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Jan 31 2013

Chuck Hagel: A New Low, Even for Obama

Assuming Obama intended to spit in the face of America and its armed forces, he succeeded dramatically with the nomination of Chuck Hagel for civilian leader of the military. Watch countermoonbat Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) pull the wings off this insect:

Anyone who wants this dim-witted treasonous screwball to be Secretary of Defense is an enemy of the United States, prominently including the arrogant punk who nominated him.

Hat tip: Conservatives4Palin.

  • justme

    So silly, everyone knows that Obama and his people are far smarter than every Western Leader for the past 1000 years. How dare they question his Defense Secretary Nominee like that.

    Obama knows what he is doing, silly Conservatives and obstructionist Republicans only want to hamper Obama and his Greatness. History doesn’t matter, American History was racist and now it doesn’t matter – Obama is History and mustn’t be impeded!

    The surest sign of history about to repeat itself is when there is certainty of being in a new era outside of history.

    Support Ze Furor! Or be murdered in your beds.

  • Dr. 9

    It seems the professional liars at msnbc have been busted. Again. These commies don’t even try to hide it any more.

  • A. Levy

    By watching congress, we know what professional liars look like. But watching Hagel showed us what a poor liar looks like. What a clown! Maybe he should try Iran for a job.

  • Bill S of Courtland Va.

    We need a few hundred more Ted Cruz’s. What an example of how a Sentor is supposed to conduct such a hearing.

  • IslandLifer

    I agree. It’s hard to find good men like this in that cess pool they call government

  • ThisObamaNation
  • TED

    The difference…


  • James McEnanly

    When Chuck Hagel went over to the Democrats, he increased the collective IQ of both parties.

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    Color me skeptical of this RINO concern over Hagel
    These are the same people who had no trouble confirming Vietcong John

  • specforjag

    This is completely by design, as is John Kerry!

  • Jodie

    Nice show, but I’m skeptical like Ghost. I expect that Hagel will be confirmed and they’ll all go out to lunch together to celebrate and take turns patting each other on the backs.

  • Spider

    Watching the hearing, it was the very first time i saw Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, and i was “really” impressed! This guy’s got (or should have) a brilliant future ahead of him. All he needs to do is get away from the weaklings and losers in the republican party and become an independent.

  • JDavid

    The pundit bets seem to be on Hagel. Whose going to stand in the way of Harrison J. Bounel? He knows the Gay Old Party of Dead Elephants are phoning it in now, and planing their next election hoax of 2016 already.

  • JDavid

    I’m expecting a third term (lifetime) run from Harrison J.

  • Garpin

    I hate to say it, but I rather enjoyed Sen. Cruz’s performance.

    Well done, young man.

  • craigbow

    I will be printing Cruz ’16 bumperstickers…great push by him! Oh…and Hagel’s a jackwod!

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