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May 12 2013

Open Thread


Passed along by G. Fox.

May 12 2013

Accidental Spy

Insanity Island provides a glimpse behind enemy lines at a Democrat Party function:

On a tip from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

May 12 2013

Sparkplug Women

Some dating advice from Wild Bill for America, who advises guys not to whack piñatas that have hornets coming out of them:

On a tip from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

May 12 2013

MSNBC Drops the I Bomb

Even the gibbering moonbats at MSNBC obliquely acknowledge that Benghazi may justify impeachment:

On a tip from G. Fox.

May 12 2013

Presidential Mother’s Day Tribute


There won’t be a corresponding graphic for Father’s Day, because no one knows whether it should include the communist polygamist Barack Hussein Obama I or another communist who might have taken the picture above of Stanley Ann Dunham, Frank Marshall Davis.

If you dig it out of a trash can, don’t be surprised if it smells funny.

On a tip from Katya Kakhov.

May 12 2013

Expelled Over Facebook Comments

Here’s how the educrats at Syracuse University do their part to make sure no teachers suspected of deviating in any way from anti-white liberal ideology get into a schoolroom:

It is no coincidence that virtually everyone in the media and education establishments is a moonbat. Hyperconformity is rigidly enforced.

Thanks to FIRE, this story had a happy ending… for now. Matthew Werenczak is advised to seek out a different line of work. Sooner or later, the nail that stands out will be hammered down.

On a tip from Infidel Joe.

May 12 2013

Karen Vaughn Speaks Out

Karen Vaughn raises unanswered questions involving the shooting down of a helicopter that killed her son and 29 other American soldiers in Afghanistan. By some remarkable coincidence, Aaron Vaughn was one of 17 SEALs killed in the attack. Most belonged to Team 6, which our government had been proclaiming to the world was responsible for killing Osama bin Laden a few months previously.

These are inspiring words:

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. It is now time to change the things I cannot accept.”

Maybe it isn’t unprecedented incompetence. Maybe events like this are part of a deliberate campaign by the Obama Regime and the perfumed princes it has placed atop the Pentagon to destroy the military’s morale. After all, the military’s purpose is to defend America from everything Obama personifies.

On a tip from John Knoefler.

May 12 2013

Barack and the Bible


Via Christians United for a Conservative America, on a tip from G. Fox.

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