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Sep 28 2012

Teaching Kids to Have Sex With Vegetables in Toronto Public Schools

The moonbats running our government schools had better look alive. Canadian schools are progressing right past them in the race to liberal utopia. For example, the Toronto District School Board’s website encourages children to have sex with vegetables:

[O]n the TDSB site, you will find — under the heading Coalition for Positive Sexuality — a link called “Just Say Yes, pro sex” which champions encounters with vegetables and other experimental options.

“Most of us learn that our bodies, and our sex, are things to be ashamed of,” states the link. “Most of us learn that sex means a man on top of a woman, and that the only other choice is abstinence. But sex can be lots of things … women have sex with women, men have sex with men, women have sex with men — and sometimes the best sex is with yourself!”

It then says: “There are lots of safe and fun ways to get off, which you probably won’t learn in school … don’t feel like you have to do everything on this page, but don’t feel like anything is automatically off limits either.”

It describes how an individual “could suck, kiss, touch, bite, fondle, nibble, squeeze and lick someone’s body, nipples, calves, toes, neck” and other areas. It talks of masturbation in front of the mirror, acting out fantasies and using sex toys.

There’s more…

“Play with your own or someone else’s a‐‐ or vagina, put your fingers, dildoes, vegetables, or butt plugs into them,” is what it states.

An adult who repeated this filth to a child on school grounds would be arrested, even at this point in our cultural decline. But linking to it on a website gets around that for now, while enlightened liberal educators wait for repressive laws and backward bitter clingers to catch up.

What they’re learning while they’re not learning math. Via The Book of Terrible.

On a tip from whotothewhat. Hat tip: Breitbart.

  • Lgbpop

    Oh, great. Sex with vegetables is what creates liberals in the first place…

  • John Lewis

    Promote safe sex! Put a condom on your cucumber!

  • Anon-Y-Mouse

    That things like this happen and no one bats an eye, that schools teach commie propaganda and no one much cares, that Obama is even getting 10% in the polls shows how far we’ve declined.

    If things actually go Obama’s way in November, I want to jump on board something Dennis Miller said the other day:


    If Obama wins, why the hell would I want to keep working to prop up the system. I’m thinking this could be a John Galt moment. “OK, you want a welfare state? You want this collectivist asshole as your ‘leader’? Enjoy.”

    I am quite ready to walk away from all I’ve built, to stop producing and to let the inevitable happen.

    If ALL the producers stopped working, if we handed it to the looters and just say “knock yourselves out”, then all those lower life forms like that woman who wants another four years because “Obama got me a phone” will have total control. The collapse would come very quickly.

    Anyone with me? Don’t be a Hank Rearden and think you have to keep working or that you can make a change inside the system. If things go south, IT’S OVER.

    We must strike.

  • IslandLifer

    Sick 🙁

  • StanInTexas

    When I saw the headline of this post, I thought to myself “Why do they have to teach to have sex with Liberal Democrats?”

  • Lauran

    These beasts were once the seedy underbelly of society who frequented porn in private booths–how did all this depravity find it’s way into our children’s classrooms, I ask you.

  • Mickey Shea

    To quote Frank Zappa:
    Call any vegetable
    And the chances are good
    That the vegetable will respond to you

  • MicahStone

    I hear the OBOZO regime is drafting an executive order allowing marriage between Julia-types and cucumbers.

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  • Jimbo

    Wrong is right; right is hateful.

    Sex is good; abstinence is hateful.

    Murdering helpless babies is good; protesting the murder is hateful.

    Being a worthless leach on society is good; self reliance is hateful.

    Being a stinking liar is good; telling the truth is hateful.

    Being a thief is WONDERFUL; loathing thieves is hateful.

    Rolling belly-up to a thug is good; killing someone before they kill you is hateful.

    Openly hating God is desirable; openly loving the one true Living God is illegal.

    Recognizing the color of skin first is demanded; being color-blind and treating all men equally is racist.

    The Bible tells us this was coming.

    Buy. More. Ammo.

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  • Bill D

    Too late. Toronto School Board has removed the links to veggie sex and other questionable sites. Huge shit storm up here in TGWN.

  • debbie r

    This is really stupid. The link has been removed by the district but it is still available on google’s cache:

    Find the heading “The Coalition for Positive Sexuality” and go to the link named “”.

    Then go to link “enter”

    Then go to link “Just say yes”

    Then go to link “pro sex” [ ]

    Finally you are at the part about having sex with vegetables.

    Not exactly on the website of the school district.

    It truly makes people parroting ths post (as has happened all over the blogosphere) very foolish.

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  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    This is really stupid. The link has been removed by the district
    It truly makes people parroting ths post (as has happened all over the blogosphere) very foolish.
    debbie r
    A little denial here
    A little obfuscation there

    And just like that, a liberal “do over”

  • Be patient. Canada’s immigration policy – if you can call it that – is pro Muslim. When sharia law is implemented there won’t be any females in the schools. Sex ed will then consist of older, more experienced males teaching young, tender males and… yeah then we’ll look back at the good old “sex with veggies” days.

  • Oiao

    I just have to ask. Is that Lao after a sex change operaton? America’s Hat pays for those no?

  • Voice

    When I first read the headline, I just naturally assumed the article was about a virile-at-70 Muhammad Ali.

  • chuck in st paul

    The first time I read that headline I thought, “So they’re having sex with the Occupy crowd…?”

  • Jodie

    These kids are going to be so messed up. How gross is it, when you’re a kid, to have a grown-up – like a teacher or a parent – talking about sexual things like that? It’s creepy and it is hard to get those things out of your head.

  • True Blue

    Glad to see you joining me in Galt’s Gulch Anon-y-mouse.

  • Mack

    Yes, yes, yes, but none of you voted in your last school board election. You just talk.

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