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May 01 2013

Open Thread


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May 01 2013

Phobias Rightly Named

It’s true that normal decent Americans can be phobic, but the freaks attempting to marginalize us misname the phobias. It isn’t Islamophobia and homophobia; it’s getting-blown-up-phobia and leave-our-traditions-the-hell-alone-phobia. Other countermoonbat phobias documented by Joe Dan Gorman at Intellectual Froglegs include: lying-media-that-tries-to-pin-Muslim-terrorism-on-patriots-phobia, taxpayer-subsidized-nationwide-Kermit-Gosnell-phobia, condescending-idiot-running-the-DHS-phobia, clinically-retarded-congresscritter-phobia, welfare-for-terrorists-phobia, envirofascist-phobia, and more:

May 01 2013

Students Sign Petition to Ban Pressure Cookers

The government–media axis responded to the Newtown shootings by trying to ban guns. In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, Liberal Chick applies the same logic by circulating a petition to ban pressure cookers:

Thank you Liberal Chick, for trying to make us safe from pressure cookers.

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May 01 2013

Roadside America

If this isn’t a real sign, it ought to be:


Passed along by The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

May 01 2013

Massive Use of Food Stamps by Illegal Aliens

The hordes of Third World colonists that our government refuses to defend our borders against aren’t just displacing us from our country as surely as Europeans displaced the Indians — they are doing it on our dime:

For decades the U.S. government has knowingly given illegal immigrants food stamps, according to a former certification case worker who denounced the costly practice back in the 1980s but was essentially ordered to keep a lid on it.

The retired assistant case manager, Craig McNees, was in charge of vetting food-stamp applicants in north Florida and Indiana in the ’80s and says the program was infested with fraud and corruption that was perpetually ignored by management. “Illegals would come in by the vanload and we were told to give them their stuff,” McNees said. “Management knew very well they were illegal. It was so rampant that some employees would tell their illegal relatives to come get food stamps.”

McNees contacted Judicial Watch after reading documents obtained by JW from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) detailing how the agency is working with the Mexican government to promote participation by illegal aliens in the U.S. food stamp program. The effort includes a Spanish-language flyer provided to the Mexican Embassy by the USDA ensuring that Mexicans in the U.S. don’t need to declare their immigration status to get financial assistance from Uncle Sam.

Future historians will rack their brains in vain trying to figure out why we did not take charge of our government and put the quislings responsible for this on trial for treason.

Instead, we may let them push amnesty through, making an intolerable situation even worse.

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Our rulers are eager to comply.

May 01 2013

Beat Up a White Kid Day

May 1 is May Day, the conventional Marxist holiday. In the aftermath of Marxism’s utter economic failure in the Soviet Union, we are left with cultural Marxism. Consequently, May 1 is now celebrated as Beat Up a White Kid Day:

Beat Up a White Kid Day is the colloquial name for racially motivated attacks occurring on May 1st in which Negroes, Mestizos, and other people of color randomly seek out European American (Caucasian) children and attack them. The phenomenon was first publicized by Cleveland, Ohio newspapers in 1993 following the national appeal for calm by Rodney King during the 1992 Los Angeles riots. These attacks occur on May 1st, and are most often associated with school age children. The institutional nature of the May 1st assaults were recognized in a 2003 U.S. court proceeding in which an Ohio judge concluded that “based on the evidence I’ve heard, May Day is reality and the evidence was overwhelming that this was an attack based on May Day and that the victim was chosen because she was white.”

Whatever you do, don’t warn your children about avoiding black mobs on Beat Up a White Kid Day; if Rich Lowry finds out, you could lose your job.

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white girl
White girl bleed a lot.

May 01 2013

Homosexual Pandering Could Kill Amnesty Bill

Before building utopia atop its ruins, liberals first have to destroy America. One of their main strategies for achieving this objective is to balkanize the population into identity groups that can be played off against people who see themselves primarily as Americans. The problem is, each of these special interest groups expects to get whatever it wants at the expense not only of marginalized normal Americans, but of everyone, including the other privileged “victim” groups. By attempting to pander not only to illegal aliens but also to militant homosexuals, Democrats may bring their own amnesty bill crashing down:

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) has told advocates that he will offer an amendment during the bill markup next week allowing gay Americans to sponsor their foreign-born partners for green cards, just as heterosexual couples can. The measure is likely to pass because Democrats face pressure from gay rights advocates to deal with it in committee, rather than on the Senate floor, where the odds of passage are far less favorable.

But by doing so, Republicans warn that Democrats will tank the whole bill.

“It will virtually guarantee that it won’t pass,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), a member of the Gang of Eight negotiating group, told POLITICO in a brief interview. “This issue is a difficult enough issue as it is. I respect everyone’s views on it. But ultimately, if that issue is injected into this bill, the bill will fail and the coalition that helped put it together will fall apart.”

Let’s hope for Rubio’s sake that it falls apart quickly enough for conservatives to forget he was the face of the Gang of Eight Quislings, and for our own sake that he rediscovers conservativism.

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Amnesty: Not only insane but depraved.

May 01 2013

Rabid Anti-Christian Bigot Mikey Weinstein Called in by Pentagon to Repress Christianity

Under Commander in Chief Barack Hussein Obama, the US military has waged only one war that top brass has any intention of winning: the war to eradicate Christianity from its ranks. To advance this goal, it has acquired a new consultant to help it develop policies on “religious tolerance” — Mikey Weinstein.

Readers may remember Weinstein as the exceedingly militant anti-Christian Grinch who killed an Air Force Christmas toy drive for needy children because he didn’t like its evangelical roots, and who pushed for the court martial of Major General Douglas Carver, the Army chief of chaplains, for allegedly endorsing an effort to make Bibles available in Arabic.

Huffington Post provides a sample of Weinstein’s anti-Christian bile:

Today, we face incredibly well-funded gangs of fundamentalist Christian monsters who terrorize their fellow Americans by forcing their weaponized and twisted version of Christianity upon their helpless subordinates in our nation’s armed forces.

Breitbart has more on the Pentagon’s “religious tolerance” consultant:

Weinstein decries what he calls the “virulent religious oppression” perpetrated by conservative Christians, whom he refers to as “monstrosities” and “pitiable unconstitutional carpetbaggers,” comparing them to “bigots” in the Deep South during the civil rights era.

He cites Dr. James Dobson — the famous Christian founder of Focus on the Family — as “illustrating the extremist, militant nature of these virulently homophobic organizations’ rhetorically-charged propaganda.” Regarding those who teach orthodox Christian beliefs from the Bible, Weinstein concludes, “Let’s call these ignoble actions what they are: the senseless and cowardly squallings of human monsters.”

Weinstein then endorses the ultra-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), who publishes a list of “hate groups.” Alongside truly deplorable organizations like the KKK, the SPLC’s list includes a host of traditional Christian organizations (for their support of traditional marriage) and Tea Party organizations (for supporting limited government). Weinstein says SPLC correctly labels them all as “hate groups.” …

Weinstein also supports Lt. Col. Jack Rich, the Army officer who wrote to subordinate officers that soldiers who hold traditional Christian beliefs agreeing with organizations on SPLC’s “hate group” list are incompatible with “Army values” and should be carefully watched and excluded from military service.

Weinstein has screeched that sharing the gospel “is sedition and treason. It should be punished.” Mullah Omar himself could not more effectively impose Obama’s conception of “religious tolerance.”

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Mikey Weinstein
Anti-Christian thug Mikey Weinstein.

May 01 2013

Suburban Lawns Cause Global Warming

To grownups who point out that carbon emissions help plants to grow, moonbats have come up with a devastating response: plants cause global warming — particularly the plants that make up suburban lawns, which by an amazing coincidence symbolize the middle class that liberals are bent on destroying:

When it comes to reducing carbon footprints, many Americans need look no further than their front yards. The soil beneath those perfectly manicured carpets of green grass—the pride of many suburban homeowners—is pumping surprising amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. That’s according to a study published this month in the Soil Science Society of America Journal, which concludes that the amount of carbon rising from the soil of residential lawns is significantly greater than that from the soil of agricultural land—in this case, irrigated fields of corn. … Carbon is naturally deposited into soil by dead plant matter. When those plants begin to decompose, it is released back into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, where it contributes to climate change.

“Climate change” is of course what they call global warming now that many people are aware that it hasn’t gotten any warmer for the past 16 years, in direct contradiction to the hysterical theories of our envirofascist overlords.

The solution is obvious: tax lawns. Just to be on the safe side, we had better tax cornfields too.

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Suburban lawns oppress the planet.

May 01 2013

Gun Manufacturers Prepare to Leave Authoritarian States

Moonbattery isn’t free — not even for the moonbats who impose it. The War on Guns is exacting an economic cost on the fools who elected liberals to run Connecticut and Colorado:

In Connecticut, where venerable gunmakers like Colt and Sturm, Ruger & Co. have been joined in the last decade or so by upstarts like Stag Arms and PTR, reform of gun laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shootings has left the industry feeling unwelcome. Bristol-based high-end rifle manufacturer PTR Industries announced this month via Facebook that it would be taking its 40 jobs and $50,000 weekly payroll to an unspecified new state, widely believed to be Texas.

“With a heavy heart but a clear mind, we have been forced to decide that our business can no longer survive in Connecticut — the former Constitution State,” PTR said in a statement earlier this month.

AR-15 manufacturer Stag Arms could soon follow suit, along with Colt’s Manufacturing and Mossberg & Sons. The moves could cost the Nutmeg State 3,000 jobs as well as the estimated $1.75 billion in annual taxable revenues.

Ruger has a substantial presence here in Arizona. The company would be wise to relocate its headquarters.

In Colorado, Governor John Hickenlooper and the leftist state legislature have joined the jihad against the right to bear arms. Consequently,

Magpul Industries, which manufactures firearms accessories and ammunition magazines, said on its Facebook page that it would have “no choice” but to leave if the magazine bill was signed, causing an opening for states eager to prove they’re more gun-friendly.

Magpul employs more than 200 people and generates about $85 million in annual taxable revenues.

If only the Constitution were still fully in force, relocation would not be necessary. The Second Amendment was intended to put the kibosh on the sort of legislation driving employers out of states run by hoplophobes.

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Welcome out West.

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