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Jun 26 2017

Federal Government Spends $20,000 on Leftist Musical About Lesbian Illegal Alien

Cash Spigot
Federal waste visualized.

The stories in the news come and go, but the wasteful federal spending that is bleeding us to death goes on and on and on:

The National Endowment for the Arts is spending $20,000 for a musical about a lesbian illegal immigrant who is in love with an ICE agent.

The San Francisco Mime Troupe, a self-described socialist theater group, received the funding in the first round of grants awarded under the Trump administration.

Meet the new boss, who spends like the old boss.

The musical is entitled Walls.

The lead character is Zaniyah, a criminal illegal alien and lesbian struggling with mental health issues.

Progressives should have no trouble identifying with her.

This is not San Francisco Mime Troupe’s first foray into taxpayer-financed moonbattery:

The group received a $20,000 grant last year for the musical “Freedomland,” which follows the story of a grandson of an ex-Black Panther who returns from fighting in Afghanistan to find “another war zone at home” where “young Black men … are in the crosshairs!”

“Unarmed black men being killed by the cops and they can just get away with it,” said one actor when describing the play.

Again we learn that America is racist and sucks. Capitalism sucks too:

The San Francisco Mime Troupe put on Black Panther puppet shows in the 1960s, and performed the musical 1600 Transylvania Avenue, which decries “corporate bloodsuckers” and capitalism as the “personification of greed.”

Creating wealth is greedy. Confiscating the wealth other people have created is noble.

The theater group uses the logo of a red star, to show solidarity with socialists and communists.

They are not exactly subtle regarding their seditious objectives. Yet still the federal government funds them — with our money.

The San Francisco Mime Troupe has received $461,000 from the NEA since 1998.

Trump has made noises about closing off this geyser of waste. However, the NEA was just handed a $2 million increase earlier this year.

It would be better if they took our money and flushed it down the toilet.

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Jun 26 2017

Bradley Manning Featured in NYC Pride March

According to liberal dogma, Bradley Manning — who had his sentence commuted by the likeminded Obama after committing 750,000 acts of treason — is literally a woman because he says he is a woman. That’s why the media refers to him with feminine pronouns. Presumably, he is still attracted to men. That would mean he is no longer homosexual. So why was he featured at the NYC Pride March?

Manning, a transgender U.S. army soldier, beamed in front of a giant rainbow colored heart sashayed with an American Civil Liberties Union banner.

Manning is not only responsible for the largest intelligence leak in U.S. history, endangering the lives of countless Americans and American allies. He went on from that to become the first person to have his sex change operation paid for by the Pentagon.

To answer my own question, Manning was featured because the issue is never the issue. Gay “pride” parades are only superficially about promoting homosexuality. What they are really about is cultural Marxism — the marginalization of the normal. The purpose of cultural Marxism is to destroy America. Naturally Bradley Manning is regarded as a hero in this context.

The ACLU’s agenda has never been more obvious.

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Jun 26 2017

Abortion as the Solution to White People

Take a peek under the feminist rock and you are likely to recoil in horror of the satanic malice that drives the cultural Marxists behind this movement. A piece entitled, “Beyond Pro-Choice: The Solution to White Supremacy is White Abortion” puts progressive hatred of the family and love of abortion in racial terms:

America’s fascination with the white family unit has gone hand-in-hand with the historical proliferation of white supremacy. … Whites are embedded from birth with the sense of common white identity, and this identity conditions them to replicate the white family unit, thus furthering the cycle of white supremacy in America. That is why the white family unit must be destroyed.

Here’s how white women of the liberal persuasion can do their part:

White women: instead of devoting your time and energy to white children who will reinforce the struggles of women of color, how about asking women of color in what ways you can assist them in their self-liberation? How about adopting children of color who have lost their parents to the destructive white supremacist society that you have enabled and encouraged?

Of course, the best choice is to act preventatively to ensure that white children are not at risk of being born. But in circumstances in which termination and generation are the options, it is best to take advantage of your right to choose, and abort in favor of assisting women of color.

Presumably it’s okay to let your baby live if you have been impregnated by a black.

A question for progressives: if you would kill a baby for being white, why wouldn’t you kill yourself?

feminazi flag
You can see why they are called feminazis.

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Jun 26 2017

Police Cars Used to Promote Sexual Deviancy

The police are supposed to treat all citizens equally while enforcing the law. However, citizens who make a pageant of their perverse sexual proclivities appear to be more equal than the rest of us. Check out Houston’s “Pride Car” — prepared in honor of Saturday’s PrideHouston 2017 gay power bacchanalia:


Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo is enthusiastic about using his position to promote the LGBT agenda. Other cops, not so much:

“Our duty is to protect and serve, not participate in an event that completely goes against our religious beliefs,” said one commander, who asked not to be identified.

He would be unemployed by now if he had given his name.

Houston isn’t the first. New York City debuted a gay pride patrol car last year.


Then there is this:

Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert directed officers to display gay pride decals on their patrol cars – a decision that rankled the Fraternal Order of Police.

“We have a variety of taxpayers in the city of Pittsburgh with different viewpoints, which can create controversy if support for different events is shown,” FOP President Robert Swartzwelder told television station KDKA.

Chief Schubert said the decals show their police department is tolerant.

Liberal “tolerance” is a one-way street leading straight to hell with no exits. The Frankfurt School’s Herbert Marcuse approvingly christened it “repressive tolerance.” The liberal ruling class is tolerant of what it wants to promote, like degeneracy and depravity. It has zero tolerance for what it wants to crush. For example, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department in Virginia was forced to remove decals like these:


On tips from Steve A and Torcer.

Jun 26 2017

Rainbow Family Naked Hippies Infest Eastern Oregon, Permits Not Required

Some hippies got haircuts and set about destroying society from within by infesting the media/academia/government establishment. Others are still living in the Summer of Love. Currently the latter group is descending upon Eastern Oregon:

The U.S. Forest Service acknowledged there isn’t much it can do about a “Rainbow Family” gathering expected to bring thousands of counter-culture types to the Malheur National Forest in Eastern Oregon over the next two weeks.

The organizers don’t have a permit, and the Forest Service’s response to that has angered area residents such as rancher Loren Stout, who lives near the gathering spot and has a federal grazing permit on land adjacent to it.

He said the Forest Service would punish ranchers if they ignored permit requirements and tapped a spring for drinking water like the Rainbow Family has done. Stout said it took him two years to get a National Environmental Policy Act permit to drill an exploratory mining hole.

But the Rainbow Family of Living Light doesn’t need no stinking permits. They are moonbats indulging in moonbattery, not ranchers trying to put food on our tables.

An estimated 500 to 700 people have already set up camp at Flagtail Meadow off of Forest Road 24, near the towns of Seneca and John Day. The 46th annual National Rainbow Gathering could draw 15,000 to 20,000 July 1-7, and is being held without a permit required of anyone else who would want to stage such an event on federal forest land.

Here’s what the region is in for:

On a Facebook page set up for this year’s event, one person posted, “If we were in control we would all have free energy, everyone would be housed and fed and we’d be having song circles every day.”

“What is the pants policy at this event?” another poster asked. He was assured that nudity should be expected.

If you live in the area, stay in your home and draw the curtains. Naked hippies will be cavorting and vomiting utopian Marxism in the woods.

Too bad they can’t be relocated to Portland, where they would be less out of place.

A Rainbow Family hippy freakazoid.

On a tip from Lyle.

Jun 25 2017

Open Thread


Via laugh@libs.

Jun 25 2017

Diarrhea-Squirting Judge Is Too Obese to Perform Her Lavishly Compensated Patronage Job

Maybe it is for the best that Daniel McCullough collected his excessive salary while others did his work. Another judge who is also too obese to do her job sometimes shows up for work anyway — and the results are not pleasant to behold. Introducing Elizabeth Shollenberger:

Members of the all-Democratic City Council in suburban White Plains (New York) rewarded their party’s well-connected chairwoman with a plum six-figure judicial seat — even though she was too sickly to work, critics charge.

City Judge Elizabeth Shollenberger — who suffers from a digestive disorder and morbid obesity, among other ailments — was unable to climb the three steps to her courtroom bench, even with the help of a specially installed railing, sources said.

Shollenberger is so sickly, she goes around with an oxygen tank.

City Judicial Review Committee member Mark Elliott has publicly accused Mayor Tom Roach of making sure “the fix was in” for the judge, who had been his campaign treasurer.

The committee rejected her for the post, as it was obvious she would not be able to complete her 10-year term.

But she got the job anyway, and promptly went on the first of several medical leaves just a week after being sworn in to her $175,500-a-year job.

The job also provides $65,000 worth of annual health benefits, which the currently hospitalized Shollenberger has been putting to good use.

The situation smells awful enough without considering her “severe gastric distress problem”:

“She would come in and we would see the diarrhea running down her leg and to the floor,” one court worker said. “She would soil the chair and then ask for a new one.”

Another court worker said Shollenberger astounded staffers by acting with “complete arrogance” following the awful accidents.

“She would just say, ‘There is a mess over there. I think someone should clean it up,’” the source said.

Why was a woman who squirts diarrhea all over the courtroom made a judge?

Council member Milagros Lecuona, who’s challenging Roach for the mayoralty this year, said he engineered Shollenberger’s Dec. 20 appointment “to make sure he’d have the support of the chair of the Democratic Party” for his re-election bid.

Shollenberger was succeeded as the party’s head by her husband, Tim James.

That explains everything.

Don the hazmat suits, here comes the judge.

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Jun 25 2017

Josie Long: Dumbest Liberal Ever?

Has Paul Joseph Watson discovered the dumbest liberal ever? A few words from comedian Josie Long will help you decide:

Liberals will believe literally anything they are told to, no matter how absurd: sexual perversion is normal and healthy, affordable light bulbs make it be too hot out, privileged special interest groups are oppressed, et cetera, ad nauseam. But believing that Islam is relatively harmless is not just obedient doublethink, it is dumb. Cultural Marxists will promote, exaggerate, and invent grievances for any group that can be played off against the core population. But feeding Islam’s alligators is no guarantee that they will eat you last. If/when Muslims achieve the demographic leverage to impose their ideology on Britain, degenerate lefties will be the first to lose their heads.

Jun 25 2017

Salon Writer Exposes Appallingly Elitist View on Illegal Aliens

In one tweet, a Salon writer sums up the liberal elite’s attitude on illegal aliens:

In addition to assuming that “Dreamers” and immigrants will work menial jobs, and that Americans are incapable of cleaning our own toilets, raising our own children, and driving our own cars, Williams ratchets up the hyperbolic rhetoric with the word “dead,” implying that illegals are being rounded up and exterminated. She places a cherry on top by using the word “we” — as if she were a Salvadoran housemaid living in fear of deportation. Snootiness, demagoguery, and phoniness are primary ingredients of modern liberalism.

To answer Ms. Williams, if we don’t perform these tasks for ourselves, we will probably use robots, thanks to minimum wage insanity. Robots will replace many janitors and drivers, and even some childcare workers.

Another alternative to importing a new underclass to do these jobs would be stop paying the underclass we already have to vote instead of work for a living.

If we really needed large numbers of unskilled laborers, it would make vastly more sense to change our immigration laws, rather than deliberately failing to enforce them.

On tips from J. Hat tip: Twitchy.

Jun 25 2017

Bill Nye Writer Plays Victim Card After Proclaiming Her Approval of Alexandria Shootings

Marcella Arguello is a comedian who writes for the ghastly Netflix series “Bill Nye Saves The World.” Ideologically speaking, she is a good fit for the program, considering that Nye recently proclaimed that reproduction by white people should be restricted. Typically of social justice warriors, she is adept at playing the victim, even when the pose is absurdly inappropriate:

The mentality mainstreamed by moonbats like Marcella is an excellent reason to exercise your right to bear arms. You don’t know when you might run into a James Hodgkinson type high on their rhetoric.

Hat tip: The Liberty Daily.

Jun 25 2017

Muslim Woman Sets Fire in Mosque in Iowa

Due to the conspicuous phoniness of the supposed epidemic of hate crimes, when someone sets a fire in a mosque in this country, police can narrow down their list of suspects by ruling out non-Muslims:

A 22-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of starting a small fire at a Des Moines mosque Thursday morning, police said. …

Security cameras in the mosque showed a woman, later identified as Aisha Ismail, 22, pouring lighter fluid on the carpet and then starting the fire, said Des Moines police spokesman Sgt. Paul Parizek. …

Ismail attended the mosque, [Parizek] said, adding that her motive for the fire was unclear.

“It doesn’t appear that she was trying to burn the place down,” Parizek said. “It seems like she was trying to make a statement.”

Therein lies the key to her motive. What message would have been received had she gotten away with it?

No doubt the media would have hyped the fire to the skies as evidence that put-upon Muslims really are oppressed by the hate-filled and violent Islamophobes who populate Flyover Country.

Something else to consider, via Truth Revolt:

The same mosque was the target back in March of an anonymous, threatening handwritten letter which referred to Muslims as “vile,” “filthy,” and “Children of Satan.” The letter, suspiciously signed “Americans for a Better Way,” was denounced by the Iowa chapter of CAIR as a hate crime and was promoted by the media as evidence of President Trump-inspired “Islamophobia.” Nothing further came of it, and there is no evidence that “Americans for a Better Way” exists.

At this point, we can’t know for sure that the firebug’s intention was to stage a hate hoax. But even if it were not, she would have been an unwitting hate hoaxer if not for the security cameras, due to the assumptions the media would surely have leaped to make. Therefore, please welcome Aisha Ismail to the Hate Hoax List.

Named after Mohammad’s 6-year-old bride.

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Jun 24 2017

Open Thread


Via Jeff Dunetz, The Lid.

Jun 24 2017

Tactics of Cultural Marxism’s Brownshirts

Cultural Marxism has been advanced mainly through academia and the media. Having achieved hegemony in those areas, it is now moving directly into the streets. Its foot soldiers are similar to cultural Marxism’s Frankfurt School creators in that they are unclean ankle-biters. What critical theory is to philosophy, Antifa tactics are to warfare:

Portland, Oregon Police Chief Michael Marshman revealed on Friday that riot cops forced Antifa protesters out of local parks during a Jun. 4 protest after the [antifascist] group began launching balloons filled with feces, urine and chemicals at law enforcement.

In an open letter to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, Marshman also noted that protesters “may have been using ‘gopher gassers,’” which are “small rodent poison gas devices.”

The letter was necessitated by Antifa’s allies at the American Civil Liberties Union propagandizing against the police.

In response to the ACLU’s claims that law enforcement used excessive force against Antifa protesters, as well as the call from Mayor Wheeler to provide documentation to support their use of force, Marshman responded with a six-page open letter, which detailed the biologically oriented attacks on officers.

“The decision to move the group located in Chapman Square was made after [Portland Police Bureau] had repeatedly observed objects being thrown and shot from slingshot type devices from Chapman Square into Terry Shrunk Plaza,” Marshman wrote. “These objects included urine and feces filled balloons, balloons with unknown chemicals, marbles, bricks and rocks.”

He added, “Given this, the assembly was declared an unlawful assembly and the park closed for public safety.”

Reporters from Willamette Week also noted that they witnessed rioters were throwing “red-stained” tampons at law enforcement officials during the “peaceful” protest.

Being true cultural Marxists, the Antifa crowd has no interest in building anything; their only objectives are to defile and to tear down.

An army of cockroaches, spreading disease.

Jun 24 2017

The Architects of Western Decline: The Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism

To understand where we are going, we have to understand how we got to where we are. That means we have to understand cultural Marxism and its creators:

The ideology we now call “liberalism” incorporates all of the horrific offspring of cultural Marxism (e.g., critical theory, political correctness, multiculturalism, repressive tolerance, social justice, feminism). It is not merely wrong, but malevolent by design.

On a tip from Torcer.

Jun 24 2017

More Vintage Moonbattery: Dragnet

If only people had listened to Joe Friday and Bill Gannon, moonbattery might have been arrested before achieving the appalling extremes we are subjected to today:

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.

Jun 24 2017

Vintage Countermoonbattery From the Duke

Wondering what John Wayne would have thought of the sniveling hooligans constituting Black Lives Matter? This offers a clue:

We are at the point where voices of sanity reach us mostly from the grave.

Blacks now have more rights than anyone else. That hasn’t stopped the whining and bellyaching; quite the contrary.

On a tip from Jester.

Jun 24 2017

Bernie Sanders Accuses GOP of Conspiring to Commit Genocide

What would you call it if the political party in power conspired to kill up to 27,000 of its own people per year? Genocide. Look what limousine Leninist Bernie Sanders recently tweeted and deleted:


Twitchy comments:

On its face, Sanders’ tweet was bad enough. But you’d think — you’d think — that the fact that he’s still trying to shake off any association with Alexandria shooter James Hodgkinson, a vocal and active Sanders supporter, maybe Bernie would exercise some better judgment and not tweet it in the first place.

Apparently you’d be wrong.

Only a lunatic would believe that superficial tinkering with ObamaCare is going to kill 27,000 people per year. But then, only a lunatic would shoot people for being Republican like Hodgkinson did. Sanders’ brand of over-the-top demagoguery makes maniacs feel justified.

On tips from KirklesWorth and J.

Jun 23 2017

Open Thread


Via Robert Pernyak.

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