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Oct 31 2012

Countermoonbats at

Check out the Word of the Day that popped up on a countermoonbat’s phone while he was reading about Obama’s debacle in Benghazi:


A more appropriate term for the Gutsy-Caller in Chief who left Americans to die by refusing to grant cross-border authority would be hard to imagine. Maybe the “mainstream” media has forgotten about Benghazi, but others haven’t and won’t.

Compliments of Lyle. Tip from Grunt.

  • 762×51

    Just as Teddy Kennedy was the “hero of Chappaquiddick”
    So Barack Obama is the Coward of Benghazi.

    While lily-livered COWARD is an apt description for Comrade Chairman Obama’s behavior during the Benghazi massacre , I think other synonyms also apply, gutless, invertebrate, jellyfish, pansy, pantywaist, poltroon, quitter, rabbit, sissy, snake, sneak, weakling, wimp, weasel, wuss, yellow belly.

    My personal favorite is ENEMY COLLABORATOR.

  • Chris

    I might be inclined to call Mr. Obama a FOOLHARDY PANTYWAIST. In fact I just did.

  • Ummah Gummah




  • Winston Smith

    I prefer to call him the Manchurian Moonbat Mess-iah.

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