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Jan 11 2013

Five Facts to Fire at the Gun-Grabbers

Reason TV lists five facts regarding firearms that you won’t hear from the authoritarians running the media branch of the government:

1. Gun violence has been declining.
2. Despite the politically driven hype, mass shootings are not becoming more frequent.
3. Schools are safer than they were.
4. There are more guns out there, despite (or more likely, causing) the decline in gun violence.
5. “Assault weapons” bans have no effect on crime or violence.

Here’s another fact: the progressive establishment’s full frontal assault on the Second Amendment following Obama’s disastrous reelection was easily predictable; if Sandy Hook hadn’t happened, America’s enemy within would have seized on some other pretext.

But totalitarian liberals aren’t about to let facts get in the way of the emotions they have deliberately whipped into a frenzy.

On a tip from Katie H.

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