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Apr 26 2012

Dem Senator: Offshore Wind Farms Can Save Floundering Post Office

Other than exert force, there is nothing government can do as well as the private sector. This includes delivering the mail, as the never-ending troubles of the USPS confirm. But wait — Demorrhoids have found a green solution. Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) explains that we can save the Post Office by storing electricity from offshore wind farms in the batteries of its aging delivery trucks. I’m not making this up:

At least the Dem-controlled Senate makes itself useful by providing employment to people who would otherwise be lying on their backs in straitjackets, scribbling on rubber walls with crayons held between their toes.

On tips from Sam, Stormfax, Byron, DaddyOD, Bob Roberts, and Shawn.

  • christopher pool

    This would be a lot more convincing if the other senators were saying …oh, man….far out….

  • JNN

    Its statements like this that make me laugh at the radical left’s claim of mental superiority.

  • James McEnanly

    This is a gentle reminder that the words ‘Senate’ and ‘Senile’ have the same Latin root. I have also noticed that Vice President Joe Biden is also from Delaware.

  • pygmy rattler

    Senator Carper, you are a windfarm, blowing CO2 I might add.

  • Swamp Music

    This is possibly the funniest thing I have seen at Moonbattery. It’s all fun and games until an island flips upside down.

  • gemalo

    I don’t want anymore of my tax dollars going to pay chuckleheads like this. You have got to be sh***ing me. What other marvelous ideas has this clown come up with? I don’t know who is stupider, him, or the folks that sent him to Washington.

  • angryK9

    If you needed proof of the complete stupidty of polictians, look no further. No surprise that he is a democrat. And from Delaware.

  • Hybrid Lemon

    Get the Post Office to switch to Chevy VOLTS…what a concept!

    For nostalgia buffs, your mail will arrive in the same amount of time as the 1861 Pony Express.

    Mail your Christmas cards by August 1 to guarantee delivery by December 24.

  • grayjohn

    This man is mentally retarded. No concept of how old batteries in old vehicles can’t store anything!! MORON! I’d be afraid the whole East Coast might capsize.

  • rinardman

    “…tha…that’s an idea that’s sorta out there.”

    Far Out there, Man! Groovy!

    Methinks Senator Tom took a few too many trips, in the ’60s.

  • metprof


  • Festivus

    Strap a turbine to this tool’s pie hole and it just might work.

  • Jimbo

    And if they hang those wind turbines above ground with sky hooks and send the electricity via wireless transmission, then Delaware politicians and moonbats everywhere will be free from ridicule.

    Until then; I truly believe liberals are a subspecies that is too stupid to vote.

  • Clingtomyguns

    And if the laws of physics and thermodynamics rudely intrude on this visionary Democrat’s plans about storing energy, Carper’s going to feed his magic pony organic pixie dust and store its farts in giant colorful gay pride balloons so the postal service can just fill up their new fleet vehicles any time they like.

  • Beef

    What is it with Delaware? Lead water pipes? Mercury in the fish?

  • Conan

    Jesus Christo, NOTHING good comes from Deleware! This moron is DUMBER than Biden!

  • Windmills off the coast? Better talk to the Kennedy Klan about that one…

    OMG! What a SFB! He has zero understanding of any of the technologies he’s proposing to blend. He’s got rice pudding between his ears.

    Add this idiot’s pension and Cadillac health care plan to the unfunded liabilities that taxpayers will be covering for the next several decades.

  • Walt in DC

    Why isn’t Carper wearing a propeller beany?

  • Dmgore

    Whats with that weird smiling tic he’s doing?

  • CR

    That guy is too dumb to realize his own ignorance. If that’s what passes for a senator then we are all doomed. If I send him a shiny new car battery, will he try to plug it into ‘the grid’? I want some video of that.

  • Eric
  • Dr. 9

    Senator Tom Carper is living (?) proof that our form of govt. no longer works. He also reminds us that “tar and feathering” incompetent public officials is a lost art that should be reinstated. NOW!

  • Maybe the Hot Air from his Piehole will blow the mail to us, what a asshat! Where did they dig this ass up From?

  • Bob Roberts

    If only the DEMOCRATS didn’t fight so hard AGAINST building those wind farms! It’s true, Teddy Kennedy was one of the staunchest opponents of a wind farm off his beloved Martha’s Vinyard, a prime location (based on winds) for one such development. Of course he couldn’t be seen as “anti-green” so he swapped issues with some other Democrat, who was the public face of his opposition.

  • Red Dawn

    We have got to repeal the 17th amendment.

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