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Jul 27 2012

Standing O for Mike Kelly

The fire in the belly of countermoonbat Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA) hasn’t gone out:

Attention, Republicans: Show some spine, stand up to statism, and others will back you up.

On tips from Shawn, Hillman, and Artfldgr.

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  • TrickleUpPolitics

    Watch this Republican ask a DOJ rep repeatedly to answer a question about whether the DOJ will advance a proposal to criminalize speech against any religion…and we all know which religion that is. The UN nuts are trying to push a Defamation of Religion law.

    This reminds me of watching Eric Holder testifying to Congress and refusing to answer the question of whether there are terrorists motivated by Islam.

  • Rich

    Voted Aye for indefinite detention of U.S. without trial(NDAA)..

  • Jim

    I like this guy. My Rep is more interested in “Pacific Islanders” than me.

  • TrickleUpPolitics

    Rasmussen explains how differently Dems and Reps see the economy.

  • rrpjr

    “Attention, Republicans: Show some spine, stand up to statism, and others will back you up.”

    Right. But are you asking the impossible?

  • johnnosk

    I’d vote for him… I’m not even American and I’d vote for him!

  • Joe

    VP? Why not? We need people willing to call stupidity what it is.

  • Ghost of FA Hayek
  • AC

    Voted Aye for indefinite detention of U.S. without trial(NDAA)..

    Chance that you will be indefinitely detained as a terrorist = ______________

    Chance that economic/monetary collapse will bring chaos to your street = ______________

    I’m not saying NDAA is a non-issue, but it’s damn low in the priority list, and fortunately, it’s reversible.

  • Rich

    thats where we disagree.. NDAA is higher on the priority list than many would admit – but for anyone to sign this Gestapo type piece of ugliness and not realize how it could be used, MUST BE VOTED OUT..
    AND BTW – a 17 trillion dollar debt that will never be repaid will eventually be a nightmare for the USA..

  • Anon-Y-Mouse

    No, the McCain/Boehner/Graham faction of the Repubs will rule the day. Talk nice. Say “friends” a lot. Reach across the aisle. Compromise. Fear being called “extreme”.

    Que Willard…

  • Jimbo

    I hope all you folks bought more ammo today. Just as with income taxes – (that ‘temporary’ tax brought to you by Comrade Wilson to fund WWI) – big government won’t go away until we make it happen.

  • MicahStone

    Mike Kelly: “Take the heavy boot off the throat of American job creators!”

    I think we’ve found a REPLACEMENT for mealy-mouth, cry-baby, spineless, gutless, establishment weasel boehner as Speaker. Kelly certainly “speaks” for me – and for most Americans – in ways bumbling buffoon boehner NEVER has.

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