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May 30 2012

Michelle Obama and the Girls-Only Sub

The nice thing about giving liberals power over the military is it allows them to conduct social engineering experiments while devoting our defense resources to making PC statements:

First Lady Michelle Obama has agreed to sponsor a future submarine named after her home state that will be staffed by an all-female crew.

The USNS Illinois will cost about $2.7 billion. No word yet on the color scheme.

The Navy recently launched the USNS Cesar Chavez, but so far as I know, the crew isn’t all Mexican. I wonder what the makeup of the USNS Harvey Milk will be.

Next: a submarine for homosexual polar bears.

On a tip from Wiggins.

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  • that guy

    Sponsor? Does that mean she is paying for it?
    I assume the Harvey Milk will be crewed by “seamen,” of course. ;)

  • whotothewhat

    Will this Sub have different vibration settings?

  • A. Levy

    If anyone doubted the fact that We The People have become a nation of weak gullible sheep, this should put that doubt to rest. What better way to insult our military in the eyes of the world than turning it into a playground for gay leftists. And who better to deliver that message to the world than the racist, anti-American ghetto-ass some call first lady.

  • http://moonbattery czuch

    WHERES MY COUNTRY??????????????????
    2012/2013,,,,,probably sooner

  • Canis lupus

    We are doomed.

  • TrickleUpPolitics

    In the meantime, Mooshell hitches a ride on the Klingon warship.

  • Tony

    This is not true, The US Navy does not have any female Sum officers.

  • Tony

    Sorry, SUB officers

  • JamesJ

    Tony, the first Naval female officer graduated from sub school in Groton Conn last year. No female, officer or enlisted, has ever been on a sub cruise.

  • ED357

    The “Girls Only” sub would be a disaster…….

    Just how do you crew a Navy ship without any semen?

  • ED357


  • ED357



  • Val

    Well, at least women have “floating devices” permanently attached to their bodies! lol

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    When they run out of ammo, they can throw their free Government provided condoms and IUD’s at the enemy

  • Jeff

    It seems that this country has forgotten why we have a military and what military is supposed to do. And since you asked, I’ll explain it: to kill people and break things. Secondly, when not doing that, to be so well trained, lead, motivated, and equiped that it will intimidate any potential advisary into inactivity. I am sure that the rest of our enemies have taken notice that neither the Russians or the Chinese fear us.

  • Jodie

    Don’t they say that women that who live together start having their periods at the same time? I’m happy for the men who don’t have to be on that sub!

  • IslandLifer

    We are surely doomed.

  • chuck in st paul

    So we’re going to give 20 city killer nukes to a boat run by 90 Hormone Hannas who will synchronize their PMS within one lunar cycle. What could possibly go wrong with that.

    Wikileaks was the direct result of a temper tantrum from a cockholster miffed at his lover. I can’t wait to see what happens when a boatload of canyon yodelers get upset.

  • chuck in st paul

    Perhaps they should rename the boat “SSBN PMS”. Every four weeks it swells up and takes on water.

  • SR

    Don’t underestimate PMS, it’s a powerful scary weapon.

  • Heltau

    This sub could be a sub we will lose somewhere in the oceans because of bad driving, no diving procedures. However, welcome to ofuckabaa ville.

  • TeaPartyNation

    Mooch’s USS Illinois will have an all female crew, with Rosie Odonnell, Janet Reno, Oprah, Melissa Etheridge, Ellen Degeneres, Rachel Maddow and Lady Gaga all serving as honorary captains and role models.

    Next up will be the all-black sub, the all latino sub, the all union sub (which will continually be on strike), the all radical islamic jihadist muslim sub (with extra nukes), the all ILLEGAL immigrant sub (no “papers” needed to get on board), the Bawney Fwank sub (with an all LGBT crew – that goes where no real man has gone before)….

  • born in 76

    All woman? Seems sexist. Someone needs to protest this!

  • TrickleUpPolitics

    Val, that’s why they call life vests “Mae Wests”.

  • Pepperpot

    I disagree with you all. This is a good idea. Mixed crews of men and women lead to fraternization and babies (at one time 10% of one of the Air Craft Carrier’s on duty female crew came up pregnant. During the Persian Gulf war, a lot of the females were earning lots of cash on the side with their own home business.). Subs are so close quartered that this will keep that problem from happening.

    I am all for this idea.

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