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Sep 30 2012

Pennsylvania in Play?

Maybe Obamunism will prevail in Ohio and Florida, like the media wants us to believe. Then again, maybe sanity will prevail in places like Pennsylvania, and America will be saved:

On a tip from Bob.

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  • Goldenfoxx

    If Obama has it in the bag in those states, why is he spending money there campaigning? Shouldn’t he be campaigning in the states he needs to win big? Heard that his campaign is in deep debt. Obama will lose in a landslide. JMHO.

  • Granny Jan

    I think many Obama voters aren’t very enthusiastic and might forget to go to the polls.

    Unfortunately, Romney let himself be defined by the Obama people early on and it’s stuck.

    It’s not too late because I think people are looking for any excuse to not vote for him.

    There is plenty of ammunition but the Republicans have held their fire I guess for fear of being called racist.

    No guts, no glory.

  • KHarn

    “Somebody created this incredible American system we have”

    I can’t believe that commie SOB had the GALL to say that!

  • Sam Adams

    There was a day that coal mining was a good business in Pennsylvania. Obama’s economy doesn’t have much use for coal miners. He doesn’t have much use for anyone in the oil or natural gas industry either.

  • Rich

    Obama came to destroy but Romney is no ones savior

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    Then again, maybe sanity will prevail in places like Pennsylvania, and America will be saved
    Nah, can’t be true
    The establishment media, with their unbiased political coverage, their polls swamped with crowds of registered zombie Democrapts from six feet under, and George Soros’s “truth o meters” in tow assure us to pack up our trinkets, hang our heads low, and head for home.
    Then again maybe my optimism is slanted because I kicked network and cable TV out of my home years ago

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  • Jim

    WTF did Obama did Obama ever build?

  • Shooter1001

    Calandra’s is about 10 miles from where I’m sitting right now! North Jersey! Not Pa! Great bread!

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