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Apr 25 2012

Greenies Trash Park on Earth Day

Nothing could be more emblematic of the irresponsibility, self-indulgent slovenliness, and hypocrisy of moonbats than the aftermath of their sanctimonious Earth Day festivities. Here’s what San Francisco’s Fort Mason park looked like when they were done praising Gaia in honor of Vladimir Lenin’s birthday:

Fort Mason

Via SFist, on tips from Bob Roberts and Whotothewhat. Hat tip: Fox Nation.


SFist posted an update denying that the San Fransickos responsible for the mess were green activists.

  • Sam

    Meanwhile, we have a Dem Senator doubling down on stupid — saving the USPS with wind farms.

  • AvatarOfThey

    “…praising Gaia in honor of Vladimir Lenin’s birthday…”

    Are you insinuating the personality cult of Vladimir Lenin is linked with environmentalism? Given that his biggest political cause was industrializing Russia, I somehow doubt that.

  • lao

    It’s pretty funny that blunt’s link to SFist shows an update there.

    Fox Nation Sees Trash In San Francisco, Fabricates Entire Story To Blame Green Activists

    To set the record straight here, the people partying on Fort Mason Green last Saturday would hardly identify themselves as part of any particular group that promoted anything other than getting drunk on cheap beer. There was no organized Earth Day celebration, and (perhaps more to the point) the partying occurred on April 21st. Which would be the day before Earth Day, for those keeping score at home.

  • Joe

    Libs are the laziest, dumbest, most dependent (as opposed to independent) sheeple ever to infect the face of the earth, that they claim to want to protect. I wish it would open up and swallow all of them. Would it hurt them to pick up their own trash, or would that be taking some overpaid city worker’s union job? Jerks.

  • StanInTexas

    Lao, if you had bothered to go to the FoxNation link, you would have seen that the story about these earth-concious Liberals trashing a park originated with The Huffington Post.

    Good job of missing the point in your all-out zeal to blame Fox for anything you don’t like!

  • Doug

    low: is the SFist what you feel up your bunghole everyday?

  • lao

    stanwee, look at the headlines and tell me who is spinning.

    A Tale of Five Headlines.

    SFist: Marina Partiers Leave Behind Massive Fort Mason Mess

    Huffington: San Francisco Parks Trashed On Earth Day: Celebrations Are Not Very Eco-Friendly, Huge Messes Left Behind

    Fox Nation: Green Activists Trash Park on Earth Day

    Gateway Pundit: It Figures… Green Activists Completely Trash Park on Earth Day

    Moonbattery = Greenies Trash Park On Earth Day

  • StanInTexas

    They all say the same thing, Lao.

    The earth-saving Liberals are the ones that trashed the park. Liberal sites reported it and you are whining about Fox????

    We already know what a pathetic and whiney little girl you are Lao. You do not need to keep proving it to us.

  • lao

    Too funny. You can’t help your own delusions can you stanwee?

    The headlines DON’T “all say the same thing.”

    The three far right sources blame “Green Activists” or “Greenies”. You will not find those words in the other headlines, nor will you find them in the articles at those sources themselves.

  • StanInTexas

    That’s right, becasue the HuffPo and SFist are biased and lying. They are trying to portray the events as without politics or agenda.

    The other three are ACCURATELY reporting that this was a meeting of tree-hugging LIBERALS that made their impotent “Save The EARTH” statements and then trashed the area.

    The Liberal sites were biased while the Conservative sites told the truth.

  • lao

    LOL!! Poor stanwee has lost it completely.

    I see that blunt has now noted the SFist update.

    You claim SFist is “biased and lying” yet their original article and pictures were the SOURCE for all the others.

  • Doug

    I see, if low links to ‘Media Matters’ and ‘Fisting in SF’ then it’s true. If you dare to link to Fox news, then look out, George Soros’ peons will attack!

  • StanInTexas

    Lao, I have to admit that it looks like the mess was made by random partiers and NOT the greenies.

  • wingmann

  • Sinister66

    Too Funny

    “Fox Nation Sees Trash In San Francisco, Fabricates Entire Story To Blame Green Activists”

    The pictures are from a party the day before earth day.

    Earth day is about as stupid as arbor day.

  • wingmann

    Ahhh the greenies.
    And a nice update from the “godfather” of global warming!
    “James Lovelock just admitted this week that he does not know what the climate will do”

    Falls in the category of No Sit Sherlock.


  • lao

    Thanks for publicly backing down StaninTexas.

    Your @12:10 was a sudden 180 degree flip from your previous assertions.

  • StanInTexas

    Loa, you are a prick. I said I was wrong. It happens.

    Guess I’ll have to go back to constantly pointing out the lies you tell and then REFUSE to admit, like the pissy litte BITCH that you are!

  • AC

    Who made the mess then? A RKBA rally?

  • lao

    LOL!! Oh good, there’s the whiny, and lying little stanwee I am used to.

    When I make demonstrated mistakes I acknowledge them.

    I make far, far, far, fewer mistakes than you do and, unlike you, I don’t have to lie because I’m always on the side of reality, as this thread clearly demonstrates.

  • Doug

    low’s reality: men lust after other men’s hairy, sweaty asses.

    He’s definitely on that side.

  • wingmann

    lao says:
    April 25, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    “I don’t have to lie”


    Are you an America?
    What genger are you?
    Do you get paid to be here?

  • Winston Smith

    It was even worse after the Obamas installation as the Manchurian Moonbat Messiah Jan 20, 2009. The place looked a bomb had gone off – trash, signs and debris all over the entire area.

  • lao

    I am not an “America” (sic), and, neither is anyone else. That word generally applies to the nation called the U.S.A.

    I have no idea what a “genger”(sic) might be, let alone that there may be different kinds. I occasionally use ginger when I cook.

    As I have said repeatedly, I come here for the laughs. Laughs, at the expense of the moonbattery parrots of course.

    This thread and the Google Algorithms thread are perfect examples of the fun I find here.

    Also, I have no obligation to respond to repeated requests for personal information.

  • KHarn


    Why are you here? I thought you would be JERKING OFF to the news that Schumer is threatening to over-rule the Supreme Court.

  • SR

    Still looks better than a OWS Rally.

  • StanInTexas

    Lao, you have been caught in more lies than anyone here can count. But after you quissel and equivocate and EXPLAIN what you meant (usually adding words that were not in the original posts) you claim victory and run away.

    You are a delusional ass who occasionally amuses us. And you proved what an ignorant prick you can be by gloating. I was wrong and admitted I was wrong. You have NEVER done that, even when you were monumentially wrong.

    THAT is the differnece between you and the rest of the people here.

  • lao

    LOL stanwee, you might notice @12:17 I congratulated you for acknowledging your error. I even used your full handle.

    It looks to me like you’ve lied about 14 times in this thread so far. The only comment of yours that DIDN’T contain a lie was @12:10.

  • StanInTexas

    Oh, so now in LaoWorld, being an arrogant PRICK is congratulations?

    Piss off Lao.

  • lao

    LOL!! @12:17 I said: Thanks for publicly backing down StaninTexas.

    I acknowledged your statement, thanked you for it and addressed you by your full handle. Where’s the arrogance in that remark?

    Your @12:10 was a sudden 180 degree flip from your previous assertions.

    That remark is a simple statement of fact and there’s no arrogance there either.

    @12:00, ten minutes prior to your admission, you were making multiple lying claims that bore no resemblance to reality.

  • wingmann

    Let me try again so you may understand…

    No you don’t have any obligation to respond to personal requests…I just wanted to know IF YOU ARE FROM AMERICA?
    Silly of me I guess to ask simple questions that you cannot give an answer.

  • lao

    Even though you paraphrased the answer I DID give, you’re not happy with it.

    The answers to your questions are none of your business.

    Since you previously asked if I get paid to post here, (I don’t) it’s obvious that you have already formed stupid preconceptions that have no basis in reality.

    A casual look at comments from the parrots will assure you that you are not alone. Profane attacks, homophobic slurs and other ignorant claims are a source of great amusement to me.

  • wingmann

    So you are not an AMERICAN and you are not sure what gender you are…got it

  • Bubba

    It’s nice that I can zip through all the intelligent comments so fast just by skipping the ones that start with “lao says”.

  • lao

    LOL!! Thanks for proving my point wingy.

  • wingmann

    Why are you so afraid to answer two simple questions?
    What is it you fear?
    OK…just one then…

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  • lao


    I didn’t say I was afraid to answer. I said the answer was none of your business.

  • AvatarOfThey

    Lao: The source you’ve linked to says the story is a fabrication.

    Moonbattery’s response: You’re a lying gay commie. What country are you from?

  • LastStandingAmericans

    Bless Glenn Beck

  • lao

    LOL!! Avatar, that pretty much covers it.

    The Google Algorithms header was a fabrication too as I quickly demonstrated.

  • LMMA

    Lao is an Obama, NAACP, ACLU, SCIU, NATIONAL COMMUNIST PARTY organizer and supporter. Which means he’s making over 80k a yr and still collecting food stamps and unemployment while simultaneously committing voter fraud and Treason.

  • LMMA

    Sorry, did I mention a Muslim radical Jihadist / sodomist

  • lao

    Don’t forget a pedophile who preys on underage boys. That’s bobby’s favorite.

  • lao

    And of course I am regularly attacked by being called every profane slur known to the English language.

    Do you get the impression I might be a thorn in the far right side?

  • Grunt

    No, Laouse isn’t an American; his previous posts (since I don’t archive and log obsessively, I cannot point to exactly where) indicate mention that he’s a Canadian.

    ‘Lao concedes’ is a huge pile of horsesh*t; you don’t concede, Laouse, you conveniently ignore or stop responding to folks who ask you questions you don’t like. Bob Roberts, StanInTexas, kHarn, Fiberal and AC are just a few you have done this to–repeatedly.

    Far as I know, LaoBlow is being a tool for free, perhaps in the hopes that his liberal Domme will give him a pat on the head and a sugar cube as he removes the prickly jackfruit from his rectum.

    Now, all that fun-ness aside, why did this discussion degrade into conversation about the resident smegmite?

    Thought this thread was more about the hippy-dippies who chant to gaia under the influence of drugs when they find time to leave Mom’s basement.

    And yeah, you have to laugh at the huge scale hypocrisy our Watermelon-greenies espouse, from $30K utility bills and beach-front properties (they claim will be submerged under 20 plus feet of water when the ice-caps melt) all the way to releasing test animals and blowing up animal shelters or killing the animals they claim to save, Hypocrites find great company on the left.

    Don’t they, Laouse?

  • Grunt

    At best, Laouse, you’re an idiot savant with a computer.

    While you obsess and count posts, we go on to actually have lives.

    A thorn in the side? More like gum on the shoe.

  • lao

    Too funny grunt. Before you go on at too great a length regarding what this thread is about, try clicking the SFist link blunt has so helpfully provided and read the update that he also mentions.

  • LMMA

    I get the impression your a weak person who, for whatever reason, hates our country. Impossible to love our way of life and have your views Lao. I like to antagonize and instigate, prod someone. I do that with sports. This is our way of life. This is not playing. 38Trillion in unfunded liabilities in Medicade alone. Just watch this. This ignorant MSNBC host gets her own education in respect. Careful who your challenging is a nice moral to this!

  • lao

    (rolls eyes)

    So blunt posts a thread which, just like FOX Nation and Gateway Pundit, is a total fabrication. See the headlines posted @11:49 to see how they parrot each other.

    I pointed out the fabrication by noting how the ORIGINAL SOURCE for the story, called them on it.

    This, apparently, makes me a weak person who, for whatever reason, hates our country.

    Actually, I hate lies, and I like to laugh at them when they are presented here.

  • Grunt

    Doesn’t change the fact that Greenies are top-drawer hypocrites, Loause. The funny part is, when NBC made a deliberate effort to colour the Martin/Zimmerman incident as a “race based crime”, I don’t remember hearing you shouting down NBC’s actions. Face it…you’re just as big a hypocrite as they are.

    Oh, and lest I forget, Princess; it’s YOU who keeps coming here; WE do not seek you out…it’s the other way around. What a good little MOBY; do as you’re told, don’t make waves, have another sip of Kool-Aid

    Might I recommend the French Guyana flavoured kind?

  • 762×51

    wingmann says:
    April 25, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    No he’s an asshole.

    Lao is a Cambodian word meaning “shining turd”.

  • Grunt

    Oh, hey…this might be a little old…but it is on the whole “misplaced media” vein. Check it out.

    An’ another…

    This little tidbit comes from the whole Martin/Zimmerman debacle, and how it’s odd that ABC seems to get all these “exclusives” on the case before anyone else. This link deals with the call that allegedly occurred between “DeeDee” and Trayvon on the night he was shot. Unfortunately, those that looked at this as an asset to Martin’s benefit failed to notice that the timestamp on the call is listed as Pacific time; Florida is in the Eastern time zone.

    Do I smell more dishonesty in the media? Say it ain’t so! And this is supposed to be a “trusted” news source? Follow links out from the page that first link takes you to…it just gets juicier from there.

    **Breitbart was here**

  • baboy

    Lao has sex with young boys. Jus’ sayin.

  • wingmann

    Damn lao…it’s really simple

  • Tim from TK

    lao says: April 25, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    “I don’t have to lie”

    I see, you don’t “have to” lie, you just do it for practice ? Force of habit ? Makes you all warm and fuzzy ?

  • Nathaniel M

    Greenies or just plain partiers…that really sucks all ’round! I love Fort Mason and the Marina. Bunch of f++kin’ louts. Grrrrrrr

  • karasukanzaemon

    Riiiight… And Lenin/Stalin weren’t really communists. All their atrocities are not attributable to communism. And all the progs didn’t really love ‘fascism’ before Hitler. And, so on and so forth. It must have been Bush or some U.S. Military personnel who went to SF with their coffee table and Coors and left all this trash. Gotta be.

  • TED
  • TED
  • mojo

    Greenies, grifters – same thing.

  • Geoada

    Instead of railing on about what lao says or doesn’t say why don’t we all just ignore it. It is there as it says to provoke a response and then sit back and laugh. Let’s all share a laugh as all of its comments get NO further response from anyone. YES I deliberately used the “it” to describe lao, nothing else would fit or suit its comments

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