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Oct 25 2016

Syrian “Refugee” With Four Wives and Almost Two Dozen Children Could Be Making $391,392/Year Off Welfare

Why work for a living when colonizing Europe instead is so much easier and more remunerative?

A Syrian refugee who claims social benefits in Germany with his four wives and 22 children has sparked debates on social media, after the German press brought his story into spotlight.

The man in question, Ghazia A. (the surname is not disclosed) fled Syria in 2015 and headed to Germany via Turkey, accompanied by his four wives and 23 children.

One daughter has left Germany.

Ghazia had to choose one of the women as an “official” wife in order for him and the rest of the family to claim social benefits, the German magazine BILD reported.

Those social benefits are lavish in the extreme:

The story was first broke by the German media outlet Rhein-Zeitung earlier this year. After being published by the respective news outlets, people on social media voiced discontent over the entire family getting social benefits. …

Reacting to the case, a German financial manager released his calculation of what the German state is paying to the entire family annually. On the website of the Employers’ Association he estimated that the refugees are getting roughly 360,000 Euro per year.

That comes to about $391,392. Not bad considering that he has not worked since his arrival.

Germany welcomed some one million refugees in 2015, according to official estimates.

Meanwhile, the German fertility rate is 1.5 children per woman. The replacement rate is 2.1.

The population is being replaced by Muslims imported from the Third World, who do not bring job skills but do bring a hostile alien culture that they have shown no intention of giving up for the sake of assimilation.

An entire nation is committing suicide in the middle of Europe.

The supply of colonists is endless.

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Oct 25 2016

ObamaCare Is Forcing Healthcare Premiums Through Stratosphere

Here is what was promised, from an Obama speech on June 6, 2009:

“This week, I conveyed to Congress my belief that any health care reform must be built around fundamental reforms that lower costs, improve quality and coverage, and also protect consumer choice. That means if you like the plan you have, you can keep it. If you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor, too. The only change you’ll see are falling costs as our reforms take hold.”

Here is what was delivered:

Premiums will go up sharply next year under President Barack Obama’s health care law, and many consumers will be down to just one insurer, the administration confirmed Monday. …

Before taxpayer-provided subsidies, premiums for a midlevel benchmark plan will increase an average of 25 percent across the 39 states served by the federally run online market, according to a report from the Department of Health and Human Services. …

“Consumers will be faced this year with not only big premium increases but also with a declining number of insurers participating, and that will lead to a tumultuous open enrollment period,” said Larry Levitt, who tracks the health care law for the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation. …

In some states, the premium increases are striking. In Arizona, unsubsidized premiums for a hypothetical 27-year-old buying a benchmark “second-lowest cost silver plan” will jump by 116 percent, from $196 to $422, according to the administration report.

Only the cognitively dysfunctional ever believed that letting leftist bureaucrats gain a stranglehold over the health insurance industry would lower costs. The point was always to force the healthy to pick up the bills for the unhealthy, and ultimately to cause the entire system to collapse so that Big Government could step in to fix the problem it caused by imposing “single payer” — i.e., a full-blown Marxist approach that will inevitably result in severe rationing of healthcare.

If Republicans had nominated anyone vaguely resembling a serious presidential candidate, ObamaCare alone would have handed them the White House on a platter.

rocket stratosphere
Healthcare costs thanks to Obamacare.

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Oct 25 2016

Global Warming Theory Debunked: A Record 11 Straight Years Without Cat 3 Hurricane Hitting USA

The USA was hit with four major hurricanes in 2005. In those days, our ears rang from the shrill screams of warmists promising that the hurricanes would become ever more ferocious and numerous if we did not submit to their agenda. Since then, the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere have continued to climb. According to global warming theory, we should be experiencing more severe hurricanes than ever. Yet despite Matthew and Sandy coming close to qualifying, we haven’t had any at all:

[Monday] marks the completion of a record-breaking 11 years without a major hurricane striking the U.S. mainland, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

“I can confirm that as of October 24, 2016, it will be a complete 11 years since a major hurricane has struck the United States, as defined by the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale of being a Category 3 or higher,” meteorologist Dennis Feltgen, spokesman for NOAA’s National Hurricane Center (NHC), told …

Category 3 and higher hurricanes are characterized by sustained wind speeds of 111 mph or more and strong storm surges that are capable of causing “devastating” or “catastrophic” damage.

The current 11-year stretch with no major hurricane striking the United States is the longest since record-keeping began, according to NOAA data going back to 1851.

Sooner or later, carbon emissions or no carbon emissions, another category 3 hurricane will hit the United States. When it does, leftists will shriek that it was caused by global warming driven by CO2, resulting from insufficient taxation and regulation. People will take them seriously.

No worries, moonbats. One will hit eventually.

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Oct 25 2016

College Students Taught That Capitalism Is to Blame for Poverty

Nothing in the history of the world has lifted more people out of poverty than capitalism. The solution to poverty is not collectivism, authoritarianism, generosity, or pious thoughts; it is wealth creation. Nothing competes with the free market for wealth creation — just as nothing competes with modern academia for poisoning young minds with corrosive lies:

Students in a sociology class at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) are required to read a textbook that blames poverty on capitalism and claims that teaching American exceptionalism has “racist overtones.”

The textbook, titled In Conflict and Order: Understanding Society, is required reading for a Principles of Sociology class (S161) at IPFW taught by Robert Pettit, which qualifies as a 3-credit general education requirement and is an introductory course for sociology majors.

Not only does the book tell readers that teaching American exceptionalism has “racist overtones,” but [it] also insists that America’s emphasis on equality is inconsistent with its practices, and even claims that “the basic tenet of capitalism—who gets what is determined by private profit rather than by collective need—explains the persistence of poverty.”

To paraphrase Marx: from each according to their ability, to the government according to the collective need. Enslaving the entire population worked in the Soviet Union — for a while, sort of.

If you like what’s going on in Venezuela right now, you will love the future the liberal intelligentsia has planned for us.

Teaching tyranny.

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Oct 25 2016

Breitbart Worked With Left-Wing Activist to Bring Down Conservatives on Behalf of Trump

A statist, authoritarian populist progressive like Donald Trump has far more in common with liberals than with conservatives. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that his enablers have collaborated with one of the same dirty tricksters whose shenanigans on behalf of the Shrillary campaign Project Veritas has brought to light:

A liberal activist and organizer coordinated with reporters from the conservative news site Breitbart during the primaries to cover his disruptions of events for candidates such as Sen. Marco Rubio.

Breitbart is right-wing. Whether it is conservative in any meaningful sense is increasingly open to dispute.

Aaron Black, an associate with Democracy Partners and a former Occupy Wall Street organizer, worked with the pro-Trump site Breitbart, tipping it off about his stunts, exchanging raw video and coordinating coverage, according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation.

Black boasts in a Project Veritas video of organizing protests that led to a Chicago Trump rally getting canceled in March. But he doesn’t always work against Trump.

According to the source, Black coordinated with Breitbart via email, phone and in person, including when he dressed up as a robot and trolled Marco Rubio’s events. The relationship was described as very friendly. An article subsequently published on Breitbart featured video footage of a physical confrontation between Black and Rubio’s New Hampshire campaign chairman.

“He worked directly with Breitbart’s political team on the ground in the primary states to sabotage Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz, and elect Trump as nominee of [the Republican] party,” the source told POLITICO. “[Black] was coordinating with [Breitbart’s] top staff to rabble rouse against Rubio at rallies.”

The “binary choice” B.S. we constantly have rammed down our throats by Trump supporters obviously did not apply back when Breitbart was pushing Trump at the expense of conservatives.

Rubio was likely a common foe for both liberals and Breitbart. As hacked WikiLeaks emails from the Clinton campaign recently revealed, the Clinton campaign feared going up against Rubio in the general election.

Rubio would be winning in a landslide right now. Instead, Shrillary is — and Breitbart chairman Steve Bannon is well-positioned to exploit his position as the Trump campaign CEO to advance his media ambitions.

Aaron Black trolling the Rubio campaign in his robot costume.

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Oct 25 2016

Australia’s Gun Buy-Back Fails

The willful stupidity of authoritarians who would deny us the fundamental right of self-defense in the name of fighting crime is staggering:

Australia on Friday announced a gun amnesty for next year after a criminal intelligence report estimated there were 260,000 illegal firearms in the country. …

“The amnesty will provide an opportunity for those individuals who, for whatever reason are in possession of an unregistered firearm, to hand it in without fear of being prosecuted,” Justice Minister Michael Keenan told reporters in Melbourne.

“While Australia has some of the strongest [i.e., most repressive] firearm controls in the world, illicit firearms remain the weapon of choice for criminals.”

Firearms are especially useful tools for criminals when they can be relatively sure that their victims will be unarmed, which is why there is no chance of Australia’s desperate amnesty having any positive results.

Unsurprisingly, Australia’s tyrannical gun ban has had very little effect on crime, and despite claims to the contrary, it has not put an end to mass shootings.

Disarming law-abiding citizens does not reduce crime, for reasons that should be obvious. Those who pretend otherwise soon end up making fools of themselves.

kangaroo gun
Come and get it, mate.

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Oct 24 2016

Open Thread

golf game

Passed along by TrojanMan.

Oct 24 2016

Bernadette La Hengst and Nick Nuttall Save the World From Climate Countermoonbattery With a Song

Shrillary and Trump aren’t the only forceful arguments in favor of SMOD. This is what countermoonbats are up against:

This line from the song sums up the mentality of climate commies nicely: “Sharing your things instead of producing.” By “sharing,” leftists generally mean “have them confiscated so we can redistribute them.” That there will be nothing to redistribute after they have prevented everyone from producing never occurs to them until afterward, as we are currently witnessing in Venezuela.

Nick Nuttall does more than prance and sing to keep countermoonbats at bay. He is a UN spokesweenie who has taken a conspicuous role in keeping global warming fraudfests free of skeptical journalists:

If you are a journalist unwilling to be absorbed into the Global Warming Borg, you are most definitely not welcome to report on the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference next month in Morocco. For proof of this hostility towards such independent journalists, you need only listen to the incredibly condescending and dismissive tone of the UN spokesperson for that conference, Nick Nuttall, as he is interviewed by the As It Happens host, Carol Off, on CBC Radio.

Listen to the elitist condescension dripping from Nuttall’s voice in the interview and you will have an infuriating idea of the sort of moonbats we fund when the government pours our tax money into the United Nations.

Rebel Media journalists were banned for allegedly having opinions. Ezra Levant responds:

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Oct 24 2016

“Unborn Lives Matter” Determined to Be Bigotry


If you looked at the graphic above, you are obligated to rinse with eye bleach immediately. It is a thoughtcrime, according to the Pashas of Political Correctness who dictate the parameters of permissible thought from their positions in academia. Their righteous fist has come down upon the DePaul College Republicans in Chicago for distributing the image on promotional flyers:

According to University President Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, the club was forbidden from using the flyers because they were “bigotry…under the cover of free speech,” meant to “provoke” members of the Black Lives Matter movement.

That is to say, the flyers were considered to blaspheme against the holy (to moonbats) ultra-left BLM movement.

DePaul College Republicans Vice President John Minster told Campus Reform that his group wanted to use the “Unborn Lives Matter” flyers to draw members to their club meetings, but had to submit the design to the Office of Student Involvement for approval. …

Holtschneider not only declined to approve the flyers, but sent a letter to the entire university body explaining that the pro-life posters constituted “bigotry” and were not considered free speech.

At last someone is learning something. Today’s lesson: the word “bigotry” is a cudgel used for silencing dissident points of view.

Incredibly, Doltschneider denounced the pro-life flyers for being “inconsistent with Catholic values.”

Again we see that supposedly Catholic institutions of higher learning couldn’t be much less Catholic if they officially dedicated themselves to the Devil.

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Oct 24 2016

Anti-Christian LGBT Blitzkrieg Closes Down Sweet Cakes by Melissa

Cheer up, Gary Johnson. Hardly anyone is voting for you despite the weakest competition ever, but at least Sweet Cakes by Melissa has been destroyed:

After years of court battles, the Christian-owned bakery Sweet Cakes by Melissa is closing its doors.

The Oregon-based company was targeted by LGBT activists when owners Aaron and Melissa Klein said they wouldn’t bake a cake for a gay wedding because of their Christian beliefs.

The subsequent legal battled crippled the bakery. The Kleins had been operating out of their home for the last few years. But now they’ve announced on their Facebook page, “We have closed Sweet Cakes. We appreciate everyone’s continued prayer and support!”

They lost their business to anti-Christian repression, but they didn’t betray their beliefs, so unlike some, they get to keep their souls.

Left-wing authoritarians like Johnson would spin this tragedy as a big win against the boogeyman “discrimination.” LGBT activists must be whooping with triumph. But this is not about discrimination, and militant perverts are expendable tools. For those who impose it, tyranny is its own reward. The victory is particularly sweet when it comes at the expense of tyranny’s historic enemy, Christianity.

A livelihood destroyed by soft tyranny.

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Oct 24 2016

Trump-Supporting Dilbert Creator Says He Will Assassinate Trump if He Acts “Hitler-ish”

Dilbert creator and Trump supporter Scott Adams may have made the weirdest case yet in defense of The Donald. The one thing Marx got right is that history repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce. If the fascist dictators who rose to power in Europe in the 1930s are the tragedy, Trump would be the corresponding farce. But Adams assures us that despite the obvious similarities in terms of state-micromanaged economics, authoritarianism, suppression of dissent, cult of personality, contempt for rule of law, scapegoating minorities, et cetera, Trump is nothing like Hitler. Here is how he guarantees it:

If Trump gets elected, and he does anything that looks even slightly Hitler-ish in office, I will join the resistance movement and help kill him. That’s an easy promise to make, and I hope my fellow citizens would use their Second Amendment rights to rise up and help me kill any Hitler-type person who rose to the top job in this country, no matter who it is.

Soopermexican isn’t impressed by the threat:

I’m thinking a dude who [uses] words like “Hitler-ish” probably [doesn’t] have what it takes to take on the federal government and take out a despotic president. Hey you remember when Trump said he’d make the military commit crimes against humanity, and if they refused, he’d FORCE them to? Yeah, just a reminder.

If that wasn’t “Hitler-ish,” what would be?

Just to be on the safe side, instead of suing the women who complain about him molesting them, Trump’s first act after taking power ought to be locking up Scott Adams, on the one in a billion chance that the cartoonist isn’t just making a cartoon of himself.

trump dilbert
He may lose Texas, Arizona, and Georgia, but he still has Dilbert behind him.

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Oct 24 2016

Millennials Offer Hope for SMOD’s Presidential Ambitions

The Sweet Meteor of Death may not prevail in 2016, but its future prospects look bright:

In an election cycle marked by unprecedented levels of distrust and dislike for both major-party candidates, 23 percent of millennials are just hoping it all comes to an end.

No, really. According to a recent survey conducted by the University of Massachusetts Lowell, nearly one in four voters between the ages of 18 and 35 would prefer a giant meteor striking the planet and the “extinguishing of human life” to the sight of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the White House. …

The extinction-level event even won a majority of votes when matched up head-to-head against a Trump presidency, while 34 percent preferred it to Clinton.

Imagine the America of only 10 years ago accepting a choice between a shrill bumbling criminal and an obnoxious and utterly unqualified quasi-fascist vulgarian. Then trace the trajectory assuming our political system continues to decay at its current rate. Millennials will have ever more reason to support SMOD, as will the generation behind them — provided the USA is around long enough for them to vote.


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Oct 24 2016

Iraqi Refugee Has Conviction for Homosexual Rape of Child Thrown Out for Most Preposterous Reason Imaginable

No wonder “refugees” from the Middle East and Africa are pouring into Europe in such catastrophic numbers. For them, everything is permitted there — even raping 10-year-old boys:

The attacker, identified as 20-year-old Iraqi migrant Amir A., had been treated to a trip to the Theresienbad pool [in Vienna] in December 2015 as part of the integration process. …

At the pool, Amir A. dragged the schoolboy, aged ten, into the changing rooms where he locked the door and violently sexually assaulted him, leaving him in need of urgent treatment at a local children’s hospital. The boy is still plagued by massive post-traumatic stress disorder. …

Amir A. … confessed to the rape, saying he knew it was wrong but did it anyway because it was a “sexual emergency” as he did not had sex for four months.

Initially Amir was sentenced to 6 years. But…

According to the Supreme Court, the first court should have ascertained whether the offender had thought that the victim agreed to the sexual act and whether Amir A. had the intention to act against the will of the boy.

Maybe we don’t need to worry about Islam killing off European civilization after all. Maybe moonbattery has already accomplished that, and Islam is only burying the body.

muslim refugees
Hold on tight; here come hundreds of thousands more.

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Oct 23 2016

Open Thread


Via Obama: The Enemy Within, on a tip from Chad.

Oct 23 2016

Feds Renege; Vets Forced to Pay Back Bonuses

By now we all know better than to trust government. But it may be even less trustworthy than we knew:

Short of troops to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan a decade ago, the California National Guard enticed thousands of soldiers with bonuses of $15,000 or more to reenlist and go to war.

Now the Pentagon is demanding the money back.

Nearly 10,000 soldiers, many of whom served multiple combat tours, have been ordered to repay large enlistment bonuses — and slapped with interest charges, wage garnishments and tax liens if they refuse — after audits revealed widespread overpayments by the California Guard at the height of the wars last decade.

Investigations have determined that lack of oversight allowed for widespread fraud and mismanagement by California Guard officials under pressure to meet enlistment targets.

The fraud and mismanagement are not the fault of the vets, who made a deal and then put their lives on the line. They risked being crippled in combat; now they are crippled by unjust debt.

Jim Jamitis offers a solution:

These men and women are victims of fraud committed by the government, yet they are being held accountable for making the government whole. That’s insane. Why not cancel a couple of presidential vacations and call it even?

Too many people have been brainwashed into believing that everything is secure and guaranteed so long as Big Government is running it. Nothing could be further from the truth, which is why the role of government should be minimal in any area that can be handled effectively by the private sector. Imagine the boobs demanding repayment of these bonuses having total control of your healthcare.

Nixing a couple vacations by the CiC ought to cover all of it.

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Oct 23 2016

Unboxing Fundamental Hatred of America

To follow up on the story of the Norman, Oklahoma high school class that was taught all whites are racist, here is the video that was shown to students and inspired one of them to take out her phone and start recording:

A generation taught to hate their own country is not likely create much of a future for it.

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Oct 23 2016

The GOP Needs Competition, Not Revival

With just over 2 weeks until the Trump train reaches the end of the line, it is not too soon to start asking where conservatives go from here. In the guest post below, JD Rucker makes a case for starting a new party:

Regardless of the outcome of the Presidential election, 2016 will mark a low point for the Republican Party. We saw the rise, fall, and rise again of the Establishment as the dominant force that fended off many Tea Party conservatives. We witnessed the rapid ascension of the alt-right; they are no longer seen as the fringe that we thought they were just a year ago. One does not have to be opposed to Donald Trump to realize that the GOP is much more comfortable with populism than Constitutional conservatism.

The end of this election cycle will yield three camps within the GOP. Some will attempt to regroup within the party to make it fit the Bush-McCain-McConnell Establishment model that has dominated for over two decades. Others will push for the “new GOP,” one that embraces a combination of populism, alt-right ideology, and a faux anti-Establishment bravado that will be more of a Steve Bannon rebranding effort than anything that’s actually fighting the Establishment. A good chunk of Republicans will push for conservative revival within the party.

The first two groups are going to succeed with their goals and will struggle for power against the conservative remnant in preparation for 2018 and 2020 races. They will give the outward appearance of conflict but will be walking in lockstep behind the scenes. This strange but predictable alliance will be centered around Trumpism 2.0. They’ll say that Trump had the right ideas but the wrong delivery. If he wins, he’ll lead the party from the White House. If he loses, he’ll lead a portion of the party from the media empire he is building. Either way, party power brokers will repackage the things that helped him win the nomination while tempering them with Establishment pragmatism.

These scenarios leave the third group, Constitutional conservatives, in the same place they’ve been in since 1989: on the outside looking in. The Tea Party gave us hope with the rise of many rock-ribbed Republican politicians like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and the Freedom Caucus in the House. However, these victories left conservatives with a much smaller share of the influence compared to their share of the vote. How is that possible? Why can’t conservatives get a foothold within the GOP? To answer those questions, we have to understand how they – Establishment and alt-right Republicans – perceive us.

We’re necessary evils in their eyes. More importantly, we’re captive audiences. They realize that we might complain until we’re blue in the face about moderates making deals with the Democrats that give them everything and leave conservative values out of the equation, but they know that we’ll still vote their way. We’ll vote for people like Kelly Ayotte over Maggie Hassan. It doesn’t matter that Ayotte scores an abysmal 30% on her CR Liberty Card. She’s pro-life with the letter (R) next to her name, so conservatives will vote for her.

That’s the problem. They don’t need to listen to conservatives. They don’t even need to pander to conservatives. All they have to do is say the word “conservative” during campaign speeches and we’ll reluctantly give them our votes. They just have to invoke Ronald Reagan’s name, claim to be pro-life, and declare that they’ll defend the 2nd Amendment and we’ll accept their candidate as the lesser of two evils.

A conservative revival is impossible in the GOP because the Republican Party knows we won’t vote Democrat. They know that we are stuck with them. They herd us around and keep us in line with fear of what a Democratic victory will do instead of giving us the conservative solutions we want.

We cannot allow this to continue. We need a new party that will allow both the Republicans and Democrats to do what they both want to do anyway: push further to the left.

Democrats are on a trajectory towards communism. They are getting bolder with their liberal rhetoric and more ambitious with their most liberal candidates.

Republicans want to land squarely in the middle. They believe that as long as they keep their actions aligned with populist views, they can overcome the occasional conservative infiltrator. They can handle the Freedom Caucus as long as most Republicans in the House are aligned with Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy. They can survive Cruz, Lee, or Rand Paul standing on their soapboxes as long as the soapboxes are kept small.

If they want the middle, let them have the middle. We will never be able to pull them back to the right without fear that a truly organized and empowered conservative third party is there to offer an alternative. On the other hand, if a third party can hold enough support to cause real pain for the GOP, they will be forced to either embrace us or fight a two-front war.

Imagine a third party that worked outside of the GOP but that endorsed a selection of conservatives in Republican primaries. If the conservative wins the primary, we would support them. If the party nominates a centrist, we’ll run the conservative against them through our party in the general election. That is tangible pain because it means that the GOP will have to split the vote on the right. By decreasing their chances of winning with their moderates, they’ll quickly learn their best chance of winning is with conservatives. Does that mean we’ll have to suffer through some Democratic victories? Yes. It will hurt in the short term. It’s the only way to save the country in the long run.

Some would say that it’s a destructive path because doing so would temporarily empower Democrats. It’s that fear that has always kept conservatives in line with the GOP. As a group, we’ve always accepted their lesser of two evils. It’s time to take the hits now in order to make a better future. Moreover, we have to understand that many GOP victories do not result in lesser evils. We gave the GOP majorities in both chambers of Congress, yet nothing changed. There was literally zero difference in end results than had the Democrats been in control. Republicans did not cut spending. They didn’t reduce government. They gave President Obama everything he wanted. If the Democrats had controlled both chambers, we would be in the exact situation we’re in today.

It’s a farce. It needs to end.

The only path forward for America’s future is through Constitutional conservatism that embraces freedom, life, and smaller government. This cannot be accomplished through the GOP. It cannot be accomplished through righteous but relatively powerless conservative movements like the Tea Party. It can only be accomplished when we band together to form a new conservative party.

If we’re successful, one of two things will happen: either the GOP will learn to comply and we can force conservatism onto them or we can have a true three-major-party system with Democrats to the far left, Republicans in the middle, and our party to the right.

The party cannot be fixed from within. They will continue their leftward lurch until conservatives are willing to finally “stand athwart history yelling, ‘stop!’” We will be launching our party immediately after the election. Raise your hand and prepare to be counted in the very near future. We have the strategy to succeed and thanks to modern communication technology, we have the resources to reach proper velocity before the next election cycle. Today is the day to act. Will you?

Oct 23 2016

Islam as Paganism

David Wood explains why according to Islamic scripture, Mohammad could be burning face down in hell:

On a tip from FrozenPatriot.

Oct 23 2016

Undercover Videos Reveal Unsavory Democrat Tactics

You can learn all sorts of things about how Democrat operatives conduct themselves from James O’Keefe’s undercover videos. Sorry about the language in the pair below, but you can’t expect any better when you start turning over rocks.

Sun Tzu advised, “If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him.” Given the anger that conspicuously characterizes Trump’s core supporters, Dems have taken this advice to heart — and a little too far. Project Veritas documents the Democrat strategy of attempting to incite violence at Trump rallies:

The Democrat penchant for voter fraud lends credibility to Trump’s corrosive claims that our electoral system is rigged:

In one last video, prominent Dem Donna Brazile sets our minds at ease regarding Democrat attempts to provoke violence as well as unethical collaboration with CNN regarding debate questions — just kidding; she obfuscates with a blizzard of idiocy, as you might expect:

At least Brazile finally figured out by the end of the interview — thanks to a little hint — that Kelly is Megyn Kelly’s last name, not her first name.

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Oct 22 2016

Open Thread


Via JayinWA.

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