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Feb 03 2013

Skeet-Shooting Obama: As Phony as the Photoshops

Michael Harlin explains why the photo the White House released in hopes of getting people to stop laughing at Obama’s claim that he engages in skeet shooting “all the time” is as phony as the many hilarious photoshops it has inspired:

First the weapon is nearly level to the ground. Can’t be skeet shooting, nor likely trap either. Second, it is evident that the President has never shot a shotgun before as his stance is leaning slightly backward. Look at the position of his torso to his legs. Skeet or trap shooters never do this. They lean slightly forward like a boxer in the ring. Third, he doesn’t know or was never taught that the butt of the weapon must fit to his shoulder. He’s holding the weapon with a gap between his shoulder and the top of the butt. Sure you can fire it that way, but expect lots of pain if not bruising later. Fourth, either skeet or trap shooters wear either a shell bag or a vest or both. Apparently, the president is too tough for that. Fifth, most shooters wear baseball style caps. The bill helps block unwanted sun in your eyes. Most golfers do too for the same reason. Sixth, he appears to be aiming as one would with a rifle. Doesn’t mean you don’t do that with a shotgun but as you are trying to hit a moving target, as opposed to a stationary one, your body must swivel with the target right or left and up or down. The worst shotgun shooters are those that try to aim the weapon like a rifle. Seventh, I suppose it could happen, but in my fifty years of shooting a shotgun, skeet, trap, and hunting, including double barrel muzzle loading black powder shotguns, I have never once seen a smoke pattern like that. Smoke going straight out the barrel is normal, but what the heck is that second smoke stream shooting behind and away from the barrel? Perhaps some sort of release value to diminish the recoil from the shot but I’ve never seen that on a range.

Not to mention Obama is pressing his cheek against the butt as he fires. It wouldn’t take much experience to learn not to do that.

Speaking of hilarious (and expressly forbidden) photoshops, let’s have a few more. Kudos to the creators, whoever they may be:

obama shotgun photoshop

obama shotgun photoshop

obama shotgun photoshop

obama shotgun photoshop

obama shotgun photoshop

obama shotgun photoshop

obama shotgun photoshop

obama shotgun photoshop

On tips from Stormfax, Katya Kakhov, Red State, and Oleg.

  • S

    So much for the roof on the bird throwers house

  • Buffalobob

    Jimmy Carney, ” I double dog dare you bloggers to photo shop the official photo of his majesty on an elephant hunt.

  • Skyfall

    Everything about Obama…EVERYTHING…is a lie. Think about that. There isn’t one thing that this man has ever done that isn’t somehow tied to a lie, manipulation, deceit, obfuscation…every single thing.

    The reason is there is no good in him. No righteousness whatsoever. No truth. No light.

    He is truly the son of his father: the worldly one that he got his dreams from, and his true father. The Father of All Lies.

    God has allowed America to fall very low, and we’re now being guided by forces that will cause us to slide ever farther into darkness.

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  • john


  • Bloodless Coup

    Jesse Jackson calls all gun rights supporters DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.

  • Duck Fupp

    “Hey, fellers, is this where I get me a huntin’ license?”
    This fly infested spawn of Satan has no clue how to behave as a human being. I honestly don’t believe anything he has ever said. I don’t even think he knows who he is.
    Like the bumper sticker says ” Jesus is coming back, and boy is he pissed!”

  • Steve

    Best Black history month ever

  • dan

    Obongo ,you idiot….wait for them to throw the skeet
    in the air before you shoot it…shakes head

  • SNuss

    Perhaps Dick Cheney will offer to take both Obama and Biden on a pheasant hunt.

  • A. Levy

    Putting that phony photo out is just another way of insulting the American people, especially law abiding gun owners.

  • JNN

    These guys redefine stupid. There are a number of firearms experts who view this photograph. Just like the oberserves notes listed above, others will find the flaws(fraud). Whoever thought that this would fool people is the WORST propogandist.

  • Keel Simons

    Wow, none of you whiny losers has anything to point to to show that this is a fake, or “photoshopped” at all, just your insistence that, ya know, it *must* be, because….Obama is a lying fraud, blah blah blah. So glad I found the latest garbage-dump on the web. Congrats, morons, keep embarrassing yourselves.

  • Alxandro
  • Rsloan45

    Keel,you are easily lead and have decided you are no longer able to control your own destiny. You have placed the state and power hungry elitist above your individual liberty and freedom for a false sence of security.SAD! Opposition to the great one is not a sin but is right in a free country.

  • Bob Roberts

    Some noted the plume discharged up above the gun – this is an indication it’s a “ported” gun, the type made for sissies who can’t take the kick of a REAL gun. The port allows some of the force to dissipate.

  • One more thing that many people miss. If you shoot skeet, you know it takes 24 shells for one perfect round. These are carried in shell vest or shell bag which Obama is also lacking, and someone, please, tell him to get his elbow up and lean forward to make it look real.

  • wingmann

    Keel Simons says:

    Congrats, morons, keep embarrassing yourselves.

    Project we much?

    keel,pRESIDENT Doom is a FRAUD AND A LIAR….and as anyone knows…a liar is a THIEF TOO!

    Either you know this and are in with the destuction…or you are a useful idiot.

  • Momster

    The photo (the one before shopping) definitely shows that Obama is a leftie in more ways than politically!

    Also, I held a shotgun somewhat that way once. I was at a turkey shoot and it was my first time shooting. I held the gun too loosely against my shoulder and the sore bruise took weeks to go away. But even little old inexperienced me was not stupid enough to hold the but so high against my shoulder–and NO WAY was I going to snug it up against my cheekbone. Geez–how dumb does he have to be? No-=-don’t answer that question.

    PS–not related to this story–I just got back from a 2 week cruise on Sunday night. When I left gas was $3.34 around here and now it is $3.59! WTF!?!? Oh, yea–Obama was inaugurated! Now he REALLY doesn’t care how high gas goes.

  • Momster

    oops “butt” not “but” (I really need to read these posts over before I push the button.)

  • Doug

    Just one question, did you “keel” Simons with a gun?

  • Keel my Brain

    Oh yes please, Obama sir, please, may I perform another Lewinski on you now? Pretty please, sir? Oh please?

  • anon

    Eight: One of the removable chokes is clearly missing. Nobody who knew a damn thing about guns would ever go out on the field like this. Shooting the lower barrel without a choke in it would quickly ruin the threads.

  • Katya Kakhov

    The definitive “DON’T PHOTOSHOP ME BRO ” collection can be found at :

  • Katya Kakhov

    And to further ….. I still haven’t seen one with Jugears and Eric the three toed sloth drawing a bead on Brian Terry and/or Jaimie Zapata .

    WTF ?!? Has it been that long ?

  • Katya Kakhov
  • Flu-Bird

    Obama dont shoot the gorn he is one of your relations and supporters

  • Remmy

    what is wrong with you tea partiers ?? first you come up with birth certificates now skeeting really? He has proved it to you always but your dumbass don’t get it still. he is THE POTUS whether you like it or not another 4 years in your face !!

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