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Feb 08 2013

Regime: No More Info on Drone Strikes Against American Citizens

Want to know more about the Obama Regime’s plans to use drones to kill Americans without due process, potentially on US soil? Too bad. The “mainstream” media doesn’t find the topic interesting, and in any case the most transparent administration ever is officially not talking. To quote White House spokesweenie Jay Carney:

“This is not an open-ended process. This is a specific and unique accommodation in this circumstance. The fact is, when it comes to public disclosure, we have been — not with the kind of attention that’s been given it this week — but we have been publicly discussing these matters at the highest levels of government for the very reason that I’ve given, which is the President understands that these are core issues about how we conduct ourselves in war, how the President of the United States — any President — balances his constitutional obligation to protect America and American citizens, and his obligation to do so in a manner that is lawful under the Constitution and reflects our values.”

To paraphrase the duckspeak, the non–open-ended process of sharing any information at all with the public on which of us may be extrajudicially executed has closed. But if missiles start raining down on a Tea Party gathering, you’ll know whose tax dollars paid for them.

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Compliments of The Looking Spoon.

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  • dan

    I can see the headline :
    commits suicide by drone

  • Skyfall

    Dave, enough with these snarky posts. Chris Rock has put this to bed once and for all:

    Obama is our boss. He is our dad. We must do what dad says, or else!

    Now shut up, sit down and pray that the next drone strike or phalanx of Blackhawk Helicopters with machine guns blazing isn’t coming for you!


  • StanInTexas

    The situation with the Drone Strikes has proven once and for all the massive hypocrisy of the Left. There is no longer any pretext for the to even pretend to be fair or honest or American.

    Their bed is made!

  • Some people shouldn’t have ANY power- much less this position

  • Flu-Bird

    Need anymore reasons then this to have Obama Impeached and put on trial for WAR CRIMES and CRIMES AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?

  • Justme

    Dave and Skyfall, you guys have spelled it out exactly – When missiles start raining on the TEA Party and a Blackhawk Phalanx comes for Conservative Website administrators… isn’t far off now. It is coming, in fact I estimate that it is so close to coming now, that George Orwell after spinning in his grave, has a sad smile on his face watching these events unfold. It is coming, no need for the tinfoil hats anymore to see the police state.

    I feel terrible realizing that literally hundreds of thousands of brave Americans died trying to prevent this nightmare only to have a smiling Metrosexual Chicago Communist defeat everything they died for.

  • IslandLifer
  • Alphamail


  • Flu-Bird

    Obama doing the DR STARNGELOVE bit done by SLIM PICKENS as the bomb desends upon the capital of North Korea

  • Skyfall

    +1 Justme. As if to put an exclamation point on it, I just heard Hugh Hewitt cite a new poll, and Hillary Clinton has 61% favorable rating among the voting public.

    You cannot be vile enough or murderous enough or corrupt enough to put off the progressive American voter.

    We are done.

  • Jodie

    “Hillary Clinton has 61% favorable rating among the voting public”


    What difference, at this point, does…it…make?

    Just kidding. LOL! We are so scr*wed!

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    Well, they will kill you by drone strike without trial, but hey, at least you won’t be waterboarded

  • Jim Bob

    How about that transparency from the most see through regime ever.

  • Bloodless Coup
  • Sam Adams

    Well at least we have to be at war before the CIC can start killing US citizens. Seriously, there are so many checks and balances in place to make sure this isn’t misused, why could anyone be concerned.

    BTW, I hear those drones are pretty pricey. Every drone missile strike stimulates the economy, doesn’t it?

  • VoiceOfReason

    The irony is Gangnam Style made fun of rich people. Now American conservatives are missing the actual insult and instead moan about an insult after American soldiers had raped and killed a little Korean girl.
    It’s like some people don’t even care about facts.

  • Fact Check

    America spends more on its military than the next 7 highest nations combined.

    Per capita expenditure is approximately $2141 per citizen, the second highest in the world, after the UAE.

    Though devious liberals have tried to cut it for the past 30 years conservatives have stuck to their guns, spending an increasing percentage of the gross domestic product to pay billionaire arms contractors to develop things that explode in order to destroy infrastructure, material goods and human beings. Liberal pansies suggested that with the USSR democratizing and China capitalizing we cold rest our laurels on developing absolute technological weapon supremacy. Foolish liberals.

    Without this America’s well compensated troops would have to get within some sort of dangerous range to engage their enemies, whether foreign or domestic.

  • Vesus

    The idea that the government cares about some Tea Partiers or conservative bloggers enough to kill them with drone strikes is just more proof of the INSANE paranoia on the right.

    Even funnier is many of you seem to think you can stop these drones and our ridiculously bloated military budget with your rube buddies and a few AR-15s. Laughable.

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