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Dec 25 2012

Sam Donaldson to Americans: It’s Not Your Country Anymore

America is not just a place; it is a principle. America is defined by the wealth and freedom that result when government coercion is limited. However, America the place no longer belongs to those who believe in America the principle, according to the leftist occupiers who control the government, schools, and media.

So long as a single real American is still willing to put up resistance, it is not too late to prove authoritarian collectivists like Sam Donaldson wrong.

Hat tip: Tea Party.

  • modd kenwood

    desperately trying to shake that DUI arrest off him,Sam takes to the airwaves to trash the Tea Party

  • Alphamail

    I’ve seen better carpet at the landfill.

  • TED
  • jc14

    Buh-bye, Sammy! You always were a jerk-off, a know-nothing, a hypocrite to the nth degree. Now, you’re merely a has-been; anything you say is pretty much worthless, pal.

  • TED
  • TED
  • Barack Obama Sucks It

    If Sammy ain’t careful, I’ll pay that attendant in the nursing home 500 bucks to feed Sammy his own shit.

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    He’s right, you know
    This country now “belongs” to the welfare brood sow, and her Marxist media boars

  • Frank

    Hey Sam – how about a nice hot steaming cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP?

    Go blow a goat, you communist bastard.

  • rex freeway

    Otis, the drunk on The Andy Griffith Show had more common sense and better morals then this useless spewer of liberal nonsense.

  • dave

    If leftist pieces of stool Like Mr Donaldson want to go there its actually my country fucker cuz I’m native American you white piece of shit oh I can say that cuz I’m German to. all of this I can prove by the way can u here me Elezabeth Warren. So why don’t all you left wing fucks get the he’ll out of my country and leave it for those who believe in what this nation was founded on!!

  • dave

    I wonder since I consider myself a conservative if that makes me a fake Native American, and not down for the cause in the eyes of a lib you know since I don’t blame all my problems on the “white man”

  • bluffcreek1967

    Sam Donaldson: Another useful idiot and ‘enemy within.’

  • Jester

    Again, proof of why I’m 100 times less afraid of Obama than I am of his newly-empowered army of left wingnut extremists.

  • Mr Evilwrench

    Yanno, if I found this gasbag bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds, I’d probably stomp on his crotch. That would be amusing.

  • Clingtomyguns

    Old Sociaist Sam’s a has-been, his claim to have ever had an objective journalist bone in his body is as fake as his hairpiece.

  • SamDonaldson’sCombOver

    I’m better than you peons. Love me. Love my hair. Lick these boots. You. Will. Obey.

  • Heltau

    Old sam needs to go the way that Jack Klugman has.

  • TED
  • A. Levy

    Old Sam and his cheap rug never get tired of the attention. And his leftist friends in the MSM will never miss the chance to put on TV a fellow leftist who they can count on to say exactly what they want to hear.

    Today’s MSM is simply a clear indication of just how weak, gullible, irrelevant, and mindless the American people have become. In fact, and generally speaking, the people have become so weak and so dumb, they haven’t noticed that the MSM has quietly made itself the 4th branch of govt, with a lot more power than the other three, combined.

  • Nicki Thomas

    Old Sammy is such a lying POS. “Minorities” didn’t elect the Lightworker, the 40% of stupid white people elected Obama, and this contingent makes mincemeat out of any segment of “minorities.” If that idiotic group of ethnomasochists had voted for Romney, he would have easily won. They keep trumpeting this lie about minority power to try to fake the GOP into sucking up to groups who will NEVER vote GOP anyway. The left is so full of lying scum, you wonder how they can live with themselves.

  • Son of Taz

    Attention kids, if you drink a lot of booze and get busted for DUI, when you get old and irrelevant, this is what you’ll become. You’ll have strange thoughts and wear bad hair.

  • bobdog

    I wonder if anybody ever pointed out to Donaldson that it isn’t HIS country either. When was he appointed God? I must have missed it.

  • Warlord

    I have a little advice to the left. The guns you fear are
    locked and loaded, and will be put to use against a Media
    that supports a Fascist government, long before any confiscation occurs. We patriots are only going to stand for so much more of the crap that is taking our country down a horrible path to destruction. Stand by,and learn to fear the armed citizen bent on resurrecting the Constitution.

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    We patriots are only going to stand for so much more of the crap that is taking our country down a horrible path to destruction.
    These mini-Stalinists know this full well
    This is why they are at this moment lining up innocent school children to hide behind

    This moron admits gun related crimes are going down as gun sales increase, but suggests anyway that the particular gun used in the Conn mass shooting be banned.
    “Per capita, the gun-related murder rate has dropped by more than 50 percent over the past two decades.
    This is a remarkable and somewhat mysterious trend.”

    But what of the next mass shooting.
    I would imagine the “mystery” will be waiting to see if another gun can be banned.

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