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Apr 07 2013

Open Thread


Via iOwnTheWorld, on a tip from Stormfax.

Apr 07 2013

Aurora as an Argument Against Concealed Carry

Mentally defective, Obama-endorsed, Bloomberg-bankrolled congressional candidate Robin Kelly explains that concealed carry is pointless because no one took advantage of it to stop a certain “gentleman” named James Holmes during his shooting spree in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater:

Like the site of every single mass shooting in this country since at least 1950 with the sole exception of Tucson, Aurora’s Century 16 theater was a gun-free zone. Management insisted that patrons not carry regardless of their permits. Had a law-abiding citizen been carrying, lives would have been saved.

On a tip from Jason.

Apr 07 2013

Collision Ahead

Other than blacks, the two special interest groups most aggressively promoted by the cultural Marxists who control the information establishment are homosexuals and Muslims. Even after liberals have achieved utopia by marginalizing if not eliminating heterosexual white Christian men, it is doubtful these two favored groups will be holding hands and singing Kumbaya:

On a tip from Ummah Gummah.

Apr 07 2013

Flying Solo: Freedom Over the Nanny State

Envirofascists and other moonbats aren’t just trying to steal our money and repress our rights. They want to kill our spirits. Bill Whittle explains what they are doing to our culture:

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a Tinseltown lib like Harrison Ford to stand up to Nanny State apparatchiks on behalf of the freedom he used to represent on screen. When he’s not flying around in his plane, he can sometimes be heard demanding still more repressive restrictions on us little people in the name of the planet:

On a tip from Dan Feely.

Apr 07 2013

A Certain Self-Delusional Aspect

In light of Obama’s recent 2 for 22 hoop-shooting performance, this interview with fellow barking moonbat Bryant Gumbel may indicate that the Moonbat Messiah is beginning to develop insight into his own flawed character:

Via iOwnTheWorld, on a tip from Just TheTip.

Apr 07 2013

The New Normal Regarding Unemployment

CNBC’s Jim Cramer admits that the stratospheric unemployment level we have endured under Obama is not going away:

Excessive unemployment is permanent — until statists are pushed back and the free market is once again permitted to work its magic.

Hat tip: Common Cents. On a tip from Steve.

Apr 07 2013

Obama Jugend vs Hilter Youth

When MSNBC’s absurd yet frightening Melissa Harris-Perry proclaimed that children are communal property — i.e., property of the State — she must have had something like this running through her mind:

On a tip from Lyle.

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