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Sep 18 2011

Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil

Thanks to the Internet, our knowledge of Islam doesn’t need to be limited to the mendacious bromides rammed down our throats by the Islamophile ruling class. Esteemed countermoonbat Ann Barnhardt delivers a scholarly lecture in four parts for those who didn’t learn all they need to know on September 11, 2001:

For the response from the liberal feminist establishment, click here.

On a tip from Rich.

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  • Roflcoper down

    My fiancé and I do not use Facebook in an effort to not let old flames from 10 years ago reach out to us and temp us… Basically to respect each other, don’t read into it…..

    BUT….. By 3 minutes and 20 seconds into video 1, I was in love…. Shhhhhh dont rat me out!

  • Sexy Snake-Eyes

    Holyyyyyyyyyy sheeeeeeet.

    This woman is my freaking hero!

    Everyone should pray for her safety because she probably just brought a kazillion whackadoodle fatwas on her head.

    Some of those segments brought me to tears.

    TRUTH BRINGING!!!!!!!!!

  • gorgo

    Great talk. One minor correction for her – the 12 apostles did not take the Gospel to the whole world. Only one apostle did, and was specially chosen to do so by Christ. The 12 – by His leading – never made it outside of Israel, as far as the biblical record states, and came to confine their ministries to saved Jews.

    Good talk, though. She’s got a bullseye on her back for sure.

  • Festivus

    There’s a video of Anne where she publicly announces her residence address in Colorado and tells the jihadi’s to bring it. lol

    She’s well armed.

  • Jodie

    Ann Barnhardt is an amazing and brave woman. Notice there are no, “uh, uh, uhm’s” in her speeches, because she is speaking the truth – unlike the lying lefties.

  • Anti socialist

    Many interesting articles about the subject:

  • gorgo

    I think she’s essentially right on the last vid, with her comments on why the left in general, and queers in particular, are so silent on atrocious Muslim sodomy. The REAL reason for most of them is (a) they want that contamination over here specifically to help weaken our society further or (b) they want that contamination over here because it means they get to be on the receiving end of conquering Muslim man penis or Muslim boy anus. Either way, the result’s the same: the queers get more sodomy. Looked at that way, why WOULD they speak out against it? It’s a win-win for them (they think).

  • Sexy Snake-Eyes


    Wowie, wow, wow! She obviously has more faith than a mustard seed. TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME! ha!


    EXACTAMUNDO. No “uhhhhhhh…erm…ehhhhhh” lying pauses. You nailed it.

    P.S. I uploaded my singing if you’re still interested/curious to hear me. I reformatted the songs into .wav files instead of .mp3 files and zipped them all into one download here:

    If the .wav files don’t work, then your system might needs some codecs [but, I'm not sure which ones as I don't know your operating system etc.]…

    Well, I tried! :)

  • MR.ED

    Ann Barnhardt I think i love you what a brave lady you are WOW GO GET ANN this is speaking truth to power

  • Festivus

    Sexy, yeah, I think that video is the same one in which she burns the Koran. lol

  • Jodie

    Sexy Snake Eyes,

    I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing. I downloaded the “Ilivid” program from your link. From that, could you tell me how I would find/play your songs?

  • Sexy Snake-Eyes


    Seriously, I’m not worthyyyyyyy! This young woman is bringin’ it with passion and commitment!


    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘program’? Don’t be embarrassed if you’re in the dark…I know computer stuff can be intimidating to some folks and it can be downright frustrating at times.

    You shouldn’t need a program to play my songs. YOU SHOULD NOT need to install anything to play my songs. You might have a computer virus that is tripped by song files [it's not uncommon]. Do you have anti-virus software updated? Whatever you do, do NOT install anything! You should be able to play simple audio files without a problem. None of my files are infected. Have you ever played audio files on your machine before?

    Windows might prompt you that you ‘need’ a file in order to use something [which is normal if you are missing some codecs etc.], but, if anything prompts you to INSTALL something, good grief, don’t do it until you research the program.

    This might sound like a stupid question, but, are you having problems extracting the .zip files where the files are contained? Some computer software handles .zip files differently. Sometimes you can just click on the .zip file and the file will extract fine.

    If you aren’t a computer geeky girl like me, you probably don’t have your computer enabled for you to ‘see’ the actual ‘filetypes’…

    Here’s a link on how to enable seeing filetypes on windows:

    I’m stumped. Sorry. :\

  • Festivus

    You have to download the zip file which is the blue download button.

    You sound great SSE! :)

  • Jodie

    Sexy Snake Eyes,

    When I clicked on your link, it had two choices – to play or download, but the choices both went to download. I downloaded two things. One of them, the “ilivid” program ended up changing my browser to MSN. I think I’m just going to remove the two things that were downloaded.

    I appreciate your trying to help! I still wish I could hear your songs.

    I have played audio and video recording on my computer, but I have always had trouble with “Quick Time Player”. It gives me an error that some files may be missing, so I may have a problem with my computer.

  • Jodie

    Back to the subject of Islam. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the Arab Springs uprisings. As we know they love their taqiyya (lying). They will even stoop as low as to put their children in the front of the rebellions and then cry when they are shot.

    Here is a video where they are accusing the Syrian forces of torturing and killing children, but I say, why the hell are they putting their children out there, often in front to be killed?!

  • Sgt Brock E Lee

    She seems like a nice lady

  • Jodie

    After listening to what Ann Barnhardt had to say, and considering that Obama was raised to believe all of that. Doesn’t that explain a lot about him – his treatment of women – his proclivity for male sexual encounters?

  • Joek Loth

    Man, I hope these videos go viral!!!I would love to see the mooselimbs go apeshit for exposing the sickness that they want accepted here. Fuck smilsummuslims all to hell.
    Ann is freakin awesome!! And kinda cute in a fiesty kinda way!!! May God be with her always, Amen.

  • Joek Loth

    Yeah Jodie, this does explain a lot on obammy. I saw this Irish website that listed all of obammys homosexual perversions. I wonder why, if ALL that stuff is right out there in the open, online, for everybody to see, has it not been pushed out more mainstream. obammy is truely a sick individual on many different levels. Hell I bet with obammys indoctrination to man-boy love in the madrasas, that old Frank Marshall Davis had a REEEAALLL good time with obammy during his pubesant(puberty)years in beautiful Hawaii!! SICK BASTARDS ALL OF THEM.

  • Sexy Snake-Eyes


    Aww shucks. TY, Fest. *blushes ten shades of red/pink/purple* Oops, I need CPR! STAT! haha



    That video was bizarro and sad [to say the least]. And, what’s up with Radwan Ziadeh mini “Bob’s Big Boy” hair squiggly on his balding forehead? God bless him but dang…that’s just distracting. lol? *ducks*

    Hey, Jodie, you never said if you have anti-virus software installed? I’m not sure what you installed but please be careful. I don’t want to brick your computer over one stupid link! I’ll figure something out. I need to get my laptop back and install all of my art and FTP software because I’m miserable on my husband’s old laptop [but, it's better than nothing for sure].

    Back to topic…

    What I love about Ann is that she is so disgusted and expresses it just like most people would feel given the information/knowledge about ‘Islam’ she’s sharing.

    Some people have spoken about the ‘Beast’ being Islam itself rather than one ‘man’ and [I'm rusty on my scriptures, so correct me if I'm wrong] but, doesn’t the bible read that there will be ‘many’ false prophets? So, could the ultimate ‘satan’ be a ‘false religion’ rather than a ‘false prophet’ in the end times?

    Just musing out loud…

  • Jodie

    Sexy Snake Eyes,

    “That video was bizarro and sad [to say the least]. And, what’s up with Radwan Ziadeh mini ‘Bob’s Big Boy’ hair squiggly on his balding forehead? God bless him but dang…that’s just distracting. lol? *ducks*”

    I laughed so loud when I read that, I think the neighbors heard me. Good one!

    “Hey, Jodie, you never said if you have anti-virus software installed? I’m not sure what you installed but please be careful. I don’t want to brick your computer over one stupid link! I’ll figure something out. I need to get my laptop back and install all of my art and FTP software because I’m miserable on my husband’s old laptop [but, it's better than nothing for sure].”

    No, I don’t have anti-virus software. I did get everything back to normal though. Maybe things didn’t work right for me because I didn’t have the right software to play the songs. Every time I got an option of “play” or “download”, I would say “play”, but then it would say “save” or “run”. It would never let me choose “run”, then when I reluctantly chose “save”, that’s when it downloaded the new program. Like I said, it changed my browser to MSN and then it added a new start bar, which threw me off. Everything is fine now. I should have trusted my instincts, but I thought that’s what you wanted me to do and I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. Silly me – my bad.

  • Jodie


    I’m thinking that the false religion could be Chrislam. There are a lot of Christian churches cozying up with Islam to obtain new members and more money. Shame, shame, shame!

  • Sexy Snake-Eyes

    P.S. These vids DO need to go viral. I’m going to send these vids to as many right wing ‘big wigs’ I know and hopefully give this smart lady’s words a bit more traction.

  • Sexy Snake-Eyes

    You don’t have anti-virus software, Jodie?


    Oh, sweetheart, get your computer protected! NOW! If you are on the INTERNET, you need protection. That might be why your programs are all wigged out and you can’t play certain files. I’m not trying to scare you, I’m just trying to get you secured.

    NOBODY should be on the ‘net without anti-virus and firewall protection [sorry to get geek preachy here, but, I'm always shocked that people don't know this in 2011].

    Microsoft makes a free security suite [it's not bad and it's what is used on my husband's machine]:

    The aforementioned link for the free anti-virus program works for windows XP service pack 2 on up…

    After you install it, update the virus definitions and do a full computer scan to make sure you get rid of all vulnerabilities. You may need to reboot your computer a few times during this.

    Please, protect your computer. Especially if you have any personal information on your computer or you do any online transactions etc.



    As to Christianity and Islam…yes, that’s a very good point [scary thought]. The idea of a ‘death cult’ meeting up with the blood of Christ is disconcerting to say the very least. *shiver*

    Many people have tried to ‘pervert’ Christianity to their own evil ends…[Jim Jones]…



    No forced sharia laws in america

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    Shhh,, Listen. You Hear that sound ?
    The barbarians are at the gate.

  • Jodie

    How can the left ignore ALL of these facts about Islam? It’s in writing – all over the Internet. They’re not hiding what they are up to. Here’s an example:

    “Director of Sudanese Ministry of International Cooperation Ahmad Malek Ahmad: The way to achieve change is through fighting, through Jihad. There is no other way. Today, on Jerusalem Day, we saw the banners of the various mujahideen factions raised… You could see these banners raised by the men, whose cries ripped through the skies: ‘The Koran is our constitution, the Prophet Muhammad is our master, Jihad is our path, and death for the sake of Allah is our loftiest aspiration.’ I wish I could have kissed all these banners…….”

  • Sexy Snake-Eyes

    This is just sad:

    More Islamic Homosexual Pederasty

    Yet more Islamic Homosexual Pederasty

    Islamic Homosexual Pederasty

    My heart just sinks for the women who suffer at the hands of men who only learn to love boys and the boys who suffer by the perversions of the men who prefer them over women and abuse both because of their gender ‘confusion’ and low intellect to know the difference because of inbreeding.

    Just sad all around.

    Nukes anyone?

    Sometimes you have to put a mad dog out of our misery.

    P.S. The Lefties love homos and hate Christianity…hello? Of course they openly ‘embrace’ and protect Scuzzlims.

  • Sexy Snake-Eyes

    This backs up everything Ann said in her videos:


  • Patriot

    Excellent- thank you Ann!


    Destroy all religions espcialy christianity ecept for their own

  • Noelegy

    Love the response from the liberal feminist establishment!

  • Sexy Snake-Eyes

    Noelegy says: September 18, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    LOL! I just caught that too.

    *chirp-chirp* :lol:

  • gorgo

    Sexy Snake-Eyes says:
    September 18, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    P.S. These vids DO need to go viral.

    * * *

    No point. Those who are already apt to believe these horrors already do, and those who have reason to deny or ignore them, will do so. “Those aren’t REAL Muslims,” or “TRUE Islam doesn’t teach that” or “They’re not LOVING homos,” will be the responses.


    I would like to ask if anyone else has a problem with her tone. NOT WITH HER FACTS, but with her tone and possibly her motivation, insofar as she says she’s a representative of Christ and – I would imagine – would rather see any Muslim convert to Him. But using the language she uses, while blunt, does not support her implied cause.

    I myself used similar language here against Logan, but only after he made it clear he wanted nothing to do with Christ. These Muslims, very likely, have never heard ANY truth about him. In the Bible, anything approaching the tone and language she uses is reserved for those who had already knowingly rejected God’s revealed Truth, whatever it happened to be at their given point in history, up to and including the full, completed scriptural revelation of Christ in the gospel of the grace of God. Have no doubt that few if any of the men performing these evils – and they are wicked and evil – has heard the truth about Him. Doesn’t she know that? She speaks like she doesn’t, or doesn’t quite care.

    I’m all for her being ready to defend herself – no problem. But I have to wonder, given her tone and language, how much genuine concern she has for even wicked Muslim men, for whom Christ died as surely as He did for her.

    Not trying to start a fight, not attacking her and not questioning her facts…just questioning her focus and methods. I don’t see Paul using it against the pagan Gentiles he witnessed to, who’d never heard of Christ. Messiah-rejecting Jews? Absolutely. Sinning Christians? Absolutely. Unrepentant pagans? Yes.

    But to those lost and condemned in pitch-black sin with no sign of His light, who have NEVER heard of the Gospel she (presumably) believes they need? No – Paul did not ever do that. But she does.

    Am I the only one troubled by that?

  • Fiberal

    It says a lot about a culture that some Afgani men after a lifetime of buggering each other, can’t figure out where to jump their burka-covered cows after they finally get one.

    My question then, is why does the west not just leave well-enough alone?

  • Fiberal

    Seriously good presentation.

    Just to give a pass for a moment to the horrible, inhumane, disgusting, inbred, sodomy-addicted, murderous, misogynistic aspects, there’s no question that islam is a political-cult movement with about as much religious substance as the ancient, but still revered, Mickey Mouse Club.

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    If your point is whether she was “evangelizing” on behalf of a particular christian religion, which one ?
    This is one of the oldest leftist tricks, that if you mention your faith, even in passing, or even if it is known that you are a person of faith, that alone de- legitimizes you. Don’t fall for it.
    BTW, this “tone” will disappear once the resident atheist shows up with HIS tone decrying that this monstrosity actually represents ALL religion.

  • oldguy

    America’s Joan of Arc.

  • Eoin

    If any of you have ever worn the uniform, you should dismiss Ann’s overzealous assertion that Muslims need to be expelled from our military ranks and deported as seditious traitors.

    Tell that to my former S1 section chief, born in Egypt, immigrated to America as a child, endured trial by fire to earn the title of United States Marine, and during my unit’s first Iraq tour he provided his fluency in Arabic to crypto-intelligence secret squirrels to aid in the destruction of our nation’s enemies.

    Tell that to my friend, Ameer, who flew as a crewman in Iraq AND Afghanistan, received the Air Medal for actions during medevac missions, and after leaving the Corps pursued his passion for aviation and was tragically killed in a crash after losing engine power just after take-off. There’s nothing more American than strapping yourself into a machine and breaking the shackles of gravity to do a job few are willing, or capable, of doing… to include the keyboard jockeys of Moonbattery.

    Ann likes to use examples of Japanese and German saboteurs during WWII. Her straw-man argument doesn’t pass muster. Obviously a nation and its military must pursue, isolate, and expel sedition, and in WWII our inability to evaluate one’s loyalties were isolated to judging the shape of their eyes, or last names of obvious Germanic descent. Thank God for our nation that my grandfather met my Grandma Kauffman AFTER the war, born to German immigrants in Maryland in 1922, because his noble efforts against the Nazis would have never been part of the war effort.

    When you go on a witch-hunt, as Ann proposes, you alienate any members of that camp who might have been sympathizers and members of our forces.

    Do that, and you lose men like Ameer.

    Semper Fidelis

  • Sinister66

    Eoin says:

  • Danny Kendrick

    Ann is made of “The Right Stuff”, and I support her.

  • gorgo

    Ghost of FA Hayek says:
    September 19, 2011 at 5:02 am

    “If your point is whether she was “evangelizing” on behalf of a particular christian religion, which one ?”

    She’s not evangelizing on behalf of her Roman Catholic faith or any other – that’s kind of my point. I am simply confused how someone who claims to follow Christ – the living epitome of love and compassion – could be so – okay, I’ll say it – unloving and unchristlike against the very kinds of people for whom He died and who desperately need knowledge of His grace. Unless I missed it, I heard not one word of compassion for the men who (she rightly points out) have grown up with souls horribly twisted by Islam. That is not the attitude or approach a biblical Christian is to have.

    “This is one of the oldest leftist tricks, that if you mention your faith, even in passing, or even if it is known that you are a person of faith, that alone de- legitimizes you. Don’t fall for it.”

    I’m not falling for it; I doubt anyone else here will, either.

    “BTW, this ‘tone’ will disappear once the resident atheist shows up with HIS tone decrying that this monstrosity actually represents ALL religion.”

    He’ll be demonstrably wrong to do so.

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