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Sep 29 2016

Obama’s State Department Has Spent Hundreds of $Millions to Refurbish Overseas Mosques

Just as biological weapons might be bred in a petri dish, radical Islam is bred in mosques. Many of these mosques around the world have received expensive upgrades — at your expense:

A CBS news investigation found that the Obama State Department is sending hundreds of millions of dollars to save mosques overseas — outraging taxpayer advocates and raising enormous questions about aid to potentially terror-supporting groups with U.S. foreign aid.

The State Department has tried to pass this off as “fighting Islamic extremism by building relationships with Islamic leaders”.

A more apt description would be, “supporting the notion that America is weak by funding people who want to kill us.”

If you are on heart medication, take some before watching this video from last year:

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Sep 28 2016

Open Thread


Via Enemies of Liberalism.

Sep 28 2016

Mary J. Blige Interviews Hillary in Song

Give credit where it’s due. Unless she really is some kind of lizard creature from a hostile alien planet, Shrillary’s ability to keep a straight face through Mary J. Bilge’s I mean Blige’s singing interview was remarkable:

The song, “American Skin (41 Shots),” is Bruce Springsteen’s irritating exploitation of African immigrant Amadou Diallo getting shot by police who thought he was shooting at them in the Bronx in 1999. The outrageously unfair and irresponsible song, which implies that Diallo was killed on purpose for being black, inspired a boycott of Springsteen’s shows by the NYC Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.

Shrillary appears to be going whole hog with the Black Lives Matter pandering.

I can hardly wait until Friday to see the whole thing. If Shrillary gets all the way through without sniggering, we will know for sure she is not human.

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Sep 28 2016

Rush Limbaugh Spins So Hard After Debate, He Loses His Balance and Falls on His Face

Members of the talk radio punditocracy must think they are avoiding a great deal of short-term pain by selling out their supposed conservative values and shilling for Trump, or they wouldn’t do it so shamelessly. However, there is a price to be paid in terms of credibility, which is bound to affect the one thing they truly care about, audience size.

It’s likely that many conservatives gave up on Rush Limbaugh after he tried to spin Trump’s immigration flip-flops by lying through his teeth that he never thought The Donald was serious about deporting illegal aliens anyway. They haven’t been missing much.

At 5:20 in the audio below, Rush confesses that he witnessed “overwhelming pessimism” among Trump supporters due to The Donald’s lousy debate performance on Monday. Then at 7:20, he proclaims that Trump supporters were not disappointed, and tries to make the case that this means his performance doesn’t matter, never mind that Trump must win over new supporters to win.

Someone is paying this guy $millions per year to gibber incoherently. When they discover that people can be found on street corners who will do it for free, El Rushbo will be out of job.

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Sep 28 2016

Hillary Celebrates National Drink Beer Day

Every day is #NationalDrinkBeerDay as far as I’m concerned. But for Shrillary, today must be special:

Sep 28 2016

Graffiti Mixes “Black Lives Matter” With “Kill White People”

In case anyone is unclear regarding the animus driving the Black Lives Matter movement, this graffit attack in the Tampa area might help:

One wall was hit along Gornto Lake Road in Brandon, with the phrase “kill white people” spray painted. Other tags read “black lives matter” and “BLM.”

In addition to the wall, the social justice warriors graced a private home and a restaurant with their uplifting messages of interracial harmony.

A subtle, nuanced message from Black Lives Matter.

On tips from Jester and Bodhisattva.

Sep 28 2016

Hillary’s Nine Biggest Lies From the Debate

At this point we have to watch presidential debates the way a dog would watch them, focusing on tone, bearing, and demeanor rather than the actual words spoken, which are as meaningless as they would be to a dog because most of them are lies. The Daily Wire has boiled down Shrillary’s performance on Monday to the nine biggest whoppers:

1. Clinton lied about the cause of the 2008 financial crisis.
2. She falsely denied her previous support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
3. Clinton lied about the effectiveness of stop-and-frisk.
4. Clinton claimed that violent crime is on the decline. It’s not.
5. Clinton continued to pander to the Black Lives Matter movement by peddling the myth of systemic racism.
6. Clinton also claimed that violent crime was decreasing in New York City. This, too, is false.
7. Clinton portrayed herself as a leading figure in slapping sanctions on Iran. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
8. Clinton lavished praise on the Iran deal for supposedly stopping Iran’s nuclear program when it really didn’t.
9. Clinton continues to lie about her private email server.

Click through for details.

Shrillary’s supporters will point out that The Donald lied constantly too, which Trump supporters will counter with oh yeah well so did Hillary. That is the “binary choice” we face.

Hillary liar

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Sep 28 2016

The Binary Choice

If you have criticized The Donald in the presence of his supporters, you probably know what it’s like to be clubbed over the head with the word “binary.” Trumpsters have simplified the entire political universe in all of its complexity to a binary choice: either you support Donald Trump, or you support Hillary Clinton. My ears ring endlessly from having it yelled in my face that there is literally no other way to look at it.

Actually, there are other ways. If you want to keep things simple with a binary choice, this one is much more constructive: supporting unscrupulous, unfit, authoritarian progressives versus not supporting unscrupulous, unfit, authoritarian progressives. With this binary choice, the options are actually meaningfully different, and you don’t have to make yourself feel dirty or ashamed.

shrillary_trump  constitution-founding-fathers
The binary choice.

Sep 28 2016

ACLU Scurries to Defend NY/NJ Islamist Bomber

This should tell you something about where the ACLU’s sympathies lie:

The American Civil Liberties Union on Monday began representing a man accused of setting off bombs in New York and New Jersey and injuring more than 30 people.

At last word Islamist Ahmed Khan Rahami remains unconscious following the shootout that led to his capture. The ACLU is upset that he hasn’t been provided with a free lawyer yet, not having yet been officially arrested.

If only the ACLU defended us as ferociously as they defend those who try to murder us for not being Muslims.

Another bullet or two would have saved taxpayers a fortune.

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Sep 28 2016

Ahmed the Clock Boy Is Suing Everyone in Sight

The 15 minutes of fame Ahmed Mohamed (a.k.a. Ahmed the Clock Boy) earned by bringing a fake bomb to school have expired, but he and his Islamic activist father are still attempting to milk his brief stint in the limelight for financial profit:

Now, Ahmed’s father is suing multiple media companies and personalities for defamation, including The Blaze, Glenn Beck, Center for Security Policy, Fox Television Stations, LLC, Ben Ferguson, and Beth Van Duyne, as well as [Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben] Shapiro.

Clock Boy did not make his eponymous clock but rather disemboweled it and repurposed it as a fake bomb for propaganda purposes, likely with close guidance from his father and certainly with slavish support from Obama and the liberal media. Anyone who publicly acknowledged this is now subject to be sued.

This is not the Mohamed family’s only ongoing lawsuit; they’ve also sued the city of Irving and the school district for some $15 million and apologies.

Earlier, Ahmed and his clan left America for shariah-compliant Qatar, presumably because he could no longer endure our narrow-minded Islamophobia. Yet here they are back again, hands out, palm up — playing straight into the entitled Third World immigrant and cry bully Muslim stereotypes.


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Sep 27 2016

Open Thread


Via Obama: The Enemy Within, on a tip from Chad.

Sep 27 2016

Candidates Agree on No Fly No Buy

One issue where Trump and Shrillary do not even pretend to differ is on denying constitutionally guaranteed rights on an arbitrary basis without due process:

GOP nominee Donald Trump bucked his party on Monday by offering strong support for gun restrictions aimed at blocking those on the government’s terrorist watch lists from buying firearms.

The bipartisan legislation, dubbed “no fly, no buy,” would prevent those suspected of terrorist ties from buying or owning guns — a concept promoted by Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, during the presidential debate Monday in New York.

Trump agreed, lamenting that “a lot of people even within my own party” oppose the limitation.

“We have to look very strongly at no-fly lists and watch lists,” he said. “I tend to agree with that quite strongly.”

These lists are generated in secret by faceless bureaucrats behind castle walls. Stephen Hayes, among other absurd examples, was placed on a no-fly list. This is not a legitimate basis for denying him his fundamental right of self-defense.

For once, the ACLU has it right:

Our nation’s watchlisting system is error-prone and unreliable because it uses vague and overbroad criteria and secret evidence to place individuals on blacklists without a meaningful process to correct government error and clear their names. …

The government contends that it can place Americans on the No Fly List who have never been charged let alone convicted of a crime, on the basis of prediction that they nevertheless pose a threat (which is undefined) of conduct that the government concedes “may or may not occur.”

The no fly no buy stratagem is an insidious attack on the Second Amendment. Democrats pushed it hard after the Islamic terror attack in Orlando. The NRA responded with this sensible video:

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Sep 27 2016

Debate Score Was 6 to 6, Yet We Have a Winner

Some might say Trump won the debate last night by keeping his obnoxiousness relatively under control and not blathering about the size of his private parts or promising to issue unlawful orders to torture and murder. Others might say Shrillary won by not falling unconscious or shrieking shrilly enough to shatter eardrums. Actually, it was a tie. Specifically, the score was 6 to 6.

Trump gave up points by abandoning six conservative positions with these lowlights:

1. Free Trade Sucks.
2. Government-Paid Child Care.
3. No Due Process Before Gun Rights Removal.
4. Trump Defends Putin.
5. Trump Reiterates Iraq War Incoherence.
6. Trump Rips Defense Alliances. Again.

Shrillary surrendered the same amount by saying six insane things on the following themes:

1. “Profit-Sharing.”
2. “Clean Energy.”
3. Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist.
4. Let The Criminals Out.
5. The Iran Deal Is Great!
6. More Pay For Less Work For Women.

See the source articles for details.

But there was a winner. Susan Wright has it right: the Sweet Meteor of Death won handily.


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Sep 27 2016

How Ted Cruz Sacrificed His Ambitions for Liberty

At first I was appalled by Ted Cruz’s endorsement of Donald Trump, whom he clearly knows to be unfit. It seemed Cruz had sacrificed his principles for political calculation, or had cowardly knuckled under to empty threats from Trump’s gelatinous enforcer Reince Priebus. But it has been revealed that by endorsing the tax-and-spend Big Government progressive, Cruz was actually promoting smaller government:

Ted Cruz’s endorsement of Donald Trump struck a ringing blow for the cause of small government—by remind[ing] us to never, ever, ever, ever, ever trust in the integrity or wisdom of a politician.

Since the whole point of Ted Cruz was his supposed commitment to conservative principles, his endorsement effectively ended his presidential aspirations. But at least he went out nobly, sacrificing his own career for the quintessential American cause of limited government.

Looking at it this way, there may actually be a silver lining to the 2016 election. Whichever notoriously untrustworthy candidate becomes the figurehead for the federal government, surely most people will be reminded that this government must be prevented from expanding its power and scope. Unless of course we ended up with Shrillary and Trump because most people are fools.


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Sep 27 2016

University of Vermont Flies Black Lives Matter Flag

Short of ISIS, it would be hard to imagine a more nefarious movement than Black Lives Matter, which has repeatedly inspired riots and the assassination of police officers in the name of ultra-left black supremacist ideology. It’s also hard to imagine what students must be learning at the University of Vermont in Burlington, where the Black Lives Matter flag flies alongside Old Glory at the same height:

University of Vermont President Tom Sullivan says he is standing behind the student government’s decision to fly the Black Lives Matter Flag on campus.

Sullivan said flying the flag outside the student center is not about an endorsement of the movement by the university, but reflects that students wanted to support the African-American community in the wake of recent police shootings in other states.

In other words, it is not about an endorsement, but rather is about an endorsement.

Fortunately for BLM thugs and their fellow travelers, black criminals will continue to get themselves killed by police on a regular basis, as they have for as long as there have been police to protect the innocent. This will provide a steady stream of sanctimonious outrage to cover what they are actually promoting: anarchotyranny, collectivism, a race-based caste system, hatred of whites, and hatred of America.

The ISIS flag may come next.

On a tip from Steve A. Hat tips: Black Christian News, Girls Just Wanna Have Guns.

Sep 27 2016

Transgender Pseudowoman Raped in Jail, Sues Society

One problem with men “identifying” as women is that the wrong people might choose to take their morbid delusion seriously:

A transgender inmate was raped by a male cellmate after being locked up last year in New Orleans’ new $150 million jail, according to a federal lawsuit.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in U.S. District Court, says the transgender woman’s sex is male ‘but [he] chooses to live as a female.’

That is to say, the inmate is a man who dresses up like Corporal Klinger.

[His] lawsuit claims [he] was put into a cell with a male inmate being held on an armed robbery charge, McArthur Mackey Jr., who raped [him] early on the morning of September 21, 2015. …

The lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, alleges that deputies at the jail lack proper training and that ‘failure to separate transgendered inmates from the general inmate population’ contributes to the risk of inmate violence.

The story is familiar. Deviants expect special treatment for being weird. Normal people will pick up the tab for the jackpot justice payoff.

Follow the LGBT rainbow to jackpot justice.

On a tip from Saxon Warrior.

Sep 27 2016

The Easiest Way to Stop Rising Temperatures

If we assume that temperatures really are rising, and then take a larger leap and assume that this is a problem, the solution isn’t for Big Government to use draconian levels of taxation and regulation to dramatically lower our standard of living. An easier approach would be to move the sensors away from the concrete:

A new study from [US Geological Survey] by Kevin Gallo and George Xian verifies what we’ve already learned and published on via the Surface Stations project; that concrete and asphalt (aka impervious surfaces) have increased near weather stations that are used to monitor climate. …

What is most important about this paper is that it quantifies the percentage of stations that have had increased amounts of impervious surface area getting closer to the stations. As I have long since maintained, such things act as heat sinks, which increase the night-time temperature when they release the stored energy from the sun that was absorbed during the day as infrared, warming the air near the thermometer, and thus biasing the minimum temperature upwards.

Anyone who has spent a summer in Phoenix, where temperatures often fail to fall below 90° at night, knows all about the heat sink effect.

In this study, they have observed over 32% of the [US Historical Climatology Network] stations exhibited an increase in impervious surface area of ≥20% between 2001 and 2011. When the 1000 m radius associated with each station was examined, over 52% (over 600) of the stations exhibited an increase in [impervious surface area] of ≥20% within at least 1% of the grid cells within that radius.

The government claims that it adjusts data to correct for the heat sink effect. This is an admission that the data presented to us at our own expense has been manipulated. If accurate readings advanced The Agenda, bureaucrats wouldn’t use data from climate stations that are unable to provide it.

Collecting temperature data for Big Government.

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Sep 26 2016

Open Thread


Passed along by TrojanMan.

Sep 26 2016

Walmart Nixes Blue Lives Matter Cake for Being “Racist”

A Louisiana Walmart refused to decorate a cake with the Rebel Flag and the words “HERITAGE NOT HATE,” so this should surprise no one:

Three Walmart workers in McDonough, Georgia refused to decorate a “thin blue line” cake for a police officer’s retirement party because they said it was racist. …

The police officer’s daughter went to the Walmart on Willow Drive on Sept. 22 to order a flag for her father’s retirement party. He was leaving the force after 25-years on the job.

She showed the bakers a photograph of the police officer’s flag – the black and white version of Old Glory with a blue line.

“One of the bakers told me the design could be perceived as racist and nobody feels comfortable decorating the cake,” the police officer’s daughter told me.

At this point, anything that does not exuberantly embrace the far left agenda could be perceived as “racist.”

As an alternative, [the daughter] suggested a chocolate-frosted cake with a horizontal, frosted blue line.

But that design was also rejected by Walmart’s cake decorator.

When the story became known, Walmart recognized it as a public relations catastrophe and went into damage control mode, offering a $50 gift certificate and to make the cake for free. But it is not surprising that employees would err on the side of extreme political correctness, given that they work for a company that banned Confederate Flag sales as soon as the War to Eradicate the South commenced.

The family got a free cake — that is, they got what they paid for:

The manager offered to make and decorate a new cake. But there was just one problem — the cake decorators refused to comply.

“So the manager told me that he would decorate it — but it looked terrible,” the police officer’s daughter said. “It doesn’t look professional.”

See for yourself:


Getting fired from Walmart must be harder than losing your job as a bureaucrat or public school teacher.

At least customers have no problem getting Walmart to put the ISIS battle flag on cakes:

On a tip from Steve A.

Sep 26 2016

One Picture Sums Up Our Age

The Age of Selfies, that is:

There may be a clue here as to how we ended up with presidential candidates of such unprecedented horridness.

Via Twitchy, on a tip from Torcer.

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