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Jun 09 2012


Lanny Davis is a hard core liberal with such a strong stomach that he is best known for staunchly defending Bill Clinton in the depths of his disgrace. But even Davis is gagging on the stink that wafts out of the Oval Office now. This is what he has to say about the state of Obama 2012 campaign:

“It may be meltdown unless they come to their senses.”

It’s music to the ears:

If Cory Booker is “dead” to the Obama gang for briefly defending capitalism before his infamous trip to the woodshed, imagine what they would like to do to Davis.

Communists worldwide have always dealt viciously with anyone who deviates from the current views of the innermost ruling circle. Why would anyone expect Obama’s crew to be different?

The mask is slipping off Hope & Change.

On a tip from G. Fox.

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  • big-pete

    Davis winds up with advising Obama to get hold of his campaign people and refocus his campaign on “talking about his record” rather than trashing Romney.

    This is REALLY bad advice and the crazed kool-aid drinkers running Obama’s campaign know it. It would spell the end of an Obama second term and I fervently hope he follows it.

  • Kevin R.

    Davis wants Obama to tell his campaign that he, Obama, doesn’t want to trash Romney – he wants to talk about his record. Davis thinks Obama wants to talk about his record. His record of achievement.

    Davis is just as irrational as Obama. Maybe more so.

  • Fiberal

    Its amazing that a tired-out, grey old douche bag like Lanny Davis can still get attention.

    Davis always struck me as a guy who once chased someone’s daughter through the White House and would have caught her if not blocked aside by Bill Clintoon who got her at the last minute.

    Davis doesn’t have the brains to operate a pencil sharpener.

    But unfortunately, not even BO is dim-witted enough to follow any “advice” this perennial loser manages to sputter out.

  • 762×51

    Kevin R. says:
    June 9, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    Davis wants Obama to tell his campaign that he, Obama, doesn’t want to trash Romney – he wants to talk about his record. Davis thinks Obama wants to talk about his record. His record of achievement.

    My God Kevin, I almost slid out of my chair laughing at the idea that Obama would talk about his record. That is hilarious, he could do it as a standup routine, then it might make sense. Obama smells of sour cream and failure.

  • Judith M.

    Lanny is a class traitor in need of liquidation.

  • Dr. 9

    Is it just me or does anyone else smell a rat here. Don’t underestimate Davis. He’s a cunning, vicious, world-class sneak, not to mention a hard-core leftist Demoncrat. If he’s knocking Obummer, you can bet he’s got something up his sleeve. Add to that the very anti-Obummer cracks made by Bubba last week, and it’s starting to look like a revolt. Could they be laying the groundwork for Hitlary to jump into the 2012 race at the very last minute? It can’t be for 2016, since she’ll be too old. She already looks like she’s 100.

  • Clay

    I noticed that that Hilary Rosen dyke disappeared.

  • Belfast

    I liked his parrot call ‘if only he (Stalin, Hitler, Obama) knew.’
    Like it isn’t his idea, his call, his orders, his wish.

  • Dr. 9
  • Mr Evilwrench

    Ooh, there’s no time for primaries, so hitlery would have to perot the election, which would absolutely assure a mittens victory. She may be good for something after all.

  • Smaj

    No, Lannie Davis is a loyal foot soldier of the Clinton cabal. He’s doing his master’s bidding in making Bathhouse Barry look bad.

  • Winston Smith

    Yep David is a Clinton fan and wants Obama out. He figures since the damage Obama has done would averrsely affect a President Romney and the economy would go south, Hillary would be there in 2016 waiting to restore America to what Davis views as the Glory days of the 8 year Clinton administration and he would have a job with Hillary/Bill for 8 years – possibly as VP.

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