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Apr 23 2013

Open Thread

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Apr 23 2013

Aren’t You Ashamed?

A sorry-looking moonbat expresses his displeasure with last week’s Senate setback for Obama’s attack on the Second Amendment with a song sure to lift the revolutionary spirit of authoritarian kooks everywhere:

If only Moe Howard were on hand to throw a pie in his face at the conclusion, the performance would have been perfect.

Now for the sad part: this pathetic clown is classical composer William Bolcom, whose music isn’t terribly interesting but who has won multiple Grammies and a Pulitzer.

Thanks to the corrosion of Western culture that is both cause and effect of moonbattery, they don’t make Beethovens any more.

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Apr 23 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing as Another Brick in Big Government’s Wall

If all it takes is a couple of Muslims with pressure cooker bombs to get an entire metro area to submit to this, our liberty is hanging by a thread:

New York’s authoritarian mayor confirms that no crisis will go to waste when it comes to eradicating the last of our freedom:

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday the country’s interpretation of the Constitution will “have to change” to allow for greater security to stave off future attacks. …

“It really says something bad about us that we have to do it. But our obligation first and foremost is to keep our kids safe in the schools; first and foremost, to keep you safe if you go to a sporting event; first and foremost is to keep you safe if you walk down the streets or go into our parks,” he said. “We cannot let the terrorists put us in a situation where we can’t do those things.”

It says something bad about us? Actually, it says something bad about the foreign Muslims who kill us under the sympathetic gaze of the same authoritarians who use their terror attacks as a pretext for ever more government.

Bloomberg argued the attacks shouldn’t be used as an excuse to persecute certain religions or groups.

“Persecute” in this context means acknowledge who is killing Americans and why.

Compliments of Stormfax.

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Apr 23 2013

Epic Fail

How many times do the establishment media and liberals in general have to be utterly wrong before people stop taking them seriously?


Via The Patriot Post, on a tip from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

Apr 23 2013

Cost of ObamaPhones Is Exploding

They helped win an election by motivating the moochers who constitute Obama’s base. Now we are getting a look at the bill for ObamaPhones:

“The cost has gone from $143 million a few years ago to $2.2 billion today,” Republican Louisiana Sen. David Vitter said, noting that today’s cost is 15 times what it was.

Even some liberal Democrats are appalled by the waste:

Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat from Missouri, was incensed when she got an offer of a free phone.

“I got solicitation for a free phone at my apartment, which is certainly not a building where you’re going to have people who are qualified for free phones.”

The Looter in Chief’s own FCC admits that hundreds of thousands have more than one ObamaPhone, and that the eligibility of 41% who receive a free phone cannot be verified.

The phones are popular with Obama’s base not only because someone else is forced to pay for them:

“I hear from law enforcement that these phones are often found at crime scenes and are used in drug deals,” Republican Rep. Tim Griffin of Arkansas said. “Why? It’s because you can’t trace them.”

Now the FCC wants to expand the program to broadband Internet. If not stopped, Obama et al. will literally spend the country to death.

In the meantime, let’s have another look at the smash hit that defined a generation, “Minority Got Obama Phone”:

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Apr 23 2013

Geraldo Doubles Down on Sanctimonious Dhimmitude

At long last a use has been found for Geraldo Rivera. His clownishness exaggerates the idiocy and hypocrisy of Islamophilic liberalism to such an extreme as to warn any reasonable person away from this toxic ideology.

Remember his response to the Muslim terror attack on the Boston Marathon?

When people predictably responded with disgust, Geraldo doubled down:

Not us, Jerry. The enemy is you, in concert with the Islamic terrorists you twist logic into a pretzel to facilitate.

But those who don’t agree with his lunacy are chastised:

So if we don’t side with Islam against ourselves by pretending that Muslim terrorism isn’t Muslim, we are “Taliban-ish.” Be sensible, Fox News. Take this vile idiot off the air.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Apr 23 2013

Profiles in Moonbattery: Ruth O’Brien

Too bad about those innocent Americans who were murdered or maimed, but the real tragedy regarding the Boston Marathon bombing — according to Obama hagiographer Ruth O’Brien — is that authorities used too much force in apprehending the mass-murdering Muslim maniacs responsible:

Now we have captured the two terrorists from Chechnya who come from the troubled region that is Muslim, but we cannot understand their motives, not yet.

We can’t? Never mind; it gets worse — much worse:

[T]he mortuary pictures of the older brother of the two are extremely disturbing, raising questions as to whether the Boston Police Department captured him with too much force.

If they used force, it could be because after bombing the Boston Marathon, Tamarlan Tsarnaev was careening around town in a carjacked vehicle shooting and throwing pipe bombs at the police. It could also be that his own brother ran him over.

After some incoherent meandering, Ms. O’Brien gets to the heart of her sanctimonious lecture:

The United States that I love hunts down terrorists AND follows human rights during capture. Giving the worst criminal or terrorist the most dignity during captivity shows why we should not be feared as a nation and is the best antidote to terrorism.

We accept difference, as a nation, and we should champion our greatest strength — inclusivity — at these extreme moments if we want the character of the United States not to be judged harshly by the global community. Once all the adrenaline subsides, I hope we will all be witnesses at the Internal Affairs investigation about undue force.

Here I was thinking that the “global community” would love us forever if we just turned over our country to be dismantled by Obama.

O’Brien is on the same page as perfumed prince George Casey Jr., the former Army Chief of Staff who responded to the last major Muslim terrorist attack on US soil by puling,

“It would be a shame — as great a tragedy as this was — it would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well.”

“Why do they hate us?” the moonbats bleat. That’s easy: Because we aren’t Muslims. The relevant question is why they attack us. The answer: because liberalism has reduced us to something too contemptible to fear.

What do you expect from the author of this?

On a tip from The MaryHunter.

Apr 23 2013

Democrat Election Fraud Trial Begins

Could it be that someone will actually lift a finger regarding the election fraud relied upon by the Democrats who are systematically dismantling America? A ray of hope:

The trial is underway for a former Democratic official and a Board of Elections worker who are accused of being part of a plot that has raised questions over whether President Obama’s campaign — when he was a candidate in 2008 — submitted enough legitimate signatures to have legally qualified for the presidential primary ballot.

The two face charges of orchestrating an illegal scheme to fake the petitions that enabled then-candidates Obama, and Hillary Clinton, to qualify for the race in Indiana.

Former longtime St. Joseph County Democratic Party Chairman Butch Morgan Jr. faces multiple felony conspiracy counts to commit petition fraud, and former county Board of Elections worker Dustin Blythe is charged with nine felony forgery counts and one felony count of falsely making a petition of nomination. …

Two former Board of Elections officials have already pleaded guilty to charges related to the scheme and could testify against Morgan and Blythe.

It would be remarkable if Democrat apparatchiks did not commit fraud. Their party stands on the four cornerstones of wealth redistribution (i.e., theft), treason, abortion, and degeneracy. Morals would only be a hindrance.

The Indiana trial has raised questions about whether in 2008, candidate Obama actually submitted enough legitimate signatures to have legally qualified.

Shrillary would have qualified even without forged signatures; the Moonbat Messiah would not have. But don’t hold your breath waiting for security to frog-march him out of the Oval Office — or even for an investigation of the massive and obvious voter fraud that earned him Pennsylvania and Ohio in 2012.


On tips from Dr. 9 and G. Fox.

Apr 23 2013

Libs Deny Relevance of Islam to Muslim Bombing in Boston

Although liberal ideology is largely adhered to by the mentally subnormal, it takes a relatively intelligent mind to contort reality into a shape that can be shoehorned into it. Look what happens when a certifiable idiot like MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry attempts to fit the Boston Marathon bombing into the liberal paradigm:

Making the point that the Tsarnaev brothers’ Muslim faith at the moment bears little relevance to the investigation into the brothers’ decision to attack the Boston Marathon last week, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry observed that Tsarnaev’s faith is about as relevant to the investigation right now as are Ben Affleck movies about violent events in Boston. Her panel guests agreed and added that Americans have to “otherize” violent actors in order to absolve themselves from responsibility for or connection to their violence.

Muses Ms. Harris-Perry,

“Given that they’re Chechen, given that they are literally Caucasian, our very sense of connection to them is this framed up notion of, like, Islam making them into something that is non-white.”

If only our electoral system protected the public from anyone as stupid and/or delusional as the hacks at MSNBC achieving public office. Quacks left-wing Muslim congresscretin Keith Ellison (D-MN):

“We don’t know what their motivation was yet. Those facts may come clear. There is some indication that this had to do with Chechnya and their dispute with Russia. And there is not, it is not necessarily the case that anyone should jump to the conclusion that there was any religious motivation here. …

“What should not be cause for alarm is somebody’s status as a member of a particular religious faith or how devout they may happen to be. In all these cases where you see acts of radicalized individuals using violence, they may have a religious affiliation. But oftentimes when they give reasons for why they did what they did, it is politics. So for example, Timothy McVeigh was motivated by Waco, not his religion. Feisal Shazhad happens to be Muslim but he was motivated by his grievances with regard U.S. policy in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Who knows what these individuals’ motivation may be? But it will probably have more to do with politics than religion. Let’s not cast a wide net and just go after a whole religious group.”

Worldwide, there have been over 20,000 documented Muslim terror attacks since September 11, 2001. But let’s not jump to conclusions and suspect them of having anything to do with Islam.

Not even mushroom clouds over our major cities will stop the liberals who rule us from siding with jihadists by deliberately obscuring their obvious motives. At least we can get a few laughs out of watching morons like Harris-Perry and Ellison twist themselves into pretzels.

Melissa: Not even moonbats come any dumber.

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Apr 23 2013

Democrat Solutions

By applying their Newtown gun logic, Democrats should be able to put an end to Islamic terrorism once and for all:

Compliments of Sean C.

Passed along by Dan Feely.

Apr 23 2013

Thomas Friedman: Fight Terrorism With Carbon Tax

If you ever doubted that Thomas Friedman of the New York Slimes is clinically insane, his solution to Islamic terrorism in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing should clear things up:

Until we fully understand what turned two brothers who allegedly perpetrated the Boston Marathon bombings into murderers, it is hard to make any policy recommendation other than this: We need to redouble our efforts to make America stronger and healthier so it remains a vibrant counterexample to whatever bigoted ideology may have gripped these young men. …

And the best place to start is with a carbon tax.

Why does he say “whatever bigoted ideology” when it is beyond obvious that the Tsarnaev Brothers were motivated by Islam? Because the generic term bigoted is a synonym for fascist; both now mean “disliked by liberals.” Friedman deftly absolves Islam, which has entered a de facto alliance with our liberal ruling class against Western Civilization, while still righteously positioning himself on the side of the good guys.

Why does he want to cripple the economy with a carbon tax to prevent global warming long after that hoax has been thoroughly debunked and even his own readers have probably noticed that it hasn’t gotten any warmer for going on two decades now? Why does he submit this bizarre proposal in the totally unrelated context of terrorism? Because Friedman has a screw loose.

There is a line between being completely full of crap like all pointy-headed libs and belonging in a rubber room. Friedman crosses it. But then, you might say that the erstwhile “Paper of Record” is a rubber room.

I prescribe Thorazine.

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