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Aug 16 2017

Alien Arrested for Having Public Sex With Chain-Link Fence

If a guy has a constitutional right to marry another guy, then he has the same right to marry a chain-link fence. If only Eliodoro Estala had tied the knot, he might have avoided trouble with the law:

A warrant has been issued for a Texas resident who stands accused of having sex with a chain link fence, according to court records.

A judge last week ordered the arrest of Eliodoro Estala, 32, after he failed to appear for a court hearing in his indecent exposure case. A bond posted earlier this year by Estala, a Mexican national, was ordered forfeited by a Travis County jurist.

Travis County? Maybe he was just doing his part to Keep Austin Weird.

Read explicit details of the erotic tryst here.

Thanks for enriching the vibrant multicultural tapestry, Eliodoro!

The fence that captured Eliodoro’s heart.

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Aug 16 2017

Now Brit Hume Is a Nazi — For Sharing an Article From The Atlantic

James Damore was sure right when he said,

“I’m a centrist, and they’re calling me a Nazi. That is a real problem.”

In the frenzy that has resulted from progressives’ eagerness to capitalize on their big propaganda coup in Charlottesville, even middle-of-the-roaders like Brit Hume qualify as Nazis. His sin was sharing an article from a publication generally regarded as well to the left of center:

Until recently Shaub was the director of the United States Office of Government Ethics.

The strategy is to present us with a binary choice: the ultraleft, as exemplified by Antifa, or “Nazis,” loosely defined as anyone who could find flaw with Antifa and its objectives. When the post-Charlottesville hysteria peters out, this strategy may well blow up in liberals’ faces, leaving the marginalizers marginalized.

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Aug 16 2017

College Professor Denounces Proper English as Linguistic Racism

There is no aspect of our civilization that liberals will not destroy. This includes our language:

In an op-ed for Inside Higher Ed, Dr. A.W. Strouse argues that colleges should support “greater linguistic diversity” and “affirm and embrace” language differences among students, such as the use of slang and African American Vernacular English (AAVE).

AAVE is a euphemism for the linguistic degeneracy formerly known as Ebonics.

Using the rhetoric of both cultural Marxism and traditional economic Marxism, Strouse barks:

“In the classroom, students shut down in the face of pedantry because they hate when bossy teachers tell them how to talk, especially in cases in which bourgeois white teachers dictate ex cathedra about what speech is ‘correct.’”

But wouldn’t they hate it more if they expected to receive an education and didn’t even learn how to speak proper English?

Of course not. Proper English is racist. It evolved among white people.

But won’t an ability to speak proper English affect their employability?

“The workplace has way too much power and should not be allowed to determine something as fundamental as how we speak,” he declared. “People need to tell their bosses, ‘F*** you.’”

This foul-mouthed, juvenile clown is a professor of medieval literature at the City University of New York. Our cultural heritage is not in safe hands.

Strouse went on to rave that educators perpetuate “injustice” by correcting improper English, and that students must “battle against linguistic racism.” He insists upon “the celebration of linguistic diversity.”

A first step would be the country breaking down into a Tower of Babel of mutually incomprehensible racial dialects. But politically correct social engineers won’t be totally satisfied until we are grunting and gibbering like the beasts they aspire to reduce us to.

By the way, Professor Strouse’s current projects include “a study of circumcision as a key term in pre-modern literary theory.” Taxpayers subsidize this useless lunacy.

A. W. Strouse: yet another nutty professor.

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Aug 16 2017

Using Charlottesville as an Excuse to Go After Flies With Automatic Shotguns

Since last weekend, people identified with the right have been falling all over themselves to make sure everyone knows that they hate Nazis/white supremacists even more than everyone else does. Observations that the Antifa types who came to Charlottesville specifically to brawl with right-wingers share some blame for the violence, and that those right-wingers were justified to protest Robert E. Lee getting banished to the Memory Hole, have met with preeningly self-righteous denunciations. “White supremacy is repulsive,” barks Paul Ryan, without defining a term that seems to mean whatever liberals want it to. “There can be no moral ambiguity.”

Most everyone can agree that we don’t like Nazis. But what exactly is a Nazi? Is a white supremacist a Nazi? Is someone who doesn’t think Southern heritage should be erased a white supremacist? How about someone who thinks that hiring should be based on merit instead of Affirmative Action?

In the name of fighting Nazis/white supremacists, “antifascist” fascists — and the local governments that eagerly pander to them — are destroying Civil War memorials right and left. The war of extermination against Nazis, racists, white nationalists, et cetera is so indiscriminate, statues of Joan of Arc and even Abraham Lincoln have been attacked.

James Damore was recently fired from Google for expressing views that deviate from leftist dogma. He said something that can be applied to the post-Charlottesville frenzy:

“There’s a very strong idea that the left ideology is the only ideology possible. We should be able to express differing opinions,” Damore told CNN Tech. “I’m a centrist, and they’re calling me a Nazi. That is a real problem.”

It sure is, and not only in the left-wing tech industry.

Actual Nazis stopped being a threat to this country 72 years ago. Anti-Nazis are going after a fly with an automatic shotgun, knowing full well that the trivial fly isn’t the main thing they are destroying.

Demonstrating a liberal flyswatter.

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Aug 16 2017

Hugh Hewitt Jumps Shark After Charlottesville

Whoa. I knew Hugh Hewitt was awful, but not this awful:

[A] great number of people are at risk of being charged with felony homicide beyond the driver of the car that killed one person during Saturday’s protests. Anyone who incited the driver, indeed anyone whose actions obliged the state troopers to be airborne in defense of the public’s safety, should lawyer up.

I celebrate Brandenburg when I teach it each year.

In the KKK-related Brandenburg case, the Supremes upheld the right of free speech unless it “is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action.” Hewitt combines this exception with a Virginia statute according to which the “killing of one accidentally, contrary to the intention of the parties, while in the prosecution of some felonious act … is murder of the second degree” to reach his conclusion that speech = murder.

The speech at the core of that case was every bit as odious as that used by the bigots in Charlottesville this weekend. But those bigots in 1964 lacked the present ability to incite violence.

Maybe violence had not been invented yet in 1964.

Those in Charlottesville had that ability to incite violence, and they used it. Now three are dead, including two state troopers.

The troopers died in a helicopter accident. No matter; someone must be punished.

Lots of people should be charged if they contributed to the mayhem that led to these deaths. Only when criminals are held responsible for the foreseeable consequences of their hatred and the violence they incite will the peddlers of bigotry and barely disguised violence coursing through the country reconsider their assumed immunity from consequence.

Hot Air discusses some implications of this insufferably sanctimonious twit’s irresponsible posturing:

As I read Hewitt, he wants to extend that exception to virtually anyone who participated in the protests — or counter-protests! — in Charlottesville on Saturday regardless of anything specific that they might have said. He’s not drawing the line at someone whispering in James Fields’s ear that he should take out a bunch of progressives with his car. A neo-Nazi/antifa showdown contains a high enough risk of violence, he seems to be saying, that participating and saying anything that raises the antagonism between the groups may qualify as incitement — and, by extension, felony murder due to Fields’s actions. Imagine showing up at a rally to yell F-bombs at some Nazis, watching a bunch of people get run over by a crazed white supremacist, and then finding yourself facing a murder charge. Or, to take a harder example, imagine being a white nationalist who attends the rally with every intention of behaving peacefully and hoping that everyone else behaves that way too. Should that guy face a murder charge for Fields’s actions?

Why stop at people who were present in Charlottesville? Maybe Fields read something online that inflamed him. Whoever wrote it is guilty of murder.

This screwball teaches law.

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Aug 15 2017

Open Thread


Via Bookie Bookworm.

Aug 15 2017

Guffaw-Inducingly Ham-Fisted CBS News Propaganda

We are supposed to believe that right-wing extremists are a dire threat because some nut ran someone over with his car, whereas Islamists are cuddly and lovable and ought to be imported in large numbers. To promote this viewpoint, Snorah O’Donnell of CBS Snooze presents the following evidence:


Anyone still remember what happened on September 11, 2001?

The numbers they came up with are as contrived as the date range. They counted gang-related and prison murders as the work of “far right extremists.” Famous Muslim terror attacks like the Beltway Sniper killings were left out. Note that even after they cooked the numbers, their beloved Religion of Peaceniks still have a higher body count, which is why Norah focuses on the number of incidents rather than the number of deaths.

Like the rest of the pernicious liberal media establishment, CBS News has zero credibility.

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Aug 15 2017

MSNBC Propagandist: White Trash Trucks Guard Trump Tower

No, they aren’t rusted pickups held together with duct tape and Confederate flag stickers. They are dump trucks filled with sand:

The joke was obvious enough to crack up Roberts’ fellow libs:

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Aug 15 2017

Moonbats Go Wild Desecrating and Destroying War Memorials and Symbols of Southern Heritage

The Left’s big propaganda win in Charlottesville has allowed it to put the pedal to the metal regarding the ongoing campaign to purge American culture and history of anything that does not comply with contemporary cultural Marxist ideology. All things Confederate or specifically Southern will be forced down the Memory Hole, if not by government, then by fascistic mobs:

Clips posted on social media show a group of at least a hundred in Durham pulling down a Confederate soldier statue in front of the local government building.

Local government is either passively complicit…

There is no indication in the video that any police officers or other officials are trying to stop the public vandalism.

…or an active participant.

[A]ll across the South there were both demonstrations and vandalism around Civil War memorials and more calls from officials that they be removed according to law.

A Confederate memorial on private ground in Hillsborough County, Florida, was splashed with red paint. And in Atlanta, the protesters spray-painted a statue of a Confederate soldier laying down his arms and chanted anti-Trump slogans.…

In Nashville, Tennessee, demonstrators protested a bust in the state Capitol of Nathan Bedford Forrest….

In Gainesville, Florida, the city removed Monday the bronze “Old Joe” statue from the position it has had since 1904, outside the Alachua County Administrative Building. According to the Gainesville Sun, the county will return it to the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

In Baltimore, Mayor Catherine Pugh said in a Monday press statement that she will remove all of Baltimore’s Confederate-era monuments.

Progressive totalitarians won’t stop after they have deleted the Confederacy from history. Everything that ever happened must be forced into ideological compliance or erased.

Robert E. Lee will be hated for a few cathartic minutes and then abolished from our national memory. The same fate awaits the white Southern slaveowners who founded the greatest country that ever existed, e.g., George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.

Once they have killed off our heroes, progressives will have killed America. Then they can replace it with something more to their liking.

They say history is written by the winners. These cockroaches appear to be the winners:

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Aug 15 2017

University Physics Researcher Chanda Prescod-Weinstein Denounces White Male Science

Modern science is mostly based on discoveries by white men. Therefore, it is racist and sexist and must be replaced with a new science. Enraged by the mild deviations from liberal orthodoxy that got James Damore fired from Google, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, a physics researcher at the University of Washington, is ready to do her part:

Prescod-Weinstein takes issue with the contention—related to her by a “well-known scientist”—that “the Google memo failed to constitute hostile behavior because it cited peer-reviewed articles that suggest women have different brains,” arguing that “peer-reviewed” is not synonymous with “correct.”

She presumably means “correct” in the political sense — the only sense that matters these days.

Prescod-Weinstein asserts that, rather than placing value in the contents of peer-reviewed scientific articles, we should recognize that “science has often made its living from encoding and justifying bias” and is “conducted primarily by white men.”

I hope televisions and airplanes still work after Prescod-Weinstein and other social justice warriors ban the patriarchal theories of Einstein and Newton.

Noting that Thomas Jefferson held views that are now deemed incorrect (although they have since been proven six ways to Sunday), Prescod-Weinstein denounces this quintessential Renaissance Man as “a biased white supremacist who hid behind science as a shield.”

Here’s why scientific discoveries made by white guys (i.e., the overwhelming majority of them) are invalid:

“Most saliently in the context of the Google memo, our scientific educations almost never talk about the invention of whiteness and the invention of race in tandem with the early scientific method which placed a high value on taxonomies—which unsurprisingly and almost certainly not coincidentally supported prevailing social views,” she writes, declaring that the European Enlightenment was less a function of “objective ‘science’” than an outgrowth of “the rise of violent, imperialist globalization during the same time period.”

It isn’t just Thomas Jefferson; the whole Enlightenment has to go. There sure won’t be anything enlightened about the dark ages political correctness is pulling us into.

She laughably proclaims that European scientific advances “were in fact collations of borrowed indigenous knowledge” — and then starts barking about how so-called progress causes global warming, implying that we would be better off without science anyway. She also expresses her hostility by shouting that “Science has done little to combat racism and sexism and has mostly helped them.” If science doesn’t give you the facts you want, throw out science and keep the imaginary facts.

Obviously, a white guy with this loose a grasp on reality would not be working as a physics researcher at a university. At best, they would let him mop the floor at the lab. That’s why the Affirmative Action approach to science is so important to people like Chanda Prescot-Weinstein, who has actually taught at MIT, even though her head is so full of loose screws that it probably sounds like maracas when she shakes it.

Incidentally, Chanda identifies as a “Black queer ciswoman.” She has previously announced her intentions to “burn the tent of whiteness down” and to “challenge everything this country has stood for in the last 250 years.”

If malevolent kooks like Chanda Prescot-Weinstein decide that it makes them feel empowered to assert that 2 + 2 = 5, you had better believe it or you are a racist and a sexist and might lose your job like that thought criminal James Damore.

Chanda Prescot-Weinstein personifies the liberal war on science.

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Aug 15 2017

CNN’s Propagandizing and Incompetence Go Over the Top in Charlottesville

NBC News — which has inflicted upon us the less than subtle propagandists Lyin’ Brian Williams, Andrea Mitchell, and Tom Brokaw — is better known for left-wing spin than for veracity. Yet it is a beacon of truth in comparison with the degenerating farce that is far-left CNN:

More news from CNN regarding events in Charlottesville, North Carolina:

What, you say Charlottesville is in Virginia? You say that’s why they put the University of Virginia there? Couldn’t be — not when I’ve heard otherwise from CNN.

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Aug 15 2017

Moonbat Model Family

Congratulations to the media on finding the perfect model family to encourage us to emulate. From the land we once called Great Britain:

They are raising four-year-old Star Cloud as a ‘person’ and are telling him to ‘not get hung up’ on being a boy.

Parents Nikki and Louise Draven say they are ‘just ordinary’ and are being ‘who they want to be’.

Star calls Louise, 31, his mummy, but she [sic] is in fact his biological father and is transitioning to become a woman with hormone treatment.

His mother Nikki really is a woman. But…

Nikki will dress as a woman on some days and will dress as a man on others.

Nikki used to work as a pub bouncer. She proudly reports that pink is one of her son’s favorite colors, and that he “loves Barbie dolls, dressing up and fairies.”

Don’t waste your time calling Child Protective Services. This is the sort of environment the authorities want children raised in.

What liberal social engineers want a family to look like.

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Aug 14 2017

Open Thread


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Aug 14 2017

NYC Government Traumatizes Gun Owners

Just because you follow all the rules does not mean they will not throw you in jail if you bring a gun into the moonbat dystopia New York City:

Play it safe. Gun or no gun, avoid parts of the country where the Constitution is not honored.

Then again, if you missed your chance to visit East Germany before it ceased to exist, NYC offers a similar experience, although admittedly vastly noisier, more crowded, more expensive, and more prone to crime, filth, degeneracy, disease, et cetera.

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Aug 14 2017

Moonbats Side With North Korean Government

It remains to be seen whether the Korean War will resume, this time possibly featuring nuclear weapons used against the continental USA, but one thing we do know — which side progressives will take. A choice between their own country and the most hellishly repressive communist regime since Stalin’s time, ruled over by a homicidal maniac, is a no-brainer for righteous moonbats.

Barks prominent Democrat Keith Ellison, who nearly became the Chairman of the DNC:

“Kim Jong-un, the world always thought he was not a responsible leader. Well, he’s acting more responsible than this guy is.”

By “this guy,” Ellison means the President of the United States.

Other moonbats want the POTUS banned from Twitter for using it to remind the tyrant that his belligerence could have consequences.

Via WaPo:

Critics of the president’s tweet say the rhetoric reflects a threat of violence against North Korea that violates Twitter’s rules and terms of service.

Rosie O’Donnell helps us keep perspective on how seriously moonbats should be taken in the following video, in which she apologizes to Kim Jong-un, calls him “sir,” and denounces her own President as a “moron”:

This weirdo, who evidently was pretending to be a cat in the video, still has some influence among liberals.

With people like this on his side, Kim Jong-un ought to be all the more cautious about risking war.

On tips from Torcer, Scott D, and The LIEberal Media.

Aug 14 2017

Public Radio Host Denounces America’s Founders as “a Theocratic Cult of Religious Nuts”

Since your taxes help pay for it, you may as well know what is being said about your country on PBS:

When [PBS host Charlie] Rose asked [public radio host Kurt] Andersen what role religion played in America, the author responded that “America is exceptionally religious, has always been exceptionally religious compared to the rest…” That’s when Rose interrupted Andersen to remind him America was “Founded by people who were seeking religious freedom.” To which Andersen corrected him by insulting people of faith and the Founders: “Well that’s one – that’s a charitable way of putting it. Founded also by a theocratic cult of religious nuts.”

Being denounced as “a theocratic cult of religious nuts” on coercively financed government television is a milestone for the Founders on the road to the Memory Hole, down which liberals are currently forcing historical figures like Robert E. Lee.

Rose let the grotesque insult slide by simply responding: “Okay. Right, right.” Andersen then proceeded to depict America’s “religiosity” as being out of step with the rest of the “developed world” and added “once you are, as a culture, more inclined to believe in magic, in the supernatural events….it’s gonna leach out into, into not believing in climate change.”

We all know that the climate constantly fluctuates. By “not believing in climate change,” he presumably refers to doubting that it is caused by humans and that we are all doomed if Big Government doesn’t put a stop to it through increased taxation and centralized control of the economy.

It could be that this useless fool has stumbled onto something. As a vastly superior intellect observed,

“When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.”

This explains atheistic liberal nihilists’ tendency to believe in silly crap like white privilege and the global warming hoax.

Kurt Andersen, godless religious nut.

On a tip from J.

Aug 14 2017

The Blood on Your Hands

Do you travel by vehicle? Do you eat cheese? Do you make use of air conditioning? Do you own a pet? Do you exhale carbon dioxide like every other animal? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then hang your head in shame, for you have murdered Stacy Ruffin:

Stacy was black of course, which makes you a racist too. You can’t even begin to redeem yourself unless you vote Democrat and resolve to believe whatever CNN tells you, no matter how asinine.

Now let’s talk about climate reparations

On a tip from Torcer. Hat tip: Twitchy.

Aug 14 2017

Liberal Economist Calls for Shrinking Economy

Sometimes you have to wonder what kind of lunatic ultimate objective liberals have in mind. Other times, they tell you straight out. Presenting Dr. Jason Hickel of the London School of Economics:

In an interview for BBC’s Newsnight show on Thursday, Hickel called for “degrowth.” Ignoring energy innovation in fracking, nuclear power, renewables, and battery-based power systems, Hickel claimed that Earth is running out of resources. Rich nations are apparently to blame because we “use three times our fair share of bio-capacity.”

The solution to the evil allegedly inflicted upon the earth by rich nations is to impose an economic system that does not allow nations to be rich. Hickel calls this “reducing our economic footprint.”

Specifically, how do we achieve the goal of reducing our standard of living? Hickel says we can “cut excess consumption by curbing advertising and taxing carbon.”

Censorship and the global warming hoax have their purposes.

Heckel also wants a “basic income,” which will help reduce employment, or as he puts it, “allow us to get rid of unnecessary jobs.”

This basic income that everyone would be paid just for being alive would inevitably shrink along with the deliberate decline in the production of wealth. Hickel wants economic activity in industrialized countries to fall by 4–6% per year.

This would lead to a permanent, perpetually worsening depression that would soon lead to mass starvation. Heckel wants to impose a world without freedom or hope.

To call leftists malevolent is like calling water wet. Yet they posture as if they were somehow virtuous.

Far worse than just wacky.

On a tip from Torcer.

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