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Aug 22 2016

Air Force Officer Investigated for Having a Bible on His Desk

Under liberal rule, the purpose of the military is not to defend America, but to provide a controlled environment in which social engineers can test the plans they will eventually inflict on society as a whole as they impose their notion of utopia. Christianity will have no place in utopia:

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is demanding an Air Force major be “aggressively punished” for having an open Bible on his desk at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colo.

“It [the Bible] is very obviously a statement of Christian preference, Christian primacy,” MRFF founder Mikey Weinstein told me. …

He accused Maj. Steve Lewis, a supervisor at the Reserve National Security Space Institute, of “harboring and encouraging a truly abhorrent example of First Amendment civil rights violations.”

That would be the same First Amendment that explicitly guarantees the free exercise of religion.

Since Weinstein is obviously a lunatic, why should we care if the idea of someone seeing a Bible causes him to carry on like Damien at church in The Omen? Because Obama’s Pentagon hired this guy to purge Christianity from the military.

Whether Major Lewis is punished remains to be seen. For now, moonbats will be delighted to learn that the Bible is no longer on his desk.

How did Weinstein learn of the Bible? Moonbats squeal. An airman who complained to Weinstein described the Bible as a “blatant case of Christian defiance.”

Christian defiance is just what Weinstein is there to rub out.


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Aug 22 2016

Why Trump Scares the Hell Out of Conservatives

It isn’t just Trump, with his promises to issue unlawful orders to torture and murder, who even scares the hell out of people who would prefer him to Shrillary on most issues. There are also his most devoted followers — like Corey Stewart:

Stewart, chairman of the Prince William Board of Supervisors and head of the Trump campaign in Virginia, called Republican support for Johnson/Weld “traitorous and destructive.”

Supporting the Big Government liberals Gary Johnson and William Weld would be foolish in the extreme for anyone who believes in the values the Libertarian Party supposedly represents — but traitorous? In the context of an authoritarian political cult like Trumpism, that word is alarming.

“There is no such thing as an anti-Trump group,” Stewart told AMI Newswire. “Anti-Trump is pro-Hillary, and that’s what groups like this really are.”

The moronic argument that not supporting Trump equates to supporting his equally unacceptable rival has become a verbal talisman. The faithful chant it repeatedly as if to ward off rational thought, like Muslims shouting “Allahu akhbar.”

“If we lose, I’ll know where to go to place blame,” Stewart said. “If they want careers in politics afterwards, they won’t get them. They’ll be destroyed. This is treason against Trump.”

Treason against Trump. That’s what Stewart meant by traitorous.

Hold on, he’s still yelling:

“For whatever reason — their pride, their personal interests — they will damage America permanently by helping elect Hillary Clinton. They are immature babies who are tearing down the Republican Party.”

It would be hard to imagine a more cartoonish example of projection that a fanatical Trump supporter blaming others for tearing down the Republican Party — and then compounding the hypocrisy by calling people “immature” for not embracing rule by an all-powerful “daddy” figure.

It once seemed true fascism would never work in the USA, because we are too American to put up with it. That may have changed.


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Aug 22 2016

Public Radio Enraged Over Dead ISIS Fighter Who Was Collecting Welfare

What would you expect a Muslim refugee who went back to the Islamic world to participate in the Islamic State reign of terror to do for a living if not collect welfare?

[Maine’s Republican Governor] Paul LePage has pounced on the recent unsealing of court documents showing an Iranian refugee who resettled in Maine and later joined the terror group ISIS.

But the governor’s eagerness to use Adnan Fazeli’s radicalization here to rail against welfare benefits for refugees may have led him to run afoul of a federal law designed to protect the identities of welfare recipients and their families. …

“It’s concerning if that was indeed reported by Maine officials because federal law is clear that people’s confidentiality should be protected,” says Robyn Merrill, director for Maine Equal Justice Partners, an advocacy group for the poor.

Merrill’s concerns were raised by a report in the Boston Herald in which Maine state officials are quoted as saying that Fazeli, and his family, received cash and food stamp benefits.

Those benefits, known also as SNAP and TANF, are federal programs, funded mostly with federal tax dollars. According to federal rules, the identities of benefit recipients are confidential — only law enforcement, immigration officials and state administrators are allowed to know who receives the benefits.

As Refugee Settlement Watch gasps,

It seems everyone is allowed to know who is on welfare, but you! the taxpayer paying for it all!

Sorry about the deceptive title. You didn’t really think public radio would object to your tax dollar being used to import and sustain terrorists, did you? It’s only when the supposed rights of these terrorists are violated that we witness the ire of liberal information gatekeepers, especially those of the taxpayer-subsidized variety.

Imported and nurtured at your expense.

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Aug 21 2016

Open Thread


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Aug 21 2016

Conservatism Versus Populism

The rise of Donald Trump has made it crucial that people understand the difference between conservatism and Americanism on one side, and populism and nationalism on the other. Mark Levin spells it out:

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Aug 21 2016

The Systemic Destruction of Society

Currently the tip of the spear of cultural Marxism in America is the Black Lives Matter movement. That’s why Big Leftism is pouring many $millions into it. Jennifer Burke of Politistick sums up its objective in four words: “systemic destruction of society.”

People are starting to understand what political correctness was about from the beginning, long before it escalated to the point of mobs of malevolent idiots screaming for the murder of law enforcement personnel. The old society must be destroyed before leftists can impose their totalitarian nightmare vision of utopia.

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Aug 21 2016

Trump Hymns

Even short-lived cults of personality like The Donald’s promises to be can serve people as a religion. Religions need hymns — like this one

…and this one:

The second hymn is actually a song from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1, refitted with new lyrics. Some background:

In the story, the song was intended to be a marching anthem by rebels who united against a dictatorial liar who lived at the height of luxury as the people he subjugated through fear, division, and intimidation starved. People sing this song as they march toward almost certain death.

Weird, huh?

Let’s wrap up with an old instrumental favorite:

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Aug 21 2016

Planet 9 Climatizer

We will finally start to get our money’s worth out of Big Government, once the Planet 9 Climatizer has been deployed, ensuring optimal weather forever:

Hat tip: Nuking Politics.

Aug 21 2016

Transphobia Rears Its Hideous Head in Boston

No wonder the Obama Administration has been moving aggressively to ensure full access to women’s private facilities by sexually disoriented men. Narrowmindedness is still rampant — even in liberal Boston:

A Transit Police officer was patrolling the Back Bay station when he was informed a man had just entered the women’s room.

As the officer walked toward the bathroom, Taha Hamid of Dorchester was seen leaving the facility.

The officer was told by a woman that while inside the bathroom, Hamid pulled down his pants and urinated in the sink, saying “This is a man’s bathroom now.”

Oppressively, Hamid was arrested for “open and gross lewdness,” apparently with no consideration for whether he might suffer from gender dysphoria. A $multimillion lawsuit against the city will probably follow.

Would they have arrested Bruce Jenner?

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Aug 21 2016

Democrats Can’t Tell Hillary From Trump Quotes

These days it isn’t easy to distinguish one grotesquely unfit progressive presidential candidate from another. Democrats try and fail:

It would be foolish to take anything either candidate says at face value.

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Aug 21 2016

Louisiana Man Thanks Black Lives Matter and Black Panthers for Their Help During Flooding

The title is a joke, of course. Constructive assistance is not part of the agenda:

While black supremacist moonbats sit on their hands waiting for the next pretext to riot, local police help people in need.

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Aug 20 2016

Open Thread

hillary soros

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Aug 20 2016

Bad Lip Reading Covers DNC

Finally, we can make some sense of the unhinged moonbattery spewed at the Democratic National Convention, thanks to a translation from the Liberalese into the relatively coherent language Jabberwocky by Bad Lip Reading:

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Aug 20 2016

Steven Crowder Demonstrates the Ignorance and Superficiality of Anti-Gun Opinion

The Citizens Coalition for Common Sense Gun Reform sets out to learn just how little the moonbats who would deny us our fundamental right of self-defense know about guns:

Fully semi-automatic weapons are scary all right.

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Aug 20 2016

Socialism Reduces Venezuelans to Renting Coffins

Not even the dead can escape the consequences of letting socialism get out of control in Venezuela:

As the South American nation grapples with soaring inflation, rising murder rates and shortages of basic supplies and medicine, there is one more thing that Venezuelans are having problems getting their hands one: coffins.

The situation has become so dire that many cash-strapped Venezuelans have resorted to burying their deceased loved ones in cardboard boxes. Coffins made of more durable materials can, however, be rented for a few hours to use during the funeral.

Apparently some can’t even afford the cardboard or rental coffins:

The coffin crisis has become so acute that many families have been forced to bring their loved ones to crematoriums in bags.

“I felt so depressed. I didn’t have all the money the funeral parlor was asking for,” Miriam Navarro, who had to borrow money from neighbors to bury her brother, told AFP. “If it hadn’t been for people in my community, I would have had to bury him in the yard.”

Congratulations to Comrade Maduro for striking a righteous blow against interment inequality by so impoverishing the country that hardly anyone can afford a decent funeral. Bernie Sanders supporters must be grieving because it could be a few years before this much social justice hits American mortuaries.

Lightweight cardboard coffins also allow the bereaved to economize on pallbearers.

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Aug 20 2016

Comedian Fined $42,000 for Insensitive Joke

Make up your mind, do you want ideological totalitarianism, or do you want humor? You can’t have both:

Canadian comedian Mike Ward was fined a whopping $42,000 by Quebec’s Human Rights Tribunal for jokes he made about a disabled boy.

The child, Jérémy Gabriel, who suffers from Treacher Collins Syndrome, is a bit of a national celebrity in Canada after he sung for the pope in 2006 essentially because everyone thought he did not have long to live. Ward’s joke was a rant about how the child was supposed to die, that he “stole a wish” and is unkillable. Sure, not in great taste, but certainly not in violation of the kid’s “human rights.”

His joke was never televised, but after he talked about the bit in an interview, Gabriel’s parents found out and dragged the comedian to the human rights tribunal last month.

The best evidence that liberal authoritarians are using George Orwell’s 1984 as an instruction manual may be Canada’s “human rights” tribunals, which are devoted to denying Canadians the fundamental human right of free speech.

Mike Ward makes his case for free speech.

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Aug 19 2016

Open Thread

obama louisiana

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Aug 19 2016

Italian Restaurant Is Multiculturally Enriched

Want to see Europe’s “refugee” situation encapsulated in under 2 minutes? Here you go:

According to the YouTube description, these are Muslim immigrants from Africa enriching the multicultural tapestry of Villanovaforru, Sardinia, Italy.

What can’t be stolen directly, Big Government will seize and redistribute on their behalf.

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Aug 19 2016

Autistic Indian Injured by Washington Bureaucrat in Fight Over Redskins Jersey

If a story ever perfectly encapsulated the insanity of political correctness, this is it:

An Oklahoma college student visiting Washington D.C. on a school trip, says he was beat up for wearing a Redskins Jersey. And the person he got into a fight with was a White House official in charge of American Indian education.

Hold on, it gets better:

Barrett Dahl is Native American and a member of both the Choctaw and Sac and Fox Nations. He is also autistic. He says he wore the Redskins shirt because he was in Washington D.C. and because he sees it as a sense of cultural pride. However, when he showed up wearing it at a Pow Wow that’s when the trouble started.

He says within seconds of sitting down he was approached by William Mendoza.

“He comes to me and calls me the name weetard not retard, weetard. ‘You’re a weetard for not understanding Redskins is offensive’,” said Dahl on Wednesday. The incident happened back on October 30 of last year.

Honoring Indians by naming a team the Redskins is offensive. Calling people with autism “weetards” is not offensive. These are the rules as laid down by William Mendoza, who is in a position to impose them because he is the Executive Director of the White House Initiative of American Indian and Alaska Native Education.

Why don’t they name the DC football team the Bureaucrats? After all, there are far more William Mendoza types within the Beltway than genuine Indians. The answer of course is that naming a team is a gesture of respect, and no one respects bureauweenies.

Both Dahl and Mendoza claim it was the other guy who started swinging. The fight has cost Dahl $thousands in medical expenses, in part due to multiple surgeries being required for his injured hand. He should know better than to punch skulls full of rocks.

If Dahl came to Washington hoping to learn about modern politics, the trip was a success.

Barrett Dahl
Barrett Dahl persists in his thought crime.

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Aug 19 2016

Bush/Katrina Versus Obama and the Current Flooding in Louisiana

Last time there was flooding this bad in Louisiana, the media fashioned the wreckage into a cross and crucified Bush on it. W did a flyover, not wanting to get in the way of rescue operations, but that only blew up in his face when the media used the event to portray him as aloof.

This time is different. You will get no flyovers from Obama. He is too busy:

Here’s how the Washington Post spins it now: Obama is too genuine to do anything merely because of optics, like put in an appearance in Louisiana rather than play golf with his leftist Tinseltown pals:

Obama just doesn’t like to fake it. … That’s why Obama won’t break off his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard — or stop playing golf on said vacation — to travel to Louisiana. Because he believes he can monitor the situation as well — or better — from where he is. And that the sole reason to go to Louisiana is for the theatrical piece of politics, a piece that he not only rejects but detests.

Maybe he’s playing golf with his friends instead of making an effort to appear engaged because he knew WaPo et al. would provide absolution.

If you want a successful presidency, it must be perceived as successful. Step One is to get the media on your side. Step Two is to actually do a good job. Step Two is optional, because in politics, perception is reality.

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