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Feb 03 2016

Puerto Rico Provides a Lesson Regarding Free Stuff

Bernie Sanders says he will give us all sorts of stuff for free. But that will not make anyone happy, as Puerto Ricans are beginning to understand. The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority has been giving out power for free. The results have been catastrophic:

[The city of] Aguadilla has 19 city-owned restaurants and a city-owned hotel, a water park billed as biggest in the Caribbean, a minor-league baseball stadium bathed in floodlights and a waterfront studded with dancing fountains and glimmering streetlights.

Most striking is the ice-skating rink. Unusual in a region where the temperature rarely drops below 70 degrees, the rink is complete with a disco ball and laser lights.

Signs warn skaters not to wear shorts.

“Imagine how much it costs to have an ice-skating rink in the tropics,” said Sergio Marxuach, policy director at the Center for a New Economy, a nonpartisan research group in San Juan.

And that is the catch. What most likely would be the biggest recurring expense for these attractions — electricity — costs Aguadilla nothing. It has been provided free for years by the power authority, known as Prepa.

In fact, the power authority has been giving free power to all 78 of Puerto Rico’s municipalities, to many of its government-owned enterprises, even to some for-profit businesses — although not to its citizens. It has done so for decades, even as it has sunk deeper and deeper in debt, borrowing billions just to stay afloat.

Now, however, the island’s government is running out of cash, facing a total debt of $72 billion and already defaulting on some bonds — and an effort is underway to limit the free electricity, which is estimated to cost the power authority hundreds of millions of dollars.

But like many financial arrangements on the island, the free electricity is so tightly woven into the fabric of society that unwinding it would have vast ramifications and, some say, only worsen the plight of the people who live here.

If only they had not become reliant on the free electricity. Being $9 billion in debt, Prepa won’t be able to provide it indefinitely.

Like Social Security, this unsustainable mess dates from FDR’s administration:

The free power dates from 1941, when the utility was established by Rexford Tugwell, a member of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s brain trust and the last American governor of Puerto Rico to be appointed by the president of the United States. He contended that for electricity to benefit the people, it had to be owned by the people, and he created Prepa by nationalizing the handful of private electric companies then on the island.

The private companies had paid local property taxes, but publicly owned Prepa did not. Free electricity was intended to make up for the lost tax revenue.

City governments were supposed to pay Prepa for energy use that exceeded lost tax revenue, but that has proved to be unworkable.

If the power authority were to demand immediate payment from them, it could set off a domino effect of defaults and insolvencies.

So the power remains free, and continues to be wasted on frivolous projects like tropical skating rinks — until Prepa goes bankrupt and there is no more power. The Puerto Rican government is too deep in hock to be much help.

Already Prepa once threatened to cut off power to the main airport in San Juan. Despite or rather because of the power being free, “Nobody’s happy,” according to Eduardo Bhatia, president of the Puerto Rico Senate.

No worries; American taxpayers will surely bail out Puerto Ricans, who no doubt will do the same for us if Sanders gets elected. Just kidding.

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Feb 03 2016

Trump and Sanders: Same Product, Different Packaging

The ostensibly right-wing Donald Trump and left-wing Bernie Sanders have more in common than both being populists. Pro-Trump Breitbart can be friendlier toward Sanders than toward Trump’s Republican opponents. Although that may be more due to their pugnacious poses than their policies, the similarities go deeper.

From liberal Vox:

Trump has also rejected the typical center-right view of government. He has opposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and he has not fretted about debt and deficits. Instead, he has advocated massive government spending on infrastructure. He attacked Obama’s health care plan for subsidizing insurance companies and drug companies, and has joined Sanders and Clinton in calling for curbing drug prices. …

The Club for Growth, which backs free market candidates, explained its opposition to Trump by citing his support for “universal health care,” the idea that “government can take over companies,” his proposal to raise taxes on individuals with a worth greater than $10 million, and his proposal to impose a tariff on goods from China. In National Review’s brief against Trump, conservatives cited his support for “universal health care,” “his know-nothing protectionism” and “his plans for spending but no serious proposals for spending cuts or entitlement reforms.” …

Sanders, like Trump, takes positions on specific issues that put him at odds with market liberalism. His proposals, whether or not they are immediately feasible, challenge an approach that prioritizes the private market. He unblushingly favors huge government spending — $1 trillion worth — on infrastructure and would pay for that and for free public college tuition by tax hikes on speculation and the wealthy that Clinton, for one, opposes. He wants Medicare for all, which would mean eliminating private health insurers except as they might supplement government programs.

Sanders opposes trade agreements that he believes encourage American companies to invest overseas rather than at home, and wants to close tax loopholes that would allow “corporate deserters” to avoid American taxes. Like Trump, he promises to be tough on China.

In August, Washington Free Beacon collected a list of policy similarities between Trump and Sanders, including these:

Both Trump and Sanders agree that Obamacare did not go far enough to provide Americans with fantastic healthcare. They would prefer a single-payer system, the likes of which, according to Trump, works “incredibly well” in countries like Canada and Scotland.

Both candidates have proposed plans to raise revenue by hiking taxes on the rich. Sanders wants to tax wealthy Americans at a 90 percent rate, but Trump is actually slightly more radical on this issue, having once proposed what would be the largest tax increase in American history. …

Campaign finance:
Sanders has repeatedly accused Republican politicians of being puppets of rich donors like the Koch brothers. So has Trump. Sanders believes that our campaign finance system must be reformed because rich individuals and corporations have too much sway in American politics. Trump not only agrees, he is a walking testament to that broken system.

Their Iraq War and gun rights positions have been virtually indistinguishable.

Hot Air adds this:

The two also agree on trade and, at times, on immigration. … Trump even acknowledged a crossover vote on trade between his supporters and Sanders’ supporters.

The bottom line is that Trump and Sanders are both aggressive proponents of Big Government. Both of these progressives present themselves as enemies of the establishment, but they do not want to reform and pare down the federal behemoth as Ted Cruz or Rand Paul would do. They want to take it over and then grow it even larger.

Separated at birth?

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Feb 02 2016

Open Thread


Via Donald.

Feb 02 2016

Where to Buy Guns in Jackson, Mississippi

If you are ever in Jackson, Mississippi, stop in at Down the Range Sporting Goods and give Tim Wolverton some business:

Despite being conspicuously cognitively defective, Kenneth Stokes really is a city councilman in Jackson. Read more about his encouragement of violence against the police here.

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Feb 02 2016

Hillary Cracks Up CBS This Morning Crew by Claiming She Can’t Be Bought

Shrillary may be corrupt, incompetent, and unpleasant even by Beltway establishment standards, but at least she has a sense of humor:

The anchors of CBS This Morning started chuckling on Monday when Hillary Clinton said during their interview that she was “not in the pocket of anyone.”

“And on the campaign trail, how do you answer that charge that Senator Sanders has made that you’re in the pocket of Wall Street or beholden to their interests?” co-host Norah O’Donnell asked.

“Well, look, anybody who knows me knows I’m not in the pocket of anyone, and anyone who thinks they can influence me certainly doesn’t know me,” Clinton said, while soft laughing was heard in the background from Charlie Rose and at least one other host.

She is of course infamous for her trademark influence peddling. Massive payoffs are given a light laundering through the Clinton Foundation slush fund or preposterously inflated speaking fees.

Watch as she cracks up her fellow libs:

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Feb 02 2016

Trump on the Arab–Israeli Conflict

If you are looking for differences between the actual Trump (as opposed to the phony opportunist we see on the campaign trail) and his long-time friend Hillary Clinton, don’t look to foreign policy — certainly not where the Arab–Israeli conflict is concerned:

“I have a real question as to whether or not both sides want to make [peace],” Trump said in an interview with The Associated Press.

The Republican presidential front-runner said his concerns are greater regarding “one side in particular.” While Trump wouldn’t say whether he was referring to the Israelis or the Palestinians, he said the chances for a lasting peace rest with Israel.

“A lot will have to do with Israel and whether or not Israel wants to make the deal – whether or not Israel’s willing to sacrifice certain things,” Trump said. “They may not be, and I understand that, and I’m OK with that. But then you’re just not going to have a deal.”

Sounds like Shrillary, Obama, and other progs who side with expansionist Islamic terrorists against our ally Israel.

It is true that if only Israelis would agree to give up enough land, there would be peace — but only if that land includes the last square inch of Israel.

As Right Scoop comments,

Israel has always been willing to sacrifice land for peace. This is why they are now under constant threat of terrorism from Gaza and the West Bank. Israel has time and time again given land to the Palestinians and in return it has only led to more deaths of Israelis because the Palestinians don’t want peace, they want Jewish annihilation.

Too bad we can’t get Trump and Shrillary to educate themselves by watching this short primer about the “peace process”:

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Feb 02 2016

Watch Desmond Tutu Denounce ANC as Worse Than Apartheid Government

When anti-Apartheid activist Desmond Tutu spoke, moonbats pricked up their ears. But not anymore, now that South Africa has been turned over to the sacred communist terrorist Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress. In place of racism and oppression, South Africa now features unicorns frolicking in the cool shade of rainbows. So there was no need for anyone to tell us that Tutu has been fuming like this:

This Government, our Government is worse than the Apartheid Government because at least you were expecting it with the Apartheid Government. Our Government: we were expecting that now we would have a Government that was sensitive to the sentiments of our Constitution. …

Mr. Zuma, you and your Government don’t represent me. You represent your own interest and I am warning you. I really am warning you out of love. I’m warning you like I warned the Nationalists. I am warning you. One day, we will start praying for the defeat of the ANC Government. You are disgraceful. I want to warn you. You are behaving in a way that is totally at variance with the things for which we stood.

The likelihood is low that Tutu will get another Nobel Peace Prize for standing up to President Jacob Zuma and the ANC.

Never mind Zimbabwe, never mind South Africa. Time to move on to the next problem state and turn it too into a P.C. utopia. Granting “right of return” so that Muslims can do to Israel what they have been doing to Germany but on a larger scale might be the next glorious step forward toward international social justice.

Video is from last April.

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Feb 02 2016

Sanders Earns the Otherkin Vote

Why am I not surprised to see a Bernie Sanders supporter wearing artificial cat ears to help her hear him speak?


If only Nano were eligible to vote in US elections, Sanders could surely count on her support. But then, eligibility issues never stopped Democrats before. The Sanders campaign ought to mail a ballot to Norway.

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Feb 02 2016

YouGov Poll Finds Hardly Anyone Takes Global Warming Seriously

We are told repeatedly that 97% of scientists buy into global warming ideology, but that has proven to be a lie. A more believable statistic is that 91% of Americans don’t:

A YouGov poll of 18,000 people in 17 countries found only 9.2 percent of Americans rank global warming as their biggest concern. …

Despite a big PR push by President Barack Obama to tout his administration’s global warming agenda, most Americans have been unconvinced it’s the country’s most pressing issue. A Fox News poll from November found only 3 percent of Americans list global warming as their top concern.

Since then, the government has falsely proclaimed last year to be the warmest year on record. This lie fell flat, like the rest of the hoax.

Imagine if the public believed the apocalyptic propaganda the media and our “leaders” have been bombarding us with for years. No one would dispute that all other problems are dwarfed by anthropogenic global warming.

As it is, no one in the liberal ruling class should dispute that all other problems are dwarfed by our lack of gullibility.

His screams fall on deaf ears.

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Feb 02 2016

The Politically Incorrect Way to Deal With Freeloading Bellicose “Refugees”

Maybe the Islamic world should have thought twice before including Sicily in its invasion of Europe:

A Muslim so-called “refugee” tried to get on an Italian bus for free, giving various sob stories to the driver.

When the Sicilian driver didn’t want to hear it and told him to go buy a ticket, the young Muslim erupted, yelling an expletive and punching the driver in the face.

It took no time at all for him to regret it.

Here is how the entitled Muslim learned that before boarding a bus it is best to buy a ticket, rather than expecting to ride for free (silent video):

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Feb 02 2016

The Price Tag for the Feel-Good Climate Foolishness in Paris

Despite the lack of warming for the past 2 decades even with rising CO2 emissions, some still believe that human activity is making it be too hot out. But virtually no one believes that any initiatives proposed by the government would have a noticeable effect on the temperature. The ostensible point is to make a noble gesture on behalf of the polar bears, to demonstrate that our ruling class is made up of people of good will. However, this posturing comes at an extravagant price:

The United Nations Paris agreement to stop dangerous global warming could cost $12.1 trillion over the next 25 years, according to calculations performed by environmental activists.

“The required expenditure averages about $484 billion a year over the period,” calculated Bloomberg New Energy Finance with the assistance of the environmentalist nonprofit Ceres. …

Bloomberg’s estimates are likely low, as they exclude costly energy efficiency measures. The amount spent to meet global carbon dioxide emissions reduction goals could be as high as $16.5 trillion between now and 2030, when energy efficiency measures are included, according to projections from the International Energy Agency. To put these numbers in perspective, the U.S. government is just under $19 trillion in debt and only produced $17.4 trillion in gross domestic product in 2014.

Maybe the best way to make sense of Obama et al.’s obsession with the farcical menace of climate change is in light of the Cloward-Piven Strategy to bring down capitalism by collapsing the economy through massive spending.

What “climate change” is actually about.

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Feb 02 2016

Sexual Abuse Victim Suing Boy Scouts

After a relentless campaign by gay militants, the Boy Scouts of America finally caved to pressure and allowed openly homosexual troop leaders. In the future, we can expect to read more stories like this:

A Marion County, Fla. man claims in court that the Boy Scouts of America and others failed to protect him from a twisted assistant scoutmaster who sexually molested him for years.

In a complaint filed in Marin County Circuit Court, the plaintiff, identified only as “A.A.” claims that George Fout, an assistant scoutmaster with Troop 448 in Ocala, Fla., began sexually abusing him in 2002, when he was eight years old, and continued to do so through 2012, when he was just about to turn 16.

A.A. claims Fout began showering him with special attention shortly after he joined the troop, and that shortly thereafter “George Fout committed oral and anal sodomy and other acts of sexual battery” upon him.

The sexual abuse occurred at least once a month, and in a variety of locations, including the home Fout shared with his parents, including troop leader Steve Fout.

George Fout was arrested back in 2012 and is serving double life sentences. He admitted to molesting at least three other boys. It isn’t Fout who is getting sued.

A.A. maintains that the defendant Boy Scouts of America, North Florida Council Inc. and Silver Springs Shores Presbyterian Church, where the scout meetings were held, “… should have known of the special relationship between the Fouts and A.A. and that A.A. would leave the meetings held on its premises with Scoutmaster Steve Fout and Assistant Scoutmaster George Fout to spend time at the Fout’s residence, in violation of Boy Scout policy.”

A.A. seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages on multiple claims of negligence against the Boy Scouts of America and the church.

Ironically, the BSA dropped the ban lest they be sued into bankruptcy by gay militants. Instead they will be sued into bankruptcy by raped children.

Careful who you send your sons out in the woods with.

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Feb 02 2016

Why Fast Food Workers Are Not Paid $15/Hour

This story illustrates why the free market does not usually allocate $15 per hour for the folks behind the counter at Burger King:

A reported prank call about a fake gas leak at the Burger King on Quintana Road in Morro Bay [California] led to extensive damage to windows of the business late Saturday night.

According to reports, employees received a call from someone indicating they were a representative from the fire department advising of an emergency. The caller stated windows needed to be broken to ventilate the business. Turns out, all the windows have since been broken.

In light of this incident, it is not surprising that some fast food workers do not understand that voting for people who will raise the minimum wage will only put them out of work.

The damage.

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Feb 02 2016

Global Warming Killed Off Space Aliens

What fun it would be to interact with wise and benevolent space aliens like E.T. But we can’t, possibly because global warming killed them, according to an exceptionally shrill and delusion propaganda piece at Discovery:

As we look deeper into our galaxy for signs of extraterrestrial life, we keep drawing a blank. Does this mean life on Earth is unique and we’re the only ones out here? Or could it just mean that all the aliens are dead?

Fresh on the heels of the recent news surrounding the increasingly dire climate forecast for our planet, comes a possible warning from the cosmos: climate change in extraterrestrial environments is inevitable and, should life on hypothetically habitable worlds not act as a stabilizer for their environments, it serves as a “sell-by” date for all burgeoning lifeforms.

Acting as a “stabilizer” presumably means allowing left-wing politicians to ratchet up taxation and regulation. Never mind that no evidence has ever been presented that Big Government can significantly influence the climate, no matter how much damage it inflicts on the economy.

Soon we will meet the fate of the aliens if we do not submit to the will of the warmists:

Now, we’re seeing rapid impacts on our civilization as the balance in our climate is knocked off-kilter by the inexorable rise of greenhouse gases from industrial processes and energy needs. …

For now, this is all speculation, but what’s clear from observations of our own planet, is that … unless we find a way of reversing the damage we’ve caused to our environment, it seems we’ll quickly become just another lifeform that didn’t make the grade.

Dead space aliens. Add it to the Warmlist (human extinction is already on it).

E.T. first noticed global warming when it attacked his finger.

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Feb 01 2016

Open Thread


Via ForAmerica.

Feb 01 2016

A German Mayor’s Solution to Colognization

Mayor of Bad Schlema [pop. 4,866] Jens Müller has a solution to the Colognization of Germany, to be passed along to girls of all ages who do not wish to be taunted and molested by Muslim colonists: “Just don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas.”

Provoking them entails going outside in anything less than a burka. “These areas” means pretty much anywhere in Germany.

Locals, including the grandfather of a harassed girl under 10 years old, were having none of it:

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Feb 01 2016

Liberal Republican Establishment Loser Bob Dole Calls Reagan Republican Ted Cruz a “RINO”

At this point in the struggle between a conservative and a slick-talking populist for control of the Republican party, tensions are running high. We could use a little comic relief. Here’s what Bob Dole has to say about Ted Cruz:

“I doubt that he’s a Republican. … He’s a RINO — he’s a Republican in name only.”

WTF? Dole’s is the most likely face to be found in an illustrated dictionary next to the term RINO. How could the liberal establishmentarian whom Newt Gingrich dubbed “the tax collector for the welfare state,” and whose vapid mealiness got Bill Clinton reelected, call a principled conservative a RINO?

Doleful’s explanation:

“My candidate is Jeb Bush and I wish I could see him more on Fox today. But I think we have a number of good candidates who are Republicans and we have Cruz, who I don’t think is a Republican,” Dole said. “He is an extreme conservative. There is no one like him in the Senate. No one likes him in the Senate. All he’s done is shut down the government twice. Cost millions of dollars and put federal workers out of work for a few days. I don’t really believe the people in Iowa are extreme conservatives.”

But if Bob Troll can’t have Jeb, he will settle for Trump.

Maybe he has a point. Cruz is clearly a conservative before he is a Republican.

Being a dinghy, Dole doesn’t understand why a ship needs to have a keel.

Dole denounces Cruz for being conservative.

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Feb 01 2016

Free Hillary Merchandise

As we saw when Slick Willie was POTUS and when Shrillary was the Secretary of State, they are experts at monetizing power. They have developed this skill to such an extent that even if justice prevails and Shrillary is thrown in prison, they are prepared to monetize that too:

Click for full size.

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Feb 01 2016

When Trump Speaks…

…he says a diaper full:


Vote grownup. Cruz can win.

Compliments of Jim Lavery.

Feb 01 2016

Islamic Butchers Kill 86 in Campaign to Drive Christianity Out of Nigeria

Where Muslims are a tiny minority, they squawk about the oppression of minorities. Where they are a significant minority, they blow up buses and shoot up concert halls. Where they have achieved large numbers but not yet total dominance, they do this:

A survivor hidden in a tree says he watched Boko Haram extremists firebomb huts and heard the screams of children burning to death, among 86 people officials say died in the latest attack by Nigeria’s homegrown Islamic extremists.

Scores of charred corpses and bodies with bullet wounds littered the streets from Saturday night’s attack on Dalori village and two nearby camps housing 25,000 refugees, according to survivors and soldiers at the scene just 5 kilometers (3 miles) from Maiduguri, the birthplace of Boko Haram and the biggest city in Nigeria’s northeast.

The shooting, burning and explosions from three [female] suicide bombers continued for nearly four hours in the unprotected area, survivor Alamin Bakura said, weeping on a telephone call to The Associated Press. He said several of his family members were killed or wounded. …

The 6-year Islamic uprising has killed about 20,000 people and driven 2.5 million from their homes.

Not to worry. I’m sure the White House will make it all better with a hashtag. In any case, never forget that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, as Hillary Clinton has averred.

Whoops, wrong hashtag.

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