s a fact it’s NOT a “talking point”.

    For an example, see my posts to the Bradley Manning thread.

  14. Henry says:

    Another prog fail from laoser.

  15. octa bright says:

    I may be vindictive but if I were a businessman in that area I would never again got to that resteraunt under any circumstance. I don’t dout that there are plenty of other places to eat, just as nice, that would not impose a fraud such as that on a very generous patron.

  16. Bob Roberts says:

    Dan rather trumpeted forged Bush documents.

    Peter Gleick uses stolen and forged documents.

    And now this further example of a forged document.

    Their complaints are false as the evidence they manufacture to make them.

  17. chuck in st paul says:

    Yahoo! News (sic) has been pounding the Dhimmeroid talking point all month now. There was this scam plus the world shattering news about Lucy Lawless saving the planet and many more crap stories. Even some of the trolls over there are carping about the non-news stories.

  18. chuck in st paul says:

    octa bright – February 28, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    I’m not so sure the restaurant had any involvement here. It sounds like someone took the receipt, photo shopped it and then did the blog entry. It was the restaurant manager who called shenanigans on the receipt and the whole made up story.

  19. Dr. 9 says:

    This story should teach everyone a lesson, assuming there’s someone out there who still doesn’t get it.


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