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Feb 07 2013

Moonbat Tech: Air-Powered Vehicles

Liberal social engineers have made their hostility to the automobile obvious for years. But even after $zillions have been wasted on light rail boondoggles and increasingly preposterous CAFE standards have made all safe vehicles illegal, there will still be a demand for cars. In response to this need, our progressive overlords present the Peugeot Citroen airmobile:

French automaker PSA Peugeot announced this month it will build a hybrid gasoline vehicle that can store energy as compressed air. The air-hybrid car, the AFP reports, should achieve 81 miles per gallon, while emitting just a fraction of the carbon dioxide per mile of conventional vehicles.

Like every other specimen of green technology, the air car is inefficient.

“Air compressors are one of the least-efficient machines to convert electricity to work,” said Harold Kung, professor of chemical and biological engineering at Northwestern University, to the AP. “Why not use the electricity directly, as in electric cars? From an energy utilization point of view, the compressed (air) car does not make sense.”

Yeah, but see how trendily moonbatty it looks:

Soon to turn up in a back corner of every eight-car garage in Hollywood.

On a tip from dan.

  • Arty

    Other than the fact that it’s a complete f@g mobile, free energy does not come out of thin air, pun intended.

  • Sweep the leg

    What’s cute is that although “global warming” (other than by the sun) has been proven to be a complete hoax, they are STILL talking about CO2 being a pollutant.

    The trees must really hate us by now…

  • Citroen is German for “lemon”.

  • Doug

    There is no discernble front wheel or wheels on that lawnmower. Is that where you place your bare feet and run like Fred Flintstone?

  • Alphamail

    northbound on I-95 going 70 mph between two semis…..

    gotta’ love it

  • Why is it that all these Moonbat mobiles look the same? Again, it looks like if you stepped on the brakes hard enough, it’d roll like a ball. Genius!

  • Comrade J

    “Air compressors are one of the least-efficient machines to convert electricity to work said Harold Kung, professor of chemical and biological engineering at Northwestern University”

    Why professor, it embodies all the symbolism of the environuttery – expensive, least-efficient and utterly useless.

  • Look, that coffin has wheels…

  • Ccs

    Anytime you convert energy from one form to another there is a loss (usually in the form of heat from friction in the system). So, electric to air to electric would have double loss.

  • Ccs

    Or gas to air to electric.

  • snuss

    This is a Tata ‘AIRPOD’, from India, not a Peugeot.

  • snuss

    Actually, I can see a use for these in gated communities, where they currently drive around in golf carts. But for highway use, no way.

  • Wizard45

    Hmmm, a vehicle that runs on “hot air” should be VERY popular in DC. There will be an unlimited supply of “fuel” emanting from the Capital and WH.

  • dan

    i thought it looked familiar , snuss….
    but I was laughing too hard to Google.
    Fart Mobile…it’s Moonbat approved.

  • Sam Adams

    Maybe that thing has pedals. With any luck, you can double your horsepower.

  • T

    It’s a good idea, if liberals drive them, there wouldn’t even be a need for the air compressors.

  • DJ

    When they teach that thing to fly, then I might buy one.

  • Tim
  • Kevin R.

    Here’s an idea: instead of it being a gas hybrid they make it so you plug it in at night to recharge batteries that power an air compressor that spins a turbine that turns a belt that regulates a govenor that inflates a balloon that frightens a bird that tries to fly away which pulls on a lever that makes it go.

  • Ummah Gummah


    Does it also run on laughing gas?


  • Joe

    Good luck driving that thing in a snowstorm. Whatabunchofdopes.

  • hiram

    Has anyone considered how dangerous tanks of compressed air are in a crash? Particularly at high speed?

  • Kevin R.

    Good point, hiram. What they’ll need to do is first, force auto manufacturers to make a certain amount of these things and then sue the holy piss out them for selling an unsafe product.

  • Ghost of FA Hayek
  • Tax Slave

    The only way electric cars can work is if we build enough NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS to charge them.

    And the same would go for hydrogen power (to create the electricity to extract the hydrogen out of water), except that you can’t store hydrogen very long in ANY pressure vessel.

  • Flu-Bird

    Have a collision with a Kenworth in that and its harp music

  • Antisocialist

    Looks like a vacuum cleaner and that’s probably what it will be, a glorified vacuum cleaner.

  • depwavid

    Now they can adapt it to run on hot air and/or flatus: politician-powered!

  • CGW409

    Kenworth? hell a collision with my 02 Focus would squash that thing like a tin can.
    I certainly hope that’s a 4 wheel and not a 3 wheel as all one would need to do is check the Top Gear UK episode of a few seasons back with the Reliant Robin to see the inherent problem of a single steering lead wheel tri wheel.

  • Mike T

    Figures it’s the effing French.

  • big-pete

    It looks like a lemming.

  • swampcat

    I fully expect to see one of these mobile coffins stuck in the grill of a semi any day now. Seriously, it might be good to keep one of these in the trunk of the car, just in case I run out of gas.

  • SNuss

    If you run out of air, just take out the floor panels, and you have a modern version of the Flintstone’s car.

  • Braden Lynch

    My minivan will crush one of these and all I will feel is a little bump.

    Remember, Momentum = mass x velocity (or p = m x v).

    If you drive a silly little car you will have your remains removed from the wreckage for burial with a Dustbuster.

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