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Oct 31 2012

Phony Tea Partier FAIL

When surfing the Internet, be careful what you believe. This supposed sorority girl from the University of Alabama played into bigoted liberal stereotypes a little too perfectly:


The picture

has gone viral on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. It even made the FAIL blog. And everywhere it goes, a legion of trolls follows, bloviating about that illiterate trailer trash from Alabama and all the nasty, unrepeatable things that should happen to her.

But there’s one problem — nothing about the story is true.

The girl is named Kim Stafford. She grew up in Boston and attends a liberal arts university in Taxachusetts that doesn’t even have Greek sororities. Kim is a registered Democrat, who is herself enough of an idiot to plan on voting for Obama.

On a tip from Ghost of FA Hayek.

  • Blazing Saddles

    As an actual student of the University of Alabama (in a fraternity, dating a sorority girl) and a real supporter of the Tea Party I find this somewhere between mildly and thoroughly offensive. I’m just glad we don’t have to cross paths with moonbats like this bitch very often in Tuscaloosa.

  • Blazing Saddles

    p.s. She totally gives herself away in this picture…Bama sorority girls are attractive!

  • Bob Roberts

    Now hold up a minute – it is possible that even moonbat liberals can see the error of their ways.

    What if she really DID wise up and posted this then others grabbed it and falsely described her as a redneck from Alabama? Though from looking at how the room was deliberately trashed before the picture was taken, I would tend to believe your take on it first, I suppose.

    But wouldn’t the story be even better if it were true she really did wise up and the left, desperate, are the ones who made up the lies?

  • Bob Roberts

    Note she also can’t spell Kenya.

    Whether by design, or not…

  • chuck in st paul

    project they much, she can’t even spell correctly (or it’s another slam)

    This young lady (?) has a future in retail trade or the food industry, at minimum wage. Or she could just continue to be a life support system for a female sex organ. Or both I suppose.

  • Bob Roberts
  • Gary K.

    Her attempt at spelling and comprehension qualify her as a liberal arts student and democratic enabler.

    So their! I said it in a language that even Kenians can understand!

  • Mikhail Evansky

    Typical bolcheviq maneuver. Disguise as the enemy and do something bad in order to provoke anger against the enemy.

  • TonyD95B

    RE: Blazing Saddles at October 31, 2012 at 2:50 pm:

    My grandfather worked at the University of Alabama, and my mother and her siblings literally grew up on campus in Tuscaloosa.

    Most of what the Loopy Loony Lemming-Like Liberal Left thinks it “knows” about the South is wrong……then again, most of what they think they know about ANYTHING i9s wrong……..

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    Apparently a village in Alabama is missing “theres” too

  • Patchman123

    Kenia is the Polish spelling for the country of Kenya. Therefore, I’ll take it as a “Polack” joke!
    Making fun of Polish people as bigoted and ignorant and total racist haters of Obama (WHICH IS NOT TRUE BY THE WAY!) It’s a good joke! Kenia is the Polish spelling of Kenya. I’ll just take it as a “Dumb Polack” joke! Good Polish joke. Mówisz po Polsku? Mówię po Polsku! Dziękuję!


  • .
    Yet another attempted hoax by a liberal.

    Just like all the phony “racism” hoaxes and the “anti-gay” hoaxes. The libs can’t find any conservatives who fit their hallucinations, so they make them up…and are caught faking it.

  • 762×51

    So this is what is passing for college students these days? Liberal Arts Major Moron.

    A real Tea Party Patriot would not have misspelled Kenya.

  • JD

    Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, Ms. Blutarsky.

  • TonyD95B

    The Comments on some of the other blogs are quite telling…….now that this has been outed as the “false flag” smear attempt that it is, the Lying Liberals are claiming the whole thing was just a “joke” all along, “No harm done, Nothing to see here, who cares, get a life, anybody can see this was a parody”, etc.

    I think the University of Alabama should sue this sorry biyatch for defamation.

  • Jimbo

    I lived many years on the Kenai, and still have family and property there. Yes, there are villages like Kasilof and Ninilchik which have idiots (all villages do), but I don’t believe any are missing.

    The little twerp IS talking about the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, right?

  • Jimbo

    On – and ‘Kenai’ is named for the indigenous people – the Kenaitze Indians.

  • Bill T
  • Is she ok? From the look on her face and the way she’s sitting I think she’s having a bathroom emergency.

  • Doug

    “Hey darlin’ why don’t you come up to my hotel room for a special remedial class in Marxism 101?”

    /BJ Clinton

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