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Sep 02 2015

Financial Planning for Moonbats


The bad news for the freeloaders who saddled us with Obama and who are dragging down the country is Herbert Stein’s law: “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”

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Sep 02 2015

Peace in Our Time; Mass Death Coming Soon

Even at this point in their party’s horrifying degeneration into leftist radicalism, many Democrats hesitate to take the plunge into straightforward treason by helping Obama bestow nuclear weapons upon Iran, which will make a nuclear attack on Israel inevitable and on the USA likely. But the Regime does have Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-FL) on its side. Murphy makes the case for his sellout:

“This debate has proven to me that America and Israel are fortunate to have so many passionate, diverse voices who all want the same things: a nuclear-free Iran, a secure Israel, and peace in our time. In the interest of all three, I will be supporting this deal and voting against a Resolution of Disapproval in September.”

Now where have we heard that phrase “peace in our time” before? Anybody? Buehler?

To be fair to Neville Chamberlain, he didn’t know with any certainty what the consequences of appeasement would be. Obama, Murphy, et al. do.

mushroom cloud

I just hope angry mobs are able to find these people when they emerge from their protected bunkers after the nukes start going off.

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Sep 02 2015

Washington State University Students Forbidden to Use Common Words, Forced to “Defer” to Nonwhites

Anyone attending today would have a hard time believing that universities were once regarded as open marketplaces of ideas. Under liberal control they have ossified into reeducation camps, where impressionable students are coercively indoctrinated with the hard left’s latest cutting edge craziness:

Multiple professors at Washington State University have explicitly told students their grades will suffer if they use terms such as “illegal alien,” “male,” and “female,” or if they fail to “defer” to non-white students.

According to the syllabus for Selena Lester Breikss’ “Women & Popular Culture” class, students risk a failing grade if they use any common descriptors that Breikss considers “oppressive and hateful language.”

The punishment for repeatedly using the banned words, Breikss warns, includes “but [is] not limited to removal from the class without attendance or participation points, failure of the assignment, and— in extreme cases— failure for the semester.”

An isolated case of an authoritarian kook abusing her position? Hardly:

Much like in Selena Breikss’s classroom, students taking Professor Rebecca Fowler’s “Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies” course will see their grades suffer if they use the term “illegal alien” in their assigned writing.

According to her syllabus, students will lose one point every time they use the words “illegal alien” or “illegals” rather than the preferred terms of “‘undocumented’ migrants/immigrants/persons.” Throughout the course, Fowler says, students will “come to recognize how white privilege functions in everyday social structures and institutions.”

Your tax dollar subsidizes this delusional and pernicious B.S.

Striking words from the Newspeak Dictionary is only the beginning of the tyranny that characterizes politically correct classrooms:

White students in Professor John Streamas’s “Introduction to Multicultural Literature” class, are expected to “defer” to non-white students, among other community guidelines, if they want “to do well in this class.”

According to the ideology of those in charge, while nonwhites are entitled to obsequious deference, whites don’t even deserve civility:

Streamas—who previously generated controversy by calling a student a “white sh*tbag” and declared that WSU should stand for “White Supremacist University”—also demands that students “understand and consider the rage of people who are victims of systematic injustice.”

That contrived “rage” (better described as a perpetual spoiled brat temper tantrum) is something that our ruling class uses its control of the government, media, and of course academia to endlessly exacerbate so that it can be exploited to achieve cultural Marxist objectives.

Other classes require students to believe in the various goblins that populate the fantasy realm of leftist ideology:

Several other WSU professors require their students to “acknowledge that racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism, and other institutionalized forms of oppression exist” or that “we do not live in a post-racial world.”

That we don’t, and liberal authorities make it increasingly unlikely that we ever will.

newspeak dictionary
Keep it up to date or your grades will suffer.

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Sep 01 2015

Open Thread


Via the People’s Cube, on a tip from Torcer.

Sep 01 2015

Act of Love?

Trump takes issue with Bleb Bush’s preposterous assertion that invading our country in violation of our laws is “an act of love”:

This video has set moonbats’ hair on fire. They breathlessly compare it to Bush Sr.’s 1988 Willie Horton ad that enraged liberals by drawing attention to the criminals their policies allow to run wild.

The Willie Horton ad was devastatingly effective, and therefore denounced as “racist.” They will play that card against Trump and any other opponent so long as it works. But with Trump it does not work, so they are going to have to come up with something else.

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Sep 01 2015

Love Gov: An Education in Debt

If Big Government were a boyfriend, it would be the worst boyfriend a girl could ever have. That’s the idea behind the video series Love Gov:

Love Gov portrays the federal government as an overbearing boyfriend — Scott “Gov” Govinsky — who foists his good intentions on a hapless, idealistic college student, Alexis. Each episode follows Alexis’s relationship with Gov as his intrusions wreak (comic) havoc on her life, professionally, financially, and socially. Alexis’s loyal friend Libby tries to help her see Gov for what he really is — a menace. But will Alexis come to her senses in time? Tune in to find out!

In Episode 1, Alexis gets an Education in Debt:

You won’t see much on television from this point of view. Good thing we have the Internet. Another four episodes are available here.

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Sep 01 2015

Libertarians Attempt to Pass Out Subversive Literature Right on a College Campus

No worries; an educrat quickly put them in their place:

Several University of Akron students affiliated with Young Americans for Liberty were confronted Sunday when they attempted to distribute literature on campus.

Anthony Palumbo, a first-year law student at the university, told Campus Reform that within about five minutes of the group beginning to set up pro-liberty and free-market themed signs, a university official arrived and ordered them to disperse.

The unnamed official identified herself only as “a university employee” in a cell phone video of the incident that was provided to Campus Reform.

The students were attempting to distribute copies of the US Constitution. They were told they would have to seek permission through official bureaucratic channels, go through a waiting period, et cetera.

“So what would be the consequence if we stay here?” Palumbo asked.

“I’m going to call the police and you’re going to be charged with trespassing.”

Another student asked:

“So for students who go here, at a public university paid for by the taxpayers, we’re not allowed to be here?”

“In an organized fashion.”

The government doesn’t want to take away our guns, but only to register them. Likewise universities don’t want to take away free speech, but only to organize it.

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Sep 01 2015

Bernie Sanders Accuses Police of Frequently Dragging Unarmed Blacks Out of Cars and Shooting Them

How did we get to the point where law enforcement officers are murdered by black sociopaths while filling up their patrol cars? We are ruled by some very irresponsible people who spew very toxic rhetoric — and more of them are lined up to take power after Obama. Hard left candidate Bernie Panders weights in on the race-based anti-police violence Obama, Sharpton, et al. have helped set off:

Obviously, it is an outrage that this police officer was basically assassinated. […Quack quack quack…]

On the other hand, what we also have to understand, it is not acceptable in this country when unarmed black people get dragged out of cars or get shot. That is happening too often.

The lie is as unforgivable as it is preposterous.

Next time the Black Lives Matter savages burn down a neighborhood, Sanders will have helped incite the riot. Next time some sociopath is brainwashed into shooting a cop in the back, Sanders will have abetted him.

Vermin like this are getting good people killed.

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Sep 01 2015

Frozen Farce: Obama to Join Bear Grylls in Alaskan Wilderness

Bear Grylls is an entertaining and sometimes informative guy. But when Bear turns his head to talk to the camera as he climbs up the side of a cliff while supposedly all alone deep in the wilderness, hopefully the audience realizes that his television productions are as fake as other “reality” shows. This makes them a perfect platform for Obama to prove that he is not the metrosexual weenie most people take him for:

Obama will go into the wild to get a “crash course in survival techniques” from insect-eating British adventurer Bear Grylls, television producers said.

Mr Obama has left the White House for Alaska, where he hopes to highlight the impact of climate change and test his survival skills alongside Grylls.

Mr Obama will appear on an upcoming episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls, television network NBC said.

The spectacle is being staged not only to make Obama appear less unmanly, but also to promote the global warming lies used to justify recent power grabs he has made through the EPA.

The only thing that could be phonier would be the imitation Bear Grylls:

If people really want reality television, someone ought to put this on TV:

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Sep 01 2015

Black Enough, but Not American Enough

With Obama, everything comes around to race politics — even his facilitation of the acquisition by our worst enemy of nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, and a $150 billion war chest:

Obama, in an interview with the Jewish newspaper “Forward,” was asked whether it hurt him personally when people say he’s anti-Semitic.

“Oh, of course,” Obama said. “And there’s not a smidgeon of evidence for it, other than the fact that there have been times when I’ve disagreed with a particular Israeli government’s position on a particular issue.”

Oh, and also hanging out with PLO propagandist Rashid Khalidi … and bending over backward to help Iran fulfill its promise to wipe Israel off the map.

The president added, though, that he’s “probably more offended when I hear members of my administration who themselves are Jewish being attacked. You saw this historically sometimes in the African-American community, where there’s a difference on policy and somebody starts talking about, ‘Well, you’re not black enough,’ or ‘You’re selling out.’ And that, I think, is always a dangerous place to go.”

Maybe this is his way of saying that we think he’s selling us out to Iran because he isn’t American enough. If so, it’s the first time he was ever right.


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Sep 01 2015

La-La Land Mayor Wants Bruce Jenner to Light Olympic Cauldron

Totalitarian liberals will not rest until every aspect of civilization has been reduced to a disgusting farce for the greater glory of their depraved ideology. This includes the Olympics:

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti apparently doesn’t think Bruce Jenner has won enough laurels in his heroic struggle against biology, so the mayor is recommending that Jenner headline an event with a wee bit more visibility than his foundering E! Channel reality series.

Via TMZ:

If L.A. gets the Olympics in 2024, the Mayor says he already has one person in mind for the all-important lighting of the Olympic Cauldron … Olympic legend Caitlyn Jenner!!!

The lighting of the cauldron is a HUGE honor — with the host country usually selecting someone it feels can proudly embody what the country stands for on a global stage.

Obviously the honor would be bestowed not because Jenner was a top athlete back in the mid-1970s, but because he is a pervert whom the liberal establishment adulates for pretending to be a woman.

Whether Bruce will still be posing as a woman in 2024 is uncertain; some transsexuals come to realize what fools they have been making of themselves and drop the sick charade. By then he will be 74 years old and possibly not even in shape for the role.

But the important thing is that Los Angeles is pandering nauseatingly to political correctness, which could give it a leg up on the other cities competing for the 2024 games.

The greatest honor since they put him on Froot Loops boxes.

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Sep 01 2015

Terror Suspect Will Be Driving Semis or Maybe a School Bus

Here’s one to file under, What Could Go Wrong?

A Minnesota man, who Homeland Security identifies as a terror suspect who is on the “No Fly” list, now has his Class A commercial license, which will allow him to drive semi-trucks.

You can pack a lot of explosives into a semi.

The FOX 9 Investigators revealed last May that Amir Meshal was attempting to get his Class A license from a Twin Cities truck driving school. The $4,000 tuition was paid for through the state workforce program.

Your tax dollar at work. It gets worse:

A spokesperson said Meshal has also applied for a school bus endorsement, pending the outcome of a criminal background check.

Muslims are infamous for attacking public transportation, prominently including buses. A school bus would be a perfect target, considering that the objective of jihad is to break our will through terror. That’s why the Islamic State doesn’t just kill infidels, but crucifies them publicly.

In May 2014, Meshal was removed and trespassed from a Bloomington, Minn. mosque, Al Farooq, after he was suspected of radicalizing young people who would later travel to Syria. According to the police report, religious leaders said, “We have concerns about Meshal interacting with our youth.” Meshal had previously been asked to leave an Eden Prairie, Minn. mosque for similar reasons.

This background won him friends at the ACLU:

The ACLU recently sued TSA and Homeland Security to have Meshal removed from the “No Fly” list. But Homeland Security responded in a letter obtained by the FOX 9 Investigators that Meshal, “..may be a threat to civil aviation or national security,” adding that, “It has been determined that you (Amir Meshal) are an individual who represents a threat of engaging in or conducting a violent act of terrorism and who is operationally capable of doing so.”

If even Jeh Johnson’s DHS admits the guy is dangerous, he must be waving the red flags with both hands.

In 2007, Meshal, a U.S. citizen of Egyptian descent, was arrested in Kenya by the FBI, suspected of leaving a terror training camp in Somalia. Meshal, via the ACLU, is also suing the U.S. government for detaining him overseas for three months. In the lawsuit, Meshal claims the FBI tried to convince him to become an informant — an offer he says he declined.

But he should be okay to drive kids around. According to our government, Muslims only indulge in terrorism because they lack job opportunities.

Amir Meshal
Meshal: Not someone you want driving your kids.

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Aug 31 2015

Open Thread


Via Linda Suhler.

Aug 31 2015

Illinois Doesn’t Have the Money to Pay Lottery Winners

If you must gamble, be sure you can trust the people you do it with. For example, don’t gamble with the notoriously corrupt, bloated, and irresponsible government of Illinois:

Danny Chasteen and his girlfriend, Susan Rick, thought they had gotten their big break last month when Chasteen won $250,000 from the Illinois Lottery. Instead, they got an IOU.

The Chicago Tribune reported that disbursements of Illinois Lottery winnings of more than $25,000 have been halted because the state doesn’t have a budget.

Good thing Illinois isn’t a private outfit. The people running it would be headed to jail.

Chasteen should have gone to Las Vegas.

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Aug 31 2015

Jefferson Davis Erased at University of Texas

Congratulations, liberal Taliban. You have managed to consign a little more of our history and our heritage to the Memory Hole:

A statue of Jefferson Davis has been removed from its place on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin after a failed appeal by a Confederate heritage group.

The statue has been a target of vandalism as well as criticism that it is a symbol of racism and discrimination.

“Racism” and “discrimination” can be defined as “noncompliance with current leftist ideology.” Since no one who lived in the 19th century was compliant with this deranged ideology, sooner or later everyone from that era will have to be erased.

Then the liberal Taliban can set to work on more recent historical figures deemed not to be sufficiently politically correct. One day even Barack Hussein Obama — who is the personification of moonbattery but who until recently officially opposed homosexual marriage, which is now a serious thought crime — may find himself obliterated.

Great men are not honored now; they are erased.

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Aug 31 2015

Look Who Might Run Third Party

Would it be so awful if a renegade runs third party, splitting the vote and allowing the opposition to win in a landslide? Actually, it could be wonderful:

Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders will be breaking from the Democratic Party and running for president as a third party, a move that “would all but guarantee a catastrophic split in the Democratic vote and ensure a Republican victory,” Ed Klein confidential reports, citing sources inside Sanders’ campaign.

“Sources say Sanders believes that despite his ever-growing crowds of fired-up supporters, he’ll never overcome Hillary’s — or, for that matter, (Vice President Joe) Biden’s — advantage in money, organization and endorsements,” Klein writes. …

“The decision hasn’t been made when to make the announcement to go independent,” according to the source…

“Right now, things are going great and he very well may upset Hillary in the New Hampshire primary.”

Hang on Shrillary, don’t let Bernie Panders get the nomination; that would spoil the fun. Maybe Rush Limbaugh should get Operation Chaos going again.

In late July, The Hill reported that during a speech at the Newseum in Washington, Sanders explicitly vowed not to seek the White House as an independent if he fails to capture the Democratic nomination.

But we have learned from Barack “If You Like Your Plan” Obama how seriously to take the word of far left politicians.

Pass the popcorn; they might kill each other off.

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Aug 31 2015

Obama Decrees Name Change for Mount McKinley

The next time we have an American president, among his first priorities should be renaming Mount McKinley back to Mount McKinley:

Ohio lawmakers reacted angrily Sunday to the White House’s announcement that President Obama would formally rename Alaska’s Mt. McKinley — North America’s highest peak — “Denali” during his trip to The Last Frontier this week.

This ham-fisted decree is yet another example of Obama’s characteristic overreach. A supine Congress and collaborating Supreme Court have convinced him that he is a dictator.

“Mount McKinley … has held the name of our nation’s 25th President for over 100 years,” Rep. Bob Gibbs, R-Ohio, said in a statement. “This landmark is a testament to his countless years of service to our country.” Gibbs also described Obama’s action as “constitutional overreach,” saying that an act of Congress was required to rename the mountain, because a law formally naming it after Ohio’s William McKinley was passed in 1917.

A prospector named it Mount McKinley even earlier, in 1896, 5 years before McKinley was assassinated.

Even Democrats are irritated:

“We must retain this national landmark’s name in order to honor the legacy of this great American president and patriot,” Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan, whose district includes McKinley’s hometown of Niles, in eastern Ohio.

But McKinley is a Dead White Male. The Dead White Males who built this country are slated for the Memory Hole.

Denali means “the high one” in an Indian language. Given that Obama’s only executive experience prior to the media making him POTUS was as president of the Choom Gang, he might be renaming the mountain after himself, like he did with his dog Bo (B.O.).

Hopefully the new official name for Mount McKinley will be ignored. I’ve been up Squaw Peak in Phoenix a couple hundred times since Janet Napolitano politically correctly renamed it “Piestewa Peak” in 2003; never have I heard anyone refer to the mountain by its government name except on television.

Just as dogs feel compelled to mark every bush and fire hydrant, more of this can be expected before we are finally rid of Obama. Maybe next he will rename the Mississippi “Harvey Milk River” or Texas “Sharptonia.”

Not even mountains are safe from Obama’s imperious decrees.

On tips from Wiggins, Bodhisattva, and Torcer. Hat tip: The Hemingway Report.

Aug 31 2015

American Taliban: Denver City Council Holding Up Chick-fil-A at Airport Because CEO Is Christian

Liberals present themselves as devoted advocates of women’s rights and homosexual privilege, and enemies of violence and religion. Yet they ally themselves with Muslims, who enslave women, murder homosexuals, and reject reality in favor of their conspicuously violent faith. In turn, Muslims overwhelmingly vote Democrat. This is confusing until you realize that the content of their respective ideologies is inconsequential; it is only the ruthless intolerance with which the ideology is imposed that matters. The most meaningful difference between Islam and liberalism lies in the methods used to coerce compliance, and these are determined by culture.

Given that both liberals and Muslims are viscerally hostile to Christianity, if you Americanized the Taliban and put it in charge of Denver, you could expect something like this:

Normally the approval process for a concession slot at Denver International Airport is routine. But when the franchise is Chick-fil-A, normal goes out the window. Members of the Denver City Council are now holding up approval on grounds that they don’t like the support for the “biblical” view of marriage expressed several years ago by the chicken chain’s CEO, Dan Cathy.

That is, because the CEO let it slip that he holds traditional Christian views, the liberals running Denver do not think Chick-fil-A should be allowed at the airport.

At a council meeting earlier this month, member after member took issue with Chick-fil-A on marriage. … The outcry is more absurd given the landmark Supreme Court ruling on marriage in June. Now that the Court has made same-sex marriage a constitutional right, it doesn’t matter what a Chick-fil-A exec might think. It’s past time for the victors to give up trying to silence and punish the remaining dissenters and accept their victory.

But victory isn’t enough for liberals or Muslims. They demand that you not only comply with their poisonous ideology, but agree with it. If they suspect that you don’t, they will hurt you. This pathological intolerance for independent thought is what makes them so compatible — and such a threat to the rest of us.

Suppressed by America’s Taliban.

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Aug 31 2015

University of Tennessee Defines Pronouns as Thought Crimes

Even as they become ever more unaffordable, institutions of higher learning have increasingly shifted their focus from sports and education to grotesque leftist social engineering. Now the University of Tennessee has gone full moonbat:

The University of Tennessee has told its staff and students to stop calling each other ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘him’ and ‘her’ – and to start referring to one another with terms like ‘xe’, ‘zir’ and ‘xyr’ instead.

The Knoxville branch of the public university, which has 27,400 students, sent a memo round to its members filled with unusual new parts of speech to avoid referring to anybody’s gender.

According to a gay rights official at the university, the new language regime will make the university ‘welcoming and inclusive’ and stop people feeling ‘marginalized’.

Officials don’t worry much about normal people feeling marginalized by a ruling class that aggressively caters to even the most absurd whims of the militantly depraved.

The university published the instructions on its website on Wednesday after they were emailed to every member of the university by the institution’s Vice Chancellor for Diversity.

Thankfully there was enough backlash to compel university officials to declare that the guidelines are not compulsory (yet).

Donna Braquet, who runs the university’s [Pervert] Pride Center, wrote the guidelines, which are accompanied with a long table demonstrating how to replace the regular parts of speech.

She also advises staff members not to call roll in class, and to instead greet every student by asking them to announce their name and pronoun of preference.

Students and their parents are paying tens of thousands of dollars expecting an education and instead are being forced to take part in a surreal and disgusting freak show. But at least universities have excellent remedial reading programs for those who didn’t master the skill before graduating from government-run high schools.

Donna Braque, UTenn’s Primary Pervert Pride Person.

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Aug 31 2015

Obama’s Nationalized Student Loan Industry Is Monumental Failure

As part of the ObamaCare fiasco, Obama ham-fistedly nationalized the student loan industry in a move that was supposed to help finance subsidized health insurance. Let’s check in on how it has worked out:

In less than five years, President Obama turned a relatively small, privately run, guaranteed student-loan program into a massive government-run disaster. What’s his answer? More government, naturally. …

Delinquency rates on the feds’ $1.2 trillion of student loans are sky high — worse than mortgage loans during the housing crisis.

The New York Fed reports that 11.5% of student loan debt was more than three months past due in Q2 of this year, which was up from Q1. By comparison, the 90-day delinquency rate on credit card debt is just 8.4%. The St. Louis Fed says that 27.3% of student loans that are currently being repaid are at least a month behind.

Now comes word from the Department of Education that 6.9 million people haven’t made a student loan payment in more than 360 days, which is up 6% from the year before.

Here’s why people are no longer paying back their loans, now that Big Government is running things:

Experts say that the Education Department is ill-equipped to identify risks when making loans. Easy terms and high default rates forced the Congressional Budget Office recently to increase the program’s cost by 7 billion — a 30% jump.

This is getting to be a serious problem…

And the risk of another financial crisis looms as the amount of direct federal student loan debt has climbed more than 600%. The Department of Education now manages a loan portfolio bigger than the entire loan business of JPMorgan Chase.

But rather than rein in this program, Obama is instead targeting private loan servicing companies that contract with the government to collect the loans for what he calls overly aggressive tactics. This is typical of liberals. If a government program isn’t working, the answer is always more government, never less.

That’s because you never want to let a crisis go to waste as an opportunity to create another crisis that can be used as an excuse to create another crisis after that, each one more expensive than the one before, on and on like the reflections in two facing mirrors.

Socialism does not work. But we already knew that. The question is how we prevent tyrants from imposing it.

money down toilet
Big Government implements student loans.

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