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Nov 30 2011

Open Thread


Compliments of Jim Lavery.

Nov 30 2011

Bob Beckel Defends Union Intemperance

Bloated left-wing hack Bob Beckel has the ultimate dirty job: defend the left no matter how egregious its excesses. Below he resorts to the race card to justify union slobs drinking and smoking dope while they are supposed to be manufacturing parts for the military:


“The guy that did that story is a right-wing… the guy has gone out of his way to be a right-winger, he’s a wingnut… interestingly enough did you notice there’s no white people in that?”

There you have it: liberal debating skills in their rawest essence. How dare you show us something we don’t want to see? Racist!!!

A free clue for a guy who needs one: the factory is in Detroit. That’s why the workers (or rather slackers) are black.

Via, on a tip from Shawn.

Nov 30 2011

I Am Vengeance, I Am Night, I Am Sick of Smelly Commies

Batman takes on tantrum-throwing Occupy Wall Street children:

On a tip from Scott.

Nov 30 2011

The Grinch Who Redistributed Christmas Faces the Wrath of the Donald

Donald Trump may not be presidential material — but he comes closer than Obama. Here the Donald tears the Manchurian Moonbat a new one for wrecking the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree with his endless greedy fundraising:

Via Gateway Pundit, on tips from Secret Squirrel and Mickey Shea.

Nov 30 2011

Diet Czarina Michelle Obama Pigs Out on Chocolate Sculpture

While the Moonbat Messiah plays golf and campaigns, the Bitter Half keeps up a demanding schedule of her own:

First lady Michelle Obama enjoyed a lovely evening at Co Co. Sala on F Street on Monday night. A Yeas & Nays source tells us she dined with seven friends for dinner and, of course, dessert — which featured an edible chocolate sculpture and house-made artisanal chocolates by Chef Santosh Tiptur.

The woman with the edible chocolate sculpture on her face is the same one who has bullied restaurants into taking French Fries off their kiddy menus.

For dessert, chocolate sculptures.

On tips from Whotothewhat and Blue.

Nov 30 2011

Nice Work if You Can Get It

But then, in the Obama economy, any work is nice if you can get it. Regarding the Moonbat Messiah, Crispie Creme Christie has been wondering, “What the hell are we paying you for?” Here’s what: to show up for work after noon and then spend what’s left of the day campaigning for reelection as the country circles the drain. Don’t take my word for it; here’s his official schedule for the day:


On a tip from Mary.

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