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Aug 30 2012

Occucommie Calls for Imposing Somalia-like Utopia

They aren’t exactly eloquent, or even coherent, but the Obama Regime’s allies in the Occupy Wall Street movement do manage to express themselves clearly enough — although it’s doubtful they could do it without using foul language:

There you have it — the quintessence of liberal economics:

“Sure [the rich] can create jobs, but it’s not jobs we need, we need housing and food.”

After “the rich” have been looted out of existence, who provides the housing and food? Slave labor. He did say he is a Marxist.

On a tip from J. Hat tips: Weasel Zippers, Gateway Pundit.

  • Drury

    One word is all that is needed to describe this parasite:


    Enough said.

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    Somewhere in America there is a mother with her head under a pillow, crying her eyes out

  • Clingtomyguns

    Behold Obama’s base.

  • KHarn

    Where is FORTH ESTATE to tell us how wrong we are? What about the rest of the neo-commies?

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: “Any belief you can’t or won’t defend is not worth having”.

  • Granny Jan

    Nancy Reagan was right. Don’t do drugs.

  • Too much hippie crack.

  • AC

    These murderous communists are going to have to deal with an awful lot of pissed off patriots if they think they can launch a revolution and enslave us all under a Soviet style system.

    Praise Reagan and pass the Pmags.

  • Jay B.

    We don’t need jobs, we need housing and food. Yeah… pretty much sums up liberals.

  • dan

    damn…they don’t make hippies the way they used to !

  • Lisa

    Vote Mormon not Moron!

  • Joe

    Lao, is that you?

  • TED
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  • Gunny G

    His parents should have strangled him in his crib.

  • PabloD

    Somebody’s gonna have a nasty surprise when his student loans are maxed out and he’s kicked out of the dorms.

  • johnnosk

    I was unaware that human civilization was around 10 million years ago… But then, I never went to collage either.

  • Jimbo

    That boy looks like he’s had the total sh*t beat out of him several times. Maybe even a shovel to the face. Crap happens, huh?

  • TrickleUpPolitics

    Somalia is a success? What planet does he live on? Snort.

  • Deadpool


  • AC

    Planet choom.

    If this country doesn’t wisen up then this idiot could be president one day.

  • Bloodless Coup

    Billboards Warning of Martial Law Go Up in Florida…

  • IslandLifer

    I got some food for you. A knuckle sandwich. In fact I have 2 to feed you. I’ve got housing too but Mangle is taking one up at the moment. As soon as she comes out you’re more than welcome to the shit house dood

  • JNN

    Another whiny ass who needs to be thrown out of his parents basement.

  • JNN

    Also, if he and his kind were confronted with real force, they’d soil themselves.

  • bobdog

    But he’s so sure of himself…

  • M.Wilson

    Well, if they define success as “third-world hellhole”, that might explain a lot of what they do.

  • Catblaster

    He better be careful…if the fascist islamists ever take control, he and his ilk will be the first exterminated.

  • rockman

    I think the Somalians would know just what to do with him.

  • James McEnanly

    He looks a little like the guy who shot up the theater in Aurora, CO.

  • Typical Loopy loony leftist,,with some stupid thrown in..Food and Housing..Mothers Basement and some Hot Pockets…He”s a rash on society ass!

  • chuck in st paul

    the entire ‘progressive’ mob can be summed up in one word – infantile

  • chris

    I think I got a contact high from that video.

  • deepred

    All we need is a chicken coop and chicken feed. Keep producing the eggs for the piggies until it’s time to be plucked.
    Was’nt there a book written along these lines?

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