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May 29 2012

Tomorrow’s News Today

Here’s what will likely happen if Obama is reelected, and the shock of grown-ups realizing that it will be another four years before a meaningful recovery can begin helps Ben Bernanke bring down the dollar:

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  • justme

    The only part I don’t see happening in their timescale is the run on the supermarkets.

    Since such a large part of the nation now feeds itself with foodstamps and welfare, those individuals will not see the need to run to the supermarkets. In fact, for them a total financial meltdown will have no effect until the first of the month when their benefit checks arrive.

    As hyperinflation sets in, the supermarket shelves will go bare. It would be a few days though, then the looting and burning will occur. The usual suspects looting sprees need something to rally around and justify the looting.

    The TEA Party will be scapegoated.. Far worse than they have been up to now. They will be the victims of mob social justice run wild and George Soros, assuming he is still alive – will reap hundreds of Billions in a destroyed US currency.

  • Mattius Maximus

    I can’t stand to think of another 4 years of this baboon’s policies, but on the other hand, I can’t wait for the shit to hit the fan. We’ll put all that apocalypse training shit to use woo hoo. BTW all of my weapons have just been cleaned and are in perfect firing condition (smiles happily).

  • GM Car Of The Future

    Better go out and buy that Chevy VOLT now, while the dollar has some value.

    Forget gold; forget silver. Buy solar panels, portable windmills, and bushels of algae.

    Your EBT cards will guarantee you all the food you and your family needs. There’s no need to worry.

    Wait… how many liberals read this blog site?

    Nevermind. :-)

  • fubar

    >>Here’s what will likely happen if Obama is reelected

    it doesn’t matter who is elected. it’s going to happen anyway.

    we’ve been warned. multiple times. “derivatives crisis”

  • fubar
  • Dr. 9

    If he’s re-elected, it will be clear proof that the American people deserve everything he does to them, and more. Perhaps then they will learn the true price of weakness and stupidity.

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