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Apr 11 2013

Open Thread


Via First Principles, on a tip from Stormfax.

Apr 11 2013

Travel Advisory

Travelers are advised to steer clear of the dystopian People’s Republic of New York, where the liberties Americans take for granted no longer exist. You don’t want to end up like Beth Ferrizzi of Fargo:

She is an average American women who considers herself a law-abiding and even upstanding citizen. She is married to Air Force Master Sergeant Joe Ferrizzi and they are expecting their second child.

Joe, who is deployed to Honduras serving his country, was recently able to meet Beth and their 6 year old daughter in Pennsylvania for a family visit. He also wanted to show her the Philadelphia neighborhood where he grew up.

The happy family reunion went awry when Beth left the American Sector.

Beth took her husband’s firearm with her when she flew to meet him. He has a North Dakota carry permit which is also recognized in Pennsylvania and he wanted to have it for personal protection while they were visiting.

However, her fatal decision was made when she booked her return flight from New York’s La Guardia Airport.

Queue up the recording of jackboots on cobblestones.

Despite going out of her way to insure that she understood the complex process of legally transporting a firearm on a airplane, she ran afoul of New York’s soviet-style web of draconian gun laws and was arrested, handcuffed, separated from her 6 year old daughter, and kept overnight in a New York City jail before finally making her way back to Fargo.

She is due back in the Rotten Apple for a hearing around the time the baby is due. To judge from Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown’s grim rhetoric, they plan to throw book at her.

Play it safe. Don’t set foot in the Evil Empire State. More importantly, don’t let liberals do to your state — or to your country — what they have done to New York.

Beth Ferrizzi, Enemy of the People.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Apr 11 2013

Federal Government Discovers When Life Begins

Black-robed oligarchs have become hopelessly befuddled while pondering the question: at what age does a living being become a living being? The USDA seems to have stumbled upon the answer:

But this doesn’t apply to people, because if it did, killing inconvenient children would be acknowledged as murder, rather than be coercively subsidized by the federal government.

On a tip from Katya Kakhov.

Apr 11 2013

Power Corrupts

Amnesty Gang of Eightster Marco Rubio may have become disoriented regarding the importance of our national sovereignty. This promising young Senate candidate from 2010 could help steer him straight:

“I will never support — never have and never will support — any effort to grant blanket, legalization, amnesty to folks who have entered or stayed in this country illegally.”
— Marco Rubio

Politicians may forget their promises, but the Internet doesn’t.

On a tip from John B.

Apr 11 2013

Facebook Founder Gets More Overtly Political

The political ideology lurking behind Facebook just became even less subtle:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other Silicon Valley leaders have formally launched a political group aimed at revamping immigration policy, boosting education and encouraging investment in scientific research.

“Investment” usually means government spending, 90% of which is pure waste. But for now the focus appears to be on opening the floodgates to Third World welfare colonization even wider.

Zuckerberg announced the formation of (pronounced “forward us”) in an op-ed article in The Washington Post late Wednesday. In it, he said the U.S. needs a new approach to these issues if it is to get ahead economically. This, he wrote, includes offering immigrants a path to citizenship.

“Forward” gets a lot of use. As we have seen, it is the favorite word of Nazis, communists, and Obamunists.

To confirm’s political slant, just follow the money:

Major financial contributors include Google Inc. Chairman Eric Schmidt, Netflix Inc. CEO Reed Hastings, Yahoo Inc. CEO Marissa Mayer, SpaceX and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, Zynga Inc. CEO Mark Pincus and former Groupon Inc. CEO Andrew Mason.

It is fitting that Zuckerberg’s editorial should appear in the aggressively left-wing Washington Post:

Donald Graham, chairman of The Washington Post Co., is a member of Menlo Park, Calif.-based Facebook’s board of directors.

As with Google, not all of us can avoid using Facebook. But all of us can keep our eyes open.


On a tip from Wiggins.

Apr 11 2013

Where Not to Waste Future Votes

rinos on parade

The following Republican Senators voted to advance legislation to restrict our rights under the Second Amendment today:

• Lamar Alexander (TN)
• Kelly Ayotte (NH)
• Richard Burr (NC)
• Saxby Chambliss (GA)
• Tom Coburn (OK)
• Susan Collins (ME)
• Bob Corker (TN)
• Jeff Flake (AZ)
• Lindsey Graham (SC)
• Dean Heller (NV)
• John Hoeven (ND)
• Johnny Isakson (GA)
• Mark Kirk (IL)
• John McCain (AZ) (Surprised?)
• Pat Toomey (PA)
• Roger Wicker (MS)

Thanks to this act of treachery, a proposed filibuster to stall the Left’s anti-gun blitz is off the table.

If we can’t get rid of these finks in primaries, the only option is to vote third party.

On a tip from Clingtomyguns.

Apr 11 2013

Jane Fonda to Outraged Vets: Get a Life

Jane Fonda famously traveled to North Vietnam during the Vietnam War explicitly to aid and comfort the enemy, even posing with an anti-aircraft gun intended to kill American pilots. Rather than get sentenced to the firing squad she so richly deserved for committing treason, she continued to be showered with fame and fortune by the morally depraved liberal establishment. To those she offended with her betrayal of her country, and who object to her portrayal of national icon Nancy Reagan, she now sneers, “Get a life.”

When Jane Fonda was cast as former First Lady Nancy Reagan in Lee Daniels’ forthcoming film “The Butler,” some Reagan fans were not pleased. Now, with the biographical due to hit theaters in October, a movement to boycott the movie is gaining some momentum.

Larry Reyes, a Navy veteran and founder of the “Boycott Hanoi Jane Playing Nancy Reagan” Facebook page has been particularly vocal about the casting decision, given Fonda’s past frolicking with the enemy during the Vietnam War.

Hanoi Jane shot him down with three words:

“Get a life.”

Peasants who fight and die for America in the mud or the dust are not of much consequence to the beautiful people of Tinseltown.

The traitor elaborated:

“If it creates hoopla, it will cause more people to see the movie… I figured it would tweak the right. Who cares?”

Also apparently intended to “tweak the right” are the casting selections of barking moonbats John Cusack and Robin Williams to play Republicans Richard Nixon and Dwight Eisenhower, respectively.

Hanoi Jane Fonda
Hanoi Jane tweaking the right.

On tips from Spider and StanInTexas.

Apr 11 2013

Anti-Gun Senator Thanks CNN for Its Support

Almost as phony as the pro-Second Amendment sentiments expressed by gun-grabbing moonbat Joe Manchin when he was running for the Senate in gun-friendly West Virginia is the increasingly laughable pretense that the “mainstream” media serves any purpose other than to advance statist political objectives — as Manchin himself confirms:

[CNN propagandist John] Berman: Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia, you’ve been working around the clock for a compromise deal [to get liberal Republicans on board for a law restricting gun rights]. I think you have a very busy few weeks ahead of you still.

Manchin: We appreciate your support, too, this is very, very important.

It sure is important. Liberals would never be able to manipulate Americans into submitting to their authoritarian agenda without steady, constant brainwashing by the establishment media.

joe manchin
The Second Amendment is within Manchin’s reach.

On a tip from G. Fox.

Apr 11 2013

California Bureaucrats Target Boy Scouts

Incensed that the Boys Scouts would dare protect children from homosexual predators, the leftists running California have declared war:

California lawmakers are considering taking some tax exemptions away from youth groups that do not accept gay, transgender or atheist members — a move intended to pressure the Boy Scouts of America to lift its ban on gay Scouts and troop leaders.

By “gay,” they mean aggressively, loudly homosexual. Private perversions are not an issue here. The idea is to force the Boy Scouts to let perverts who want everyone to know they are perverts take children out in the woods.

The bill by State Senator Ricardo Lara, a Democrat from Long Beach,

would require [the Boy Scouts] to pay corporate taxes on donations, membership dues, camp fees and other sources of income, and to obtain sellers permits and pay sales taxes on food, beverages and homemade items sold at fundraisers.

The power to tax is the power to destroy.

As for those who collaborate with homophobic thought criminals,

an array of nonprofits, ranging from the Young Men’s Christian Association and Pop Warner football to the American Youth Soccer Association and 4-H clubs would have their tax returns and membership policies scrutinized by the state Franchise Tax Board, according to an analysis by the Senate Governance and Finance Committee.

It is hard to imagine a more fundamental right than freedom of association — or a more fundamental duty than to protect children from corruption.

Boy scouts of america
Anathema to liberals.

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Apr 11 2013

Government Schoolteacher Defines Conservatism

To a conservative, conservatism is mainly concerned with conserving the individual liberties and principles of self-reliance and limited government that have historically defined us as Americans. But that is not what conservatism means to kids who have been brainwashed in government schools:

As EAGnews explains, an unnamed eighth-grade teacher in the Union Grove [Wisconsin] school district assigned a vocabulary crossword puzzle with clues containing “definitions” of liberalism and conservatism.

Conservatism, according to the public school assignment, is “the political belief of preserving traditional moral values by restricting personal freedoms and encouraging prosperity through economic freedom.”

If conservatism means restricting personal freedom, liberalism — the ideology behind bans on everything from firearms to soda pop — must mean enhancing personal freedom. Sure enough:

Union Grove eighth graders … are indoctrinated that [liberalism] is “the political belief of equality and personal freedom for everyone, often changing the current system to increase government protection of civil liberties.”

Liberal statists want personal freedom for everyone! That this is outlandishly untrue is evidently only obvious to those who have followed politics for awhile. Youths almost invariably conform to statist ideology in part because they have been duped into considering it rebellious to call for ever more omnipresent and repressive government in the name of personal freedom. As Hitler noted, the more colossal the lie, the more people will swallow it.

Only when this lie has been thoroughly discredited will youth stop submitting as befuddled tools to freedom’s worst enemies. With the authoritarians in control of not only education but the media, those who really do believe in freedom have their work cut out for them.

Government education = indoctrination. Click for full size.

On a tip from Wilberforce.

Apr 11 2013

US Army Targets Christians

In fundamentally transformed America, politically incorrect belief in the Bible is an issue of concern for the US Armed Forces:

A U.S. Army officer sent an email to dozens of subordinates listing the American Family Association and Family Research Council as “domestic hate groups” because they oppose homosexuality — and warned officers to monitor soldiers who might be supporters of the groups.

“Just want to ensure everyone is somewhat educated on some of the groups out there that do not share our Army Values,” read an email from Lt. Col. Jack Rich to three dozen subordinates at Fort Campbell in Kentucky. “When we see behaviors that are inconsistent with Army Values — don’t just walk by — do the right thing and address the concern before it becomes a problem.”

The decay has reached the point that homosexuality now falls under “Army Values.”

As Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council observes,

“It’s very disturbing to see where the Obama Administration is taking the military and using it as a laboratory for social experimentation — and also as an instrument to fundamentally change the culture. The message is very clear — if you are a Christian who believes in the Bible, who believes in transcendent truth, there is no place for you in the military.”

Readers will recall that recently an Army training instructor listed evangelical Christianity and Catholicism as examples of “religious extremism.” After this was exposed to the public, an Army spokesman dismissed it as an “isolated incident.”

A few more isolated incidents from the Age of Hope & Change:

• A War Games scenario at Fort Leavenworth that identified Christian groups and Evangelical groups as being potential threats;

A 2009 Dept. of Homeland Security memorandum that identified future threats to national security coming from Evangelicals and pro-life groups;

• A West Point study released by the U.S. Military Academy’s Combating Terrorism Center that linked pro-lifers to terrorism;

Evangelical leader Franklin Graham was uninvited from the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer service because of his comments about Islam;

Christian prayers were banned at the funeral services for veterans at Houston’s National Cemetery;

Bibles were banned at Walter Reed Army Medical Center – a decision that was later rescinded;

Christian crosses and a steeple were removed from a chapel in Afghanistan because the military said the icons disrespected other religions;

Catholic chaplains were told not to read a letter to parishioners from their archbishop related to Obamcare mandates. The Secretary of the Army feared the letter could be viewed as a call for civil disobedience.

With Barack Hussein Obama as Commander in Chief, the purpose of the US Armed Forces is not to win wars; it is to implement the liberal agenda. This means turning them against the culture and values they exist to defend — a process that has been implemented from the top down, like a fish rotting from the head.

commander obama
What did anyone expect?

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Apr 11 2013

Feds Spend Our Money Promoting Homosexuality Abroad

We are asked to believe that due to the Sequestrocalypse, the government doesn’t have enough money to keep the Blue Angels in the air. Yet there is enough to bankroll groups devoted to sexual perversion in foreign countries:

The U.S. Agency for International Development, the federal government’s main foreign aid arm, announced at a Monday event in Washington a major new initiative to promote LGBT rights in developing countries.

It isn’t enough to spend our confiscated money promoting homosexuality within our own borders. There is a whole world in which to effect Hope & Change.

The $11 million, four-year initiative is a public-private partnership between USAID and San Francisco-based Olivia Cruises, UCLA’s Williams Institute, the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

The initiative will work with local LGBT groups to provide leadership training, research and other help, lending the imprimatur of the U.S. government to [sexual deviants].

If Americans ever regain control of the federal leviathan, one of the first orders of business should be a constitutional amendment strictly limiting federal spending to those very few areas where it is appropriate.

money drain
Foreign aid.

On a tip from Clingtomyguns.

Apr 11 2013

Maryland to Keep the Lights on With Chicken Waste

Here’s an idea the sheer moonbattery of which won over Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley. Why not convert chicken waste into electricity? That would not only help Maryland achieve absurd renewable energy mandates, but would put the screws to farmers, pollute the air, and raise energy costs:

Farmers currently use chicken waste to fertilize crops organically. Rainfall washes some of the residue into the Chesapeake Bay watershed, which elevates nitrogen levels there.

Sorry farmers, you’ll just have to pay more for fertilizer. Mother Earth comes first, you know! Except when she doesn’t:

Environmental activists, however, warn turning chicken waste into electricity may transform a modest water pollution problem into a larger air pollution problem. Environmental activist groups such as Food & Water Watch, Green Planet, and the Sierra Club have expressed concern or outright opposition to the proposal.

Resistance to this insane program is unsurprisingly most vociferous where the smog-belching chicken waste power facilities may be built. But everyone other than bureaucrats and their crony socialist collaborators at Green Planet Power Solutions gets hurt.

As Food & Water Watch pointed out in a fact sheet on the project, Maryland taxpayers will be paying Green Planet Power Solutions $600,000 in subsidies every year. These subsidies will be in addition to state officials obligating Maryland consumers to purchase the chicken-waste electricity at substantially higher prices than conventional electricity.

Food & Water Watch described the project as “greenwashing corporate welfare.”

So you can see why a Democrat governor would love it. Expect Obama to impose this nationally in the next 5-year plan.

Proud producer of a moonbat’s idea of energy policy.

Hat tip: Batsh** Crazy News.

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