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Aug 31 2011

Open Thread


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Aug 31 2011

MSNBC Moonbat Lawrence O’Donnell Blames Rudy Giuliani for 9/11 Deaths

Some people think outside the box. Others think outside the galaxy. While the rest of the country takes pride to this day in Rudy Giuliani’s resolute leadership in the aftermath of 9/11, avowed socialist Lawrence O’Donnell sees fit to blame him for the loss of life:

How tragic that so many heroes were silenced forever on that day, whereas screeching insects like O’Donnell live on to exploit their demise by laying the blame for it where it most obviously does not belong.

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Aug 31 2011

Moonbats Dream of Arab “Spring” in USA

Once Obama et al. have sufficiently destabilized the country economically, their fellow anti-capitalists from underneath the refrigerator wait at the ready to scurry out and tear down the last remnants of constitutional restraint on oligarchical collectivism. Excuse the crassness — these videos were made by and for moonbats:

In any country at any time, there is a knuckle-dragging contingent eager to crush any vestige of individual liberty. When they take power, and they often do, the result is slavery and genocide.

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Aug 31 2011

Stealing From Children

They’ve bled us dry. Now they’re looting our children:

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Aug 31 2011

Obamanomics Memorial Stadium

There will be no need to build a Barack Hussein Obama library. A fitting memorial already exists for his farcical presidency — Bush Stadium in Indianapolis:


Bryan Preston explains:

This week, President Obama nominated Princeton economist Alan Krueger to replace Austan Goolsbee as his chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers. Prior to this nomination, Krueger’s chief public policy claim to fame was the Obama administration’s “Cash for Clunkers.”

Cash for Clunkers was the certifiably psychotic program by which the government wasted $billions and drove up the price of used cars and parts by paying people to turn over older vehicles and buy new ones immediately instead of a little later. This would supposedly stimulate the economy.

The plan was to destroy the cars bought with our money lest they oppress the Earth with their emissions. Usually destruction is the one thing the federal government is good at. However, it bought so many cars that they started piling up.

So the Obama administration rented out Bush Stadium and filled it up with cars. Hundreds of objects, all containing parts that can be used in cars still on the road, recycled, sold, etc, just sit there rotting away.

Maybe they should rename it Obamanomics Stadium.

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Aug 31 2011

Soap Nazi

The first thing to establish with a prospective roommate is that the person is not a barking moonbat. Otherwise you could end up dealing with someone like blogger Cameron Scott at the San Franfreakshow Comical:

I recently got a new housemate. One day, I noticed the laundry room smelled strange and chemical: My housemate had done laundry, and had purchased a mainstream brand of laundry detergent. I was torn: Do I tell him what detergent he can use to wash his own clothes?

I just made up my mind: Yes. A new study, published online this week in Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health, found that the air released through the vent while a dryer handles a load washed with the top-selling scented liquid laundry detergent and a scented dryer sheet contains [arf arf arf] volatile organic compounds [arf arf arf] carcinogens [arf arf arf] toxic emissions [arf arf arf] dryer emissions are utterly unregulated.

Don’t worry, eco-warriors. I’m sure the EPA is looking into those unregulated dryer emissions.

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Aug 31 2011

Tea Party Counterprotest Fizzles in Napa

The maniacal racist demagogues of the Congressional Black Caucus aren’t the only enemies the Tea Party has to contend with. Last Saturday the Green Party declared its own war in northern California. Zombie reports:

The catalyst that triggered this political firefight was the arrival in Napa of the Tea Party Express buses; Saturday, August 27 was the day the media-savvy group kicked off its coast-to-coast Reclaiming America Tour, culminating on September 12 in Tampa, Florida, at the CNN/Tea Party Express Debate between various presidential primary candidates.

Grassroots Tea Party groups from the region — the Wine Country, the North Bay, and nearby — converged on the Napa County Fairgrounds for a brief two-hour visit by the Tea Party Express buses and their accompanying CNN cameras.

But the Green Party simply could not let this stand. Word went out across the land that the Greens would be waiting with a “massive anti-tea party rally.”

Here’s what the “massive anti-tea party rally” looked like half an hour after it was scheduled to begin:


Most of the few dozen moonbats who turned out appeared more interested in imposing socialism directly in the time-honored Leninist fashion rather than through environmental hogwash. Others didn’t seem capable of formulating any coherent point of view beyond sputtering hatred of the freedom and decency represented by the Tea Party:


There was a separate counterprotest consisting of 10–20 union thugs. The Tea Party crowd numbered a good 2,000. Typically, a local media account grossly distorted the numbers, claiming there were 200 moonbats and only 600 patriots. But at least the mendacious report provided this gem of a photo:


Given what clowns they are, leftists are going to need more than the media on their side to hold down the Tea Party.

Aug 31 2011

More Muslim Amusement Park Madness

While Britain awaits Muslims Only Day at its largest amusement park Alton Towers, Muslims in the USA have already been living it up at a similar facility in suburban New York by doing what they do best — bully, whine, and cause havoc:

RYE — A melee broke out Tuesday afternoon at Playland Amusement Park when Muslim visitors became angry that the park was enforcing its ban on headgear by prohibiting the women from wearing their traditional head coverings on some rides.

Police from at least nine agencies converged on the park beginning at 3 p.m. after county police sought assistance in responding to the disturbance, which involved 30 to 40 people.

Two rangers were injured while breaking up a fight between visitors, and two visitors were charged with felony assault, police said. Another 13 people were arrested, most charged with disorderly conduct. Names were not disclosed, and all those charged were released by Tuesday night.

In a exclusive, I’ll release their last names here: Hussein, Mohammad, Mohammad, Hussein, Hussein, Mohammad, Mohammad, Hussein, Hussein, Hussein, Mohammad, Hussein, Mohammad, Mohammad, and Hussein. Or maybe those are their first names.

Why were the Religion of Peaceniks rioting this time? Because they were asked to obey the safety rules like everyone else. Head gear of any kind is not allowed on some of the rides because it could get the rider strangled and Playland sued out of existence. According to a witness, a Muslim physically assaulted a ride operator for not letting her ride in her hijab, setting off the brawl.

Blubbers Amr Khater of Brooklyn:

“Everybody got mad, everybody got upset. It’s our holiday. Why would you do this to us?”

The holiday in question was Eid-ul-Fitr, the end of Ramadan, which Barack Hussein Obama makes a point of conspicuously honoring. No doubt Obama will issue a statement soon to the effect that park officials “acted stupidly.”

It could be good news that the bellicose air of entitlement that has characterized Muslims since 9/11 is still going strong a decade later. Maybe they won’t feel it necessary to kill thousands more Americans to renew their privileged victim status.

Islamophobic oppressors.

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Aug 31 2011

Congressional Black Caucus Attacks Tea Party With Hyperbolic Race-Baiting

Anyone who has attended Tea Party events has probably noticed the disproportionately large percentage of minority speakers, who are deliberately sought out in a misguided attempt to prove the obvious to those unwilling to see it: there is nothing “racist” about individual liberty. This effort has predictably failed, as the leftist lowlifes comprising the Congressional Black Caucus have thrown their race-baiting demagoguery into overdrive and are attempting to run over the Tea Party with it. CBC Whip André Carson (D-IN) has gotten so carried away as to claim that advocates for limited government want blacks “hanging on a tree.”

Most whites have been conditioned to cringe like whipped dogs when confronted with this incongruent and cartoonish rhetoric. But after having been used to put an unqualified anti-American fool in the White House, the race card has been played out among all but the most politically neurotic. Its heavy use now demonstrates that the increasingly desperate Ultra Left knows the pendulum can’t be pushed any further and will now swing back the other way with a vengeance.

However, the race card can still be used to wreak social havoc. If rumors that Obama plans to resort to racial rhetoric to hold power prove true, the mostly unreported epidemic of racial violence by black mobs will explode.

Recent examples of alarmingly inflammatory racist rhetoric from the CBC:

Some activists actually do call for lynching — but they sure aren’t from the Tea Party:

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Aug 31 2011

Muslims Only at Biggest British Amusement Park

Why wait for the inevitable Muslim majority to implement complete dhimmitude in the UK? Psychologically, the country has already been conquered, having lost all belief in itself due to the terminally corrosive effects of liberalism. Consequently,

Britain’s biggest fun park has sparked a race row — with a MUSLIMS-ONLY day.

Up to 28,000 are expected at Alton Towers on September 17 when there will be no music, booze or gambling.

Instead there will be prayer areas, Muslim stalls and all food served will be HALAL.

Organisers Islamic Leisure have billed it the First National Muslim Fun Day and tickets can only be bought through their website.

Non-Muslims phoning the Staffordshire park have been refused tickets.

For balance, they will be having a Christians only day on some other busy weekend. Just kidding.

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Aug 30 2011

Open Thread


From Michelle.

Aug 30 2011

RINO Jon Huntsman Evokes Evolution to Push Global Warming Hoax

Good news for Al Gore — he’s not the only authoritarian liberal still asking us to drink the global warming Kool-Aid:

Global warming is associated with the theory of evolution because liberals have been able to use the latter to make conservatives look fanatical. The trick is to leave what is meant by believing in evolution undefined. Most agree that different species seem to evolve from common ancestors. On the other hand, the notion that human life in all its elaborate sophistication evolved from inanimate matter through idiot random chance in the short amount of time the earth has been in existence is the most preposterous belief I have ever heard an adult express.

Here Huntsman tries to have it both ways by dutifully referring to “God’s plan” while simultaneously sneering at those bitter clingers in Jesusland who won’t believe what they’re told.

Anyone still pushing the global warming snake oil at this point is either a cretin, a coward, a crony capitalist, or a collectivist.

If this moonbat gets more than 1% in any Republican primary, we’ll know the time has come to stop Democrats from voting in them before we end up with another John McCain on the ticket.

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Aug 30 2011

Urban Savages Target Bike Riders in St. Louis

The Age of Hope & Change is not a good time to take up bike riding in St. Louis:, an organization that promotes hiking and biking, is cautioning riders to be on the alert for roving bands of teenagers who swarm and attack riders.

Trailnet says the latest attack was last Thursday (8/25) afternoon near Missouri Botanical Garden where a group of 10 to 15 African-American teens charged and attacked a cyclist.

“They weren’t really interested in robbing me. It just seemed like they wanted to beat me up,” says assault victim Cheech Ramirez. “They weren’t interested in letting me get off the ground and having a fair fight.”

Ramirez says he and his friends returned to the scene minutes later to help another bicyclist who was being beaten.

Kudos to Ramirez for fighting back. The odds of the authorities doing anything meaningful to protect us from the rising tide of racial violence are remote. It’s unusual for them even to acknowledge it.

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Aug 30 2011

How to Get Seen Quickly at an Emergency Room

If you don’t have hours to wait bleeding while undocumented Democrats get their kids’ sniffles checked for free, you can always show up at the emergency room wearing one of these:


Then again, given President Downgrade’s dictate against deporting illegal aliens, it might just get you laughed at.

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Aug 30 2011

Obama Still Popular With Domestic Muslims

Barack Hussein Obama’s approval has sunk to a disastrous 38% according to Gallup. But there is a group very happy with his performance — Muslims:

In contrast to the majority of the general public dissatisfied with the nation’s direction, 56 percent of the estimated 2.75 million American Muslims said they are satisfied, the survey showed. Seven out of 10 view President Barack Obama’s tenure favourably.

For a group of people sworn to the destruction of our way of life, what’s not to like about Obama?

Even including the many converts that are made in our prisons, two thirds of the Muslims in America were born in other countries. Ninety percent of them voted for Democrats in 2008.

It’s nice to know there are Americans whose interests our anti-American president represents.


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Aug 30 2011

Obama’s Flying Magical Misery Tour Buses

Remember how Comrade Obama reached out to the Heartland he so clearly despises with a Midwestern bus tour? He blew $2.2 million on twin Canadian-made buses for the tour. But spending our money on sinister-looking buses is one thing; actually riding them is another. Reportedly, the Manchurian Moonbat actually flew from point to point, then rode a bus from the airport for show:



Like Obama, the buses were flown from place to place — at staggering public expense.

Here I was thinking that his foolish bus tour never really got off the ground.

The word fake seems feeble when applied to Obama.

Good thing he had that long vacation at Martha’s Vineyard to rest up after this grueling road trip.

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