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Jan 23 2013

Separated at Birth?

Either that or the Bitter Half is a Romulan Spy:

michelle-obama_romulan  romulan

Via GOPagan. Tip from Pangolin.

  • facebkwallflower

    The new doo could cover a bruise or gash nicely.

  • The outfits are nearly the same as well. Look at the pattern of the cloth. Look at the belting. LOL!

  • Stephana

    man when did rick james get so fat and ugly?

  • John

    Michelle Obama seems pretty happy to me. I wouldn’t call her bitter.

  • wth

    Great fashion sense. Her gloves match the other lady’s coat.

  • I’d rather date the Romulan.

  • CGW409

    Lets not go insulting the Romulans now.

  • Eleanor in Hell

    Of course she’s smiling. She and Momma have another four-year ticket for a free ride on the American Gravy Train.

    Plus, she probably had a full belly when that pix was snapped.


  • Dave

    I think she looks better in bangs.

    Anything that covers her hateful anti-white expresssion is an improvement.

  • dmgore

    i’d say she looks more like a reman. but then i’m a nerd.

  • Eleanor in Hell

    @ Dave

    Then, a burka would be the penultimate accoutrement.

  • TonyD95B

    The fictitious Romulans at least have some integrity……

  • Leonard Jones

    I am sorry, but the Klingon bitch is too beautiful to
    to be compared to the 3,000 calorie lunch scarfing,
    Guardian of America’s children, food Nazi!

    Her already yard wide ass has been growing like the Blob
    since she began her crusade. Whoever Photoshopped her
    as a Wookie had it right; Big, fugly and mean.

  • bee
  • Tax Slave


    She’s a Romulan, not a Klingon (the cute one, I mean).

    The ugly one is an entirely different kind of alien.

  • ed357




    They just use the same wig maker.

  • Ummah Gummah


    Romulans are intelligent.


  • Pointyhead

    Moochelle is reallly a shaved wookee. I’ll bet her bra has 6 cups.

  • TED
  • Winston Smith

    Maybe Moose Shell is half Klingon and half Romulan – what a combination.

  • whotothewhat

    LOL I love this. I would have to say the Romulan looks more human.

  • Garpin

    (showing my geek side) In STTNG this particular Romulan was actually kind of a bitch. Played by Carolyn Seymour to a “T”. She was born of a russian father and an irish mother.

    The person on the left was born of wookies somewhere near Chicago.

  • Rob Griffin

    Most of the actors cast as “Romulans” in Next Gen were attractive people who were able to act at being evil. Mooch is a hideous creature who actually is as evil as she/it looks.


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