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Apr 09 2013

Open Thread


Passed along by G. Fox.

Apr 09 2013

Kim Jong-Un Reviews the Troops

Here’s what we’re up against when the temporarily suspended war with North Korea inevitably resumes:

Now for the bad news. Thanks in part to their fellow collectivists Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, the North Koreans have nuclear weapons. Also, the ChiComs will again back up their cat’s paw.

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Apr 09 2013

Bill Maher Characterizes American Troops as Psychopaths

Don’t pay extra for HBO? Here is what you are missing:

Smirks Bill Maher during his interview with author Sebastian Junger:

“[S]ome [American troops] are psychopaths. I mean, let’s be honest. Some people join the Army because it’s the one place where you can kill people for free. Where you’re not charged with murder.”

Admittedly there might be some American troops who — having risked life and limb to secure the comfy lifestyle Maher enjoys — wouldn’t mind going a little psychopathic on his worthless ass.

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Apr 09 2013

Kathy Griffin: Bumped Off the D List

No one personifies the vulgarity inherent to liberalism better than Kathy Griffin. The problem is, she has no talent. Consequently,

Bravo is pulling the plug on comedian Kathy Griffin’s low-rated talk show.

Kathy gave the reality show fan and irrepressible liberal a rare chance for a female comic to shine in the late night arena. The chat show, which debuted last spring, limped into its second season despite poor ratings, and now Bravo has had enough.

Not to worry, Kathy. Anybody progressive enough to denounce Christ at the Emmy awards, drop the F-bomb on live TV during CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage, then to simulate oral sex during the same coverage a few years later, will have friends in high places in the entertainment establishment.

She recently taped a possible pilot with Anderson Cooper, the target of her faux oral fixation, for the most trusted name in news — CNN.

Both Griffin and Cooper appear to be in demand despite a track record of low ratings. Cooper’s name has been discussed as a possible replacement for Matt Lauer on Today.

If the suits cared as much about making money as they do about remaking our culture, Griffin and the conspicuously homosexual Cooper probably never would have been given shows in the first place.

kathy griffin falls
Griffin: falling, falling, fallen.

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Apr 09 2013

War on Poverty: $15 Trillion Wasted

How is it that the richest country in the history of the world will most likely go bankrupt within a decade? Three words explain it — War on Poverty:

Since President Lyndon Baines Johnson declared “war on poverty,” U.S. taxpayers have spent $15 trillion on so-called anti-poverty programs—a figure slightly less than the national debt. …

Despite the $15 trillion U.S. taxpayers have spent since the war on poverty’s inception, poverty in America is largely unchanged. [Last] week, figures from the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that nearly 50 million Americans live below the federal poverty line.

On the bright side, the corruption that inevitably accompanies coercive redistribution has made it possible for soda manufacturers to rake in $4 billion per year from food stamps. But then, if this were still a free country, and we didn’t have a quasi-socialist government flushing half our wealth down the drain, we could afford to spend twice as much on soda, which would increase profits even more.

The important thing is that the more spent to subsidize poverty, the more poverty we have, and the more poverty we have, the more Democrats’ Marxist rhetoric will resonate with voters.


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Apr 09 2013

Climate Chaos!

Last week, when Obama swung by San Francisco yet again to soak up still more money from millionaire moonbats while others attend to the duties of running the country, he was met by mobs of his fellow leftist kooks, who wanted to make sure he doesn’t go soft on the Keystone XL pipeline. This would allow Canadian oil to come to us instead of communist China if only Obama would let it go through. Zombie was on the scene; from her extensive report:


What would be the worst consequence of allowing Americans to buy more oil from Canada’s tar sands: drought, floods, or oil companies being allowed to make an honest profit in return for enabling our standard of living? To moonbats, the answer is obvious.

Apr 09 2013

California to Offer Free Artificial Insemination and Surrogates for Homosexuals

When liberals tell you that homosexuality is now officially normal, you might find yourself asking, “Didn’t these lunatics ever learn about the birds and the bees?” The answer in California would appear to be no:

Legislation has been filed that would require group insurance to cover gay and lesbian infertility treatments just as they do heterosexual. But, as I note elsewhere, AB 460 isn’t limited to a finding of actual infertility. Nor does it require that gays and lesbians have tried to conceive or sire a child using heterosexual means, natural or artificial. Rather — as with heterosexual couples — merely the inability to get pregnant for a year while having active sexual relations is sufficient to demonstrate need for treatment, meaning if the bill becomes law, it would require insurance companies to pay for services such as artificial insemination, surrogacy, etc. for people who are actually fecund. Indeed, since the bill prevents discrimination based on marital or domestic partnership status, theoretically every gay and lesbian in the state could be deemed infertile for purposes of insurance coverage merely by the fact that they don’t wish to engage in heterosexual relations.

Unless the moonbat bureaucrats overseeing the Land of Fruits of Nuts really don’t understand that pregnancy cannot result from obscene acts of depravity committed with a member of the same sex, the purpose here is to force everyone who buys health insurance (which is now mandatory under ObamaCare) to finance expensive artificial insemination procedures and even surrogate mothers for any homosexual who desires them. Any cost will be borne so as to advance the liberal objective of subjecting ever more children to an upbringing in grotesque homosexual parodies of families — so long as someone else bears it.

As goes California, so will go the nation — straight down the toilet into degeneracy and insolvency.

Count on the Abortion Queen to take this nationwide — if not international.

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Apr 09 2013

Elderly Man Arrested for Defending Himself From Bear

Liberty is only a fading memory in a country run by kooks so authoritarian that an elderly man can be arrested for defending himself from a wild beast on his own property. From Taxachusetts:

A 76-year-old Auburn man is facing charges after killing a bear in his backyard.

Richard Ahlstrand told WBZ-TV he was stocking his bird feeder Friday night when a bear about seven feet tall and 300-to-400 pounds started chasing him.

That’s when he turned his shotgun on the bear.

“I didn’t have time to aim through the sights, but I aimed in the direction of the head on this thing and I pulled the trigger before it got to me. It just dropped,” he said.

Ahlstrand said he was carrying the shotgun Friday night because he thought he saw the bear in his yard Thursday.

“If that ever jumped on me, I wouldn’t even be here right know, I don’t think. I know it was going to seriously maul me,” he said.

Ahlstrand faces a long list of charges, prominently including the charge of killing the bear before it could kill him. Authorities claim the bear had cubs, which means the judge will not go easy on this cold-hearted creator of cuddly orphans.

“They got me set up now like I’m some kind of murderer. And then the environmental guy told me ‘You should have called me instead of shooting it.’ What was I going to do, say ‘Mister Bear would excuse me please while I go make a phone call?’”

An aggressive bear running amok in your backyard is only a minor inconvenience compared with aggressive liberals running amok in the government.

attacking bear
Our moonbat rulers will side with it against you.

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Apr 09 2013

Employers Forced to Pander to Flakes

Remember workers: forcing others to accommodate your moonbattery is a human right. From Britain:

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) warns employers that they risk ‘potentially costly legal action’ unless they allow staff to follow their ‘religion or belief rights’ in the workplace.

This could include giving believers time off to go on pilgrimages, such as druids and pagans going to Stonehenge, while environmentalists should be free to lecture other staff about their car use.

Vegetarian kitchen workers could refuse to do tasks that offend their beliefs, such [as] handling meat.

Critics say that by the same logic vegans could refuse to work in an office furnished with leather chairs.

Even atheists should have their beliefs respected, according to the new guidance.

Why not? Atheism is a religion too — or at least, it requires as much faith as a religion.

All this lunacy is fallout from a European Court of Human Rights ruling that allows Christians to wear crosses. Liberal relativism dictates that the religion around which Western Civilization developed for millennia is equivalent to the flakiest of transient fads.

As usual, small business owners will be forced to pick up the tab for the demented posturing of their moonbat rulers. At least lawyers will benefit from the inevitable torrent of absurd but lucrative lawsuits.

An eminent member of the EHRC.

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Apr 09 2013

Olander D. Cuthrell: Yet Another Hate Crime Hoaxer

The media must be grateful for hate crime hoaxes. Without them, virtually the only hate crimes would be against the heterosexual white males we are supposed to regard as demons. Another to add to the list:

A minister at a Virginia church faces charges of setting his house and car in Chesterfield County on fire.

Chesterfield County police had investigated the fires as a possible hate crime because a racial slur had been painted on the house. Police believe 41-year-old Olander D. Cuthrell, who is black, painted the slurs on his home before he set it on fire.

Rev. Cuthrell joins a dishonor roll that includes:

Charlie Rogers
Joseph Baken
Alexandra Pennell
Aimee Whitchurch and Christel Conklin
Quinn Matney
Aubriana Banks
Sarah Marshak
Tawana Brawley
Crystal Gail Mangum
Kerri Dunn
Leah Miller
Ahmad Saad Nasim

…et cetera, ad nauseam.

Too bad this didn’t occur in Arkansas during Bill Clinton’s childhood. Then when he pandered for black and moonbat votes by proclaiming, “I have vivid and painful memories of black churches being burned in my own state when I was a child,” he might not have been lying.

Olander D. Cuthrell, one of many hate hoaxers.

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Apr 09 2013

Catholic University Bans Catholic Group for Being Catholic

Political correctness is all about piling one absurdity atop another. I wonder what they will come up with to pile atop this:

Gonzaga University will not allow students to organize a Knights of Columbus chapter because the group only admits Catholics — a violation of the school’s non-discrimination policy.

Gonzaga, a Roman Catholic university in Spokane, Wash., had concerns over a requirement that “all members of a student Knights of Columbus group must be Catholic.”

Using the same criteria, educrats might ban the baseball team for not including people who don’t play baseball.

Among our most fundamental natural rights is freedom of association. But this right has not been honored in the erstwhile Land of the Free since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was imposed.

christianity banned
What this is actually about.

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