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Feb 07 2013

Day of Resistance Update


John Hawkins lists five reasons February 23 needs to be a Day of Resistance:

1. Barack Obama feels empowered.
2. The Republicans in Congress have lost their nerve.
3. The conservative grassroots is demoralized.
4. The Democrats want to take our guns away.
5. The Democrats are overreaching.

In short, our backs are to the wall. Either we rally meaningful resistance in time to put true patriots in charge of Congress in 2014, or the fundamental transformation of America into a country we can no longer take pride in is likely to be irrevocable. That means we need to start amassing serious momentum right now.

If your town isn’t already on the official rally list, volunteer to get one started or to help those who will.

Hawkins calls upon countermoonbats.

On a tip from Varla.

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