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Jan 31 2013

South Africa: The Model for Our Fundamental Transformation

Despite its flaws, South Africa was a prosperous country and an outpost of Western Civilization in a savage region. Having been destroyed in the name of political correctness, it is now reverting to savagery. The openly anti-Caucasian socialist government is in the process of reducing it to another Zimbabwe, the erstwhile Breadbasket of Africa that is now an infernal basket case. This makes South Africa a model for the ongoing “fundamental transformation” of America:

In an interview with Breitbart News Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) made the astute observation that Barack Obama is not just skeptical of our Constitution, but also has an alternative model in mind: the South African constitution. That document has been the object of fascination and envy for the American legal left ever since it was negotiated and passed in the mid-1990s, during South Africa’s transition to democracy.

The left is obsessed with a particular section of the South African constitution: its Bill of Rights, which includes so-called “positive,” or socioeconomic rights: the right to housing, the right to a clean environment, the right to health care, the right to food and water, and so on.

FDR was planning to inflict a similar Economic Bill of Rights when he finally died, thereby allowing the USA to immerge from the Great Depression. Imposing these “rights” would have required an omnipotent central government along the lines of the Soviet Union.

A liberal’s conception of “rights” are not rights at all, but privileges to be dispensed by an authoritarian bureaucracy. It should be obvious that no one has a right to force others to provide them with goods and services without payment — that is, to enslave them through the instrument of government.

American moonbats who believe in the faux “rights” promised by collectivist authoritarianism had a hand in drafting South Africa’s alarming constitution, including the infamous Derrick Bell, a militant black racist from Harvard who had a direct influence on Obama. Both have been openly hostile toward the US Constitution, which Obama will continue to assail, with help from the authoritarian media that keeps him in power.

Who will defend the Constitution? Don’t count on the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was familiar with Bell’s ideas, and lectured at least once on Critical Race Theory [a.k.a. Marxism for Anti-Caucasian Racists]. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Clinton appointee, recently expressed a preference for the South African constitution. More broadly, enthusiasm for socioeconomic rights seems widespread among the cohort Obama brought to power.

That is, they believe in socialism, not liberty. No coherent person has ever believed in both, because the more you have of one, the less you have of the other.

Obama’s call to give “meaning” to the rights in our founding documents, and for “collective action” as a means for “preserving our individual freedoms” and providing “every citizen” with “a basic measure of security and dignity” clearly points toward the eventual creation of socioeconomic rights on something like the South African model.

Chairman Zero’s pretentious rhetoric no doubt causes the NPR/PBS set to puff their sunken chests in pride, but here’s where it inevitably leads in the real world:


On a tip from Sean C.

  • Doug

    Speaking of Africa, our Muslim in Chief’s illegal uncle is to be deported:

  • StanInTexas

    When a Liberal says “I have a right to…”, you can bet your bottom dollar that the ‘right’ is something they want, but are unwilling to pay for or work for.

  • Vaughn

    Yeah, and Zimbabwe for our economic model.

  • This is by far the best article I have read on the ‘fundamental transformation’ agenda.

    I had the privilege of working in Zimbabawe before the Mugabe disaster and the horror of working there after.

    If anyone thinks that it cannot happen in the civilised world had better wake up.

  • Nicki Thomas

    Read “Into the Cannibals Pot.” Whites in Africa are butchered daily and nobody cares. Yes, this is what Obama wants for America….paybacks for the evil white people. Whites damn well better WAKE UP.

  • Dave

    It has been proven time and time again that blacks cannot complete in free and open markets; thus they invariably opt for racial socialism/parasitism. This arrangement works well for them IF and only IF there are enough whites around to provide for their sorry asses.

    Of course that is the reason the left shrieks RACISM! every time someone or some group calls for a reduction in the size and scope of government.

  • theduchessofkitty

    “Fundamental transformation”…

    And yet, many South Africans have seen the writing on the wall and voted for their “positive rights” government… with their luggage! There has been a major exile of people from South Africa and into other countries – Britain, Australia, other Commonwealth countries, and even here. With too many women being raped there daily and with little recourse for self-defense, no wonder people are leaving!

  • justme

    I can’t wait until the South African style jewelry craze takes over. I can just see the Necklacing being orchestrated all over LA, Chicago, Newark. In case you are unfamiliar with the phenomena that Nelson and Winnie Mandela, those two prophets of peace and understanding who along with the Actors and Musicians of the West overthrew Apartheid in the name of Peace and ending State Racism – It is the placing of car and truck tires around the neck of their political, social, racial or anyone else that they take a disliking to, and setting them alight so their still living victim burns to death. – Makes a Colombian Necktie look positively civilized.

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    The words “positive rights” are simply code words for slavery.
    To be guaranteed, food, healthcare, housing, cell phones, internet access ect ect must inevitably be taken by the government outright to be redistributed, or in the mean time (while they still remain) producers are forced into servitude.
    Either way, the end results of liberalism is the cannibalism of North Korea

  • StanInTexas

    Any government able to give you everything you want, is powerful enough to take away everything you have!

  • Sam Adams

    Dave says:
    January 31, 2013 at 7:51 am

    It has been proven time and time again that blacks cannot complete in free and open markets….

    Actually the democrat plan for that problem is working out pretty well. Put abortion clinics in the inner-cities. Subsidize abortion…and blacks abort a much higher proportion of their kids than whites. By 2038, the black minority will be insignificant.

    (That is why the dems are currently enslaving the Hispanics. How someone supposed to compete when they don’t have to learn the native language???)

  • Sam Adams

    Tell the North Koreans that they have “right” to food. Heck; put it in their constitution.

    In the former Soviet Union, the country couldn’t even make enough toilet paper to meet demand. When specifying rights, better include toilet paper.

  • Dave

    Re. the impact of abortion on the U.S. Black population:

    1970- 22.6 million blacks or 11.1% of the U.S. pop.

    1973 – Roe v Wade

    2012 – 44.1 million blacks or 14.1% of the U.S. pop.

    Somehow the trajectory of the black population suggests they will anything but insignificant in 2038. no?

  • Sam Adams

    “Blacks make up 12% of the population, but 35% of the abortions in America. Are we being targeted? Isn’t that genocide? We are the only minority in America that is on the decline in population. If the current trend continues, by 2038 the black vote will be insignificant.”

  • Dave

    The numbers/statistics don’t lie. The U.S. black population has doubled since 1970, abortion notwithstanding.


    Total population

    African American

    43,884,130[1] (14.1% of the US population)


    Black genocide indeed! HEH!

  • Beef

    The South African Bill of Rights contains the following Orwellian provisions:

    2. Equality includes the full and equal enjoyment of all rights and freedoms. To promote the achievement of equality, legislative and other measures designed to protect or advance persons, or categories of persons, disadvantaged by unfair discrimination may be taken.

    In other words, inequality will be enforced to achieve equality.

    3. The state may not unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone on one or more grounds, including race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth.

    But of course the state may “fairly” discriminate against anyone on any grounds it decides are “unfair”.

    Freedom of Speech can be abridged by the following limitations:
    a. propaganda for war;
    b. incitement of imminent violence; or
    c. advocacy of hatred that is based on race, ethnicity, gender or religion, and that constitutes incitement to cause harm.

    Again, it would be up to those who controlled the state as to what “hatred” was or the acceptability or not of whatever they deemed “propaganda”.

    Equality for the Left is the beall of everything, as long as some animals are more equal than others.

  • M.Wilson

    I would actually argue that there is not a single point in American history where the majority of Blacks have been permitted to even attempt competing in a truly free and open market.

    They went from slavery, to Jim Crow, to Affirmative Action, to the current welfare state where their heads are stuffed with race-based Marxism. Each with its own style of chains.

    Ironically the Jim Crow period was likely the freest and most successful time for Blacks, because it was not imposed uniformly and some could escape it in search of genuine freedom. Unfortunately, rather than simply ending Jim Crow and letting the Blacks experience freedom uniformly, our government stepped in with Affirmative Action to put them back in chains.

    “Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victim may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated, but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” –C.S. Lewis

  • Dave

    @ M.Wilson

    Ah yes…. the old canard that the left so depends on: “ALL black failures are invariably a result of white-racism.”

    But the notion that “Affirmative Action put blacks back in chains” takes the cake.

    I’m beginning to think most soi-disant “conservatives” are bigger kool aid drinkers than libtards.

  • M.Wilson

    If you truly believe that blacks are incapable of competing in a free market, and wish society rid of them, then I don’t see why you would object that my solution is to throw them upon the free market.

    If you’re right, their inability to compete will slowly drive them out as the market promotes survival of the fittest.

    If I’m right, the fires of the market will reforge them into upstanding citizens who are at last able to become productive members of society.

    Sounds win-win to me, unless you had a quicker and more permanent solution in mind.

  • Bob Roberts

    There are reasons Europeans and their descendants accomplished what they did while Africa continues to languish in violence and poverty. And no, don’t try playing the race card – that’s not where I’m going with this. It’s not a racial thing, it’s a cultural thing. And don’t call me a cultural imperialist, I’m just stating facts. I’m not making an opinionated claim some cultures lead to success, others to failure. I’m just saying CHECK THE FACTS, ACCEPT REALITY.

  • St. Gilbert

    I’m not sure why the Lefties despise the Constitution, a radically progressive document at the time of the founding, that somehow was unable to guard against any future ‘progressive’ interpretation. Being a purely secular and deliberately godless document, it has allowed, and will continue to allow, all manner of Leftist goals and universal falsehoods. After all, everything the Lefties hold dear has been found to be Constitutional, and their future goals will surely be found Constitutional as well. Count the number of so-called “unconstitutional” laws that are now proudly enshrined in American law in the name of individual “rights” and personal liberty. Apparently, everything the Lefties want is perfectly Constitutional, if a little time-consuming in proving it. For a modern progressive, what’s not to like? Given the transformations it has already undergone, what’s going to stop it being transformed into a replica of South Africa’s?

  • M.Wilson

    Bob Roberts: Certainly, the prevalent culture in Africa is absolutely barbaric and antithetical to human development. A culture with sound morals and a strong work ethic is absolutely vital to the success of any people regardless of race.

    This is why the Left works so hard to destroy Western culture, and this is how Affirmative Action paradoxically enslaves those it supposedly helps. You’ll note that the few countries that showed the barest signs of success in Africa, even temporarily, were former European colonies. So long as the culture the Europeans had brought with them prevailed, those colonies prospered. When it was replaced with Marxism or Islam, they collapsed.

    This is why multiculturalism cannot work. Western culture is the most successful culture in history, and only the insane would abandon it for any of the failed alternatives.

  • Dave

    Actually long long ago, when the cultures fell from the sky, Europe and east-Asian got the good ones whilst the rest of the world got the bad ones. It would be absurd to assume otherwise. It’s all a matter of luck, I suppose. Any other explanation would be racist. Moreover, we are all equal, right? Inequality of outcomes only proves racism, right?

    Last but not least: We all agree racism is the worst of the worst evils and only white people can be racist, right? Moreover, if blacks or other races behave in a racist manner, it’s only because the white-man taught him to behave that way, right?

    Anyway these racists have it all wrong:

  • M.Wilson

    The Middle East is actually an excellent example of the power of culture.

    Prior to the Roman empire, most of the worlds advanced, educated, and wealthy cultures were in the Middle East. The Arabs, Persians, and Jews made considerable contributions to science, mathematics, farming, and the art of war. Rome, refining the Greek democracy and establishing the first state that could be considered a modern Republic, eventually grew to outshine them all.

    Unfortunately, Rome eventually turned into a welfare state as the Senators discovered they could buy votes with other people’s money. The resulting loose fiscal policy eventually destabilized the Roman government, paving the way for the Caesars to seize absolute power. Unfortunately for Rome, the Caesars could not abandon the profligate ways of the welfare state either and its collapse was eventually made complete.

    In the aftermath the Middle East began to rise in prominence again, until Islam happened. Islam cannibalized the cultural capital that the Middle East had built up to turn the Ottoman Empire into a war machine that nearly conquered Europe, rather similar to what the Nazis did to Germany. However, at this time Europe had begun benefiting from the legacy of the Roman empire and the civilizing influence of Christianity. With their culture advancing while the Ottoman’s declined, they were able to throw the Muslims out of Europe and the Middle East has been a basket case ever since. Because while Germany was denazified and brought back to Western culture, the Arabs were never de-Islamized.

    And so, Islam transformed great empires of old into a bunch of petty squabbling tribes, while Christianity transformed Europe’s petty squabbling tribes into modern civilization.

  • Dave

    M.Wilson says:

    January 31, 2013 at 10:43 am

    If you truly believe that blacks are incapable of competing in a free market, and wish society rid of them, then I don’t see why you would object that my solution is to throw them upon the free market.

    Is that what you think I said? Really?

    Anyway, what M.Wilson is really saying is when blacks were segregated they constructed a thriving free market system within their own community. Once segregation was made illegal, black entrepreneurs were exposed to their white counterparts thus black entrepreneurs all but disappeared. Black consumers voted with their feet and opted for the better goods and services the white owned businesses offered. That is what really happened post-desegregation.

  • Dave

    What happened to Egypt, Rome, Assyria, Greece and now the U.S.A. can be boiled down to one word: Dysgenics.

  • son of a preacher man

    It is always blood and soil with you idiots.

  • Dave

    “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” –George Orwell

  • M.Wilson

    Actually, what I said was that because segregation was not uniformly enforced, during that time period they were able to find unsegregated sectors of the economy and successfully interact with their white counterparts on a level playing field. In other words, markets happened.

    Unfortunately, the government then stepped in with its attempts to “help” blacks, and Marxist operatives worked to spread a victim mentality coupled with intense racism. Multiculturalists then worked to create a separate “black culture” which systematically destroyed the Black family and kept blacks from adopting American culture. Make no mistake: this was not just to “keep the black man down”. The blacks were the prototypes, and the Left is hard at work chaining Whites to the serf culture too.

    You’ll notice that the vast majority of intelligent, successful Blacks tend to talk, dress, and live a lot like a white person. This is because these are the ones who have seen the light, and have realized that culture is the key determinant of success, not race.

    But are you afraid of the free market? It doesn’t matter to me whether unleashing the free market helps or harms blacks, of course, I’m about equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. I believe it will help them, as history has shown that the free market helps all who participate in it, but if it doesn’t that’s their fault for not taking the opportunities it offers.

    So, as I’ve said, my proposal is to reduce the regulatory burden, end the distortions caused by welfare and subsidies, free the market and see what happens. Any objections?

    If you think this is such a terrible idea, then what’s your solution? Be honest.

  • Dave

    MW said:”So, as I’ve said, my proposal is to reduce the regulatory burden, end the distortions caused by welfare and subsidies, free the market and see what happens. Any objections?”

    I have no objections. HONESTLY I don’t. However if you ever forced your proposal on the black community they’d skin you alive. As it stands now, blacks are afforded all kinds of advantages via the government for the purpose of starting a maintaining small businesses. Do you actually beleive they would willingly give that up?

    Honestly, you sound like someone that learned everything you know about blacks from a distance. A great distance.

    MW said: “You’ll notice that the vast majority of intelligent, successful Blacks tend to talk, dress, and live a lot like a white person. This is because these are the ones who have seen the light, and have realized that culture is the key determinant of success, not race.”

    The problem with what you’re saying there is you seem to assume intelligence is equally distributed between races. The fact is only 2.3 of blacks have an IQ over 115. That means there are around one million above average to smart black Americans amongst us. Of those most go into government jobs or are wooed by large corporations. Very few in that top 2.3% choose the entrepreneural route. That said, sure there are smart blacks around, however there aren’t enough of them to ever close the achievement gaps between them and whites or east-Asians.

    BTW, contrary to popular opinion,the most radical Afro-centric blacks happen to be the most educated too.

  • Dave

    Correction: ‘only 2.3% of blacks’ not ‘2.3 of blacks;

  • Flu-Bird

    So some liberal dip-wad gose to SOUTH AFRICA and find out they dont celebrate or ever heard of KWANZA its a made up celebration

  • Tax Slave

    Not only Freedom Is Slavery, but Slavery Is Freedom, eh, Winston Smith?

  • facebkwallflower

    Fundamental Change always leads to reducing man to animals, fighting for mere survival. Anyone hear the public service announcement on the radio suggesting contacting FEMA for a list to help prepared for disasters?

  • Mike T

    Give it your best shot, Baraka. America will not become South Africa, no matter how much you want to punish me for being WHITE. You ain’t got it in ya, ‘mutt’.

  • Bob
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  • Fact Check

    Devah Pager, a sociologist at Princeton University, conducted groundbreaking research in Wisconsin and found that black men were less likely to be called back on a job application than white men with a criminal record. The statistics went like this:

    Job call-backs:
    White non-criminal: 34%
    White criminal: 17%
    Black non-criminal: 14%
    Black criminal: 5%

    Read more:

  • Dave

    @ Fact Check

    Another, more reality based way of interpreting the “research” is that blacks have such a bad reputation as being problematic employees, that employers would rather take their chances hiring a white man with a criminal record than a black man without one. Hence the employers in question, based on real world experience, are making a perfectly rational choices.

    And, of course, we know what the politically correct sociologist is implying/asserting, don’t we.

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