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Apr 24 2013

Open Thread


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Apr 24 2013

John Kerry Compares Boston Marathon Bombing to Israel’s Defensive Measures

Consider that despite flinging outrageous calumnies at the US military over the course of decades, Hanoi John Kerry was made the No. 1 diplomatic representative of the USA. Consider that Israel is our closest ally in the Middle East — and after what Obama has done to alienate Britain and Canada, close allies are becoming ever more precious. Then consider this:

Secretary of State John Kerry is under fire for comparing the Boston Marathon bombing victims to Turkish activists killed by Israel when they tried to break a naval blockade.

The Republican Jewish Coalition is calling on Kerry to retract the statement or risk the world thinking America has “lost its moral bearings.”

If we hadn’t lost our moral bearings, the person who appointed Kerry wouldn’t have been in a position to give him the job.

Relatives of the nine Turkish activists killed by the Israeli Defense Force in the 2010 raid say their relatives were killed in cold blood while trying to render humanitarian aid to Gaza residents.

But Israel, a longstanding U.S. ally, has released video showing the activists beating Israeli soldiers with metal sticks and chairs as they boarded their boat, the [Jerusalem] Post reports, adding that the IDF reported that metal rods, sharp metal objects, sticks, clubs, hammers, firebombs and gas masks were found on board.

The objective of the activists was to aid and abet Palestinian terrorists. Only a moonbat well versed in the liberal art of moral equivalence could equate terrorist sympathizers with terrorist victims.

No one who wished America well would pick a treasonous left-wing jackass like John Kerry to be Secretary of State.

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The worst conceivable man for the job.

Apr 24 2013

Importing More Homosexuals With the Amnesty Bill

When you consider the disgusting acts they perform and the lethal diseases acquired thereby, you may wonder why anyone chooses to be a homosexual. Evidently some have their reasons, and soon they may have one more — to be allowed into the USA, where they can climb aboard the welfare gravy train, after the Democrat–RINO alliance rams through amnesty:

Democrats are treading carefully when it comes to a proposed addition to the bipartisan immigration overhaul. It would let gay Americans sponsor their partners in other countries for visas…

Sen. Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat, is expected to offer the provision as an amendment.

Naturally some new arrivals will only be gay for a day; like our welfare system, our immigration system is deliberately designed to be gamed.

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Here come the gay Mexicans.

Apr 24 2013

Roadside America

Outside VFW hall in Lincoln, Nebraska:


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Apr 24 2013

Quote of the Day

An anonymous coworker summed up the spirit of the times after 20-year-old Bernard Goal was arrested for making air rifles in his New York University dorm room:

“It’s very scary to know there were [BB] guns one floor below me. I had no idea.”

It is hoped that with counseling, the coworker can pull through this traumatic experience without sustaining permanent psychological scarring.

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Apr 24 2013

NPR/PBS Propagandist Peter Sagal: Constitution Is the Tinkerbell of National Charters

Another to file under Your Tax Dollar at Work:

Peter Sagal, host of NPR’s highly entertaining “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” is planning a new PBS special on the US Constitution. In an interview with Politico, Sagal explains that he will be using the show to “educate” Americans about our government’s framing document.

Here Sagal makes clear what sort of opinion he will be educating viewers that it is correct to hold regarding the Constitution:

“The Constitution is only as alive as we collectively have decided it is today. I’ve been calling it the Tinkerbell of national charters because Tinkerbell only lives if you clap, right? Or if you say, ‘I do believe in fairies, I do!’ It’s like this: ‘I do believe in civics, I do!’ And everybody believes in it, and we move on. And it’s an amazing phenomenon.”

Every time you pay federal taxes, you are paying the likes of Sagal to present highly toxic moonbattery to the well-to-do liberal elitists who comprise his audience.

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Sagal: Probably a bigger fan of Tinkerbell than of the Constitution.

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