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May 28 2012

Too Ignorant

I can’t say it because it would be racist. Fortunately this guy says it for me:

On a tip from Shawn.

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  • Reaganite Republican

    He shouldn’t make such sweeping generalizations, only 95% voted for Obama

  • gerry

    Interesting Find and On Point…

  • http://@johneastborough John Eastborough

    Says it all. I have nothing to add.

  • Michelle

    Super impressive!!

  • Goldenfoxx

    Trayvon’s father speaking to his people. Excellent!

  • IslandLifer

    Sometimes the truth is a bitter pill. Yes, yes, and YES

  • artfldgr

    I wish he was my neighbor…
    I would love neighbors like him…

  • Sandy


  • Path

    I like this man and what he says and, yes, I would like to have this man as my neighbor.

  • trailertrash

    I would love him as my neighbour too. In fact I would like to have a whole neighbourhood like him. Won’t happen though

  • Rich

    he is wrong when he says there are 13 million illegals in the USA..
    Check out the CAPS 2007 Study that suggests up to 38 million illegal aliens occupy the USA..
    the news media sure as hell will always use a lesser number that has been used for the past decade…….

  • Jim – PRS

    I would love to see him have a “chat” with Maxine Waters.

  • Marian

    I’m just guessing this won’t be covered by the mainstream media…

  • angryK9

    I think we just found Mitt’s VP candidate.

  • Henry

    RAAAAAAAAC… oh, never mind.

  • GaBoy1951

    Sport…I could easily be called a racist…but I would be honored to have you as my next door neighbor.

  • FuzzyRider

    SO refreshing!

  • Mary

    Don’t get distracted. Much as I am happy to see a few good Black men tackling the disease within their own communities, we need our good people to focus —in a laser sharp fashion–on what is good FOR US.

    Here is a brand new website that seeks to do just that: The White Network!

  • Alwaysright

    This guy needs his own T.V. show. He won’t get it though, because he has too much common sense. He hit the nail on the head and kept pounding. I love him!

  • LMMA

    Please make him head of the NAACP!
    Now that’s an advancement.

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    He reminds me of a coworker some 25 years back.
    He had 4 daughters and worked two jobs because he said his family tree was dirt poor and his goal in life was to put all four through college and break that cycle.
    He was ragged on something fierce by other blacks for “raising them white”
    I asked him once what their problem was, and he told me that means four less pieces of ghetto meat for them.
    He also said the couple times his girls attempted to bring home a “ni**er” they were “thrown out on their *sses”

  • G. Helsing

    He’s great. Cosby says the same stuff and gets vilified for it. Especially striking is the truth he told about illegals. The black “leaders” (scumbags Sharpton and Jackson) sold out their own people on this issue. Multiple studies prove that illegals have priced blacks out of work.

  • Joek Loth

    Man, I’d love to hang-out with that guy!! He is too f*ckin highlarious!!!! And everything he said was
    “TRUE DAT”!!! Except for the sexy part!!
    “I AINT DONE…!!!”

  • Rob Banks
  • Judith M.

    Wow! He really nailed it. If the black community heeded his advice, we’d wipe out 95% of the disparity between white and black achievement.

  • grayjohn

    Holy shit! Dude! Wow! More please.

  • Bloodless Coup

    Compared to the Chris Rock video that this gentleman refers to on this video, he was somewhat soft spoken in the way that he expresses his opinion.

  • Bloodless Coup

    Here is the link to the aforementioned Chris Rock video.

  • Marty

    God I love that guy. He needs to run for Preezie of the United Steezie!

  • chuck in st paul

    the unvarnished truth hiding in plain sight. Of course 90% of blacks will not even listen to this because it takes away all their excuses. They’d much rather listen to Sharpton and Jesse Jerkoff who feed their rationalization for being a loser.

  • James

    Oh no! Uncle Tom alert! We have plenty of White people who behave the same way. He probably has a good job, nice home, good family, strong religious and moral beliefs, and does not blame the Honkies for everything; in short, not a Democrat Party stooge.

  • LarryG

    I’ve been saying the same things for years and I’m racist for it. The truth is what it is regardless of the source.

  • Dr. 9

    What has always amazed me is how many White people don’t know the difference between black people, and niggers. And, that difference is huge! Yes, i know that “niggers” come in all colors, not just black.

    Generally speaking. niggers, Demoncrats, and leftists see black people as being White, because those black people are not rioting, protesting, or marching for more handouts. They’re busy working, paying their bills, and raising their children to be, responsible adults. RESPONSIBLENow there’s a word that niggers hate and Demoncrats fear.

  • A. Levy

    Unfortuntely, the gentleman in the video, along with other sensible and intelligent black people, like Thomas Sowell, Alan West, and others, are not the ones the MSM loves to portray, because they’re not victims. And, they can’t be exploited as the left, Demoncrats, and the MSM love doing to blacks. Like women and gays, blacks have become political props of the left. But, it’s quite obvious from this video, and the few names i listed above, they can’t do it to all blacks.

  • TrickleUpPolitics

    The best place to hide something from a nigger is in a book. Priceless.

  • http://14 Cameraman

    Just Great! Man up and see what Happens, this should be viewed by the entire Obama Base! (Required) Semper Fi

  • Victoria Winters

    This man is many I knew years ago, however all we ever hear about or seem to know are some kind of angry and disrespectful persons, of which I blame the mother for not showing respect and waiting to have the “Talk” of respect when they reach 13, this is something you teach shile growing up to all people.

  • susan


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