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Apr 03 2013

Open Thread


Compliments of Red State.

Apr 03 2013

Act Against Arms

Any measure, no matter how draconian, anti-Constitutional, or shamelessly exploitative, must be taken if it might save the life of even one child — unless of course it inconveniences our stridently anti-gun liberal ruling class. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas lifts the rock on still more hypocrisy among the moonbat media establishment:

Doesn’t anyone care about the children anymore?

Hat tip: Common Cents.

Apr 03 2013

O’Reilly Doubles Down on Denunciation of Bible Thumpers

Bill O’Reilly is not backing down from the accusation of Bible thumping that he has leveled at defenders of marriage from desecration. Laura Ingraham tries but fails to get through:

As the liberal agenda tears the country apart, fence straddling becomes ever more untenable.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Apr 03 2013

Separated at Birth?

No wonder Obama never did cough up a legitimate birth certificate. It might contain clues that two babies were born that fateful day, nearly identical in both character and appearance. The other is known as Sauron:


Compliments of Matt L.

Apr 03 2013

Streamlined ObamaCare Application Goes On for 60 Pages

Wonderful news — our federal overlords have streamlined the process of applying for ObamaCare, making it so simple that a team of experienced accountants could complete an application in only a matter of days:

The Obama Administration quietly released a draft copy of its “single streamlined application” for Obamacare. This is the form that the government will use to certify eligibility for the program’s subsidies. The on-line version of that form requires 60 printed pages to spell out all the queries.

State paperwork to determine whether you are eligible for Medicaid comes separately, as does a form your employer has to fill out on your behalf. But getting back to your own single streamlined ObamaCare application:

Most families of four will have to answer about 1,000 discrete queries by the time [they are] done. …

Members of your household could be asked to upload proof of income, proof of citizenship, and even proof of tribal membership. Have you smoked in the last 12 months? The government wants to know.

Yet the feds couldn’t care less if you are in the country legally when it comes time to vote.

Careful with your answers. They will be scrutinized for discrepancies by at least three major federal agencies, including the sinister IRS. Mistakes will potentially result in perjury charges.

More good news — the Regime is using this massive waste of time to mitigate the stratospheric unemployment it has caused.

The Obama administration is subsidizing the hiring of thousands of guides to help people wade through the paperwork.

How will they be paid for this Sisyphean task? More money will be sucked out of the private economy, causing still more unemployment.

The Red Tape Tower of ObamaCare regulations, so far.

On tips from Laurie and G. Fox. Hat tips: Speaking the Truth, Heritage Foundation.

Apr 03 2013

Term “Illegal Immigrant” Struck From MSM’s Vocabulary

Citizens of Oceania! Update your Newspeak dictionaries at once. The term “illegal immigrant” does not exist, nor has it ever existed. Big Brother has issued a decree via the alarmingly powerful liberal ideologues at AP:

The Associated Press, the largest news-gathering outlet in the world, will no longer use the term “illegal immigrant.”

AP isn’t the first to proclaim it verboten to accurately name the numberless hordes of welfare colonists who are overwhelming our country economically, politically, culturally, linguistically, and demographically, fundamentally transforming it into an extension of their dysfunctional Third World homelands.

America’s top college newspapers and major TV networks, including ABC, NBC and CNN, have vowed to stop using the term. Nearly half of Latino voters polled last year in a Fox News Latino survey said that they find the term “illegal immigrant” offensive.

Therefore we must stop using it. Those who don’t will be sorry.

[S]ome critics of the term, like journalist Maria Hinojosa, argue that those newsrooms that have continued to classify people as “illegal” lack diversity.

You don’t want to be accused of failing to revere diversity, do you? That is a serious thought crime, comrade — hardly more than a step away from the unpardonable sin of defending the interests of the American majority.

The vaporized term will now disappear forever down the memory hole, according to Paul Colford, director of media relations for AP.

The “greater majority” of the 1,400 U.S. newspapers that make up the Associated Press Cooperative likely follow AP style, Colford wrote.

The New York Slimes, also alarmingly influential, has not been slow to get in line.

On Tuesday afternoon, The New York Times said that they are also currently considering revisions to their guidelines for using the term “illegal immigrant.” ….

Public editor Margaret Sullivan noted in a blog post that their changes “will probably be more incremental” than the AP announcement but aim to “provide more nuance and options.”

“Nuance” is Liberalese for the stuff horses leave in mounds on the stable floor.

The idea of limiting thought by limiting language will be familiar to anyone who has read George Orwell’s prophetic 1984. AP’s policy reveals the naked face of the advocacy journalism — that is, propaganda — that we are asked to regard as news.

So if we can’t call illegal immigrants “illegal immigrants,” what do we call them? Jay Leno has a suggestion — “undocumented Democrats.” After all, their certainty to continue voting Democrat for generations to come in order to keep the welfare payments generous is why our rulers are effectively importing them to displace the native population.

No wonder Leno is getting deep-sixed by the lefties running NBC.

On tips from Bob Roberts and G. Fox. Hat tip: NewsBusters.

Apr 03 2013

Envirothuggery Hits Malibu

There’s been a terrible mistake. Only the little people are supposed to be sacrificed on behalf of lunatic enviromoonbattery. Not the beautiful people:

Some of Hollywood’s wealthiest stars are battling environmentalists over a $20million plan to save their houses on Malibu’s badly named Broad Beach. Steven Spielberg, Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, Goldie Hawn and Pierce Brosnan are among 108 homeowners along the 1.2-mile beach, where houses sell for up to $30million. When most of them were built in the 1970s, the owners had to walk 140 feet in the sand to reach the surf. Now, at high tide, the waves crash against an 8-foot-high emergency rock barrier. Though the stars want to spend their own money to rebuild the beach with sand dredged from the ocean floor, regulators have blocked the plan.

All those named above with the exception of Goldie Hawn have been highly conspicuous for their screechy left-wing opinions (and she too has thrown money at lib politicians). But do these fashionable convictions apply when they themselves are the victims of the petty tyrant regulators they so righteously enable?

Nancy Hastings of the Surfrider organization is sure the stars are committed to the environment, “But when your home is threatened, it puts things in a whole new perspective,” she told The Post’s Richard Johnson. Another eco-activist said, “They drive Priuses and have the right bumper stickers, but they care more about their houses.”

This would be the right bumper sticker for those Priuses:


On a tip from Henry.

Apr 03 2013

Rapist Granted Appeal on Grounds of Multiculturalism

Australia has great news for advocates of multiculturalism:

An Afghan refugee who argued cultural differences led him to rape a drunken girl has won a bid to appeal against a 14-year jail term.

Actually, 31-year-old Esmatullah Sharifi was found guilty of raping two girls, within a few days of each other in 2008. Now he has been given a chance to have his sentence tossed out on the grounds that rape isn’t so bad if you are a savage, who shouldn’t be expected to comply with civilization’s constraints.

In April last year, a psychologist told the County Court that Sharifi had “an unclear concept of what constitutes consent in sexual relationships” in Australia.

One of the girls he raped was only a teenager. The other was raped on Christmas Eve; it is unclear whether that was counted as a mitigating circumstance by the militant liberals running Australian courts.

Sharifi entered Australia in 2001 on a temporary protection visa. Odds are excellent that he will grow old and die there at taxpayer expense, supported either in prison or by welfare.

Thank you Esmatullah Sharifi, for your contribution to Australia’s splendid multicultural tapestry.

On a tip from Andrew in Australia.

Apr 03 2013

Moral Compass Awry


It should be noted that the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded not only to Al Gore, but also to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for its key role in advancing the global warming hoax. This panel consists both of authoritarian political flunkies and real scientists. Enraged that the Nobel Prize was awarded for a lie, the real scientists renounced it.

On a tip from Fiberal.

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