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Aug 29 2011

Homeland Security Update

A note to TSA agents — if you want to get away with sexually molesting little girls, make sure you do it on the job:

A city officer arrested a Spring Creek [Nevada] man Wednesday morning at the Elko Area Regional Airport, where he works for the Transportation Security Administration, on a warrant charging six counts of lewdness with a child.

The Elko County Sheriff’s Office was notified in July of possible sexual contact between David Ralph Anderson, 61, and a girl younger than 14.

That’s what happens when you bring your work home with you.

In other homeland security news, a TSA agent in Buffalo was caught helping a drug dealer slip through security:

Somehow having the federal government in charge of airport security is not making me feel safer.

On tips from AC and Shawn.

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  • Drury

    “Somehow having the federal government in charge of airport security is not making me feel safer.”

    Why not, Dave? They’re all just part of the big happy “Federal Family.”

  • A. Levy

    Here in NYC, at JFK airport, the people who are now agents for the Dept. of Homeland Stupidity are the same fat, lazy, former welfare recipients who handled security at JFK prior to 9/11. Quite a few have been arrested because it was learned (after they were hired) that they were either wanted or had criminal records.

    Before 9/11, they worked for a private company, didn’t have fancy uniforms, big paychecks, or tons and tons of federal authority. BTW, there is more crime at JFK than at almost any other airport, and (fact) the majority is done by those who work there.

  • Marci

    Yep. Feel real safe. It seems to always be the “upper echelon” of society that goes into TSA….

  • Gregulag

    She has a big smile on her face because she knows there won’t be any consequences. Protected class. federal job so she can’t be fired. It’s all good.

  • TTommy

    What the heck is she smiling so big about? Does she have that much disrespect for our judicial system? I guess this is all a big joke to her. I don’t get it.

  • carlos cuellar

    One word affirmative action and a white haters.

  • southernsue

    why am i surprised that she is black?

  • southernsue

    why am i not surprised that she is black and smiling, “you can’t touch me” attitude.

  • Kevin

    Now, now. This “drug dealer” may have been transporting “morning after” pills which, as we all know, is a decent and admirable thing to do.

    Why do y’all hate a woman’s freedom to sleep with a dude, get knocked up, and have a mulligan? Cavemen, the lot of you!

  • FrankW

    And they want to unionize? Into what union, the International Association of Coke Runners, Local #841?
    This would be bad for the SEIU. If the Coke Runners expand and spawn a sister local into the International Distributors of Meth, it could seriously cut into the angry thug motivation market.

  • A. Levy

    TTommy says:
    “What the heck is she smiling so big about? Does she have that much disrespect for our judicial system?”

    Yes! It’s only we law-abiding fools who have respect for a govt. agency (the DOJ) that is now under the control of racists and radical leftists.

    How did they get control of the top law enforcement agency in the country?

    It was given to them by the brain-dead sheep of America. (a.k.a. the voters)

  • james

    Most of the perverts and criminals working for TSA aren’t even qualified to work at one of the magazine kiosks in the airports.

  • ThatDorkEricDraven

    What’s so wrong about expressing your personal sexuality?

    What does ‘slippery slope’ mean anyway?

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