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Apr 06 2013

Caption Contest

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Leave a comment providing the winning caption to the picture of the North Korean warriors above and win a free t-shirt, suitable for any formal occasion, courtesy of the esteemed countermoonbats at Party Crasher.

The winner will be announced Monday. Free shirts need to be claimed within a week (i.e., I need a US mailing address). T-shirts for the contest are available in blue L or XL only, although white shirts and other sizes are available directly from Party Crasher, along with an excellent selection of other t-shirts guaranteed to cause moonbats to sputter with impotent rage.

On a tip from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

Apr 06 2013

Attack of the 50-Foot Hairdresser

This week Joe Dan Gorman of Intellectual Froglegs offers some insight into what the government–media axis is up to with its astonishingly aggressive push to normalize homosexuality, and explains why we cannot let liberals destroy the institution of marriage:

There you go, Bill O’Reilly. You really can defend the central pillar of civilization from malevolent social Marxists without resorting to “Bible thumping.”

Apr 06 2013

Teens Run Amok

The media euphemism “teen” gets heavy usage in a story from the local media in South Carolina:

Greenville police are investigating vandalism at a restaurant, an attempted robbery and an assault all in downtown Greenville. They believe teens from the same group are responsible for all three incidents.

The general manager of Grill Marks told WYFF, a group of teens walked into the restaurant around 9:30 Wednesday night, spent a few minutes inside and then proceeded to the outdoor seating area where they squirted ketchup all over the tables, walls, and floors. They also smashed salt shakers on the street. Surveillance video captured the teens in the restaurant. …

In the same time frame, police said there was an attempted robbery of a 24-year-old man on S. Main Street near Carolina Ale House and an assault and battery of an 18-year-old at Falls Park.

Police said these incidents also involved teens. …

Police said they believe all the teens were together at some point and possibly dispersed to commit these different crimes.

Citizens with information that could assist the police in apprehending these criminals are asked to call CrimeStoppers. To be in a position to help, citizens should have some idea of what the hooligans look like. For that, those who don’t know what the word “teen” means in the context of stories about the innocent and law-abiding being assailed by savage mobs will have to watch the video.

The national media wouldn’t bother clouding the story with vague terms. It just doesn’t report this alarming phenomenon at all.

On a tip from Wiggins.

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