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Aug 25 2014

Judge Jeanine Responds to Obama’s Response to James Foley Execution

Even though Obama went to the trouble of briefly interrupting his golf schedule to issue a perfunctory response to James Foley’s public execution by Islamic terrorists, Jeanine Pirro does not seem impressed by his dedication to the job:

Of all the arrogant lies that collectively comprise Obama’s presidency, the sanctimonious claim that the Regime doesn’t negotiate with terrorists may be the most preposterous.

Not that anyone wants him to negotiate. We want a real president who would kill the bastards. Instead we get a clown who leaves us reading this:

According to a new Sunday Times report by Toby Harden, “Pentagon sources said Foley and the others might well have been rescued but Obama, concerned about the ramifications of US troops being killed or captured in Syria, took too long to authorise the mission.” …

[…T]he eventual timing of the mission may have made for a nice July 4th weekend announcement for Obama had the mission succeeded. Instead, Obama played golf on July 5th, as well as an additional six times in the month he is said to have spent agonizing over his decision, the delay of which may have cost journalist Foley his life.

US forces were reportedly all ready to go in and grab Foley. But they never got permission from the Vacillator in Chief.

On tips from Bill T, Henry, and Artfldgr.

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Aug 25 2014

Profiles in Moonbattery: Amanda Curtis

We’ve known since at least George McGovern’s candidacy in 1972 that the Democrat Party is driven by looney left extremists. Until recently, they managed to keep themselves relatively in check so as to have a prayer of winning elections. But due to an alarming and possibly terminal shift in America’s demographics, that may no longer be necessary, as Barack Obama’s disastrous success demonstrates. Consequently, candidates are emerging who come ever closer to being admitted Bolsheviks. ABC News gushes over certifiable mental case and Montana Senate candidate Amanda Curtis:

Montana has never seen a Democratic U.S. Senate candidate like state Rep. Amanda Curtis.

Selected by state Democrats … to replace Democratic Sen. John Walsh on their November ticket after a plagiarism scandal derailed his re-election bid, Curtis is a far cry from the centrist candidates the party tends to field for statewide office in Big Sky Country.

Curtis, a 34-year-old math teacher with a nose ring and a background in labor activism, has only one term in the state legislature to her name, and told ABC News she plans to run a progressive, “grassroots” campaign on income inequality and student-loan debt.

Her qualification for office: she would be Montana’s first female Senator.

By “a background in labor activism,” her supporters at ABC News means that even if she calls herself “an anarchist at heart,” she is more of a communist, a supporter of Industrial Workers of the World, for whom she has written articles. Her husband is a member.

On the day Walsh dropped out of the Senate race, she changed her Facebook profile photo to Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, former chairwoman of the Communist Party USA, which was controlled and financed by the Soviet Union.

She has impressed Montana Democrats with her youth and energy. In 2013, she kept a YouTube video diary of her first legislative session, which made the rounds in Montana political circles.

“[Walsh] was the establishment’s choice, but he didn’t make rank-and-file activists feel good about being Democrats; Curtis does,” Montana Democratic political blogger James Conner said in an email.

Here’s what makes Democrats feel good about being Democrats:

In another video, Curtis wears a hoodie to demonstrate her allegiance to the dead sociopathic thug Trayvon Martin.

“She’s refreshing, she’s a woman and she’s an educator,” Montana State University political scientist David Parker said. “She gets Democrats excited about voting.”

Even if the country hasn’t gone far enough off the rails yet for her to actually win in conservative Montana,

“The biggest thing for Amanda Curtis is to run a competent campaign, to make it close and position herself for the future,” [Parker] said.

A big future might await her if America continues its decline. If Obama could be elected president, why not Amanda Curtis?

On a tip from Mr. Mentalo.

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Aug 25 2014

Coming to America

Given that the federal government has no intention of justifying its own existence by defending the border…


Compliments of Stormfax.

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Aug 25 2014

Bacon Sign Removed in Compliance With Muslim Bullying

When a Christian is offended, the moonbats who went out of their way to do it give each other high-fives. When a Muslim is offended by accident because virtually everything offends them, everyone cringes and gives way. Yet another example:

Local Winooski, Vermont restaurant Sneakers Bistro has removed a sign that read, “Yield Sneakers Bacon” citing opposition from a Muslim community member and safety concerns.

The sign was put up as part of a city program that allows businesses to post an advertisement in an area where they have helped maintain city flowerbeds. The sign that read “Yield Sneakers Bacon” was removed after a woman, identifying herself as a Muslim, posted in an online community forum, stating she was personally offended by the sign, according to a WPTZ News report. WPTZ wrote that the woman who complained online called the sign “insensitive to those who do not consume pork.”

The non–Islamic-compatible sign:

sneakers bacon

I don’t consume yogurt. Does that mean I can proclaim that yogurt ads are offensive and have cowards scurry to take them down? No, because I’m not a Muslim. I don’t fly planes into buildings, cut Christian children’s heads off, or worship the Devil, so no one is much worried about whether I’m offended.

Saturday morning the restaurant posted to Facebook, “We are here to serve people BREAKFAST, not politics. We removed the sign that was located on public property as a gesture of respect for our diverse community. There were also concerns raised about safety (emphasis added).”

Whether the reference is to traffic safety or to the violence that so prominently characterizes the Religion of Peace is left unclear, probably deliberately.

“Removing it was not a difficult decision. We still love bacon. We still love eggs. Please have the political conversation elsewhere.”

Just because you take no interest in politics does not mean politics will take less of an interest in you. Surrendering without a fight guarantees future demands from Islamic bullies. After bacon advertising has been eradicated, Muslims will demand that bacon not be served at all, because its existence offends them. Then they will go after dogs and alcohol.

Farther and farther they will push us, until we have been pushed right off a cliff. Nothing is more dangerous than cowardice.

Your choice, bacon or dhimmitude.

On a tip from Wiggins. Hat tip: Young Conservatives.

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Aug 25 2014

Dana Milbank Reveals the Liberal Strategy to Eradicate America

You don’t have to read between the lines regarding the Left’s plans for America. Mouthpieces for the same liberal media establishment that put Obama in power will state quite openly that they want America replaced by a different country populated by different people.

Establishment mouthpiece Dana Milbank sneeringly quotes Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) on massive illegal immigration:

“This is a part of the war on whites that’s being launched by the Democratic Party,” Brooks said. “And the way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else. It’s a part of the strategy that Barack Obama implemented in 2008, continued in 2012, where he divides us all on race, on sex, greed, envy, class warfare.”

Undeniably true, even if few have the guts to say it. Milbank confirms the strategy even as he smirks at Brooks:

It was the battle cry of the white man, particularly the Southern white man, who is feeling besieged. I don’t share the fear, but I understand it. The United States is experiencing a rapid decoupling of race and nationality: Whiteness has less and less to do with being American.

What if millions upon millions of foreigners from all over the world were to pour into Korea until Koreans were a minority in their own country? Korean-ness would have “less and less to do” with being Korean. Korea would not exist anymore except in a technical sense, referring to a geographic area and whatever government happened to control it. Most likely Koreans would have the character to fight to the death to keep that from happening.

Recall that America had been over 90% white throughout its entire history until only recently. If America had been populated by different people, it would have been a different country, with a different culture and history.

This is what people like Milbank want, which is why he doesn’t share Brooks’ fear. Liberals are internationalists. The eradication of Americans won’t eradicate Milbank’s kin.

He crows triumphantly:

The Census Bureau forecasts that non-Hispanic whites, now slightly more than 60 percent of the population, will fall below 50 percent in 2043. Within 30 years, there will cease to be a racial majority in the United States. In a narrow political sense, this is bad news for the GOP. But for the country, the disassociation of whiteness and American-ness is to be celebrated.

The reason to celebrate being displaced by a different population is that our culture, from the liberal point of view, is irreparably flawed.

Supposedly Asians have passed Hispanics as the fastest growing minority. Milbank quotes Eric Liu, author of A Chinaman’s Chance:

Liu observes that American culture now has an excess of individualism, short-term thinking and prioritizing of rights over duties. He calls for “a corrective dose” of Chinese values: mutual responsibility, long-term thinking, humility, moral character and contribution to society.

Liu isn’t the first to notice that as the American population is displaced by Third-Worlders, individual rights — the cornerstone of our society since it was founded — will no longer be a priority. They will be replaced by mutual responsibility, humility, contribution to society, et cetera, ad nauseam — i.e., subservience to an oligarchical collectivism ruling class, which will of course consist of liberal elitists like Dana Milbank.

Unsurprisingly Milbank is horrified by the Tea Party, the only recent sign of resistance to the liberal agenda:

The tea party movement was a setback because it elevated extreme individualism over collective responsibilities and because it tapped into nativism and further undermined trust in American institutions.

By “American institutions” he appears to mean the federal government. Distrust of government is the ultimate American institution, enshrined in the Constitution. But the Constitution can only be defended by a culture that believes in it. That’s why we are being displaced by foreigners who don’t.

The displacement has to be rapid, lest the foreigners assimilate and adapt American values. That would spoil everything for Milbank, Obama, et al. But there will be no meaningful assimilation, due not just to multiculturalism but to the massive numbers crossing our deliberately undefended border.

By describing how the supposed flaws in the American character need to be corrected by displacing the population with unassimilable foreigners, Milbank has already admitted that by “whiteness,” he means “American-ness.”

It would have been better to have been conquered from without by the Imperial Japanese than to be conquered from within by liberals. Under Japanese occupation, we would have retained our identity. Eventually we would have cast out our occupiers, the way Spain threw out the Moors.

With liberals, conquest is permanent. America will never be free again, because Americans won’t exist anymore.

On a tip from Rob Banks.

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Aug 25 2014

Moonbat Will Combat Global Warming by Living on Iceberg for a Year

Pledging to have perverted sex with a different degenerate every day for a year isn’t the only way moonbats can draw desperately needed attention to themselves. Those who have nothing better to do can live on an iceberg for a year.


The man pictured above is Alex Bellini, a professional adventurer and motivational speaker who plans to live alone on a melting iceberg off the coast of Greenland for one year, to emphasize the urgent need for climate change action.

“Climate change action” refers to the deliberate crippling of the world economy in the name of the debunked global warming hoax, so as to advance the goal of international socialism.

Starting in spring of 2015, Bellini plans to find a suitable iceberg in the northwest region of Greenland, where he will remain for up to a year as it slowly melts. Provisioned with 300 kilograms (661 pounds) of dried food, Bellini will shelter in a survival capsule, the Kevlar-reinforced kind used for ocean oil rigs, until it becomes too risky — at which point he will take to the sea in the capsule, floating adrift until he is rescued.

Sounds like a plan. Except the iceberg might not melt, because in defiance of liberal dogma arctic ice has been expanding.

Bellini might want to pack a blowtorch in case Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate with his asinine stunt. Otherwise he could end up with frozen egg on his face, like the moonbat academics who ventured into Antarctic waters in search of global warming, only to get stuck in the theoretically melting ice and need to be rescued by the carbon-spewing ChiComs.

On a tip from Dean D.

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Aug 25 2014

White House Sends Three Representatives to Funeral of Thug Michael Brown

The representation sent by the White House to funerals provides a very clear signal as to who matters to the people running the federal government and who does not. This tells you all you need to know about the Obama Administration:

President Obama will send three White House officials Monday to attend the funeral of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was shot by police earlier this month.

Michael Brown was an unemployed 18-year-old thug of no account whatsoever except that he managed to get himself killed by assaulting a police officer. By sending important officials to his funeral, Obama proclaims that he sides with such thugs against the police charged with the extremely dangerous job of keeping them in check.

The White House has been selective in sending representatives to funerals — recall that only a low-level delegation was sent to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s service last year. More recently, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden skipped the funeral of Major General Harold Greene, the 2-star general killed in Afghanistan on Aug. 5.

Margaret Thatcher was a crucial American ally who played a key part in bringing down the Soviet Union. General Greene was killed by Obama’s lunatic policies in Afghanistan; he was laid to rest as Obama enjoyed his latest marathon vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.

Obama’s domestic and international policies both make a twisted sort of sense in light of this story.

Michael Brown
The kind of guy our rulers honor.

On a tip from Ben S.

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Aug 25 2014

Performing Homosexual Acts With a Different Degenerate Each Day for a Year Is Passed Off as an Artwork

Ever wonder how homosexuals managed to spread AIDS around the world at such alarming speed? Mischa Badasyan provides the answer:

Mischa Badasyan is a 26-year-old performance artist and activist whose next project is turning heads. He has a plan to have sex with someone different, every day, for a year.

That’s the basis of Badasyan’s new project, “Save the Date,” the latest in a line of works that explore modern ideas of sexuality and homosexuality. … The project will begin in September.

Lest you think this is just some pathetic freak crying out to be noticed,

Badasyan’s project asks powerful questions about today’s hook-up culture, particularly within the gay experience, and how that in turn translates to loneliness. Casual, consistent sex is not only an old gay stereotype, but is also easily enabled by apps like Grindr, Scruff or Mister. Badasyan’s performance may seem ludicrous at first, but he’s only pushing an everyday reality to its extremes.

Thanks to the relentless promotion of perversion and degeneracy by the liberal establishment, everyday reality has already been pushed to disgusting extremes. That forces “artists” to delve ever more deeply into self-ridicule to convince themselves they are cutting edge.

Badasyan is well prepared for his adventure:

By meeting up with men in places such as parks, Badasyan will explore what happens to sexual interaction when it occurs in a non-place. It’s an experience he knows about from the time he spent performing in Glasgow, while simultaneously looking for men: “I would go to [the park] every night and have sex with guys … until 5 o’clock [or] 6 o’clock in the morning. And I was always … I felt very bad, I was crying all the time. I am always sad after these kind of meetings.”

Yet we are required to believe that these people are normal, healthy, and even appealing.

So as to share his artwork with the world, Badasyan will “create public performances using photo, video and soundscapes inspired by his experiences.”

No doubt a government grant enables him to spend his time doing this instead of working.

Mischa Badasyan
Mischa Badasyan performing “art.”

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

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Aug 24 2014

Open Thread


Via iOwnTheWorld, on a tip from TED.

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Aug 24 2014

Now Drone Operators Have PTSD

There is no doubt that soldiers in combat endure traumatizing experiences. But the phenomenon of post-traumatic stress disorder is starting to smell like something you wouldn’t want to step in. PTSD may have jumped the shark with this revelation:

Although drone operators may be far from the battlefield, they can still develop symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a new study shows.

About 1,000 United States Air Force drone operators took part in the study, and researchers found that 4.3 percent of them experienced moderate to severe PTSD. In comparison, between 10 and 18 percent of military personnel returning from deployment typically are diagnosed with PTSD, the researchers wrote.

“I would say that, even though the percentage is small, it is still a very important number, and something that we would want to take seriously so that we make sure that the folks that are performing their job are effectively screened for this condition and get the help that they [may] need,” said study author Wayne Chappelle, a clinical psychologist who consults for the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. …

The researchers also found that “there are really no substantive differences” between symptoms of PTSD in drone operators and other military personnel, Chappelle told Live Science.

Or maybe blowing up terrorists by remote control actually improves mental health by relieving stress:

The percentage of drone operators in the study who had PTSD was lower than the percentage of people in the U.S. general population who have the condition, which is 8.7 percent, according to the 2013 data from the American Psychiatric Association cited in the study.

Malaria and Ebola are real diseases that you can see under a microscope. Like depression (which admittedly can be incapacitating in extreme cases), PTSD is not real in this sense; it is an abstract concept. Abstract concepts have a way of getting stretched and exploited, as when people who choose to be victims for a living rather than work are qualified as “disabled” because they have “mood disorders.”

If current trends continue, eventually 100% of the population will qualify as suffering from one disorder or another. When at last all of us are victims, the dream of equality will finally be achieved.

On a tip from Mr. Mentalo.

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Aug 24 2014

Had Enough Hope & Change Yet?


Compliments of Stormfax.

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Aug 24 2014

As Food Stamp Program Explodes, Efforts to Combat Fraud Decline

When Obama took power — amid a severe economic downturn — 31.9 million Americans received food stamp benefits. Since then the number has skyrocketed to 47 million. But there is one domestic area where government spending has been restricted — combatting food stamp fraud:

Americans receiving food stamps were caught selling and bartering their benefits online for art, housing and cash, according to a new federal report that investigates fraud in the nation’s largest nutrition support program.

Complicating the situation is the fact states around the country are having trouble tracking and prosecuting the crimes because their enforcement budgets have been slashed despite the rapidly-rising number of food stamp recipients, according to the Government Accountability Office report.

Under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, 47 million people have been awarded $76 billion in benefits. State agencies are responsible for addressing SNAP recipient fraud under the guidance and monitoring of the Food and Nutrition Service. …

The report found that “most of the selected states reported difficulties in conducting fraud investigations due to either reduced or maintained staff levels while SNAP recipient numbers greatly increased from fiscal year 2009 through 2013.”

Why would an explosively growing federal program not see a corresponding growth in efforts to prevent fraud?

Because it does not serve the government’s purposes to prevent fraud. It doesn’t make any difference to Obama or his bureaucracy whether you need food stamps — only that you take them.

Every person who takes part in the crime spree that is Hope & Change, whether out of need or pure greed, makes Obama’s mob one looter larger.

On a tip from Wiggins.

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Aug 24 2014

Intellectual Froglegs Back to School Special

Joe Dan Gorman provides some desperately needed moral clarity regarding the Religion of Peace. ISIS = Hamas = pure evil. Islamic kills, and we will pay a steep price if we turn our back to it.

The latest episode of Intellectual Froglegs also introduces a new feature: Video Viewer Mail. Joe Dan receives a thoughtful missive from Harriet the Lib, who looks an awful lot like Victoria Jackson.

On a tip from G. Fox.

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Aug 24 2014

Roadside America

Will Rogers famously claimed that he had never met a man he didn’t like. But…


Hat tip: The Last Refuge.

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Aug 24 2014

Golf War

It looks like Obama’s astonishing arrogance and irresponsibility has alienated even the gratingly liberal New York Daily News:


The wheels are truly coming off the presidential golf cart.

On a tip from Stormfax. Hat tip: The Real Revo.

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Aug 24 2014

The View of America From Downtown Beijing

The spectacle bolstered by the governmedia in Ferguson isn’t just for American audiences. Neither was James Foley’s execution. From arguably our most formidable rival, communist China:

Thursday evening in Beijing’s downtown area – in the heart of Dongzhimen, and above one of the capital’s busiest transport hubs – a giant cinema-sized TV screen beams out looped images of racially charged riots in Ferguson, Missouri and Islamic extremists preparing to execute US journalist James Foley.

This is how we look to the outside world in 2014:

No wonder China and Russia have been testing how far they can push us. Obama is deliberately reducing the USA to a paper tiger, defanged and helplessly twisted against itself, and the whole world knows it.

The top of the mountain is a scary place when you no longer belong there.

On tips from Stormfax and Bodhisattva.

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Aug 23 2014

Open Thread


Compliments of Stormfax.

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Aug 23 2014

The Complete Speeches of Barack Hussein Obama Condensed to Just Over a Minute

To fit every speech Obama has made since coming to national attention into a single short video, Washington Free Beacon edited out the lies and insincere and/or nauseating platitudes:

On a tip from Granny Jan.

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Aug 23 2014

Bill Whittle: Ferguson and the Real Race War

A race war is taking place in America, but it is a one-sided war. The other side has forbidden itself to fight back. Bill Whittle has the stats:

The government–media axis paints a picture that is the diametric opposite of what is really going on in order to advance an agenda that is not merely wrong but malevolent. True enough, Obama and his fellow leftists would much rather rule over ruins than disappear into the dustbin of history in a healthy America. What’s worse, they would destroy America even if they couldn’t rule the ruins, merely out of spite. After all, very few Obama supporters can expect a meaningful share of the power or the loot, and not all of them are too witless to understand what they voted for.

On tips from Stormfax and Bill T.

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Aug 23 2014

Large Number of Islamic State Terrorists Come From Britain

Why do you suppose the fiend who executed James Foley in the recent Islamic State video spoke fluent English with a British accent? Probably because he was British — not in the traditional sense, but in the new multicultural sense of have been raised in Britain, very likely at taxpayer expense. Like other European welfare states run by liberal fools, Britain is becoming a breeding ground for Muslim terrorists:

The brutal beheading of US journalist James Foley by a Briton fighting in the ranks of Isis, which calls itself Islamic State, is the latest – and most shocking – example of British jihadists committing atrocities in Syria and Iraq.

Britain accounts for around one in four of all European fighters who have pledged their allegiance to Isis, with an estimated 500 Britons among 2,000 foreign fighters from across Europe.

According to Quilliam Foundation researcher Charlie Cooper,

the unnamed man who beheaded Mr Foley “will have committed himself entirely to furthering the aims of the Islamic state” and “completely rejected his British nationality”.

The killing of the American journalist was evidence that British jihadis were “some of the most vicious and vociferous fighters” in Syria and Iraq, said Shiraz Maher, a senior researcher at the International Center for the Study of Radicalization at King’s College London. They are “very much at the forefront of this conflict” with roles ranging from suicide bombers to executioners, he added.

A few examples:

Last week, images emerged of 23-year-old Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, from London, holding the severed head of a soldier with the caption: “Chilling’ with my homie or what’s left of him.”

Radicalised Britons, who call themselves the “Baadiya Boys” after their original base in Syria, are among the fighters who have raped and killed thousands of Yazidi refugees in northern Iraq.

Another British fighter, Reyaad Khan, 20, from Cardiff, has boasted of preparing for “martyrdom ops” and planning “fireworks” in a series of tweets over recent weeks in which he has also claimed to have “executed many prisoners”.

And last week it emerged that Nasser Muthana, 20, from Cardiff, had posted images on Twitter of a destroyed military building in northern Syria, claiming: “I’m getting good with these bombs.”

1960s radicals like Obama’s mentor Bill Ayers urged their followers to “bring the war home.” This will surely happen when these “British” Muslims return from their adventures.

Not to worry though. According to Obama and his State Department, this has nothing to do with America or even with Islam:

Liberals shouldn’t have to burrow their heads too deeply into the sand to convince themselves that it has nothing to do with Europe either, despite lunatic immigration and welfare policies having encouraged Muslims to breed there in teeming millions.

On tips from Ben S and Nat.

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