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Apr 08 2013

Open Thread


Via West Virginia Republican Party, on a tip from G. Fox.

Apr 08 2013

Lady Gaga Blew Off $1 Million Offer to Perform at RNC

Sometimes the best thing someone can do for you is turn you down:

Pop superstar Lady Gaga rejected a $1 million offer to give presidential candidate Mitt Romney a big boost in the run-up to the election last year by performing at the Republican National Convention.

Lady Gaga, as grotesque Madonna knockoff Stefani Germanotta calls herself, is a loud advocate of the homosexual agenda, a fan of Obama, and known for attending baseball games in her underwear. A more pathetic attempt to pander to “youth” — or rather, to degenerates — would be difficult to imagine.

Nearly as inappropriate as giving Chris Christie the keynote.

On a tip from Chris.

Apr 08 2013

McCain Denounces Using Filibuster to Defend Gun Rights

On Deface the Nation Sunday, nominally Republican Senator John McCain held forth on the topic of using the filibuster to prevent the Senate from ramming through unconstitutional anti-gun legislation:

“I don’t understand it. The purpose of the United States Senate is to debate and to vote and to let the people … quack quack quack … What are we afraid of? … quack quack quack … I do not understand why United States senators want to block debate … quack quack quack ….”

In other words, no support for a filibuster. He wouldn’t even agree not to vote for more gun restrictions.

Next to him, the sinister Chuck Schumer was all smiles, like a lizard that had just crunched down on a tasty moth. Liberal propagandist Bob Schieffer was delighted at the chemistry between the two statists.

Sit McCain next to someone with principles from his own side of the aisle — e.g., Ted Cruz or Rand Paul — and it would not be such a love fest.

No matter how many times Lucy yanks the football away, Charlie Brown will keep trying to kick it. Similarly, no matter how many times McCain stabs us in the back, some will continue to pretend that he isn’t on the liberals’ side.

Another opportunity for McCain to turn left.

Hat tips: Fiberal, Infidel Joe.

Apr 08 2013

MSNBC Hostess Demonstrates How to Force-Feed Homosexual Propaganda to Small Children

As leftists from Robespierre to Stalin have been fond of proclaiming, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.” The current application of this philosophy would be, “You can’t advance the homosexual agenda without sacrificing a few children.” Evidently the media moonbats primarily responsible for driving this agenda are even willing to exploit their own kids in pursuit of their less than lofty goals. Former Democrat congressional candidate Krystal Ball (no, I’m not kidding) of MSNBC dragged her own daughter in front of the camera:

“What if you were in love with a girl? Would you marry a girl?” Ball asks her daughter.

The little girl seems to be well versed in New York law, as she replies by saying girls can marry girls and boys can marry boys in New York but not in other places.

“And that’s good because you want people to be able to marry who they are in love with, right?” Ball nudged.

Ball went on to explain how “strange” it was that other states haven’t decided to allow gay marriage.

“They should change that, shouldn’t they?” Ball says.

Where are those nosy child welfare people when we finally need them?

Ms. Ball earns herself a millstone and a swim.

On tips from Matt L, Wiggins, Clingtomyguns, and born in 76. Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.

Apr 08 2013

Polar Bear Hunt Interrupted

One of the best things about the Internet is that it allows us to access local media around the country. Try to imagine Brian Williams et al. covering the never-ending deluge of stories like this one from Jacksonville:

A witness who does not want to reveal her identity for fear of her safety says Friday night she was driving down Soutel Drive near Lem Turner Road with her fiancé and saw a group of teenagers beating a man.

“We seen a whole bunch of African-American kids you know, beating and stomping on an elderly Caucasian guy and he had bags and everything, he couldn’t even defend himself because it was so many kids,” said the anonymous witness.

The witness says she immediately dialed 911 and turned around to go help the man.

“Between 10 or 15 kids it could have been more because they just scattered like ants when we came back around,” said the witness.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office report identified the victim as 56-year-old Peter Richard Lockhart. He was transported to Shands for abrasions on his left wrist and face. The witness says Lockhart told her that he had just gotten off the city bus and was going home with his groceries.

The victim told police that he was approached from behind and was beaten with a stick, the witness says at one point he was just laying flat on the ground and almost looked like he had crawled out to the road where people could see him.

This is hardly an isolated incident, even just within Jacksonville.

The police says there were two other incidents in the area within the same time frame that match the description of the suspects. The report says an air unit was dispatched to search the area but did not find the suspects.

Here we have another reason the “mainstream” media–federal government Axis of Evil wants us disarmed. We wouldn’t want any of these darling little Trayvons to have their careers in crime ended before each has cast a life’s worth of loyal votes for Democrats.

On tips from Just TheTip, Artfldgr, and Fiberal.

Apr 08 2013

Christians Are Religious Extremists per Army Training

Given that the liberals in command have no intention of using the US Armed Forces to advance American interests, why not just disband them? One reason is that they provide useful social engineering laboratories — for example, to experiment with the coercive promotion of homosexuality. Another is that like government schools they provide a large captive audience for brainwashing:

During a briefing with an Army Reserve unit based in Pennsylvania, a U.S. Army training instructor listed Evangelical Christianity, Catholicism and even “Islamophobia” as examples of “religious extremism,” Fox News’ Todd Starnes reports. Listed alongside them were the Ku Klux Klan, Hamas and al-Qaeda.

The incident reportedly occurred during an Army Reserve Equal Opportunity training brief on religious extremism. At the top of the list is Evangelical Christianity.

Liberal moral relativism has now been taken to the ultimate extreme of absurdity. Good = evil. After all, they are both religious concepts and all religious concepts, like all people, are the same.

An Army spokesman dismissed it as an “isolated incident.” They will sometimes still retreat when you shine a light on them — for now.

They don’t train troops like they used to.

On tips from Ummah Gummah, Just TheTip, Artfldgr, and The MaryHunter.

Apr 08 2013

DHS Ammo Shortage

Even such a staid publication as Forbes has become exceedingly alarmed by the stockpiling of handgun ammunition by the inscrutable Department of Homeland Security. Yet beleaguered Border Patrol agents recently received an email reading in part:

Enforcement Personnel,

Due to budget concerns and ammunition availability, we will not be getting issued any proficiency ammunition for next quarter. In addition to these reductions, we are also being limited to qualification ammo only. What this means to you is that you will not receive the normal 150 rounds for practice and we will not have any extra ammunition for a combat course following normal qualifications.

That isn’t easy to reconcile with this:

According to information obtained and published by Senator Tom Coburn, Customs and Border Protection [CBP] purchased 36,475,000 rounds of ammunition at a cost of $12,255,040 for fiscal year 2012. CBP plans to purchase more for fiscal year 2013 at a cost of $12,528,146. In total, DHS plans to spend $37,263,698 on ammunition for all sub-agencies this year. As of November, 20, 2012, CBP had 94,404,329 rounds of ammunition in its inventory. DHS had 263,733,362 rounds available.

Looks like we were right that whatever DHS is using its massive stockpiles of ammo for, it isn’t to defend the homeland from invasion. The Border Patrol falls under the DHS.

Don’t worry about Border Patrol agents hung out to dry along a deadly border that the White House obviously does not want defended. They still have their bean bag rounds — the kind Brian Terry was equipped with when he was killed by weaponry supplied to Mexican drug cartels by our own federal government.

Brian Terry, user of bean bag rounds.

On tips from Snake Plisken and Steve A. Hat tip: Freedom Outpost.

Apr 08 2013

“Married” Homosexuals Go to Trial for Raping Adopted Boys

Here is something you will be seeing a lot more of, as relentless media brainwashing allows liberals to ram through the homosexual agenda. But don’t expect it to lead off the evening news:

George Harasz and Douglas Wirth, a married couple from Glastonbury, Conn., were arrested in November 2011 following allegations by two of their nine adopted children of sexual abuse.

Yes, you read that correctly. Harasz and Wirth are “married” to each other. Some readers will already be used to this sort of absurdity; others will still stop and gasp, “What?”

The case of a same-sex Connecticut couple accused of repeatedly raping and abusing two of their nine adopted boys is headed for trial.

They had agreed to plead no contest to minor charges, but backed out in a bid to get off scot-free.

If Harasz, 49, and Wirth, 45, had continued with the deal, they would have been given suspended prison sentences and probation, WFSB-TV said.

This for crimes that many would agree easily warrant the death penalty.

Five of their adopted sex slaves have now come forward, reporting sexual abuse.

One of the victims who spoke during the court hearing said sexual assault began when he was 6.

“They took turns raping me over and over,” he said. “Anyone who would do this to a child is a sick, demented person.”

Likewise, any society that would facilitate it is a sick, demented society.

Harasz and Wirth: righteous victims of homophobia and pedophobia.

On tips from Wiggins, Sean C, and Infidel Joe.

Apr 08 2013

Obama Regime to Benghazi Mom: Just Shut Up

First they told her that her son had been killed not by Islamic terrorists but by an obscure American YouTube video. Now they just want Patricia Smith to shut up:

“They don’t tell me much. They want me to shut up. … I was told, and I really would rather not say by who, [though] I can if you need it, but I was told that I’m causing a lot of problems and to shut up. … I told them ‘I will not! I will not shut up until I find out what really happened!’”

She is not about to forget Sean Smith, killed directly by al Qaeda–affiliated terrorists and indirectly by the irresponsibility, incompetence, and/or perfidy of the Obama Regime. Neither should we.

obama watched them die benghazi

On tips from Curtis and G. Fox.

Apr 08 2013

RIP Margaret Thatcher

In honor of the passing of the great Margaret Thatcher, take a moment to watch her kicking the tar out of socialists:

It’s so simple. All you have to do is stand up to them. But hardly anyone has the character to do it. Just a handful of Margaret Thatchers could save the West from dying.

Hat tip: LibertyNews.

Apr 08 2013

Caption Contest Winner

The weekend caption contest results are in:

north korean soldiers

Second runner up:

“Say herro to my rittle fliend!”
— Jodie

First runner up:

“Laugh all you want, but these Fruit Cake Battle Hats are fully edible and last for years!”
— GP Fahey

The winner:

Kim Jong Un’s kitchen staff hunting dogs for the upcoming peace talk luncheon with Obama.
— Chris

Congratulations, Chris. You have earned a free t-shirt from the ever-expanding selection at Party Crasher.

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