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Apr 18 2013

Open Thread


Compliments of Stormfax.

Apr 18 2013

Listen to the Children

The other day I saw a bumper sticker reading, “Listen to the Children.” It seemed a little flaky, but let’s give it a try:

What do you know, the bumper sticker gave sound advice. If only the moonbats running her state were as sensible as Miss Evans:

As the cliché would have it, “You can’t legislate morality.” But some Minnesota lawmakers think they can legislate biology instead.

The interaction of two bills introduced in the Legislature this session defies the facts of Biology 101. A “biological parent,” as crafted in SF370 and SF925, would no longer include only the birth mother and the man who got her pregnant, but potentially six persons.

Why not? Scientific reality now takes a back seat to left-wing ideology. Congratulations, Al Gore. You have a legacy.

Here’s how Minnesota bureaucrats come up with six parents:

In plain English, if the state recognizes two women as wife and wife, and one of them gives birth, then the state will presume both of them to be the “biological mothers” of that child. But, as taught in Biology 101, it also takes a man to make this happen. Current law recognizes him as the “biological father,” for reasons that hopefully need not be explained further. The proposed revision would recognize his spouse — whether another man or a woman — to be a biological parent, too.

So, the child will have four “biological parents” in the eyes of the law: Mom 1, who gave birth; Mom 2, who is married to Mom 1; Dad 1, who provided the sperm to Mom 1; and, if Dad 1 is married or was married during the 280 days preceding birth, then state law will assign the child yet one more “biological parent” — the spouse of Dad 1.

Still following? There’s more. Senate File 370, a bill to establish parentage by surrogacy, would stretch the definition of “biological father” (and “biological mother,” if the gender-neutral policy of SF925 also is enacted) to include any person who enters into a contract for reproductive surrogacy “intend[ing] at the outset of the process to be the legal parent.” Of course, SF925 also would make that person’s spouse yet one more “biological parent” — for a total of six.

The next step, after the concept of marriage has been reduced to a tasteless joke: scrap it altogether. Big Government is all the family anyone will need in Hopey Changey utopia.

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Apr 18 2013

Police Get Free Lecture From College Professor

Students weren’t always required to spend so much to get a college education that it takes half their lives to climb out of debt. But then, they didn’t always get professors like Laura Curry:

A University of Buffalo professor was apparently so incensed by a campus display erected by a group of pro-life students that she engaged in a profanity-laden rant which attracted the attention of the authorities. Being lectured by the police to tone down her tirade apparently incensed the professor even more and she proceeded to rage against the pro-life students’ display with even more vitriol. The event, captured on a student’s cell phone, ends when the authorities detain the professor.

See Professor Curry (actually an Adjunct Instructor of Media Study) give an erudite lecture to the police, prior to her arrest for disorderly conduct:

The children are running the schoolhouse.

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Apr 18 2013

Jonathan Papelbon, the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the War on Guns

Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon, who lived directly above the site of a Boston Marathon blast during his Red Sox days, on what we are apparently expected to accept as the new normal:

Papelbon has taken the first step toward meaningful security, which is to be aware of the situation: we are surrounded by enemies both within the law and outside of it.

Fortunately, the effeminate hand reaching for our guns has been slapped back for the time being, eliciting petulant sulking and even tears from a clown. Not so fortunately, when the Moonbat Messiah doesn’t get his way by legitimate means, he resorts to “executive actions”:

Vice President Biden told White House allies in the gun control fight Thursday that President Obama will be announcing new executive actions on gun violence in the days after the Senate voted down a gun violence bill.

Don’t be surprised. If Obama et al. weren’t tyrants, they would have no reason to want to disarm us in the first place.

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Apr 18 2013

Here Comes Amnesty

Chuck U. Schumer’s evil smirk says it all:


Authors of the newly released Senate immigration bill touted the package Thursday as a “bipartisan breakthrough” in advance of a critical hearing, as opponents began to organize against the bill — claiming it doesn’t do enough to enforce existing immigration law.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who has put his conservative reputation on the line with his involvement in writing the bill, took to the floor late Thursday afternoon to defend it.

Bye, Rubio. Unless this debacle fails and is forgotten, you are toast, because either the GOP purges itself of RINOs or it dies.

Rubio is attempting to defend the indefensible. As Rep Lamar Smith (R-TX) observes,

“It’s hard to believe, but the Senate immigration bill is worse than we thought. Despite assurances, the border is not secured before almost everyone in the country illegally is given amnesty. The bill guarantees there will be a rush across the border to take advantage of massive amnesty.”

It gets worse still:

“And the Senate proposal offers amnesty to far more illegal immigrants than we thought. In addition to most of the 11 million illegal immigrants already in the country, the bill offers to legalize the relatives of illegal immigrants outside the U.S. and even others who have already been deported back home. So current immigration laws are shredded.”

Anyone believe there are only 11 million illegal aliens in the country? Other estimates go as high as 60 million.

Perhaps worst of all, the bill does not stop Obama from continuing to abuse executive descretion to grant de facto amnesty, according to National ICE Council President Chris Crane, who says, “this legislation again does nothing to resolve that.”

Any amnesty bill will make if official that the USA has deteriorated to the point of no longer defending its borders, which will open the floodgates to a nightmare straight out of The Camp of the Saints. Even if the border were defended effectively, which would be politically impossible, just granting voting rights to all the undocumented Democrats already here would reduce the entire country to a giant California — a single-party welfare state spending itself into oblivion.

Rubio’s career won’t be the only casualty of this sellout. Nor will his party. The whole country is going down.

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Apr 18 2013

“Master Suite” Struck From Newspeak Dictionary

Those involved in real estate or the construction industry are advised to update their Newspeak dictionaries at once:

The “master suite” is being phased out — not from our homes, but from our lexicon.

A survey of 10 major Washington, D.C.-area homebuilders found that six no longer use the term “master” in their floor plans to describe the largest bedroom in the house. They have replaced it with “owner’s suite” or “owner’s bedroom” or, in one case, “mastre bedroom.”

Why? In large part for exactly the reason you would think: “Master” has connotation problems, in gender (it skews toward male) and race (the slave-master).

As with most things politically correct, the proscription on this term is trickling down from our elitist moonbat overlords above:

Word of the change is now reaching the resale market, where “owner’s bedroom” is most commonly used in higher-end listings, said Brian Block, managing broker for McLean, Va.-based RE/Max Allegiance.

For liberals, self-parody seems to be an end in itself.

Floor plan for a racist–sexist suite.

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Apr 18 2013

A Result of Government/Union Control of Education


Compliments of The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

Apr 18 2013

Ben Carson Silenced, Bill Ayers Given Podium

Inspiring role model Ben Carson was forced to cancel a commencement speech at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, despite being director of the school’s Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery, because he does not endorse the grotesque blasphemy of homosexual “marriage.” In stark contrast, unrepentant communist terrorist Bill Ayers — best known for his involvement in bombing the Pentagon, the Capitol, and NYPD Police Headquarters; for encouraging his followers to “kill all the rich people” and “kill your parents”; and for still more damagingly launching the career of Barack Hussein Obama from his living room — was well received last spring at the University of Oregon, where he crowed that America is in decline:

“One of the great dangers that we live in right now, is I don’t think there’s any question, and I don’t think any of you would question, that the American Empire is in decline–that economically, and politically, and in some ways culturally, that we are in decline. And yet, the United States remains the most powerful, weaponized military system the Earth has ever known.

“That’s a treacherous combination. A declining economic power, and an expanding military power. And we are going to have to find ways to re-imagine what it means to live in this coun–in this world. And here we are 4% of the world’s population, 4.5% of the world’s population, consuming vast amounts of natural resources, consuming vast amounts of finished goods, and no politician will say that the empire is declining and that the game is over.”

The USA is declining, all right. What healthy country would silence Ben Carson, while tolerating an evil freak like Bill Ayers, even electing his protégé to the White House?

But the decline can be reversed, so long as people remember the principles that prevailed when America was great, and are willing to fight to restore them.

bill ayers
Victorious, if we let him be.

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Apr 18 2013

Obamunist Professor Sharon Sweet Fired

Even in the Age of Hope & Change, there is occasionally good news:

Brevard Community College (BCC) has fired a professor after a school investigation concluded she required students to sign a pledge to vote for President Obama in the run-up to the 2012 election.

Here’s what mathematics professor Sharon Sweet forced her students to sign:


An investigation found her guilty of “harassment, incompetence, misconduct, and unprofessional behavior.”

Sweet was a tenured professor who had taught at the college five years. She earned $40,000 annually.

Professor Sweet should think of this not as a setback, but as an opportunity. She will make much more if she lands her own show at MSNBC, where incompetence, misconduct, and unprofessional behavior will never be held against her.

Nonetheless she is appealing her firing, forcing the school to waste still more money on her. She bleats:

“I didn’t see the partisan part of the pledge card. I really did not.”

Definitely liberal media material.

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Apr 18 2013

Medical School Admissions Go “Holistic”

With the federal government in the process of taking control of the healthcare sector, medicine will have different priorities than it has had in the past. Forward-thinking medical schools are already paving the way to our Hopey Changey future:

Boston University has demonstrated the success of “holistic” admissions for medical school, according an analysis published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Under such admissions, grades and test scores aren’t accorded the same dominant role they have traditionally played in admissions decisions, and factors such as empathy, strength of character and cultural sensitivity receive more attention. At BU’s medical school, such a policy was adopted in 2009.

The policy works:

As officials had hoped, the new approach led to more diversity in the class — with the percentage of underrepresented minority students increasing from 11 to 20 percent.

Don’t worry; those who would prefer surgeons who didn’t come by their position on an Affirmative Action basis still have the option of traveling to Mexico.

BU students learn how to perform coronary artery bypass surgery.

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Apr 18 2013

Potential Litigants Don’t Always Walk on Two Legs

It isn’t only during Sex Week that elitist Yale University is at the cutting edge of societal devolution. Nor are human rights just for humans anymore:

A conference to be held at Yale University in December brings together animal rights activists and fans of human enhancement who are interested in the rights of robots and aliens. “Personhood Beyond the Human” is sponsored the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, a think tank for enhancement, the Nonhuman Rights Project, and Yale’s Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics. The keynote speakers will be utilitarian ethicist Peter Singer and a leading animal rights legal theorist, Steven M. Wise.

The event will focus on personhood for nonhuman animals, including great apes, cetaceans, and elephants, and will explore evolving notions of personhood by analyzing them through the frameworks of neuroscience, behavioral science, philosophy, ethics, and law.

The Personhood Beyond the Human conference is encouraging news for lawyers, who will soon be able to enrich themselves on behalf of a vast array of subverbal clients who can be counted on to feel no shame over ludicrous lawsuits.

Presenting Exhibit A against rat trap makers, from the conference site:


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Apr 18 2013

Peter King Calls for Tighter Government Grip

As if parodying the authoritarian fools who responded to Newtown by wanting to ban guns, a RINO congresscritter seizes on the Boston Marathon bombing as evidence that Big Government needs to tighten its grip on ball bearings and beauty products:

Rep. Pete King (R-N.Y.), a member of both the House Homeland Security Committee and the House Intelligence Committee, wants retailers to tell police about people who buy innocuous items that could be used to make a bomb.

King was evidently on the level when he raved that

“merchants, if they’re selling any components that can be used for a bomb, everywhere from ball bearings to beauty products, they can all be used to make bombs. They should notify the police.”

King also thinks the police should be notified whenever someone buys “a large amount of nails.” Contractors can check with Governor Cuomo to see how many nails anybody needs to build a house.

A crackdown on beauty products and construction supplies isn’t the only way Big Government types will exploit Boston:

Asked if the Boston attack might lead to the installation of more surveillance cameras, King said he thinks so — “because I think privacy involves being in a private location. Being out in the street, there’s not an expectation of privacy. Anyone can look at you, can see you, can watch what you’re doing. A camera just makes it more sophisticated.”

Ever-increasing surveillance is only the beginning. The Posse Comitatus Act? As they say in King’s district, fuggedaboudit:

“I believe they should have more cooperation with the military — right now there are legal issues, as far as … military units being involved in this, but the military has expertise dealing with these IEDs.”

The only way to stop IEDs with detonators is to have “more dogs, more surveillance.”

Sounds like a totalitarian’s wet dream.

Last night on Hannity, King vaguely denied saying all this, implying that it was actually NYC police commissioner Ray Kelly who said it. The denial was not terribly convincing.

A note for Mark Levin fans: Someone in Congress has surreptitiously been trying to get the Great One off the air locally. Unconfirmed rumor has it that the culprit is Peter King.

Might not be a fan of Mark Levin.

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