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Dec 31 2012

Moonbat Tech: Heating Buildings With Collectivist Ideology

Modern civilization cannot function without vast amounts of energy, yet all economically efficient means of creating energy are deemed politically incorrect by our left-wing ruling class. That leaves us with whimsical energy sources, like windmills and solar panels. The absurd and odious New York Times even suggests we use body warmth to heat buildings. Like all liberal energy proposals, it isn’t likely to work, but it helps moonbats feel smug about how moonbatty they are, which is all that matters in their snug alternative reality. Warning — the following contains high levels of nauseating collectivist ideology:

Part of the appeal of heating buildings with body heat is the delicious simplicity of finding a new way to use old technology (just pipes, pumps and water). Hands down, it’s my favorite form of renewable energy.

What could be cozier than keeping friends and strangers warm? Or knowing that by walking briskly or mousing around the shops, you’re stoking a furnace to heat someone’s chilly kitchen?

How about the reciprocity of a whole society, everyone keeping each other warm?

Widening their vision to embrace neighborhoods, engineers from Jernhusen, the [Swedish] state-owned railroad station developer, are hoping to find a way to capture excess body heat on a scale large enough to warm homes and office buildings in a perpetual cycle of mutual generosity. Heat generated by people at home at night would be piped to office buildings first thing in the morning, and then heat shed in the offices during the day would flow to the residences in the late afternoon. Nature is full of life-giving cycles; why not add this human one?

Having installed their mouthpiece Obama in the White House, these preposterous kooks control our energy policy.

Ghost of FA Hayek.

  • KHarn

    To be kind, it’s “impractical”. To be HONEST, it’s “incredibly stupid”.

  • Beef

    “…engineers from Jernhusen, the [Swedish] state-owned railroad station developer, are hoping to find a way to capture excess body heat on a scale large enough to warm homes and office buildings in a perpetual cycle of mutual generosity.”

    I’m hoping to find a pile in of gold in my backyard on a scale large enough to keep me in a perpetual cycle of personal prosperity, but I’m not going to count on it.

    I’m also hoping that the foolishness of the Swedes (and ours as well) isn’t terminal.

  • Mr Evilwrench

    Must be a new moonbat definition of “engineer”. A real engineer would tap on a calculator for a few seconds and conclude this was ludicrous.

  • Marian

    Perhaps they should ask my dear friend, 79 years old, who as a child in the 30’s had to huddle with his siblings to keep warm on freezing nights–night after night. Or my departed uncle who had to be kept warm as a baby in the 30’s in an oven. Of course, their ideas are for us serfs, not them. Go to hell, maybe that will keep you warm assholes.

  • A. Levy

    Obviously, what the EnviroNazi’s want is for all of us to adopt the Amish lifestyle. Us, not them. Then of course, they would complain that we’re mistreating the horses.

    Their goofy and dangerous policies become law only because we’ve become such a weak and gullible society. And because of that, we deserve everything they do to us.

  • Wizard45

    Actually, I saw something on TV a couple of weeks ago about this technology being in use at the “Mall of America” in Minnesota.

  • infidel

    Welcome to the matrix.

  • Laurie

    “…our left-wing ruling class.”

    Why are we still tolerating this?

  • Mockingbird

    Why don’t we consider putting the leftwing moonbats in the furnaces? We warm the buildings, and we get the comforting aroma of barbeque.

  • justme

    The Progressive Crematoriums will be wonderful for using people to heat building in an environmentally friendly way. We should being immediately converting all of our fossil fuel burning power generators to burn PEOPLE!. This building is heated using Clean People Technology!

  • M.Wilson

    Body heat can theoretically keep one sealed, well-insulated, sufficiently crowded building reasonably warm.

    The problem being that every time a door opens the first two go out the window, and most buildings don’t consistently maintain a high level of crowding. After all, who *likes* being crowded? When you then suggest trying to pipe this heat to other buildings by various means, the laws of thermodynamics kick you in the balls.

    Nuclear power easily trounces any “alternative energy” they can dream up in their acid trips. It’s the closest thing to matter-energy conversion that we have. We are long overdue to enter the atomic age, but envirokooks want us to go back to stone-age energy sources like wind and body heat.

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    “Sniff sniff”
    What’s that smell ?
    (he asks his moonbat neighbor)
    Oh, we just added Uncle Gertrude to the compost heap after an O Care death panel cut him loose last week.

  • Sam Adams

    Mr Evilwrench says:
    December 31, 2012 at 11:13 am

    Lemme see here…the average human puts out 400 BTUs an hour. The average home furnace puts out 80,000 BTUs an hour. On a cold day, your furnace is running perhaps 75% of the time for a heat output of 60,000 per day. So my home would only require about 150 people crammed into it to remain nice and cozy.

    Yeah…that’s the ticket.

  • Babagounj

    The Mall of America uses body heat.
    On some really cold days they have to draw in cold air .

  • Kevin R.

    Every building with people in it has body heat.

  • johnnosk

    This is like an update on the old joke

    Q. What do Moonbats do when it gets cold?
    A. Sit around a candle

    Q. What do Moonbats do when it is really cold?
    A. Light the candle

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    The mall is similar to a large factory setting, but in this case with lights, food vendors, ect ect creating lots of heat
    BTW “Green” is a relative term.
    A few compact florescents here, some low flow toilets there, plus a generous contribution to a Soros destroy America front group, and moonbats will sing your praises.

  • dan

    Incandescent bulbs used to be part of the calculated heating …and when I insulated my Da’s house, it only took a few to make it quite cozy….
    of course an engineer also calculates how many air-exchanges one needs to maintain healthy environmental conditions

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  • Jester

    Soylent Heat is made outta people! It’s MADE OUTTA PEEEPPPUUULLL!!!

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  • bobdog

    There’s a much better solution. Use the federal school lunch program started by Our Lady of the Lunchroom to change the American diet to high fiber legumes and other foods high in polysaccharides and convert the resulting methane into fuel. Management of the program is already in place, so only a minimum of compulsion should be required.

    Resistance could be minimized with Federal Energy Tax Credits. The only obstacle is how to capture this currently wasted energy. I suggest that a Green Energy Research program be initiated by the Department of Energy, using development loans and grants under existing law. A $200 Billion research program is a small price to pay for American’s energy independence.

  • Baron of Gray Matter

    liberals never let the laws of physics deter their ideolgy. Energy is not increased it is transformed from one form to another. If Human heat is extracted to heat the ambient room, then the human heat energy will need to be replaced. This is done by eating to increase the metabolism. More food means more trips to the supermarket in the prius and more trips from the distribution warehouse to the supermarket in big smelly diesel guzzling trucks.

  • Marknlutz

    I don’t know how much more I can take. I really don’t.

  • Frederick the Flatulant

    When will they develop a way to capture all the human produced methane and use it to heat buildings. Or, capture all the hot air in government buildings. That should be enough to heat every house in the country.

  • QuietMan

    So my home would only require about 150 people crammed into it to remain nice and cozy.

    Yeah…that’s the ticket.

    Sam, that isn’t the ticket, it’s the plan.

  • Matt

    This is a really ignorant pc. Captured heat be-it from body heat, pipes, waste recapture, is already being used to heat building, subway stas. etc. Isn’t usually conservatives who have more faith in tech to solve our problems? Well this is a perfect example and you don’t even recognize it.


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