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Feb 04 2013

Arabs and a Westerner Fire a 577 T-Rex

This video may help explain why Muslims are totally reliant on terrorism, having abandoned the idea of defeating Western armies on the battlefield:

Given his Muslim heritage and background, it may also help explain why Obama looks like such a clueless weenie when his handlers have him pose with a gun.

On a tip from Tatersalad.

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  • Buffalobob

    Shooty no shooty

  • Flu-Bird

    Time to leave the middle east drilled in the ANWR and told the eco-weenies to GET A LIFE

  • Bill T

    Here’s a little more detailed look at Hockmadinnerjackets new clay pigeon.

  • mauser98

    video about 8 years old

  • Backbone 76

    But still funny as hell! HAHAHAAA!!

  • dan

    bwahaaahhah….now I’m laughing again and I haven’t watched it since this afternoon.Now that there is funny
    and hell-no I don’t want to shoot that thang…I won’t even shoot my son’s 300 mag!

  • Bob Roberts

    Here’s more how it’s done.

    Some better than others, but nobody as bad as in the top video (that I saw, at least).

  • Ummah Gummah

    Bill T says:
    February 4, 2013 at 7:11 pm
    Here’s a little more detailed look at Hockmadinnerjackets new clay pigeon.

    Does it fly?


  • TED
  • Sam Adams

    Why do some folks have such difficulty with modern technology?


    If it isn’t in the Koran, they don’t want it.

    If it is in the Koran, they don’t need it.

  • Wizard45

    My personal favorite in the “Terrorists & Technology” category!

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