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Feb 07 2013

Skeet Shooting Photoshops Could Have Caused Riots

It won’t be long before progressives start to emulate their Islamic compadres by rioting whenever someone fails to treat them obsequiously. The Obama skeet shooting photoshops (e.g., here and here) could have pushed them over the edge:

On a tip from TED.

  • Bloodless Coup


    Virginia Set To Charge Obama With Death Penalty Murder!!!

  • Ooh, noooez! They mocked the Presmuhdent! Someone should go to jail for this. Totally no tolerant. 😉

  • dan

    Gosh,with the goggles ,Hillary almost looked life like….and I wondered why they couldn’t tell the difference between superman and Clark Kent

    zero tolerance for Oblunder…go Virginia !

  • Flu-Bird

    Time for AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL to demand WAR CRIMES trial for OBAMA

  • Conan

    The niglet are already rioting. They call em flash mobs.

  • Flu-Bird

    New york state residents will refuse the register their firearms tell their stupid jackass Govenor and state senate to KISS MY A**

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