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May 28 2012

Not Hiring Until Obama Is Gone

Not every company is going to state the policy on its vehicles. But there is no doubt that Bill Looman isn’t the only employer just holding on tight, trying to survive until Obama is out of there:

Once Hopey Change is history, it will be safe to invest in employees again. If Obama loses, the recovery will begin before he even leaves office.

On a tip from Gerry.

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  • modd kenwood

    Obama is toast in November

  • Jester

    The Obama administration will be filing suit against this company in 3…2…1…

  • Jim

    Breitbart on the 2012 election….

  • Alxandro

    You know his minions will try to take full credit for the instant economic recovery almost immediately after Obama leaves office by claiming that it will be result of Obama’s policies.

  • Subotai Bahadur

    Do not have a business, but if I had one I would have been paring down to the bone as far as staffing is concerned long ago. And the presence of Obama bumper stickers on cars in the parking lot could have been a factor in layoff decisions.

    Subotai Bahadur

  • grayjohn

    Sign on OWS scumbag, “Not working until Obama is gone”

  • DeepWheat

    Bill Looman was at the Rally for Common Sense outside Jefferson City MO on Sat May 19th, where he spoke to the crowd from the stage and in small groups on the side all day long… he’s a genuine American patriot and a well-spoken gentleman who deserves better from his government.. as do we all!

    “Our freedom is not for sale, and we reserve the right to defend it from theft.” ~ Doctor Zero, aka John Hayward

    “Ask not what your TEA Party can do for you…” ~ DeepWheat

  • Aridog

    Obama must go, no question. Same for the Democratic majority in the Senate, while retaining the Republican majority in the House….and they all need to get their act together and drop the pandering. To accomplish anything, all four need to occur….otherwise, stalemate.

    The next thing that must occur, I repeat, must(!!) occur is for Congress to stop passing laws with short tern sunset provisions, regardless of sponsor, especially those involving financial management and taxes. Until this short term sunset nonsense is stopped, no business is going to plan further ahead than the sunset date, and if the date is too short term, they’ll not hire diddly squat….because it costs too much to train new people, and expand facilities, and then have the cost of their employment rise through taxes of various kinds. This is not rocket science, and just about anyone from poverty level to immense wealth would react the same way if asked to invest in a future that as a short term “use by date.”

    Next, Congress needs to stop (ignorantly?) writing vague laws and resolutions. The Executive Office needs to stop encouraging the same. The reuslt of vagueness in legislation is “agency interpretation & rule making” that has the force of law, even when never intended by the legislators. Under agency rule making, you are guilty until you can prove your own innocence, if you can afford to (no attorney will be provided) by a preponderance of evidence. sound backwards to you? It is. Period. It is the method of autocracy. Or dictatorship….you will know when that evolves by the fact you’ll no longer have the opportunity to prove your innocence. At least in autocracy, a few who can afford it, have a slight prayer in Hades of doing so. Most times, an aggressive agency can delay and out wait you, until your money is gone. Good luck.

  • jackchrista

    Democrats agree with Obama ─ ‘want more taxes’ ( Not most DINOs ).
    Consumers vote with their pockets! Consumer confidense is down (FOX NEWS).

  • TrickleUpPolitics

    Great new Romney ad on Obama’s “public equity” experience.

  • just sayin

    I wish I needed to hire a crane. I’d be calling this man.

  • Catblaster

    As someone who finds themselves needing to re-enter the workforce, I can attest that it is bad out there and not likely to get better. We’re small business owners since 2004 and have seen things get steadily worse from 2007 (the democrat takeover of Congress) to late 2008 (October to be precise). Then things started to plummet but we’ve been able to hold on until now. Now, instead of helping the business gratis I must find outside employment to make ends meet. The problem? I’m 49 and have been out of the ‘official’ workforce since 2006. I think it’s safe to say it’s going to be darn near impossible for me to find a job–any job–until obastardo and his minions are out of DC. Hope we can hold on until then! Fingers and toes crossed anyway.

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