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Jul 29 2012

Moonbat Vulgarity Incarnate

The obnoxious vulgarity of the Left has an avatar in the blasphemous Kathy Griffin, who last year promised to aim the projectile vomit she passes off as comedy at Willow Palin. Ms. Griffin has delivered by calling the innocent 17-year-old girl a dirty whore and a future porn star.

I have heard first-hand that liberals find this tasteless piece of trash appealing. It’s possible that if I could just make sense of this, the entire mystery might come unraveled, and the progressive point of view would become comprehensible at last.

Other moonbats find her appealing.

On tips from Just TheTip, Artfldgr, and Shawn.

  • Mr. X.

    All you need is some chickens and a saw mill in the back ground. I haven’t seen Kathy in any cosmetic commercials so I assume her agent told her to make some noise or he was dropping her.

  • modd kenwood

    a vile human being

  • Val

    She makes me want to vomit! Ewww!

    Isn’t she the one who said “Suck it, Jesus!” when she won the Emmy?! Ridiculous!

  • AC

    Hollyweird would lose its power if Middle America would shut off the flow of money.

    Your cable bill, your Netflix subscription, and your CD/DVD purchases are all serving to fuel this moonbattery just as your oil purchases are funding radical Islamofascism in the Middle East.

    Conservative America needs to band together and starve the beast. The latest conservative book is a much better entertainment choice than the morally and intellectually bankrupt Hollywood rubbish which passes for entertainment these days.

  • LOL LOL!

    Kathy fall down, go boom.

    Drunken POS. As Seinfeld once said, “…years of rejections and failures till she’s spit out the bottom of the porn industry.”

  • moonbat

    There is NO difference between Republicans and Democrats.

    Wake up America!

    If voting changed anything, the criminals on the right and the criminals left would make voting ILLEGAL!

  • AC

    Just think of how many Bolivians farmers would be unemployed if not for Hollyweird.

  • AC

    Just think of how many Bolivian farmers would be unemployed if not for Hollyweird.

  • wingmann

    kathi griffin and bill maher,are as entertaining as sticking your finger through two ply toilet paper.

  • TaterSalad

    Looks like the “Chicken has come home to roost” or…………….Karma to say the least! Either way, she is a two bit whore!

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    Looks like she comes with the tar
    Anyone bring the feathers ?

    More like s**t out of the BACK of the porn industry

  • Sinister66

    moonbat says:

    Have to agree with you.
    I am hoping Romney is able to crush Obama in the election but I think reguardless the national debt will skyrocket past 21 trillion in the first two years of the next administration. We will still be fighting in the middle east and nothing will be done about obamacare.

  • FrankW

    Lets do an apples to apples comparison.
    Griffen has been plowed by how many guys? I would guess triple digits here.
    Willow is totally unknown but simple age would probably keep here under double digits.
    Willow could be a future porn star, she is moderately attractive.
    Grif wouldn’t even get hired as an off-screen fluffer.

  • Secret Squirrel

    I have a word to describe Kathy it is pakantot.

  • AC

    If Griffin stripped down on a porn set, OSHA would have to shut it down.

  • TrickleUpPolitics

    I am sad that I even know what an off-screen fluffer is.

  • MicahStone

    From the dictionary of real Americans:

    “a leftist ‘comedian’ “: a sub-adolescent spewing forth vile hatred at everyone who is NOT a blithering idiot socialist extremist using all the four-letter words, insults and misogynist slurs that were ever invented.

    …also see “degenerate @$$-hole” (or its synonym, “bill-maher”)

  • Scotty

    Out of the gutter an in to the ditch. What comes around, goes around!

  • Libtard

    I wonder what that Kathy G dog toy looked like new?

  • Ponder what would happen if the Obama daughters received the same treatment?

  • Don”t Watch her don”t know anything about Her. except she”s a Vile Lefty, Round Heel, Bag O Shyte!

  • dan

    who would know a potential whore better than a bitter washed-up worn-out one

  • Jim

    Poor Kid, washed up already and never made it past C- list supporting actor on a short run sitcom. I mean wouldn’t you be bitter.(The whole complete lack of talent aside)

  • Buffalobob

    I watched a Wild Wild West movie last night, Starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline. at first I thought Kathy Griffin was in a cameo but then I realised it was Kevin Kline in drag.

  • grayjohn

    Kathy is truly a goat testicle with legs.

  • Right Reason

    If Armageddon hit, and Kathy Griffin were the last female on earth and I were the last male …

    Bye-bye, human race.

    What a vile, contemptible, truly ugly human being.

  • Jimbo

    Yep. She’s a liberal alright. In fact, she’s one of the truest examples.

  • So What

    You could offer her up to some death row inmates as their last “request” and they wouldnt touch her even black ones, she braggs about her desire for black men. Those black men have at leastr some self esteem and charcter left

  • Judith M.

    I know some nice train tracks where Kath could sleep off that bender.

  • pottymouth

    I believe she’s sucked one too many cocks.

    Although it’s entirely possible, I might be mistaken.

    Because there’s a 50/50 chance that some of the cocks that managed to avoid her foul mouth, might have found their way up her ass.

    And therein is the problem.

    The shit that should be eliminated out of the asshole is instead rerouted out of the mouth. The frontal lobe on this bitch is actually the large intestine, therefore she has a common malady effecting almost all lefties. They have shit for brains.

    …….you may ban me now and thank me later.


  • Noelegy

    Her hair does not appear to obey the laws of gravity. It should be hanging down in the second picture, yet it’s parallel to the ground. Weird.

    I’m not surprised by a thing she says in her ongoing attempt to be shocking. She suffers from delusions of relevance.

  • Logic Mine

    If you ever wondered what FRANKENSTEIN would look like with a red wig on top of his head…..

    Well, there ya have it.

    She’s not just ugly,…she’s FUGLY!

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