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Dec 21 2012

Separated at Birth?

Are there any confirmed cases of someone looking directly at Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) in person without turning to stone?

sheila-jackson-lee  medusa

Compliments of Clingtomyguns.

  • Alphamail

    This is a horrible comparison and “Cling” should be ashamed of the post.

    To defame a ghoul and compare it to a picture of James Brown in drag, ie She-La, is to show a great discourtesy towards ogres – just when they were making headway in the Democratic party.

  • Libra

    I caught her program on the last National Geographic special.

  • grayjohn

    My God that thing is fucking hidious! The one with the blue skin is kinda homely too.

  • Hillman

    I don’t know about stone…but she sure gives me a severe case of limp D**k.

  • Clingtomyguns

    Alpha – I AM ashamed … of inadvertently inflating the natural beauty of the crown jewel of the Black Congressional Caucus by associating her with the blue gorgon.

  • Max & Eric

    she should shave her ass and walk backwards.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    This is what happens when you NRA gun nuts allow .45 cal nostrile shots.

  • john

    Since when do they teach basket-weaving to chimpanzees?

  • Jimbo

    Is she always sweating or just naturally greasy? Gross.

  • Alphamail


    I proudly share your shame

    …of associating the natural beauty of the crown jewel of blue gorgons to the inflated inadvertency of the schweaty black gargoyle.

  • Toa

    Is anyone certain that Ray Harryhausen didn’t build the one on the left as well?

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    Hey, I’ve seen that hair style today.
    Actually it was baler twine (and manure) wrapped around the beater of a manure spreader I met on the highway

  • Elizabeth

    seriously, how can anyone think that looks good? Granted, I’m not from her “culture”, but I really don’t see how anyone could find that an attractive look. Then again, I’m probably just jelus as the haters say because I can’t make my hair look like snakes.

  • Dr. 9

    Anyone remember those fake gorillas in the old Abbot and Costello movies? Apparently, those gorilla’s had offspring.

  • Gunny G

    All that gorilla needs is some dung, sticks, and twigs shoved into that mess and she could be a politician from Africa.

  • Gunny G

    I’m told that indians fucked buffalo but looking at Shiela Jackson Lee, I think the buffalo fucked back.

  • wingmann

    Right now…at this moment…I’m ashamed I’m from Houston…….AGAIN!

  • Doug

    Max & Eric says:
    December 21, 2012 at 5:42 pm
    she should shave her ass and walk backwards.

    Correction, she already does.

  • rex freeway

    I’ll take my chances with Medusa. At least she has the power to reason. The congresscritter’s hair looks like an onion ring basket that was left in hot grease to long. I wonder how much time and effort went into that abomination?

  • Frank

    The one on the right looks like Skeletor Lugosi.

  • Antisocialist

    I wonder what those that vote for that look like…

  • Snowsnake

    Come on folks–that is what she looks like. Jesus said it is what comes out of your mouth that defiles you. If you listen to what she says and compare that to her appearance, she is a thing of beauty. What she says is truly ugly!

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