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Nov 17 2012

Caption Contest

obama fly on face

Leave a comment providing the winning caption to the picture above and win a free t-shirt, suitable for any formal occasion, courtesy of the esteemed countermoonbats at Party Crasher.

The winner will be announced Monday. Free shirts need to be claimed within a week (i.e., I need a mailing address). T-shirts for the contest are available in blue L or XL only, although white shirts and other sizes are available directly from Party Crasher, along with an excellent selection of other t-shirts guaranteed to cause moonbats to sputter with impotent rage (all shirts are currently at least 20% off).

On a tip from Bob Roberts.

  • Lagnar

    We call them little buggers “turd crawlers” where I come from.

  • Ed

    “There are no flies on me”.

  • Dennis

    Our lord and master, Satan, is pleased. Here is his kiss.

  • SpringTexas

    Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies

  • IslandLifer

    “I see this dung heap is already boiling with maggots”

  • Clingtomyguns

    Let me be clear … I am lord over even these little winged ones landing on my lips to feed on the steaming piles coming out of my mouth.

  • Stephen Dalton

    Lord, I’m looking right up his nostril, and there’s no brains there!

  • Enabler8071

    Hans Gruber: Who are you then?

    Barack Obama: Just a fly in the ointment, Hans. The monkey in the wrench. The pain in the ass.

  • SandyS

    Oh, my God, it’s Damian!

  • Roy

    This fly is reacting to a video on YouTube… it is not associated with flies anywhere else.

  • hadenough

    I don’t have a cute quote or caption, I just wanted to point out that flies are always attracted to shit.

  • Jodie

    Fly: ““All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.” Now, what do you say?

    Obama: Yes we can! Yes we can! (Played backwards: Serve Satan, Serve Satan!)

    “27 As soon as Judas took the bread, Satan entered into him.”

    John 13:27
    New International Version (NIV)

  • Chris

    Poor old ‘Bamma swallowed a fly. He swallowed a bird to eat the fly. He swallowed a cat to eat the bird. He swallowed a dog to eat the cat. He swallowed himself to eat the dog.

  • Grunt

    Where is it? Where is it?

    I can smell it, I’m perched on the Donkey’s ass, but I can’t SEE the crap!

  • “Bzzzz…I’ll just sit here until my next meal flows out!”

  • big-pete

    Maybe I should stop bullshitting so much…

  • Cat Whisperer

    … They know I can’t move a finger, and I won’t. I’ll just sit here and be quiet, just in case they do… suspect me. They’re probably watching me. Well, let them. Let them see what kind of a person I am. I’m not even going to swat that fly. I hope they are watching… they’ll see. They’ll see and they’ll know, and they’ll say, “Why, Obama wouldn’t even harm a fly…”

  • CGW409

    We secretly replaced the steaming pile of crap with new and improved Marxist crap.
    Let’s see if the flies can tell the difference

  • Restless

    Let’s see… what attracts flies?

  • big-pete

    Fly: Gregor? Is that you, Gregor?

  • craigbow

    “I wonder if he can vote??”

  • Bill

    In Kenya, we learned to ignore flies on our faces from a very early age…

  • Cactiki

    Here we see an example of a verminous parasite, known for spreading death and disease. Known to be attracted to feces and garbage, this creature is the curse of all mankind.
    But what is that on his lip?

  • Cactiki

    “but the fly? He is of no nationality; all the climates are his home, all the globe is his province, all creatures that breathe are his prey, and unto them all he is a scourge and a hell.” Mark Twain, “Letters from the Earth” .
    Sounds like they have a lot in common….

  • Brian

    Lord of the Lies

  • Bob Roberts

    TOO FUNNY! You guys are doing great with the captions. I think I’ll sit this one out.

  • Bob Roberts

    You know, that fly could have landed anywhere, and yet he chose there.


  • Alborn

    Flies know shit when they smell it.

  • SR

    Been kissing Michelle’s a$$ again

  • Hellboy

    I smell bullshit !!!!

  • grayjohn

    You can’t fool them flies.

  • Mr Evilwrench

    Hey, is that Sally Strothers over there waddling around with a Twinkie* in her mouth, screeching about the plight of those Americans? The plan is progressing well…

    * had to pay tribute to an institution that’s been destroyed under his watch.

  • rex freeway

    I will never starve to death sitting here.

  • The fly is saying it all started as a zit on my butt

  • Shooter1001

    Here’s a bat, swat that damn thing!

  • Shooter1001

    Soon as he opens his mouth, there’ll be a load of bullshit around here!

  • Rob

    O’Candyman…We dare you to vote for him 5 times.

  • Jodie

    Scientists have now discovered “cancer sniffing” flies. This one is checking out that thing on the side of Obama’s nose.

  • Shooter1001

    The early fly gets the best bullshit.

  • Ummah Gummah


    Ceci n’est pas une mouche.


  • Shooter1001

    Hey man, wit dem bat ears you should fly faster than me.

  • Ummah Gummah


    Moose to her mother: “I told you he’s a fly guy”


  • Jane

    Would you buy anything from this decaying pile of refuse?

  • Mike Gates

    Just ignore it , it will come closer. And Then Michelle will never know I had MEAT ! HAHAHAHAHA !

  • lizz

    shit face

  • Jane

    Where’s a fly swatter when you need one?

  • Jane

    A fly knows when it’s found dessert…

  • Jane

    He’ll eat anything…

  • mark

    Man am I ever freakin stoned! That was some good choom! I can’t even move my hands I’m so freakin stoned!

  • yourfavoriteunkle

    EAT SHIT!!! 16,000,000,000,000 flies can’t be wrong.

  • Jodie

    Obama: Why can’t I just eat my waffle?

  • lao’s mangina

    “Oops, forgot to wipe my mouth after sucking Valarie Jarret’s ass.”

  • Overlord of the Flies.
    But not much else….

  • Steve

    The President’s constituents are attracted to him like a fly is to a shit.

  • Dave

    Fly says….NOW, this is the biggest turd I’ve ever seen!

  • T. R. Ollberg

    For once, it’s not shit.

  • Doug

    Don’t like Mitt?
    Eat flies on shit.

  • christopher pool

    Good Lord, you people continue to amaze. I expected a pile of predictable shit jokes, instead, you gave a pile of completely unpredictable, clever shit jokes. Well, Moochele said barack would make us work…

  • Bob
  • Bill T

    So is that a hint of Dead Fish I detect on your breath?

  • Cameraman

    “The Fly Whispering to Obrownmao”The Master is Pleased! don”t inhale Until I Leave”

  • Logic_Mine

    I know most of you are thinking, “Hmmm, there’s a fly on Obama’s lip”. But that is not JUST a fly! Its a SHIT FLY!

    You are probably asking, “But what IS a SHIT FLY?”

    Well, have you ever noticed a big stink’n fresh turd on the ground and see all of the flies flying around it?

    That’s a SHIT FLY and they know a STINK’n TURD when they see one!

  • Bad Barry

    Too much want.

  • bob

    Flies- They see right through him

  • AndyPandy

    Flies aren’t stupid. They recognize human waste when they see it.

  • TonyD95B

    “Let me be clear: My superior leadership ability over the past four years csn be readily demonstrated by the fact that flies will leave fresh feces to follow me……….awwww, c’mon Valerie! Quit playing with the teleprompter!!!”

  • neotrotsky

    Lord of the Flies

  • Sir Galton

    All that bullsh!t coming out of his mouth, no wonder why the flies are attracted!

  • tastes better than the dogs I ate.

  • Bill T

    So how do you like my new 3-D tattoo?

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    Even better than dog!

  • TonyD95B

    “Mmmmmitt…Mitt Romney………Mitt Romney……..he he….he…wants to ELIMINATE piles of feces and discriminate against ALL of our most vulnerable Insect Americans……Ann Romney can afford plenty of horse feces for HER flies in the horse stables……yeah, that’s right…….most middle class Insect Americans can’t AFFORD to have a horse…..which shows you how out-of-touch the Republican Party has become……”

  • Gunny G

    Fly: “When he opens his mouth, I’ll be rolling in bullshit.”

  • Hillman

    There once was a fly name Trap,
    In search of a meal of crap.
    The fly said with a grin, as he wiped of his chin,
    Obama and my EBT card is a win-win.

  • Snowsnake

    And later the fly was seen wiping its feet.

  • Bad Barry

    That fly is clearly racist.

  • Restless

    No matter what comes out of that mouth, it’s guaranteed to be a stinker.

  • AmericanNotNatBorn

    The King of Reverse Digestive Tract Syndrome. I pay homoge…..homage.

  • TWS

    “Bzzzzzzz I have done your bidding Lord and laid eggs in the rotting flesh of the Constitution.”

  • Al

    When I was in Africa, I noticed that Africans didn’t seem to be bothered by flies! They had become so used to the pestering flies, they ignored them and instead of waving them away, they allowed the flies to remain on their bodies.
    This picture of Obama demonstrating this behavioral pattern strongly suggests that he spent a considerable amount of time in Africa.
    No Kenya, is not part of Hawaii!

  • epb

    I shat a fly-boogie outta my nose! At least it’s not another dingle berry journalist’s lips stuck to my ars.

  • DaddyOD

    “Patiently awaiting this guys daily feeding of B.S.”

    “This beats Sandy storm dumpster diving.”

    “Waiter! There’s a Fly in my Empty Suit.”

    “And I thought I was a worthless insect that redistributes B.S. born diseases”.

  • Barbara Mcb

    You can’t fool a fly.

  • John Knoefler

    Lord of the Lies.

  • Jon

    Saaaay, now, THERE’S a nice turd…!

  • 1200intell

    Some zero in on Power like a Fly is attracted to the stench of Death.

  • Leonard Jones

    Wow, this is better than shit!

  • Rubie Styles

    This hopey change loser has again been picked by the shit loving parasites. Not by me though, it’s too dark in there. Buzz!

  • Like Flys on shit.

  • epb

    “Buffet!!!!!!!!!” exclaimed the fly.

  • F.D.R. in Hell

    A maggot is the larva of a fly.

  • Eleanor in Hell

    What’s your point, Franklin? 👿

  • F.D.R. in Hell

    Maybe that fly is looking for its mother.

  • Vladtheimp

    Man bites dog story of the year – turd lands on fly!

  • disusting!! what did i land on?

  • TED

    Fly night on fecal Friday!!

  • Bill T

    In my home country of Kenya flies are a symbol of status.

  • Elizabeth

    Fly, I know I told you I’d have more flexibility after the election, but I just haven’t gotten around to putting that 3000% surcharge on fly swatters yet. Patience beast, patience. I’m not God. I’m only the god of this world.

  • Seymour

    And all my homies say I’m pretty fly for a half white guy.

  • Oh, you said to wear a flag pin on my lapel… I thought you said to wear a fly on my lip.

  • I swear I don’t do ass-to-mouth…

  • Harleybob


  • AuntieB

    smells like shit to me

  • Alxandro

    Help me-e-e-e,
    help me-e-eeeeeeeeee.

  • GaryA

    is that a BLOW fly ???

  • Alxandro

    I Can’t Get No,


  • Clink

    “Come fly with me, come fly, come fly away…”–Apologies to Frank.

  • WhiteFalcon1

    Memories of Home!

    (Flies in our porridge, the dog meat, rice and beans, when we could get it, and oh those flies….man…I miss those flies!”)
    _from Memories He Conveniently Forgot He Had/ b. obama

  • The anti-Christ pictured here with one of his followers (you figure out which one is which)

  • Alxandro

    “Damn fly’s got me confused with Michelle’s ass.”

  • Vermin

    This might be the single greatest thread since Al Gore invented the interwebs.

  • Right Reason

    “And for the 11th plague, after the flies, the Lord punished the United States with a tyrannical liar.”

  • If I could only organize a community of flies………………..

  • If I cold only organize a community of flies…….

  • So, what’s the big deal about a picture of a fly sitting on a piece of shit? Everyone knows that the only difference between obama and a bucket of shit is the bucket…

  • True Blue

    “Your diet, Mr. Renfield, is disgusting.”

    (If you don’t know, Renfield was the insane servant of Dracula.)

  • Mazzio

    Could someone shovel this out of here? It’s attracting flies!

  • geno

    “Our best intel said it was herpes.”

  • Mark

    Igot my pile of free Gubmint Shit!

  • IslandLifer

    Barry’s Pie Hole: Where the lies fly and the fly lies.

  • rockman

    Oh! Gross! What have I landed on!

  • Sam Adams

    “Under my plan for a new, smaller, smarter, more versatile Navy and Air Force, let me introduce you to my new concept aircraft carrier.”

  • Sam Adams

    The flys are strangely attracted to the symbol of the Democrat party.

  • Sam Adams

    Boehner, will you please go back and sit down?

  • Sam Adams

    “There is a God, and I have found him!!!”

  • Sam Adams

    “Under my health care plan, we will embrace alternative treatments for treating dead, gangrenous flesh, while saving money in the process. Meet my new medical assistant.”

  • Hey… I’d vote for this guy, he seems like my type!

  • Sam Adams

    “Oh Waiter; Table for 200, please.”

  • Sam Adams

    “If he starts singing that blues sh** again, I’m leaving.”

  • Sam Adams

    I can see Russia from here.

  • Sam Adams

    I don’t know the words; my I just hum along?

  • gordo

    “Waiter! There’s an Obama on my fly!”

  • OEFVet

    Free shit for the flies from the shit talker himself.

  • True Blue

    1.) Obama prepares to snort up another buzz.

    2.) Obama “If the fly attacks, I’ll have to blame a YouTube video or something…”

    3.) The responsible 47% of the country: “Please let the Secret Service protect our nation by shooting that dastardly fly…”

  • MMMMM….smells like shit…MMMM…taste like shit….Hey It is shit!!!!!

  • Sweep the leg

    This is one big piece of sh*t. And it’s ALL MINE!

  • Kangtong

    Flies are drawn to sh*t.

  • Nofan

    Watch now – we ate these in Kenya.

  • Hellboy

    A Closed mouth catches no flies……. – Cervantes

  • Biff

    “Chicken? No, it’s something else…”

  • epb

    Horror Movie Props:
    1. gathering of flies, sign of encroaching evil entity — Check.
    2. the monster itself — Check.

    “Cue the music, and… action!”

  • Clem

    Of all the pieces of crap I could have landed on I had to pick this one?

  • mkultra

    An irritating creature attracted to the smell of dung, and a small house fly.

  • James

    Like a fly on sh!t

  • savagebuck

    Slowly the fly began to descend to the source of the fecal odor, it was amazed that it sprung forth from an orifice open and exposed to the world.

  • Hellboy

    Finally…. a perfect place to lay eggs.

  • Hellboy

    WAITER !!! There’s a fly on my Stupe……

  • Hellboy

    The lunch menu is the same every day…… but it’s cheap.

  • joe

    He already has a beard; now he’s working on a mustache.

  • “Don’t compare to the Almighty, compare me to the alternative.” – Barack “Lord of the Flies” Obama


  • junkyard infidel

    uh uh uh … let me introduce my newly appointed “bullshit detector” czar !

  • JDavid

    All hail the Lord of the Flies!

  • junkyard infidel

    lord of the lies meets lord of the flies !

  • FrankW

    I know Michelle want me to go vegan, but I just don’t care.

  • FrankW

    Man that is one “Fly” president.

  • FrankW

    What is the buzz on this?

  • Restless

    If a fly can detect the crap that comes out of here, why couldn’t voters?

  • Shooter1001

    HA! Let the other flies buzz his butt. this is the orifice from which the real bullshit oozes.

  • jthomp830

    “I know I smell horse shit around her somewhere!”

  • Cactiki

    We’ve had rats, flies, lightning, floods- what next, a plague? “Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name…..”

  • WTSherman1864

    Dinner is served every time he talks!

  • Shooter1001

    Some glad morning
    when my life is o’er
    fly go away
    to the land
    on God’s celestial shore
    fly go away
    in the morning
    When I die
    Halleluiah bye and bye
    fly go away

  • Randy Schreiner

    I’m just trying to get closer to the crap that comes out of this ones mouth

  • Gary New

    This is what happens when you have shit for brains.

  • SNuss

    You can’t fool them “circle flies”.


  • Rich

    Yummmmm … flying puppy! … Yummmmm!

  • Momster

    Hey, Barak! You should wipe your mouth after eating breakfast–you have some of it on your upper lip.

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  • Steve

    Lord of the fly!

  • jringo

    Proof he was born in Kenya

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