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Jan 31 2013

Jesse Jackson Calls for Looting Pension Funds

As Margaret Thatcher observed, sooner or later socialists run out of other people’s money. But the looting won’t stop until they have stolen your last penny. Did you expect to have a secure retirement after working your whole life? Sucker:

At a three-day conference in New York that began on Wednesday, [Jesse] Jackson discussed a proposal for increasing the availability of capital by using pension money to make loans in low-income communities. The idea is getting a prominent debut at the 16th annual Wall Street Project Economic Summit, hosted by Mr. Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition and the Citizenship Education Fund.

He isn’t just shouting this Marxist lunacy through a bullhorn at some ghetto street corner.

The conference features some big names, with a keynote speech from former President Bill Clinton.

Despite or rather because of his appalling irresponsibility and conspicuous lack of morals and character, Clinton is a demigod among Democrats.

Fundamentally, Mr. Jackson’s proposal is about leveling the playing field.

That is, it is about imposing egalitarianism by reducing everyone to the economic level of Jackson’s welfare-bred supporters.

Most who don’t rely on the socialist media for information are aware that the 2008 crisis and subsequent continuing economic decline were set off by federally coerced loans to these very “low-income communities.” Such loans are not even intended to be paid back, as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed as he was helping to set the collapse in motion as HUD secretary.

In plain terms, Jackson is advocating a smash and grab theft of pension money. His criminal ilk controls the government and is likely to loot America to the point of total collapse.

jesse jackson
Thieving lowlifes are running the show.

On a tip from Byron.

  • Deputy Mayor

    As long as we can raid the Rainbow Coalition coffers for some low income community loans also.

  • justme

    Robing Hood….

  • Jester

    Whose pension funds? The Wisconsin Teachers’ Union? In that case, I’m all for it. There’s nothing so sweet as Progressive Ouroboros.

  • Bee

    Je$$e, if you want money, WORK for it.

  • Joe

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…..hahahahaha…..hahahah…..ha You told jesse to WORK!!!!! hahahahahahaha. Yeah, that’ll happen.

  • IAmBreitbart

    I just read a eye-opening piece, i can’t find it online, about Ronald Reagan’s conversion to Islam. Its worth noting, however, he was a very moderate Muslim. Moderate enough to continue to have his daily gay sex adventures!

  • JW M

    As long as he is talking about teachers and government employees, I’m for it

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    But rest assured, he did refer to it as loans to the ghetto.
    So you must assume you will be repaid.
    In crack needles, condoms and expired EBT and Obamaphone cards.

  • Dennis Habern

    All Jesse Jackson requires is not funds from the

    various union coffers, but rather: a black and white

    suit with a number, and that goes for Al Sharpton and

    Louis Farrakhan, if you follow.

  • whotothewhat

    This old chestnut again. I think Rev Jackson brings this up every year.

    Sorry Jessie I have already poached my 401k and have moved it out any fund that could be raided by the Feds to pay for future baby mommas used as broodmares to create generations of welfare leeches. If things keep going the way I think they will. I will be investing in brass, I see a future in it.

  • Flu-Bird

    Looting JESSIE JACKASSONS bank account and the same for his leftists RAINBOW/PUSH and his crooked son as well

  • MicahStone

    Stealing other people’s money is the #1 Rule of Existence for the lunatic-left.

  • wildman

    Yes jessie, we concur, you are an expert on looting and will defer to your knowledge on this subject.

  • Lobbie

    @Jester Well said sir.

  • CGW409

    If it ever comes to this I’ll cash out my 401,take the tax hit and go out and piss the rest of it away before I’ll allow it to be nationalized and handed over to Jessie Jackoff and the looter brigade.

  • Jimbo

    Jesse Jackson is a prime reason the word n*gger will never EVER go way.

  • Nicki Thomas

    Pure scum. A despicable low life idiot/thug. Belongs in jail.

  • Dave

    Stop picking on Jesse Jackson! Afterall he is a Christian. Why are ya’ll picking on a fellow Christian?

    or.. er…maybee….Jesse is a anti-White bigot?

    Nah… couldn’t be since most white Republicans kiss his ass.

  • Son of Taz

    If such a plan actually becomes law, any who vote for for it will the be the first to develop a sudden case of lead poisoning. Jackson will be in that group too.

  • Libra

    Who the f**k is Jesse Jackson? And why are we to take seriously anything that filters through his limited thinking process?

  • Libra is CORRECT.

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  • dph

    Oh please. The bankers are going to raid your pension/retirement accounts with or without Jesse Jackson.

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  • Publius

    Maybe Obama should start with his retirement and bank accounts. We had a Federal judge John Roll that ruled against obama for just this and Obama pulled his Marshals from the court house within hours, three days later Judge John Roll was shot dead and along with a congress rep that was badly wounded and a ten year old girl dead.

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  • Keith in Seattle

    Wait what?! Mr. Jackson, if you even think of touching MY pension/401K you better pack a lunch cuz I’ll be coming to kick your sorry ass you f*cking carpet-bagging retard racist POS.

  • Jessie Stinko

    Jessie Jackson Jr. went to jail for looting other’s people’s money. Now we see where he got that talent. Jessie Sr. called Jews “hymies”, he said Obama was an “oreo” and he used to spit in white people’s food when he worked in a restaurant. Now he wants to spread his bizarre brand of racism even further by stealing the pensions of hard working white people and giving it to the lazy subhuman class of entitlement beggars. Never gonna happen, Jackson. Never gonna happen.

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