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May 29 2012

Barack’s Backstory

The more people know about Barack Hussein Obama, the less they like him — and we’re still relying largely on his probably ghostwritten autobiographies for information, since the establishment media that hyped him into office still refuses to look into his background. These days we know everything about everyone — except Obama. Ezra Levant wonders why:

On a tip from Shawn M.

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  • Sam Adams

    How many ignorant people still believe that Obama wrote “Dreams of My Father?”

  • Bastiat Fan

    Ezra, as usual, is EXACTLY RIGHT. We don’t know anything about this guy, and we have so-called “mainstream” media to thank for it.

  • IslandLifer

    Oh I know enough about him already. And his skinny little ass belongs behind bars.

  • MissAnthropy

    This was Breitbart’s central argument: our real enemy is the media.

  • Bloodless Coup

    Headline From CommieBlaster.Com

    Without Any Constitutional Authority, Usurper Obama is Personally Ordering Deaths (including Americans) on His Say Alone

  • TED
  • TED
  • Momster

    2012 — Who’s Obama

    2013 — Obama who?

  • A. Levy

    Miss Anthropy is quite right. The American people still don’t realize that one of America’s most dangerous enemies is, the MSM. It was they who put Obummer in the WH, and they did it with lies, disinformation, and manipulation. Is that really what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they gave the press unlimited Constitutional rights and protections? If that’s the case, that would mean the press has far more power than any branch of the govt., since none of them have limitless power. It also means the press has far more voice and power than the people have. Was that also intended?

    And what happens when that press, using their rights and protections, crosses the line from reporting news, to being “active political operatives” for one party? Did the Founders also intend that?

    As for We The People, how does our tolerance for all the abuses by the MSM and the govt. differ from our infectious and destructive national weakness?

  • Dr. 9

    The media has become proof that too much freedom, especially when it’s unchecked, is like too much water. Eventually, it will destroy everything in it’s path.

  • Victoria Winters

    He will go down in history as being the bisexual black president that was never born in the USA and half of America was duped into voting for him, because we are just so damn stupid and racisit! Not the media lies and we take it.

  • Eric

    Obama’s REAL history.

    Steve Barry Barak Hussein Frank Marshal Davis Jr., Obama II, Soetero, Dunham.

    Born in Kenya.
    Smuggled into the USA.
    Forged birth records to secure American citizenship.
    Paternity disputed by Barak Hussein Obama Jr.; Abandoned.
    Forfeited US Citizenship when adapted by Indoneasion nationalist.
    Attended college as Foreign student.
    Traveled illegally (for a US Citizen) to Pakistan.
    Voted Harvard Law Review President in Affirmative Action act.
    Biographies written by known US terrorist. (an inept Timothy McVay from the 60’s)

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