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Jan 30 2013

Obama Skeet Shoots, Hunts

In an attempt to prop up Obama’s improbable claim that “Up at Camp David, we do skeet shooting all the time,” the apparatchiks at New Republic tweeted this obvious Photoshop job:


Countermoonbat congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is not convinced. She issued a challenge:

“I think he should invite me to Camp David, and I’ll go skeet shooting with him and I bet I’ll beat him.”

Here’s the only bet that could be more sure: I bet Obama won’t take her up on it.

We are asked to trust Chairman Zero not to trample on gun rights on the strength of this clearly fictitious shooting experience.

Next we will learn that the metrosexual Moonbat Messiah also enjoys hunting. The “mainstream” media is welcome to present the following proof:


On tips from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle and Henry B. Hunting graphic compliments of Red State.

  • StanInTexas

    The media and the White House treat Obama as a walking photo-op. They have even manufactured events just so Obama could be photographed doing it. If he truly skeet-shoots all the time, then there will be REAL photos galore.

    Otherwise, this is another in the long list of Obama lies!

  • Frank

    The Halfrican should go skeet shooting with Darth Cheney – give Cheney some slugs …

  • Mr Evilwrench

    Has that knob even ever been to Camp David? I don’t recall ever hearing of it.

  • marcus tullius cicero


  • Bee

    “FORE!!!…I mean Pull!”

  • Jeff

    Sshhhhh! Be very, very quiet. I’m hunting Wabbits. Hehehehe.

  • Skyfall

    Mr. President, the 2nd amendment doesn’t protect our right to bear arms so we can go skeet shooting…

    …unless by “skeet” you mean “a tyrannical government”.

  • Son of Taz

    He wouldn’t know which end of the gun to aim at the target.

    What a doosh…..

  • Frank

    @ skyfall: Skeet was once defined as a group of skydiving lawyers …

  • Kevin R.

    From what I understand, he was only at Camp David once. Any skeet shooting in the records of his daily itinerary?

    He also said that he bowled all the time. And then he went bowling for some kind of photo-op. The guy bowled a 37. Children on the their first try bowl better.

    You gotta wonder, does Obama have any actual interests? Other than physical gratifications, I mean.

  • Karin

    Oh, we all saw that photo up there in a golf context, I remember it. How laughable can you get?

    Why does everything have to be a big fat lie with this asshole?

  • Ummah Gummah


    Any bets he doesn’t take Biden skeet shooting with him?


  • dapenguin

    be very very twiet I’m hunitng winos

    ooh wino twacks

  • Bill T

    So is “we do skeet shooting all the time” kinda like doing a little blow when we can afford it?

  • Xavier

    He does fly fishing too. Trouser flies that is.

  • Bo-Jangles

    He’s so used to lying to the brain-dead Amerikan sheeple, and getting away with it, that he now does it instinctively.

  • rex freeway

    Be vewy vewy quiet. Im hunting those waskawee ol conservatives!

  • moelarrycheese

    That photo of Obama is from one of his golfing pictures from about three years ago. He had just made a putt and was watching to see if it would miss or not.

  • Skyfall

    Karin, his father is the father of all lies. Obama is an evil spirit in a human body, and I am totally serious about that. Everything he is, everything he does, everything he’s gotten or accomplished is founded on lying, deceit, fraud, manipulation, intimidation, character assassination…there is nothing righteous about this man in any way.

  • KHarn

    That pose does NOT help their case.

  • Cameraman

    Wheres the Eye and Ear Protection Nimrod? Skeet Shooting in Jungle parlance in “Da Hood” is Blowing yer Wad!

    What a Phycken Loser!

  • Flu-Bird

    Q. Whats the diffrence between WASHINGTON D.C. and ZOO? A.One has a African Lion the other has a Lying African

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    So they photochop part of their “news”, then wish for us to believe the rest of their propoganda……….
    Gun owner wants government to confiscate most of his arsenal
    Chuck Hagel is Obama’s fiscal hawk in the Pentagon
    Obama respects the second amendment

  • Tatersalad

    Barack Obama will now build his Presidential Library on the very spot that is Ronald Reagan’s childhood home. Nothing like a dog marking his spot or a Muslim building a mosque on conquered lands like Ground Zero. Real class there Mr. President.

  • Noelegy

    According to the White House website guidelines about Camp David, cigarettes are not allowed there. So I seriously doubt he’s been there, let alone spend any time there.

  • Eric

    A little context, The words were “THEY shoot skeet at Camp David all the time”. pResident (this one) has never done so, I’m sure.

    2) I think a better focus would be finding out the shooter at Newtown actually killed all those kids with a shotgun while the “assult rifle” was in the car trunk.

  • Flu-Bird


  • Jodie

    “We shoot skeet at Camp David all the time. Then Michelle cooks ’em up and we eat ’em.”

  • geoada
  • TED

    BUT dem skeets is so haad ta cook with arugula.

    (If a LIEbral ever told the truth the Earth would stop spinning!!)

  • TED

    It’s apparent that Barry’s wrists are FAR too weak the handle a shotgun. An obvious lie.

  • TED
  • TED
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