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Sep 28 2012

Obama-Loving Parasite

“Summer Nights” from Grease has been updated for the Hopey Changey age of fundamentally transformed America:

On a tip from Bill T.

  • Anne

    I’m the first comment! woop woop!
    By the way, what is everyone’s opinion on Gary Johnson for President?

  • Bo-Jangles

    Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any chance.

    I fear that after the election, the American people are going to find out what their weakness, gullibility, and stupidity will cost this nation if they reelect the Muslim-in-Chief.

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  • A. Levy

    If we assume that The Marxist-in-Chief is a Muslim, doesn’t that explain much of what he does as POTUS? Why else would he deliberately weaken America, impose defeatist antics in Afghanistan, hang Israel out to dry, send hundreds-of-billions to the Muslim Brotherhood, and sap the strength of our military?

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