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Aug 29 2011

Libs Demand Authoritarian Solutions to “Passive Overeating”

To loot and micromanage the people who provide us with food, liberals are following the playbook they used to do the same to the tobacco industry. Sometimes they follow it a bit too literally — as with the campaign against passive overeating:

Health experts blame passive overeating for global pandemic, warning in the Lancet that governments must tackle obesity now.

The dangers of passive smoking are exaggerated well beyond the point of absurdity, but at least the basic concept of second-hand smoke isn’t completely nonsensical. Apparently we’re being asked to believe that the very existence of foods regarded by our rulers as too tasty and affordable to be politically correct will make us fall prey to the obesity epidemic they’ve invented, regardless of what we choose to eat.

With tedious predictability, the article goes on to demand that the government use coercive measures to prevent private industry from providing us with food we want at a price we can afford.

Next we can expect a wave of multi-$billion lawsuits against food producers by people who blame their health problems on overeating. Our sanctimonious liberal overlords won’t be happy until we’re subsisting off government-issued generic cream of wheat.

Hat tip: David Thompson.

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  • Henry

    Prog food fascists continue the march…


    If these “scientists” are so concerned with the “Global Obesity Pandemic”, shouldn’t they be cheering on global warm…, er, climate ch…, er, global climate disruption?

  • Max

    Feds changed the definition of obesity so more people became instantly obese. has nothing to do with health & everything to do with tyranny.

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    “Let them eat peas”

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    The *LANCET* ????

    They TOTALLY discredited themselves several years ago with the wild-eyed claim that the US invasion of Iraq had caused over 650,000 civilian deaths.

    They have NO credibility any more. None.

  • Geeknerd

    The causes of childhood obesity:

    1) Few parents know how to prepare nutritious meals because the feminists stopped high school home economics classes in the 60′s because they were sexist.

    2) The illigitimacy and divorce rates mean far too many children have only one parent, without the time to prepare nutritious meals

    3) In intact families, often both parents work, to get enough money to pay their onorous tax burden, so also don’t have the time to prepare nutritious meals

    So, if you have kids but don’t want them fat, GET MARRIED and one of you TAKE A COOKING CLASS and STAY HOME TO FEED YOUR KIDS

  • Michael E. Newton

    Maybe they should teach nutrition in school instead of “gender studies.”

  • Grunt

    Would it be considered poor form of me to say…I love Cream of Wheat…? Really, I do!

    But I make my farina on my own. :D

    Geeknerd, I was in school in the 70′s and they still had Home Ec…BUT, they had revamped it considerably by then (went to school in northwestern Ohio). I remember the miserably embarrassed young boys in that class. LOL!

    Of course, my Elder Sis recalls a “balanced meal” consisting of ALL-Homemade food, and actually scoffed that the healthy meal chart also included the occasional fast-food item. And it did, too…there wasn’t this major need to vilify the occasional fast-food meal because back then, we were taught that a little indulgence was okay, but in moderation.

    Another part of the problem in kids’ weight–and I have to admit, there does seem to be a preponderance of chubby pale kids who are experts in video games and comics or cartoons–is that they aren’t getting out and socially interacting in healthier ways.

    Add that to the fact that there are fewer nuclear families and the cheaper, more easily available junk-food–and a predominant lack of skill in the preparation of wholesome, home-cooked meals (pretty much agreeing on your talking points) and voila, pudgy kids.

    Add to that the fact that nowadays, our food supply includes as many chemicals and steroids and HFCS, artificial sweeteners (Watch Sugar: Bitter Truth on youtube…it’s interesting) as it does sugars and modified ingredients.

    Vast difference from a couple generations ago…

    Luckily, we still use home-cooked food in this household…and my Daughter makes a MEAN pork chop. :)~
    The TV is usually off and the Family’s at the table, but on the rare occasion, we do go out.

    What’s interesting, is that even when we go out, the scene is normally respectful–and when we leave the table at a restaurant, the plates and such are set so the service doesn’t have to clean too much when we’re done (makes it easier to find the tip anyway!)

    Long and short, while I don’t necessarily believe obesity is an “epidemic”, I do believe it’s a growing (no pun) concern.

  • Chris in N.Va.

    OK, now, how soon can we expect a solution to the dire problems posed by close-proximity exposure to “second hand stupidity?”

    (First hand = Libs in Congress; Second hand = Lib voters that put them them)

    I figure November 2012 ought to do nicely!

  • Chris in N.Va.

    “them them” => “them there”

    Not to be confused with “them there” folks and such.

    Although, “them there” folks in Congress DO often seem more than just a tad bit confused…

  • TaterSalad

    The Agenda to bring America to its knees. It is being done by the Obama adminstration as we speak.


    Forced vaganism in the name of the wheatgerm inhailers with alfala sprouts stuck between their teeth

  • MuffinOfFun

    I love you people are so blinded by your need to hate everything the Obama white house supports that you fail to realize that child obesity is a very real problem. Kids are becoming much fatter, much earlier and in the long run can and will screw us over.
    Imagine 50 years from now in a world where no effort is given to fight child obesity. We’re a nation of fattys, military recruitment rates fall as no one is able to meet the physical fitness requirements and our military suffers greatly with the lack of troops. There are many other consequences of such inaction but that’s just one of the largest.

  • Spurwing Plover

    Muffin of fun you sound like a true liberal stupidhead

  • Anonymous

    MuffinOfFun is a Soros-monkey.

  • KHarn

    “MuffinOfFun says:August 29, 2011 at 1:00 pm”

    Yet “30 million Americans go to bed hungry”. How does that jive with the “obesity” claim? It may interest you to know that when the weight/mass ratio was found to be flawed, some idiot breuocrat adjusted it so that MORE people qualified as “obese”.

    Let’s talk about that “hunger” claim. I have searched several sites, including government sites, but have not found what qualifies as “going hungry”. On a news report I head that missing ONE MEAL A MONTH qualifies as a “hunger problem”. Alowing for a typo in the report, let’s say once a DAY; ecept that would really be “dieting”.

    The American standard for “hunger” is an insult.

  • Cameraman

    “Hey Muffin” When I was in the Marine Corp. the chubby recruits were sent to the “Fat Farm”, the Marines know how to build Men” Semper Fi

  • Garpin

    Muffintopoffun has been watching Wall-E too much.

    Gotta give her credite for equating a disagreement with the white house into hatred.

    Kharn: 100% on this one. Summation: Obese kids are starving in America — OH! The HUGE MANATEE!

  • TaterSalad

    Subject: Your typical Barack Obama supporter like MuffinOfFun it would seem.

    The attached video provides some insight to America into a typical Barack Obama supporter who has completely NO concept of what a free market, free society and capitalist system is all about. This person is what the Democratic Party prays on for their support and votes by providing “entitlements” to them, paid for by someone else who is working. This is what the conservative people of America are “up against” ………….Free Loaders! How many do you know?

  • Spurwing Plover

    And soon theyll closed McDONALDS,Burger King,Carls Jr,KFC,Jack in the Box and replace them with healthfood stores sell godawful wheatgerm barf biscuts and Yucky turnip tarts

  • Momster

    Geez, Tater Salad–I watched only a minute or so of that video and threw up in my mouth.

    Yes, the scary part is that she is allowed to vote! Now I start my day depressed. :-(

  • just a thought

    I am just wondering when it will be the “fault” of the person/child who puts the food in thier mouth? I know I can control what my “weight” will be by what i insert into my mouth and swollow!!! If i want to gain weight, i live on biscuts and gravy things, and if i am trying to fit into my skinny jeans, it is salads for a day. Is noone else out there able to control thier diet?
    Also, since mrs o has been obeese scaring, americans popluation of anorexia has been on the increase with teenagers.
    did you know that people have a short life expectency after they have anorexia? yup, it shortens thier lives, there has not been a case of “anorexia” living past 10 yrs after the diseas has been diognosed.
    Our children are already self conscience about everything,now we have to tell them they must diet all the time?

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